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Monday, November 9, 2015


Dear Ms. Kamala Harris and Mr. Antonovich:

Interestingly it was because of a conversation with the California Attorney General, Edwin Meese, in 1986 that we even have a sex trafficking movement to be discussing now. If you wonder what I mean by that - please read the attached letter I sent to the  Los Angeles Probation Dept. today.  I'm sending you a copy because Lois Lee from Children of the Night was telling me you were looking for someone to be on a panel about sex trafficking.

Since Lois opened the first ever program for teens in 1979 when no one even would accept prostitutes at that time, let alone any idea about what trafficking was, that was an awesome and rightful invitation of your office to give her.  So yes I've known Lois since the late 1970's when I first was sucked into the sex industry myself. 

I was taking the teen victims to her when she opened was how we met -  but what about the adults?  Which is why I opened the warehouse spoken about in my 1984 arrest clipping at  Clearly no one remembers the documentary that aired in 1988 where I took the host of the show on a tour of the warehouse showing how an angry pimp called it in as a "brothel" to get his victim back.  Only when the police saw the warehouse, next to their police station with the CCTV, and the security and the iron bars they realized it wasn't a brothel and even more so when the victim I had stashed there testified against their pimp and two other pimps/dealers.  

Because of legal reasons - I had to wait until 1987 to go on national TV and news to announce the hotline and 12 step program (I wasn't going to get arrested again after that whole experience - so learning from that we took a different path) to found this very movement itself.  While Lois opened the first teen house - she wasn't the first one stepping up in the major media demanding the country change it's response to stop treating us like criminals - NO THAT WAS ME.  

I was the one who got up and said the police had to stop treating us like criminals and the mental health system needed to stop accusing us of "hallucinating these things when a victim would try and seek help for the damage of what they'd suffered as was the reason why I was having to take rescues into my own hands back in the 1980's.  Literally there were no other options - I would call the police and they'd hang up on us.  When I'd seek help or try to find help for a victim - they'd pull out the jackets. 

In other words, I was the one going on national media, and stages, and panels and anywhere and anyone who would listen demanding this country change it's response to trafficking at a time when our country literally would respond to us no differently than if someone were today to step up and say "help - aliens are selling our men, women and children into sexual slavery".  So it was me who created the first alternative sentencing program in Los Angeles, the first outreach, the first hotline for adults, and putting in all that work that led to our recognition with the Trafficking Act of 2000.  

Am I tooting my horn?  For one thing - you stand up on a national talk show where the audience is pointing, laughing and calling you "crazy" and tell me I don't deserve a little tooting for standing my ground.  Not just standing my ground - but realizing if I accepted one book or movie offer from my arrest and turned my story into a "movie of the week" there would be no movement to discuss.  Even if I managed to get the company to tell the whole truth - the public would have dismissed everything I said as "trying to sell a book" or a "movie ticket".   So I saved up until I had over $1,000,000 in contract offers and I went onto the Joan Rivers show.  I showed her and the audience those contracts - and then TORE THEM UP saying it was "more important to me that I be believed because this country wasn't going to change it's response to us until they believed us.  

Besides, how are my "anonymous" members supposed to do toot my horn for me exactly and remain "anonymous" I ask?  They're not out there trying to toot my horn to get us grant money - so that leaves me to explain about the history so that maybe we can start talking about bringing it back down from where it's been hijacked - as even the author of the Act has said it's been "hijacked" himself.  Because I don't want to speak on your panel to get a grant or support a fund raiser - but for the same reason as I spoke everywhere I could back then.  

Even more so right now honestly than 1987 and I'll explain why - back then I was trying to get this country to believe sex trafficking was real.  Well they believed me.  That happened with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  Do you know why Jeane Palfrey revealed the name "Randall Tobias" in her "Black Black"? It wasn't as a customer.  She was trying to prove something also to the country.  The TVRA of 2003 was written by Tobias and it it what hijacked this movement.  Because once we got the country to believe that "it" was real - then the question became "what is it"?  When we got excluded by the language of TVRA from the very movement we created and then Bush further hijacked this by ringing the dinner alarm bell for the churches of America to come stampeding into this field to "raise awareness" about something frankly they knew absolutely nothing about - the issue of WHAT WAS IT got completely clouded over and distorted.  This has been proven by the fact I've now been the direct reason why four of the so called "reality shows" about sex trafficking domestically have been yanked right off the air in shame - including Annie Lobert's show we got yanked after only one episode.  Chris Hansen got so disgusted at filming complete propaganda about sex trafficking he's left NBC, obtained crowd funding, and says he's going to be filming the actual reality of domestic trafficking very shortly.  

Now if you don't know what I mean by any of this - how about inviting me to speak? I have been writing, calling, faxing, emailing, and everything I can think of for about 18 months now on behalf of actual sex trafficking victims who are STILL being treated like they don't exist today.  The only problem is I can't put them on a talk show stage or in front of a camera to speak their story to you because they're still literally trapped.  That's with your task forces, your hotlines, etc.  They're still trapped because the system has gone back to not listening to us like it was before - because of what American modern trafficking IS.  

And until I can get this country to listen to me yet again while it's back to calling me "crazy" again - these victims are going to stay trapped because unlike the 1980's we're now dealing with modern technology.  What do I mean by that?  Try and organize a victim's escape plan when her traffickers are overhearing her every word on the phone because of smart apps and tracing her every movement by her phone's GPS alerting the trafficker if she steps out of her "zone".  What's worse is how am I supposed to go to the authorities to report what's going on when it's the police when she reports to me two cops drug her out of her home and slapped her with fake prostitution charges when she told her trafficker she wanted to quit?  Crazy?  I hired an attorney to find out and then he got threatened and I then was threatened by a police officer myself.  

This one womans' story is not unique.  I've got identical stories coming into our hotline from all over the state.  Not just from women identifying as victims but from men and women trying to help them who are telling me THEY'RE being threatened by police.  Now it's one thing for me to set up a warehouse to protect a victim from a street level hood which I put by the police station for protection.  It's a whole other thing when I'm now having to protect myself, and the victims, and other people are reporting it also.  The news speaking about the Chicago cops trafficking a 14 year old, Chris Butler, Kemp Schiffer, and cases like means we have some serious issues to discuss about reorganizing the system here. 

When I stepped up in 1987 to speak out about this being real Ms. Harris - to be perfectly blunt and honest if the system that existed worked for us then I wouldn't have had to open a warehouse back then I would have just been able to call the police.  We've now been throwing millions of dollars at this issue and all you're doing now is arresting the same street pimps you were arresting before.  The TRAFFICKERS of the kind I was talking about then and I'm especially talking about now - require a change in the system in order to be addressed.  For example, if the FBI had not specifically been looking for trafficking evidence then those cops never would have been found out. That 14 year old girl couldn't have called the Trafficking Hotline or police because THAT'S WHO WAS TRAFFICKING HER.  Now our hotline, and Children of the Night's hotline, who are both the only two hotlines who don't connect to law enforcement - we're not getting NEAR the promotion that their number's are. 

The NJ strip club owned by DEA agents NEVER would have been exposed had it not been for the direct intervention of Senator Chaffetz.  Again, a fluke.  Thank God, but a fluke.  Those dancers were not able to have accessed help before this because the system itself wasn't set up to help them.  Right now, I'm dealing with victims who are being forced to work and there's nothing more to be done than to rest them.  I mean do you realize for the last EIGHTEEN MONTHS I've been asking to speak to your office, to Internal Affairs, to SOMEONE about these cases in California involving law enforcement and I'm getting nowhere but just more smearing and more threats?

Never before in the 30 years I've done this work have I  been at an impasse where I can't get a victim out because of the technology.  Meaning we have no choice but to deal with the traffickers, no matter who they are, in order to get these victims free.  Now I'd like to talk to your panel about this very much.  

So I've attached some information you can check out for your review.  Because to have a panel and not invite me in the very town I started the movement while I'm actually now relocated back in Los Angeles because our members drug me back here and to find out why they drug me back here - would be like having a panel on alcoholism without inviting Bill Wilson himself.  If you think I'm kidding about the statement I'm the founder of the movement itself - then show me someone who has clippings or proof that predates mine. Please get in touch.  

We have a seriously dysfunctional system when I can show you documentation of victims reaching out to the trafficking task forces, and then they were either ignored or responded to with direct attacks and threats.  I'd like to show this to you so we can work towards addressing it before we lost more victims that are going unseen and unheard.  These women would be insane right now to speak up when there's literally no where I see for them to go that's safe.  Especially not when I can also show you evidence of reporters being threatened into silence as well.  

With hope as always,