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Sunday, July 10, 2016


We don't hire members no more than Alcoholics Anonymous hires their members.  Meaning they sometimes "hire special workers", but they don't "officially" run a job service so neither do we.  However, working a job, or starting one's own business, is part of recovery in our program so we do pass along tips as they come along.  We do not publish a list of companies we have a working relationship with who have agreed to hire workers who have a criminal record for prostitution, are on probation, or are leaving a pimp, for the obvious reasons.  We ask that if you need a referral to a job or ideas to start your own business that you call our hotline for proper screening and referral.  But we're seeing an increase in the number of people saying "there are no jobs out there" who are willing to hire survivors who DON'T call our hotline.  So we will list a company here or there to prove the point there are companies out there willing to work with getting someone in the door.

For example - truck driving jobs.  Schneider for example will work with training someone to be a driver in many ways where even if you're on SSI you can get through driving school and working

We know of one truck driving company in Indiana where they pay for your housing and schooling entirely, and then they hire you upon completion of their school.   Their advertising says their drivers make about $60,000 a year.  The drivers we know report making anywhere from $45,000 to $100,000 and up depending on if you own your own truck.

Most truck driving companies do not care about a prostitution record.  Like most companies they only really care if you have a fraud, drug, or violent crime on your record NOT a solicitation arrest.  I have yet to hear of a truck driving job being refused because of porn photos online either.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


In 1984, there were no "safe houses" for adults to run to when trying to escape a pimp or trafficker.  If you tried to go to a domestic violence, or even homeless shelter, and they (the staff or clients) believed you were a "prostitute", then you'd be literally pushed out onto the street.  Even the county detox would refuse to admit us.  Once the ER refused to stitch up a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by the Hillside Stranger, as these two pimps who were cousins were called by the media before they were finally arrested, until I threatened to file a complaint with the AMA for allowing her to bleed to death because they were afraid to
"touch a prostitute".

Why?  Because of two main reasons - the first being the fear of HIV/AIDS was at a record high back in the early 1980's.   It got so bad by 1986, a law was considered which would have put us, along with anyone they felt was a "high risk" of being infected  such as an IV drug user, or a homosexual man, onto an island to "quarantine" them from "decent" society.  (It didn't pass.)  This meant everyone was terrified of catching HIV/AIDS from being within 10 feet of a prostitute.  

The second reason was because our society refused to believe sex trafficking in the USA was even real.  People used to laugh and say "white slavery" had died out.  Films even poked fun at the concept in the 1960's which you can see if you watch "Thoroughly Modern MIllie" with Julie Andrews.   The media at the time was bombarding us with "The Happy Hooker", Playboy's nightclub and mansion parties, and the "Best LIttle Whorehouse in Texas" selling out Broadway.  For the first time in our history, a third "archtype" was emerging in our culture.  We had the homemaker.  Then feminism brought us the career woman.  Women like Marilyn Chambers and Linda Lovelace brought us for the first time the idea a woman could make a career out of sexuality.    

While feminism's Achilles Heel was those women trying to be "Superwoman" trying to prove she could go out and get the bacon, then come home and "fry it up in a pan" perfectly while also being the perfect wife and mother which we learned was humanly impossible to "do it all" perfectly - so to was there the struggle for people to TRULY accept the concept of sex work BEING work.   Because we can't on one hand say it is truly "work" but then be in denial that if it is truly like any other type of "work" then trafficking, slave labor, and exploitation can exist within sex work no different than how it exists within the mining industries, farming, manufacturing, textiles, etc.  

All of this was embodied in Linda Lovelace.  This was a woman who did not have a "pimp" like the Bishop Don Juan stereotype.  She was married to Chuck Traynor, and starred in "Deep Throat".  This XXX film was the first one not to try and hide what it was from the film censors.  It unapologetically was an XXX file and also the first to be shown in a "regular" theater where mainstream America came to watch films.  No back alley super 8 behind a curtain in an adult theater for this film.   "Deep Throat" was the first XXX film where the "hip, slick and cool" went to see it just like any other Saturday date night out.  

But then Linda left Chuck and confessed to the world this "film" was in reality mob financed.  She had been forced to make the film against her will by her husband/pimp holding a gun to her head off-camera while no one on the set stopped him for fear of what would happen if prodution stopped.  To prove her claim she pointed out the bruises on her legs in the pool and tub scenes.   Being there were no laws at the time on the books against forcing someone to make an adult film by force - prosecutors charged everyone but Linda with "obscenity".  Which of course it wasn't "obscene" and thus the cases were basically laughed out of court.  

Rather than treat this as one would treat any other actress on any other film forced to perform under duress, threat and without pay and suggest some type of union or call for tougher laws governing how adult films were made to ensure future performers did not find themselves being forced to be filmed or perform while the rest of the et did nothing for fear they'd be harmed also (which is also often the case with domestic abuse/violence cases) - instead the Meese Commission arose turning this into a "moral" issue.  The Meese Report started pulling toether groups tyring to outlaw porn - which resulted in what always happens when you try and forbid something - which is the explosion of the adult industry.  

However, we STILL haven't addressed the issue of safety on an adult film LIKE we would if we treated it TRULY as any other job as evidenced by the recent accusations James Deen anally raped a woman during filming.  Worse than Linda's experience where no one stepped up to intervene - this female performer reports when blood started spewing everywhere from the forced pentration the whole set supposedly APPLAUDED James.   

To show further the true lack of treating the adult industry as just that - an "industry" - Stoya was told she HAD to co-present an award with James Deen after she reports he raped her also.  I know of no other industry where such a thing would be tolerated (except maybe the music industry where we're also hearing women are being forced to work in studios with me who they say have raped them also) - and this seems to be because society can't seem to truly make up it's mind whether sex work is truly "work" or not.   Nor are we able to sort out when exploitation, forced labor, trafficking, rape and abuse is something happening "on the job", in one's "personal life", or that there's even some kind of distinction.  

While our culture is trying to sort that out - without having sex work recognized completely as "work", then we're not taking the same steps and precautions as we  would  in any other industry.  This is why for example SAG has a separate health and safety manual and guidelines for "adult" films vs. those of mainstream Disney films.   When we saw how America refused to believe Linda's story about being forced into sex work - we also knew that no one was going to be stepping up soon with "safe houses" for us, let alone would the Dept. of Labor be setting up retirement plans, vocational rehabilitation for those of us who were becoming sick, or disabled.  We saw parallels between the way we were being treated by the courts IDENTICAL to how they used to treat the alcoholic during Prohibition - as a "criiminal" rather than some of thse drunks actually needing medical, mental health, and/or social services interventions.  

Taking a cue from how Bill Wilson with the founding of AA started changing the way the courts, and thus society, changed the way they viewed  people who drank.  Going at one time from the view that "anyone who drank the demon rum was a criminal" deserving to be locked up and viewed as a "moral degenerate".  To the view we have now where the courts go in on a case by case basis with an educated eye to sort out who is an alcoholic suffering from a disease requiring treatment who is not served, nor society served, by putting that person into jail vs. someone who truly did harm to society and needs to in fact be punished with jail.   

Thus the idea for a model for sex workers based upon that used for the addict/alcoholic was born.  Not saying that sex work is a "disease" BUT in fact treating sex work like one would treat alcohol or drugs.  Being that no - not EVERYONE who drinks or uses medication is suffering from a disease.  AA is the first to admit not all who drink have a disease.  But out of those who do, "one is too many and a 1,000 never enough".  If you watch the interviews on any of the "On the Point" series - you will hear women speaking about being "addicted".  Just as you'll hear some saying "I'm quitting this year" only to find them still "on  the corner" when revisited a year later.    That's NOT CHOICE. 

For sex work to BE WORK - then those within it have to (1) be there by choice,  (2) have the door open to leave when they want, and finally (3) be PAID for their work a fair wage.   Now without society recognizing many of us do not have these options, nor even the ability to get the same protections as any other woman by virtue (no pun intened) because we're not viewed as sex work being our "job" - but  in fact we are "prostitutes", i.e., "criminals" meaning we're not to be offered things like "safe houses" when being abused, exploited, beaten, raped, etc., and with none of these options being created by society for "us" - then it falls upon us to create this for us.  

Now in 1984, there was ONE safe house in the whole country for teenagers who had been involved in prostitution in the whole country then -  But if you were over 18 - you were screwed.  If you tried calling the police and didn't get one who was involved in trafficking or Iran Contra themselves - they would laugh at your danger and hang up the phone. 

If you'd like an idea how the police treated us when in mortal danger by a predator catch the film "Frozen Ground" with Nicholas Cage.  An EXCELLENT portrayal of how the police viewed us at the time.  In this film, based on a true story, the prostitute went to the police and described how the man had chained her up in hs mouth, then put her into a plane to take her to country ground so he could "hunt her properly".  This woman managed to escape and police refused to search his house.  

We had the same thing happen with our friend stabbd 51 times - the police threw us out of the station saying "We can't get a warrant based on the word of a whore" when she went to tell them who stabbed her.  She gave them the exact name and address of the men who were later caught as the Hillside Strangler.   When I asked why they wouldn't get a warrant to go check out the auto body shop while the blood might still be fresh -  the officer explained that because prostitution was/is illegal in all but a few tiny towns in Nevada - the law views us as "criminals".  No different than if an addict or bank robber came forward - their testimony would be considered "worthless" in a courtroom.
Since there was  no "safe houses" for one of us to run to if being abused by anyone for any reason - irregardless of who was doing it.  I was "retiring" and took an old warehouse I had used as a brothel and converted it into  "safe house".  The first in the country it turned out for adults.  I took in a woman whose pimp had beat her, broke her arm and nose, as well as blacked two eyes.  The pimp got angry and reported to the police I was "running a brothel".  I wasn't and the charges were later dropped after everything I owned had been confiscated and I spent over $250,000 on my legal defense.  The police had a hard time believing it was a "safe house" because again remember no one believed back then such things existed.    

You can see the clips about how I was arrested for this "safe house" at  Because the police couldn't believe this was a "safe house"  - it took me a while to get the legal issues about my arrest sorted out.  They had no "evidence" I was "running a brothel" BECAUSE IT WAS  A SAFE HOUSE.   But since they refused to believe that - this whole thing had me put onto probation for two years.  My conviction was "fraud" because the court couldn't believe my story about it being a "safe house".  

After that  - I realized I needed to do "outpatient" work.  I also needed to raise "awareness" of what this was because if the police couldn't understand this woman with a cast on her arm, a brace on her nose and two black eyes was not prostituting at midnight when they came knocking on the warehouse door and she answered in her PJ's because she was SLEEPING, and also found she was on probation for prostitution - then we certainly weren't going to get other help needed.  

So I approached Edwin Meese,  Attorney General at the time, and asked him what else could be done to stop having us arested like criminals.  He suggested I could  offer "alternative sentencing" to those convicted of pimping (madaming) and prostitution, if we used a 12 step format like how Alcoholics Anonyoous was offering help to the alcoholic when brought into court.  That we could do this without having to find, hire, and pay for a PhD, a doctor, or other professional to come in and launch a national program any other way which would have been impossible back then anyway.  So the 12 step program, Prostitutes Anonymous, was launched in August of 1987.   This was something "we" could run for "us" and thus our 12 step program and hotline was born.

Our hotline has taken over 500,000 calls to date.   This is because we've been answering  our hotline longer then the Polaris "National Trafficking Hotline", and  also because we take calls from anyone wanting help to leave any part of the sex industry - not just calls from sex trafficking victims.  So we get calls from Playboy Bunnies who have gotten so old they've had to hng up their tails, as well as strippers whose knees have just given out and explaining a G-String to the grand kids is just awkward.  We also still offer alternative sentencing to jail/prison, as well as diversion classes.   

The National Trafficking Hotline was created to ONLY take calls from "trafficking victims" in 2002.  Thus starting the first "distinction" between offering services and aid ONLY to those who identify as "victims".  The Trafficking Hotline also partered those services for the first time ONLY through "trafficking task forces" led by law enforcement such as you see with the OC Human Trafficking Task led by local police, and through religous shelters such as the Salvation Army.   This was an entirely different approach than ours being we were offering help to ANYONE who for ANY REASON wanted help to EXIT and RECOVER, not just only to those identifying as "victims" of force by another human.  Also in that they were putting people who then contacte their task forces into these shelters who most of the time had them doing things like we see in Atlanta.   There the local trafficking task force has put those calling them or help into a religioius based shelter where they are teaching them to make handmade journals, and then sell them online.  

This was completely different than our approach in that we were teaching our members about being "fully self supporting", i.e., a job.  We got them into their own apartment or house because that's part of being "self supporting".   We also didn't have our members identifying as "prostitutes" as an identity.  While they might have been forced to prostitute for money - that isn't who they are as people.  So yes we have then finding new "jobs"  and eliminating exchanging money for sex whether forced or not.   By modeling after AA - we didn't have to worry about things like funding for housing or staff anymore than AA did.  AA teaches the alcoholic to stay sober.  THEY then worry about how they pay the bills.  We were teaching our members how to find other ways to make money, and how to survive without a pimp in some cases running their lifes. 

But we still found those who had been raped for example were unable to access ny help through Victims Service because of being a "known" prostitute.  They were also being blocked from receiving assistance through HUD for the same reason.  We were told as long as we were viewed ONLY as "criminals" this would be the case because bank robbers for example were also being denied assistance through federal programs.   The only way to change this was to change our status from that of "criminal" to be in fact "victim".   We were even hearing of transgender prostitutes being murdered and their mothers being unable to pay for their cremation, even though a murder victim, because we had no federal recognition that some of us might not be voluntary "criminals".  

We were told once we got "federal recognition" with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 that some of us were in fact yes "victims"  - then federal funds could finally be offered to do the things we were doing on our own dime from the launch of Prostitutes Anonymous until the Act passed giving this recognition as "real".  Which this "victim" status would then allow us to access money for programs through the Office of Victims of Crime which we were being denied previously ONLY because prostitution was illegal everywhere but Nevada. 

 However, EVEN in Nevada, legal brothel prostitutes, those working in legal strip clubs, and on legal porn eets were STILL being denied assistance through the Victims of Crime office.   Imagine Christy Mack prior to the Trafficking Act of 2000 being unable to access any help for the violent attack she suffered simply because she had worked on a legal porn set.  So we helped support the Trafficking Act of 2000 passing giving us "victim" recognition like any other for those reasons.  

But things didn't go the way we were told after the Act passed.  After talking to native American reservations who have also achieved federal recognition and them telling us how people rushing to create casino's upset their lives when this "recognition"  first hit them  and they found themselves stampeded by money interests looking to make a buck off that - I've a better understanding of what happened next where our movement then got "hijacked".  

Because victory was short-lived when wheels went into motion to then pass the TVRA of 2003 (the year after Polaris launched THEIR hotline so they didn't have to rely upon ours any longer for calls) - a "revision" which then took the federal money we had been trying to get for the programs we'd set up and had been running effectively by then and hand this over to the "faith based communities" as Randall Tobias and George W. Bush then launched into action to take over the trafficking movement and turned this into the "War on Women". 

 As well as use it as a way to deny any, and all, services to the LGBT, transgender & male sex workers.  They've also been using it as a way to generate lost income to their "single mothers' homes" which aren't needed today like they were in my grandmother's day.  In some places the SAME HOUSES were being used as "safe houses for trafficking victims" as well as "maternity homes" for their baby's to be adopted.   Some even had adoption applications right on the same websites.  

It's also been an excellent way of undoing a lot of the progress we'd made.  For example, even today in 2015, one STILL can't prosecute a man like Joohoon David Lee, for sex trafficking even when caught compltely red-handed by his superiors.   Why?  Because this man was a Homeland Security/ICE officer who would use taxpayer's money, and while "on the job" lew back to Korea, picked up the victim, and then walked her right by the airport security who we've now seen receive training in how to spot waht a trafficking victim looks like.  So he's been convicted of "bribery" but not of sex trafficking.  We're told they "can't" because there's "no laws on the books".  Well maybe if we hadn't found ourselves being excluded from the legislature we'd been an integral part of during the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 - maybe then OUR voices would have been heard that we STARTED this so men like him could BE PROSECUTED.   Want to leave a pimp?  Call 911.  Want to get away from a Homeland Security/ICE officer trafficking you?  How?  I ask you seriously HOW?  

HOW are we supposed to help women like this man's victim to get out of sex work, and find recovery, when the man who brought her to the USA, and who was not only forcing her into prostitution, but further had even convicted a whole innocent family of sex trafficking so as to appear to be "doing his job"?  How would we even get her into a meeting when a man with this much power to trace her movements AND drag her right back to prostitution?

Whih is why NO WE ARE NOT "run like Alcoholics Anonymous".  We can't be.  I don't know of one alcoholic who has the bar owner locking them up inside the bar and then threatening their family back home with death if they "don't drink".  So we aren't dealing with something like the disease of alcoholism forcing someone to drink against their will - but we are however clearly at times dealing with issues where are are finding ourselves forced to "act out" not by our own choice just  the same.

This Oakland case also illustrates to the public, and members, why we can't operate our program "just like AA even thought we are a 12 step program.  Here we have a young lady who has been involved with prostitution since she was 12 years old.  She spoke in an interview about "running from a pimp" but I ask you HOW would she get help from the police when they're going to be covering their ass by making sure no one takes her seriously?   Over 28 police officers have now been implicated as having sex with her.

Which now shows the public why I've been saying our local chapters have been having to implement whole new security measures just to be able to hold a meeting.    Starting when trafficking task forces started partnering with local law enforcement - this was being used much like how the drug cartel would use their local political and law enforcement to alert them when someone was trying to file charges against them. 

If you've seen the film "Departed" with Jack Nicholson - you'd see how difficult it was to get a conviction against Whitey Bulger, being not only his brother a senator, but also how he knew most of law enforcement who would tip him off to when an investigation was coming.   Which we're already seeing how this translates when teens are already being exposed as being trafficked right out of the trafficking "safe houses".

We had three meetings running in Ohio  from our creation in 1987 to the year 1994 when "Second Chance" even used our program in connection with their court diversion and re-entry program at one point.   Yet today we can't keep one local meeting going in Ohio because of the way the people who run the meetings are phyically threatened to scare them off doing so.   The same happened in Phoenix, Arizona.   

While Kathleen Mitchell has been quite open in the press about using the "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings as part of the whole program Dignity was using to churn out recovery in women for over 20 good solid years -  After the TVRA of 2003 passes, the Catholic Church comes in, sweeps out all of our existing and older members, plants in people they've trained "their" way, and worst of all, partnered with law enforcement to create Project Rose.  Hear from the mouth of someone who came into our program in 1991 describe what it was like when she first came into recovery vs. what happened when Project Rose took root.  

Now for this Project Rose to operate, the woman running the local Phoenix meeting reported back to us she started being threatened to "back off" working with other women in the area - leaving them to the "system" to deal with without our involvement.  I myself running the World Service Office out of Las Vegas, NV at the time started receiving threats from local Phoenix Police to "back off" trying to help organize our older members from the area to get involved in outreach down there when I announced I was going to take a trip down there to see what I could do about helping them organize an outreach to review our meeting down there which had folded because everyone was too scared to now go what with things like gasoline being poured on their front porches, being followed, their homes and cars broken into, etc.   So we weren't at all shocked when we heard that another officer on a trafficking task force was found dead - supposedly of "suicide" (but of course done right before an investigation about corruption could be done.

We had a Lansing and a Detroit program working in cooperation with the courts offering diversion and "alternative sentencing" programs in Michigan.  For YEARS, you couldn't get your probation signed off as complete until you'd completed your second year of recovery through court ordered programs if you were a prostitute without attending at least one year of our 12 step meetings.  Then the same thing started happening - the women running the local groups started reporting to me they were being threatened into "backing off" doing outreach. 

 My phone calls to the Probation Dept., the courts, and the prosecutor's office weren't being returned suddenly.  Not a shock here either when I read this guy started up his routine at the same time our meetings were being ignored suddenly.  It would have been impossible for this guy to terrorize women into having sex with him unless they were terrified of going to jail and couldn't aford a private attorney.   So of course this guy is going to make sure local prostitutes don't know all they have to do is ask the court to attend our program in leiu of jail and receive help with just having a poublic defender.  Of which Michigan wasn't the only town where we found opposition coming from the prosecutor's office for no good sound reason.

When we heard about so many "victims" coming into the system at once, we were concerned they wouldn't find the number of properly trained mental health professionals to be able to afford each victim their own private therapist.  We were also frankly concerned the prosecutors' and judges might not have enough of a background or a sufficient amount of training to deal with this issue knowledgeably.   Even the smartest and highest trained judges, attorney's, prosecutors, etc., need to have proper training in domestic violnece, rape, child abuee, addiction, mental illness, and other issues which involve more than just knowledge of the law in order to treat the victims as a "whole" person.   

For example, when looking at a drunk driving case the judge is going to have to determine if this was just a one time thing caused by partying too much - or if this person is an alcoholic requiring medical intervention, AA meetings, a detox program, etc.  The same applies here with the issue of sex trafficking.  One also needs to be able to tell if this is just a case of prostitution or if in fact there is a trafficking ring operating.  This is important to even determine if the victim is going to need witness protection even during the trial or a good family law attorney so they can divorce their pimp and get custody of the children.  

So we contacted these people associated with this case offering to put our members, our program, and our expertise at their disposal, especially because we heard juveniles had been involved in the resscuing and to our shock we were rebuffed quite aggressively.  This one shocked us because we'd always been welcomed with open arms when we'd come in offering free services, support and even free copies of ouf "Recovery Guide" to the survivors.   It was like Bill Wilson calling up to offer to help a bunch of drunks who'd been picked up on a  nassuve DUI sweep - only to be shut out.   The press on this certainly explained to us why we found ourselves being shut out of situations we'd once been welcomed into warmly.

We'd set up a wonderfully effective program in Pennsylvania called the "Program for Female Offenders". back in the late 1980's.  This program worked so well we allowed them not to have to build a bigger jail which they would have had to otherwise.   HIV/AIDS rates plummeted down to well below that of even non-sex workers.    

We had graduates of this alternative sentencing program becoming social workers, counselors, even probation officers who were then carrying this to the next level - being there for the next round of "newcomers".  But then we found ourselves once again being shut out by groups who were connecting themselves to law enforcement, non-members of our program (or anyone in recovery at all), and the church - and not a surprise more rapes and trafficking of prostitutes by law enforcement there starts hitting the press.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, where we're headquartered, and where I myself had been working at taking women out of strip clubs, legal brothels,  massage parlors, and right off the strip even since 1996 whe mewed there - it was a natural obvious choice for the Salvation Army to ask me to head up their 2007 launch of ATLAS  - a sex trafficking program and rescue they were wanting to set up there.  Especially since Sharnel Silvey and myself had been working effectively on Nevada's first formal alternative sentencing program there out of northern Nevada's courts AND I'd just helped Melissa Farley, PhD., to prepare here report for the State Dept. on sex trafficking within the legal brothels there in "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections".  I had even spoken with the Salvation Army about needing a translator to help me with the Asian victims who didn't speak English.   

Only after presenting the Chief of Police then, Doug Gillispie, with a whole portfolio on a sex trafficking network which was multi-national, which involved the Triad AND law enforcement, that included names, addresses, how the network was using police officers to transport victims, drugs, guns, etc. so they wouldn't be stopped, asking him to help us get victims out of these private houses which were being used as brothels (so we couldn't go in with one of our usual "stings" pretending to be customer to get to the women, nor could the good cops go in undercover either as they weren't allowing anyone in the houses who didn't speak Mandarin (not many Metro undercover cops who speak Mandarin), and because they were further not letting anyone come into the houses who wasn't coming out of the Vegas airport and getting into their cabs flashing an airline ticket from China - this was leaving us with the only way to get these victims out was to have the Chief get some search warrants.  

So we'd gone to him with victim statements, along with information on how everything operated so they could shut them down and free these women - only to find that not only was everything cleared out by the next morning BUT we then learned Metro had given the Salvation Army a grant for $370,000 to "restrucutre" their ATLAS program so they would "only work with victims REFERRED by Metro to ATLAS".  Not a surprise then with the new "restructuring" this meant ATLAS didn't help ONE single victim. while our hotline had reeived over 3000 calls from Nevada allone asking for help

When Metro an the Salvation Army , teamed up to "fight sex trafficking" while also shutting our program out of the whole loop - the end result was a domino effect which started falling with the first tile of "Operion Dollhouse".  We'd contacted a reporter we knew and he'd arranged to do a "ride along" the very weekend we knew the police would be making a drop.  This reporter barely knew us and we had done this so we couldn't be accused of "setting anyone up".  This surprise raid led to two San Mateo, California officers being arrested who were also on the trafficking task force at home.

Now it wasn't just the cops who were released - but the 24 VICTIMS were released back immediately despite there being BAGS OF DRUGS found on the site, AND also in violation of our ICE laws which require any non-American arrested needs to be detained unti such time as their visa's are checked, and they're questioned to make sure they are in the country legally AND they're not being trafficked or threatened in any way.   It was later proven the cab company was involved in this
The man who was prosecutor at the time in Vegas later died of a drug overdose.

It came out that Kemp Shiffer had been using his IRS badge to take girls who were over 15 years old and thus the "legal age of consent" by Nevada standards for sex.  When that got exposed, but wasn't technically "illegal", Kemp got himself a job at the University instead where he continued to target teenage girls out of the Oakland, California area and bring them into Nevada to work within the legal brothels and strip clubs so as to stay just on "this side" of the line of the law until he finally got convicted of sex trafficking after 12 years of doing this type of thing.  Which connected him up to Chris Butler, who was a retired cop who then opened up some massage parlors in California.

Chris was recruiting other active duty respected police officers to be part of this whole operation who were then doing things like taking drugs out of the evidence lockers and then haing his "prostitutes" sell them at the massage parlors and the escort services.   

Which then allowed them to continue to work their influence on up to the highest levels of security in this country to where they then had a man who was a Homeland Security officer working out of both Las Vegas, and Nevada even going over to countries like China, and then Korea, to physically pick up these women, then walk them right past security at LAX who being trained at how to spot "trafficking victims" was unknowingly being trained to turn away the "competitors" to this operation. 

Was Joohoon some lone "bad applie"?  Not when there's a strip club owned in NJ by DEA agents who are going over to Coumbia and "partying with the cartel, and then bringing home women to work at this club is Joohoon some lone random "bad applie" here.  The same Columbia where we have Secret Service agents patronizing prostitutes also.  

The woman who was at the center of that scandal by the way did not use the press to get herself a layout with Playboy - but instead she used it to raise money to open up an anti-trafficking program in Columbia because of how rampant she said the problem was over there.  Which I can safely venture to say our country couldn't be helping those victims much when we have our DEA and Seret Service Agents not only sleeping with them BUT BRINGING THEM BACK TO THE STATES WITH THEM TO DANCE IN THER CLUBS.

Now, do you see any addict or alcoholic having to go through this type of opposition just to get themselves into  12 step meeting for them like AA or NA?   Even when we're TRYING to get them help by calling the police - I myself have been threatened more than once to "back off" speaking to a victim, we've had our outreach campaigns  blocked by cops threatening to have me drug off on "stalking" charges, or even a "5150" insanity accusation.  Others have tried to call the police to help these victims - only to be ignored.  I've tried calling LAPD on behalf of some victims for YEARS only to be ignored.  The only way these women got any help was because a "Nehghborhood Watch" guy called instead of our program.  

Again, not just a "bad apple" anomoly of a couple of bad cops here in LAPD when it's happening in NY where the cop was PIMPING THEM HIMSELF.  Other cops saw the guy pimping these women - but they turned away and did nothing.  This guy barely was exposed and brought to justice.  

Why is that?  Why are other cops SEEING this and DOING NOTHING?  Well maybe it's because they don't want anyone throwing stones around their glass houses.

NOW you have an idea why I've been battling against this whole "end demand" campaigns going on in areas specifically such as Oakland, California.  This teenager was also having sex with cops from Alameda County according to the news.  Hunt's "End Demand" campaign gave an $80,000 grant to Alameda County to "end demand" by focusing on coming down HARD on the "johns" also - just like they did in Oakland.

In fact, for those of you who follow our blog, you'll note that I raised a great deal of objection over these "End Demand" campaigns that did include THEIR outreach projects, billboards, bus signs, and various outreach efforts where the phone numbers which were posted for victims to call were all connected to law enforcement WITHOUT including either our hotline phone number for adults which is answered by a man or woman in recovery who is NOT connected to law enforcement, or the Children of the Night hotline for juveniles which is also not connected to lw enforcement.   

Which we've now heard out of this young lady's own mouth that when there were sweeps going on in the same area as her - she got a call tipping her to "stay out" of those areas.  Only this wasn't just for her not to be arrested now was it?  Because I'm going to ask you to think carefully now - if this young woman has been on the streets hooking since she was 12 years old, and she's had an experience at least once she's relayed where she was being chased by a pimp - I'm going to venture a guess that she's probably pretty willing to quit "the life" if she was given the right opportunity.

Only how would she get this opportunity if the ONLY outreach being offered to her is by those who are out there arresting girls like her?    Especially when these officers were making absolutely 100 percent sure she doesn't go into the area's where she'd then be arrested.   Because once arrested she just might venture to start talking about what she knows about these officers.   So no I don't believe they were "protecting" just her by keeping her out of those sweeps' area's for one.  Two - she will hear about these sweeps on the news who are going to report the hotline they're giving out goes to who?  THEM.   She already knows anything she says about them is going to be kept quiet.  Even if they got to make her quiet.  Which we all know can happen now with this Tanaka case  where a witness gets lost for three days and even the FBI AGENT CAN'T FIND HIM.

All of which is why I don't blame just the officers in this Oakland case as to why this poor young woman has been unable to find help to get off the streets and away from not just the pimps trying to traffick her but the COPS who are trafficking her either directly like Chris Butler or INDIRECTLY by blocking her from accessing exit services because of their fear of the truth coming out.   

Because this goes way deeper than just their need to keep their dirty laundry hidden in the hamper here.  I'm working on a map right now showing the direct correlation between EXACTLY this type of thing where young teens, male and female, are being trafficked right out of the trafficking programs such as we've seen in the Ohio case, as well as how it's also happening in Oakland, Alameda County, and other areas where there's a common pattern of not only sex trafficking being in high numbers as to young juvenile victims, but also where there's a corresponding "End Demand" campaign operating which is concentrating in both the church as well as law enforcement being the front line of outreach to these victims, which I'm showing you now are part of their problem they're trying to escape from in many cases, but also could not be happening EXCEPT FOR THE EXCLUSION of groups like ours who are not dependent upon government grant money, donations from the church or private individuals such as Swanee Hunt, and even men like Sheldon Adelson, where they could be a DIRECT "conflict of interest" as well as outright competition for dollars blocking the REAL goal here which is these young men and women needing help.  

The EXCLUSION of groups like ours which are comprised entirely, or mostly, of REAL people who have "been there", combined with the need for some "appearance" of survivors being involved - has led to a booming indusry of "catfish" fake survivors such as Samoly Mam.  Samoly Mam did not roll out of bed one day all by herself and say "hmm I think I'm going to le about being a sex trafficking survivor".   

Samoly herself has stated she was approached by people who told her IF she was willing to make such statements they would get her a "lot of press and donations" which they sure as heck kept their word about.  Samoly Mam had herself quit an aware and lecture circuit going before she was finally exposed as a fraud.  Which is why you have to then ask why would I go knocking on doors like I did until I found people who had the means and interest in spending the year they did gathering the evidence and testimony to PROVE she was a fraud?   Was I rying to get her press and donations?  I wouldn't because I can't.  As a 12 step group we remain "anonymous at the level of press, radio and films" and also we don't "accept outside donations".  So no I did not want her "press" and "money" either .
I did it for the same reasons I partnered with some other people to expose Chong Kim as a fraud.  Again, did I do it because I wanted her "fame" and "money"?  I've had five films made about my work and three documentaries already - why would I begrudge her the one film "Eden" if that was the case?   The same with William Hillar, who was the fraud being the "Taken" series who also lied about rescuing his daughter from innational eex trafficker.  I certainly had no interest in touring the country speaking to ex-military men about fighting sex trafficking in Thailand.  I don't even have the means to go work with victims in other countries.  

I've been doing this because in areas where there's been this type of corruption, outright sex trafficking, and the denial of services to the REAL victims in need - we're being now blocked from doing our outreach to those like this Oakland girl from getting her numbers to groups like OURS WHICH WOULD HELP HER because we're NOT "connected with law enforcement" and thus aren't going to shut her out without services or try to silence her - but also because these operations are having to put FAKE VOICES up there to make it "appear" real victims are aprproving this kind of thing.   

By those cops telling this young woman to "avoid the areas where the sweeps" were going on - not only was she not arrested - but she also wasn't going to be speaking to the press nor anyone else who might be speaking to the press.  Because if SHE WAS - then she'd be talking about JUST THESE EXACT PROBLEMS.  Problems with the fact those who need the help aren't getting them because those preying upon them, trafficking them, using them, etc., are  the very people who have a vested interest in keeping them quiet.  I mean anyone who has studied the cases involving the Catholic Church and child molestations knows they also are the biggest funder of services to these young victims because it's also how they keep them QUIET.  

The dilemma this presents to our 12 step program is essentially this - let's imagine for a moment that all of the drug treatment programs, and the drug courts, training for drug counselors, and even the funding for the schools that teach drug counselors were all mostly being funded by the pharmaceutical companies who then of course would have a "conflict of interest" with Narcotics Anonymous being involved because of their stance on the belief recovery for addicts long term isn't possible without total abstinence from all "mind altering chemicals" along with their founder;s belief  recovery can only be found in the addict's "real life" and not within a residential program which is isolated and takes him out of his life into an artificial world - then how could that possibly work?  

It couldn't.  The addict would die.  

Now is NA of the belief they are ALL and ONLY what's needed for the addict to find recovery?  Of course not.  Their literature states they are only for those who found all those othr things "weren't sufficient" for them.    So the police have stopped arresting addicts for going to NA meetings like they used to do in the 1950's., and the Salvation Army's and Catholic Charlies have their clients also attending NA functions as part of their drug programs, and even the jails allow the hosting of NA panels within them -  and everyone benefits from this  cooperation - especially the addict.

Now the question remains of why aren't we being afforded the same spirit of cooperation here as that of AA and NA being that we're the ONLY 12 step program that works with those wanting to exit the sex industry who may or may not also be drug addicts, alcoholics, or sex trafficking victims?  I say this thinking about this young woman in Oakland specifically who by the grace of God should be dead after working the streets since she was 12 years old.  To know we have a group up there of strong recovering women who are not only out of prostitution, but also free of their pimps (for those who had one), but also drugs (for those who are addicts and/or alcoholics), and who would have loved to have been able to do outreach to make contact with this young woman YEARS ago - who have been BLOCKED from doing so by a completely organized wall of interference ranging from the press, to the trafficking task force team, to the local social workers, mental health centers, drug treatment programs, and even other police officers who HADN'T had sex with that young lady. 

I say that because of the people who have called me from the Oakland area who are therapists and social workers in that region who told me they've received calls saying if they "gave any referrals to our program they'd be fired".  Three women at a drop-in counseling and crisis center IN OAKLAND in fact did just that - they organized a day for me to come in with a few of our local Oakland members to speak about our program to other counselors and social workers in the area.  Those women were then FIRED for their going the extra yard to try and help women like this young lady find help they weren't able to find otherwise for the same reasons she's not found help before now.  

I've received calls from good cops who aren't sleeping with young women like her, and who have told me they'd love nothing more than to give her our phone number, or a phone number to another program tat might her help like who had she gotten their number before she turned 18 years old - they would have flown her down to Van Nuys on their dime, entered her into their program and she'd be in college most likely by now.  Our program has a whole pocket of women residing in Oakland now who used to work in the brothels and strip clubs of Nevada who would have gladly taken hr in once they knew about hr situation, entered her into school, and she'd probably have a degre by now.  

I've questioned these people who have called me up lamenting how they wish they "could refer those who need help to us" who are on the front lines and see girls like her when they're in trouble and most likely to want help then - such as the ER nurses, social workers, even the cops - and when I've dug just a little deeper to find out why they're being told not to give out our phone number to  those who  need help, ESPECIALLY in light of the fact we have PLENTY OF EVIDENCE OUR PROGRAM WORKS, and the answer seems to always be one of these FOUR reasons:

1.    Either it's fear of a loss of funding, such as grant money, insurance money, not being able to hold fund raisers, investment money, private donors, etc.    Right now every group I'm seeing in this field EXCEPT mine, or that of Children of the Night, is reliant financially upon either government funding, the Catholic Church, or that of private interests such as Sheldon Adelson or Swanee Hunt.

2.   Fear of dirty laundry hitting the fan - like for example this young woman telling us she's "slept with so and so" and then the workd leaks out and he gts fired.   Some of this is because an already burdened police force is not wanting to think about the potential for even MORE lawsuits should mor dirty launder be allowed to be aired.  So they want to "bury" these acts of wrong-doing to avoid a lawsuit or bad press - but they aren't realizing this means burying a person under this also - the victims who if they can't call the cops for help then WHO DO THEY CALL?  

3.    Our program is standing in the way of someone else's agenda.  Such as - there is a big lobby that's pushing to get prostitution legalized throughout ths country just as there is a big lobby to get marijuana legalized.    These people seem bothered we define our abstinence as including "webcam work" and even "pornography" and "stripping".  They want the country to equate illegal street prostitution with sex trafficking.  However, we stand firm sex trafficking can be in a legal operation just as much as it can also be on a street corner.  "Legal" has nothing to do with this than it makes a difference to an alcoholic if it's bought off the back of a moonshiner's truck  or a liquor store.   Therefore, we have strip clubs, massage parlors, porn production companies, adult stores, and even legal brothels in NV, who do not want to enter into any discussion about what THEY'RE going to do in order to ensure there's no sex trafficking goign on witn their companies.  Everyone wants to keep running around on the street corners as well as ignring the fact sex trafficking exists not only on sites like Backpage, but also Google, Twitter and Facebook as well.  

4.  The last reason seems to have something to do with the fact our program, being open to any human who wants help, is also open to men, women and transgenders, as well as the LGBT, the homosexual males, the lesbians, the heterosexual males, etc.  Further, we are not restricted to only the Christian religion.  As a 12 step program, we have members who are Chritian, Buddhist, Pagans, Athiests, Jewish, Muslim's, as well as we have white people as members as well as people of color.  If you look at any of these arrests, "outreach campaigns", news photos, etc., you'll find a HUGE emphasis on traffickers and victims both being people of color. We've even found ourselves excluded from media about US where because we appear white we were excluded out of even stories about US!   The "religious right" seem to want to make sex trafficking to be about birth control, abortion, and they further want to omit any discussion about the fact the majority of pimps who are in a relationship with a female prostitute have a child by that woman.    I have yet to hear ONE single word about the fact to leave these men - something needs to be done about the predator having parental rights they use againt the child, and their victims.  Parental rights which are STILL in effect even if the man is locked up for sex trafficking.  

5.   I've lastly got a "conflict of interest" financially with a few big factions.  I've got the "for profit" prisons for one thing whose bread and butter depends upon prostitutes being incarcerated - not sent into programs for help.  On average, when a facility has 2000 inmates - about 1800 of them are prostitutes.  If we come in offering them an "alternative" to incerceration - that's $100 a day on average times times 1800 equalling $180,000 a day per 1800 inmates going right out of their budget.  

The same for a depressed economy within the AA "halfway houses".  Prostitutes right now are being labeled as "sex offenders" on one hand while the other is trying to claim we're tyring to "help" them.  If that's true then why are they being labeled the same as a sex offender (child molester or rapist) where they then can't be released from incarceration without going into a specially zoned program where they go?   Of course this special zoning costs money and many of these programs now are shutting their doors because they're losing money.  I'm hearing from Alano Clubs, halfway houses, sober houses, and drug treatment programs where they've got massive empty beds and they're losing money hand over fist.  

The same for private criminal attorney's whose bread and butter comes from prostitutes afraid of jail who will pay on average a $1500 retainer who don't want to hear  all they have to do is "ask the court for alternative sentencing", nor about special programs where they're not needed becasue the judge isn't going to lock them up, with the same being the case if we got these women into online diversion programs all over the country.  

NOW IF WE CAN STOP BEING EXCLUDED FROM TALKING TO EVERYONE IN THIS FIELD - then we could address all of these issues head on and I'm sure everyone will be able to see what a HUGE asset we can be if we got back to the way things were pre-2003 and we start being utilized across the board again like we once were before the TVRA of 2003 was passed which started this whole thing turning upside down.    

Things like explaining "what's said at meetings stays at meetings" meaning if we have a woman coming in speaking about having 30 cops as her clients then that's left at the meeting.  We don't go out and report such things to the police and no one gives her the phone number to an attorney.  Our meetings are restricted to that of adults over the age of 18 yrears old so we're not required to report such things to th authorities like CPS either.  We do however have other programs we refer juveniles to who have their own sytem in place for such confessions.  But generally no matter how dirty the dirt is we hear  - it's not repeated outside of the meeting halls.  

We don't apply for, nor would we apply for, government grants or funding from the church or private interests.  Therefore, we're not in competition with anyone's grant or donation money.  Polaris wants to get $11 million dollars from Google - knock yourself out.  We're not going to get into that line.  As a 12 step group our integrity can be trusted because we're not taking money from anyone we have to then please.  .   I mean where would NA be if they took money rom the pharmaceutical companies?  
We don't replace professional treatment nor medications.  There's always going to be a need for professionals and doctors.   So we're no competition to treatment programs, halfway houses, or other professional programs or professionals.

As for prisons and criminal attorney's - there's other crimes these people get involved in all the time.  In fact, if you were to decriminalize prostitution and allow then for more witnesses to come forward and also more evidence to be brought forward to prosecute someone for trafficking - you'd create MORE of a need for beds in correctional facilities and more of a need for criminal attorney's to be defending these bad guys for trafficking then these women for prostitution.

Basically what I'm saying here is that if we all were to sit down and start openly talking about this issue with the focus of the victims who need help getting that help - then I see nothing but solutions here that benefit everyone and that none of these are problems.  AA and NA have been working just fine in this system helping the addict and alcoholic - and we're no different except on one major point.

Right now there is a HUGE need for outpatient, free, non-religious, services for thee men and women, as well as juveniles, and their family members, to be openly set up and welcomed so that these victims needing help can get help right now without jail being the gateway to that help.  As we've seen with this young lady in Oakland, and the victims of Joohoon David Lee, those who need help the MOST are the LEAST LIKELY to find that help by being arrested unlike that of the addict or alcoholic who almost always find themselves arrested.  A guy who is caught doing a DUI isn't going to have it swept under the rug by a cop who doesn't want people to know he say it.    Nor also can many victims call for help because in many of their cases they either can't call because the police are involved OR their traffickr/pimp is someone they don't want to call the cops on such as their mother.  In our program we have a large number of our members whose pimp/trafficker was a family member - not some stranger on a corner.  So they're unlikely to want to turn that person over to the police and have them arrested.

Our program, thanks to technology, can be utlized all over the country for free and without requiring special licensing.  Unlike the situation with social workers who are over-burdened with too many cases, and then burn out in six months and another one has to then take over from the top again, leaving juveniles especially with no help once they "age out" of the system as well as having no continuity of care while a juvenile receiving care, let alone any "oversight",   Imagine if this country's young alcoholics could only get care from a professional and how lost they'd be.  Our program can cross over the lines of the jails, prisons, treatment programs, courts, etc., as well as age, race, religion, gender, etc., and we can reach out help to ANYONE WHO HEARS ABOUT US.   Because shame, and the laws, prevent most from reaching out for help - we can offer it to those who don't want to expose themselves in any way for those reasons of shame and fear of incrimination legally.  

Yes we are a 12 step program "just like AA" in some respects.  In others, we're nothing like them for these reasons and we're having to invent the playbook here.  So if you are a man or woman, wanting help to leave any part of the sex industry, know this - we have a "Recovery Guide', safe confidential meetings on the telephone, and at secure locations where we've screened out anyone who we aren't absolutely sure is "one of us" and therefore not a reporter, a cop, or a pimp.   We have interviews with members up at and cliips about us at  So if we can offer you any help at all - just give us a call.   If we didn't know recovery was possible - why else would we keep going despite all this opposition just to get you that help?   Yes there may be people telling you not to call us.  Just as you probably had people warning you not to do "such and such" but you didn't listen to the either right?  lol  

Jody Williams, Founder of Sex Workers Anonymous formerly Prostitutes Anonymous

Also, if you are a family member concerned about someone else - know about

Wednesday, June 22, 2016



First, please note the day this website was set up.  It was set up on May 26, 2015 originally.  Further note the person who registered it did so "anonymously" and has not posted their name on the site standing behind the statements there.  Also know the series "8 Minutes" had started airing three weeks before May 26th.  It was taken off the air after the 2nd episode.

Now, go and look at  Note the date of the first article about the 12 step program which we originally called "Prostitutes Anonymous" in 1987 was dated August of 1987.

Take a walk around online and see if you find anything like this about me, or our program, anywhere else pre-dating May 26, 2015.


The only other negative statements you will find about us online as of June 22, 2016 when I wrote this are found on

Notice the domain for this was registered on May 27, 2015  So ONE DAY after this site was set up about me being a "predator", this "ratethatrescue" site was set up with this page commenting about our program at  The wording on this site about our program was lifted off our website at which has a copyright symbol on it.  Meaning this copying and posting of our content is in itself a copyright infringement.

The last comment posted on this site was dated October of 2015.  So nothing before, and nothing after, has been posted in their vein about our program, or myself personally.

This program has been operating since 1987.  Now do you really think in THIRTY YEARS of operation if I was truly like the person being painted here would not the web BE CHOCK FULL OF SITES LIKE THIS?

Let's take a look at something in comparison.  I have a Paypal account as do a lot of people.  Let's see what people post online about Paypal - Wow a $25 million dollar class action lawsuit.

Here's a whole website full of horror stories about Paypal -

Screw Paypal -

Paypal sucks -

Here's a news article attacking them

Another news article -

Meaning Paypal has more than one site up by more than one person over a long period of time set up warning people about Paypal.  There's also more than one news article attacking Paypal online also.

Now, Paypal is a lot less than 30 years old.  But yet they have way more sites, and media articles up attacking them.  I don't see one single media article attacking me up anywhere.  Not one reporter has come in and "exposed the maniac" those two sites are claiming that I am.

In fact, has a positive statement up about me.  I know because one of our members had called me saying she had been trying to post something positive and was being blocked.  So another one of our members said to let her try and post something from an "anonymizer" so they wouldn't know who she was and see if they'd post her positive comment.  She was able to post it only to have it immediately attacked by the claim I MYSELF had posted this comment.  Yet you'll note no screen shot of an IP address or email of the sender to prove I myself made that comment.  So anyone posting something positive was either banned from doing so or accused of just being me in disguise.

Yeah that's fair.

Let's see what does the media say about me?    Better yet let's approach the accusation this program is a program "of one person only" as the site claims.  Here's an article about our Chicago group run by Brenda Myers-Powell.

Well that certainly looks like more than one person and I'm not even in the video.

Here's an article about Kathleen Mitchell in Phoenix.  Looks like we're more than one person and that person's not me.  I don't even live in Phoenix.

I could go on but I think you get the point.  Notice these articles are about "Prostitutes Anonymous" however.  Yet this site is about "Sex Workers Anonymous".  Is this two different groups?  No.   Go back to and you'll see we start out as "Prostitutes Anonymous" and in later years our program is called "Sex Workers Anonymous".  That's because our program changed names in 1995.  However, these groups featuring Brenda and Kathleen were founded PRIOR to 1995 so they've been calling themselves "Prostitutes Anonymous" since they started.  Kathleen's group was founded in 1991.  Now after calling yourselves a name for years - you're going to be used to it.  So our older groups go by the older name.  No point in changing them but they're still meetings held within our overall program.

Now is it possible these women THOUGHT no other group existed because maybe they were googling under our new name instead or our original name?  What comes up under Sex Workers Anonymous?

Here's a meeting listed of us in a book about "Anonymous Society"

How about a meeting in Cleveland, Ohio?

Allentown, PA

Los Angeles?

These are articles written by the press - not an individual person.  They're speaking about our meetings within other cities and states.  Places I have never been.

So this is really just a "one woman program of someone who is delusional enough to think she's running a real program?"

What about the Las Vegas group I've been running since 1996 in Nevada?  John Quinones from ABC's "What Would You Do?" flew out to Las Vegas and took me to lunch.  Then he came to watch how we run the group, and spoke to other members of the program.  Here's what he wrote in his 2009 book "Heroes Among Us?"

As to the quality of our program, a 10 year study was done by professor Sharon Oselin in her report published "Leaving Prostitution".  I've scanned what the women she interviewed about us had to say about our program in their words published by a professor I didn't even know when this was going on.

Okay I "have a UPS box for an address".  Note they said in their own words they "asked someone to drive by the address to see what it was".  Now I assure you running a program like ours, people are going to be curious and drive by.  I had a family.  I was raising a child for 18 years.  Now why would I advertise my home address?  ESPECIALLY when angry hookers online are sending people over to check out where I live?  I ask you what would have happened possibly if it had been my home?   Name me one "legit business" whose founder, owner, or director, lists their home address online other than the President living in the White House?

I have no "trademark".  I never said I had a trademark and I don't need one.  Yes to order one costs $159.  However, I give away our literature.  I don't pass a basket at our meetings.  I don't sell t-shirts.  I don't hold fund raisers.  I give away our step working guides.   So first of all, why would I invest $159 to protect a trademark for products that I give away?

Second, I never said I had a trademark.  I do have what's called a "common law trademark".  What that means is if I've been operating a commercial venture for years under a certain name, then I am protected by what's called "common law trademark" which IS enforceable as to intellectual property, and materials we've created.    You can read more about what "common law trademarks" are here

Sex Workers Anonymous is not a "registered nonprofit".  Strange.  Sure looks like we are.  


As for my "seeking publicity for myself with 8 Minutes", I first of all didn't reach out to this person calling herself Kamylla.  She contacted me.  I then did not contact one single person in the media at any time.  All media initiated their contact with me.  How did they know to contact me in the first place?  Kamylla.  During my phone conversation with Kamylla she gave me consent to publish a tape recording of her call online, she also gave me permission to talk about her to anyone who asked.  The reporters called me because she told them about me and gave them my number.  So who is "seeking notoriety here?"

I was doing all of this to somehow put money in my pocket is their accusation.  Okay show me a fund raiser  I put on for Kamylla.  Show me a fund raiser I put on to gather press and social media for myself?  However, the Cupcake Girls did.  I don't see anyone talking about how they used Kamylla to enhance their press and social media despite the fact they gathered $10,000 to give to her.  For what exactly?  Legal fees.  Only there were no legal fees.  There was no eviction filed with the Houston courthouse under her legal name.  Why would there be?  A landlord can't charge rent on a flooded legally uninhabitable unit as she further claimed she needed money for.  For rent?  Landlord again can't charge for a flooded unit.  The two attorney's who were representing her - one was paid for by the Cupcake Girls and the other was donated by the producers of the show.  

I supposedly "asked for a drivers license" which one "doesn't do to a 12 step member".  Okay Kamylla never asked to be a member.  She never asked me for help with her recovery.  She never attended any meetings.  In fact, she didn't ask me one darn thing about our program which does offer anonymity.  Meaning I've never asked someone calling for help, or a member of SWA, for a copy of their identification.  

However, I double checked everything about her story after she supposedly was attacking me online shortly after the phone call.  Only when I asked her why she was attacking me right after I had agreed to help her - she told me it wasn't her.  She said she had signed a confidentiality agreement and a model release for other people to post as her online.  She said she had no computer and no internet connection.  When I sent her screen shots of the nasty things she was saying about me online supposedly she said it wasn't her.  She was then told to "shut up" or she'd not get the money from her fund raiser.

This "other Kamylla" She claimed to have been filmed on "8 Minutes" yet her face never aired.  No reporter could produce a copy of the contract which she'd have with Relativity Media as having done the show.  SHE couldn't produce a copy of the contract or any documentation to prove she was ever on the show as claimed.  The HR Dept. of Relativity Media refused to confirm she was ever filmed for the show.  

Kamylla claims she was in Kathryn Griffin-Townsend's program for prostitutes in Houston during 2015.  Only Kathryn wasn't running that program in 2015.  The Houston jail said she was not running meetings for prostitutes in 2015.  Said she hadn't in a year.  The voice on this tape of "Kamylla" and Maxine is NOT the voice of the woman who called me saying she was "Kamylla".

The voice on this tape however is the same voice of a woman who has called me repeatedly posing as someone in need of help to try and scout out information on our program and supporters from me.  She's asked who our attorney is that helps our members, where our meetings are, can she get a phone number of other members, how many members do we have, etc.  

So when someone is posing as someone else, spreading lies about me online, and there's no backing to her story she was even on the show, nor was she arrested, being evicted, nor even attended Kathryn's diversion program, and in fact I found further down the line hidden undercover tapes and videos made of Kathryn inside of events she's held which was clearly hidden, then posted without Kathryn's consent, and also posing as someone wanting to come to one of our meetings, know more about our program, and calling over and over again using a different name each time - then yes I'm going to say I won't believe she is who she says she is until I see an ID card.  BIG DIFF from "asking members to show an ID card to get help".

There's also one other BIG FLAW with their comparing us to AA.  Alcoholism and drinking IS NOT ILLEGAL.  Prostitution is.  So NO we are NOT going to "run our program like AA".  Sex work is not a disease.  So again why would it be the same as AA when it's not a disease and the recovery process for them is different than for us.  Example - they get sober by being sober.  We however quit prostitution and then how do we pay the rent? Meaning usually we have to plan our retirement and can't just "cold turkey" it.  So the issue isn't the same, the recovery isn't the same so yes to our program IS going to be DIFFERENT.  We don't pass the basket and give away our book so clearly yes we are DIFFERENT than AA.  

Okay, who set up a website attacking who first?  Me?  Or them?  Now wouldn't anyone have a response to such a thing?  If you had a legal obligation to a group you run to serve people with "cease and desist" orders, or notices they were violating your common law trademarks and copyrights along with such false statements as you not being a nonprofit - would you not respond even though that response was "unsolicited"?

When someone violates the law, then you have to serve them with a legal notice, yes you are contacting them "unsolicited" and yes you are "threatening them".  Now if these people want to do things without giving legal notice that's their right.  But the law requires before serving anyone with a legal complaint you have to give them a five day notice under which they have those five days to breach the problem.   Then if they don't respond - then you can file a legal action but you have to serve the five day immediately to protect their legal rights.  Legal notice and "threats" are two different things.  If they didn't want to hear from me WHY POST WEBSITES then about me?  

Shawnee Hunt has had a problem with me ever since 2007 when I refuse to get up at our press conference calling to "abolish prostitution".  When I also refused to say "all prostitution is rape" and there's "no such thing as the sex industry".  How can I say there is no sex industry when there is?  I mean how much money is Vivid making off the Kim Kardashian sex tape?  How much money is Spearmint Rhino making nationwide?  Playboy?  Hustler?  Adam & Eve?  

The Hunt Alternative Foundation awarded grant money to the Denver Arts Council who then in turn donated money to the "Red Hand Studio" owned by Domina Elle.  Domina Elle is the woman who set up both sites involved here after the grant money was received.   Every person who receives grant money from Hunt whether it's through "End Demand" or "Hunt Alternatives" is told they can't have anything to do with our program.

Why?  Because we won't call our program "trafficking victims anonymous" and stand behind her views as stated above.

I also know Relativity Media, the producers of "8 Minutes" were pretty angry when my "notice of intent to sue for defamation" resulted in the show being cancelled by the next morning after only 2 episodes.  Prompting their investors to call them "con artists" and file a lawsuit against them for a lot of money.  In fact, Relativity Media filed for bankruptcy just a short time after the show canceled.  So yeah, there are some pissed off people at us back in May of 2015.  You can see the results.


Here's a member in their voice:


Compare this to the complaints against Obama or Paypal and I think we're doing pretty good here.  If you have any questions about the rest of their accusations - I'd be happy to address them with you.  Just give us a call at (702) 488-1127.  

We had to change our number when the women connected with those attack hate sites kept text bombing and otherwise jamming up our hotline phone so legit calls couldn't get through.

Oh and by the way, we just started another meeting in Wichita, Kansas this week.  I am not at every meeting everywhere in the world.  I also never said I was "perfect".  I'm no different than any other member of any other 12 step program meaning you shouldn't not pursue your own recovery because of what someone said about another person.  Make up your own mind.  Honestly, if I was what these sites claim - I'm sure the media would have reported on it by now, a lawsuit would have been filed, something would be registered long before 2015 and not since.

The women who set up these sites are active sex workers.  Now I ask you - what other type of site than a hateful attack site would be set up by drinking alcoholics about Bill Wilson and AA?

I appreciate the compliment.  I don't see the same about people like Kevin Brown who was the man supposedly rescuing women in "8 Minutes".  I don't see the same about the Cupcake Girls who has yet to produce one single "success story" of getting someone out of the sex industry.  I don't see any such against the Hunt Alternatives Foundation who granted Alameda County $80,000 who has been using that money to bust johns and prostitutes nightly according to their Twitter.  Nor against Joohoon David Lee who worked with Homeland Security and was trafficking women.  How about Chris Butler who was trafficking women using active duty cops to help him?   Or the LAPD cops who were raping women who were prostitutes?  How about the NY cop who was pimping 10 women against their will?  

BUT I WARRANT THIS MUCH HATE?  Again, what else would a drinking alcoholic say about Bill Wilson and AA?

So I do thank them for the compliment.

By the way, our program is the only one which if you are convicted of prostitution you can ask the judge to court order you to our meetings instead of jail - or alternative sentencing.  Even community service.  You don't have to hire a lawyer or go into a religious or drug program to avoid jail.  We can also help you expunge your records when your time is up.   We provide a 24/7 hotline answered by someone in recovery to help with anything you need help with when you're over 18 years old.


Warn you about me?

I'm not the on setting up hate sites against other people and sending people to their house.

You're smart.  You can figure out what's up here.  There's no "privacy policy" on either site.  They capture your IP information and also attach a cookie to every site that goes to those sites.  What a clever way to obtain mirror traffic information on who is contacting our program.  So if you've gone there and don't want anyone knowing you're calling us for help - just call us or put an "anonymizer" on your browser.