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Sunday, September 27, 2015


When we first formed in 1987 - there was no model for us to follow.  We were the one to invent the wheel.  When we realized this - instead of trying to adapt the AA or NA literature to our needs which didn't work (we don't suffer from a genetic terminal disease from which there is no cure - only remission) - we set about to find our own way that worked for us.  So from 1987 to 1991 - we spoke to members, and sex workers who had retired from the industry, as well as recovering trafficking victims, to get the materials that became our 1st edition "Recovery Guide".  We self-published this book because Hazelden told us at the time they didn't think we would "sell enough copies" to warrent them taking on this subject.  My mother gave us a loan to have the first batch of books printed which you can tell them by their red cover.  We wanted to further distinguish ourselves from AA and NA by having a red, not blue, cover.

The internet was invented about 1995.  Suddenly, we're having members come in the doors saying they are "so glad they aren't prostitutes anymore" while working for a webcam studio, or doing porn that's sold online.  They argued that because they were not having physical intercourse for money that they were "abstinent".  However, our program is about recovery from the sex industry, not prostitution.  While our members identify as prostitutes, and identify their common bond is prostitution of one's self, our recovery is from the sex industry.

The alcoholic does not just quit moonshine to only drink beer and call that sobriety.   The addict doesn't switch over to prescription medication that's not essential to life and call that being clean either.  Besides, it's not about just being "dry".  It's about recovery.  It's about living a new spiritual way of life.

Let me give you an example: In 1991, I had my daughter in March of that year.  I left her father in May of that year.  I couldn't work because I was recovering from a very difficult birth.  I didn't have a car because my now ex-husband had my car.  I had the baby at home.  I had an apartment management job my ex-husband got me fired and evicted from.  I was doing a lot of TV then to promote our hotline and to advance our movement (remember the Trafficking Act of 2000 hadn't happened yet) - so I went onto welfare.  I was successfully fighting Joe Conforte back from expanding brothels into California.  So he came to me with a job offer.

He offered me a management position that was entirely legal for a six figure salary.  He further offered me a huge sign-on bonus if I agreed to take the job.  I called my sponsor and said "it's not prostitution, and it's legal".  To which he asked me if this violated our traditions - was this for the "common welfare" of the program number one.  Number two - he asked me "is this living a spiritual life?"  To which I could not say yes.  He then told me I knew the answer.  I turned down the job.  The woman who took that job was later arrested on money laundering charges, got sentenced to three years in prison and $300,000.

Because that's the way the sex industry was for me.  It would bring me money yes - but it would also bring the "insanity" and the "unmanageability".  You lay down with dogs you get fleas.  I wanted a way of life with people I could trust.  So now I'm glad I realized this wasn't about prostitution - this was about the sex industry as a whole.

This is part of what went into changing our name in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous.  We needed to make clear that any form of the sex industry was off-limits for us - not just the strict definition of intercourse for money.  Besides, any prostitute will tell you that she gives out more blow-jobs than intercourse anyway.  Prostitution, sex work is not about sex for money.  It's a way of life.  It's a culture.  It's a whole mind-set.   Whether you're getting paid for the pop or your monthly bills paid by a sugar daddy - it's a way of life.  Therefore, just as the alcoholic does not just stop drinking, but must also change his way of living, and the addict must also do more than stop using, but also live a spiritual life in NA - so too must our members change their whole way of life that excludes any form of commercialized sexual activity.

Now we didn't have the term "trafficking victim" when we started.  That was a legal term coined after the Trafficking Act of 2000 to make a legal distinction between whether to treat someone as a criminal or a victim by the LEGAL system.  However, our program isn't about a legal distinction.  We don't make a distinction between victim or criminal - every member is taught about the 12 step spiritual way of life.  We don't even address the past until we get up to the 4th step for that matter.  Things like whether we were forced or not forced again are issues we don't deal with until we get up to the amends part of the program - where WHEN we were wrong we "promptly admitted it".  Meaning there are cases where we were not wrong, and were forced.  We sort all of that stuff out after we've gone through steps one through three so that we have a firm "we" foundation behind us that gives us the strength to face the truth.

Why do I say that?  Because sometimes we think we acted of our free will when in fact we did not.  Sometimes we realize people who we thought were our friends, our protectors, were our betrayers.  Sometimes we realize our parents put us out on that corner.   Sometimes we realize it was our husband who put us on that stage.  So sometimes facing the fact maybe we were a "victim" is something that we need a good strong foundation, and a fellowship behind us, before we face that cold hard truth.  Otherwise, that realization might send us right back on a run or relapse.

Other times, we were crying "victim" so people would absolve us of guilt and responsibility.  Sometimes we cried victim not to go to jail.  Sometimes we cried victim so we'd get a free handout from the government - a free place to live, a free college degree, a check every month.  A free pass handed to us - oh we we will absolve you and give you money if you say you were a victim.  In those cases, recovery means owning up to our responsibilities, our decisions, our part in things.  Maybe we had a choice and maybe we were blaming everyone for everything and not holding ourselves accountable.  For those - standing up and saying "this was my choice and my decision" or "I put myself into that position" is a part of the process to recovery.

Which is why we don't like to attach any of those terms on anything until our members have steps one through three in place, they've been clean from drugs and alcohol a while, they have a sponsor, they have a home group, and they're surrounded by recovering people who are supportive and honest with them that can help our members face the truth, whatever that is, together.

No one "rescued" us in the 1980's and 1990's generally because no one believed sex trafficking was real.  What this meant was our early members had the same story over and over again - that once they were rescued, or once they did break free - then what?  They were so young, or so damaged, that they were not able to just go out and get a job.  Almost universally, these victims, once set free found themselves voluntarily returning to sex work in order to support themselves UNTIL they could then find other options.

I'm going to point you to an interview with Jacqueline Homan -  She talks about breaking free with what?  All she had was a bag of drugs she stole when she ran. No money.  No job.  No apartment.  So what did she do?  Could she go to the police and say "hey I need help?" and get any?  Not back then.  Maybe not even today considering her pimp doubled as a professor by day.  So she did what she had to do until she could get on her feet.

That has been the experience of every trafficking victim who came into our doors including myself.  I bought my way out of a family system of trafficking.  I then got sucked up into Iran Contra.  I then tried to run - and got myself arrested.  The trial left me with nothing.  I then yes turned to "regulars" to help me get me on my feet.

It's been the same with almost everyone that's come into our doors - they got free and then what?  There was no system there to help them.

Each 12 step program goes through growing pains.  AA had this issue when the day of someone ONLY abusing alcohol disappeared.  NA had this when medications were developed to help deal with depression - of which most addicts were self-medicating with illegal drugs.   Now too we are at a growth stage where we now have juveniles coming into the system who were rescued.  Now we even have adults who are being rescued and are being put into programs that help them get on their feet.  So this whole new level of victims of trafficking did NOT return to sex work to get on their feet after their victimization.

So what do we do?  We are going to address this with a modification to our literature.  Just as Alcoholics Anonymous has an Alanon, an Alateen, an Alatot, etc. and there's even now an Adult Children of Alcoholics - so too are there now a new type of victim who was rescued and was able to turn to the system to get help without having to return to sex work.  They're not identifying with our literature because they never did do one single act of sex work that was voluntary.

They have spoken.  We are going to prepare some literature for these types of victims so they can avail themselves of the 12 step process also.  We are trotting out the potential name of Sexually Exploited Anonymous to see how they respond to this name of their program.

Let me know your thoughts please.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


UPDATE TO BELOW LETTER:  The survivor that Barbara had warned to "stay away from Jody because she'll bully and intimidate you" was not named in the below letter.  However, after I published this letter - she was shunned by Barbara.  So - who is "bullying and intimidating" who?  When other survivors are telling other survivors that they are going to withdraw their friendship, support, guidance, etc., to another survivor based on WHOEVER they hang out with, talk to, 12 step programs they want to explore, etc. THEY ARE THE ONES DAMAGING AND HARMING OTHER SURVIVORS.  

Now, I have had other survivors violate the law, attack other survivors, attack members of SWA, etc.  When I am DEFENDING those people, and myself, I am learning and being a role model for other survivors on how not to be bullied, pushed around, coerced, controlled, etc., now they are in recovery. 

Because guess what?  The alcoholic has what's called a "dry drunk".  We coming out of being trafficked - we (1) don't know how to defend ourselves, (2) know how to defend others we care about or protect them, (3) don't know how to control our own lives, bodies, minds, spirits, etc., because it was controlled for us.  So guess what "recovery" for us is?  It's about (1) learning how to defend yourself, (2) learning how to defend others you care about like your family, children, friends, etc., and (3) learning how to live our own lives free of the control of others, and from being coerced into doing things we don't want to do.  

I have never ever said or written one bad word about Barbara Amaya prior to this letter and blog post.  However, when someone tells me they are new in recovery, and they just got threatened (as I've heard 100 times before now from others) that "if you continue to speak to Jody or join SWA then you're going to be shunned by the survivor community" then MY response is what any parent would say to a group of cigarette smoking girls in the high school bathroom that won't let anyone into their cliche unless they smoke also - would be "if they were really YOUR friends - they wouldn't force you to do anything to have their friendship and support and you're better off without them".  

Because what's the point of getting free of sexual trafficking if you're still surrounding yourself with people who are not loyal to you, trying to control you, and not letting you explore your new life you now have?  What's the point of substituting one drug for another when you're an addict - as well as leaving one pimp for another person who treats you in exactly the same manner?

Now I've heard over and over again "just ignore it".  Okay.  I can.  However, I have and guess what happens?  There are survivors right now who are being victimized by these people continuing to do what Barbara just did to this young survivor who is honestly in a very shaky place right now.  She is new to recovery, working in a fast food joint, bipolar, and still feeling unsafe.  She has a son who is having trouble in school and still is wondering what to do with her newfound life.   She is also in recovery from addiction.  So what she needs right now as a "survivor community" is love and support UNCONDITIONALLY.  Which is what she receives, and has received, through Sex Workers Anonymous.  Now she's being rejected by other survivors for seeking out that help.  That's no different than the abusive male who beats up his wife when she enrolls in school because she wants to better herself.  So what am I going to do about it?  Stand around and let it keep happening?  

No.  The below letter went out to Barbara and if I catch her bullying another survivor by dragging my name into what she's doing - she's going to be sued for fast her head will spin.  She's attacking me, attacking her, and violating the law.  If I saw a rapist raping a child - am I going to "just ignore it"?  Is that going to stop that rapist?  Does ANY abusive predator just stop by being ignored?  Do rapists, child molesters, abusive partners, pimps - do any of them stop by people "just ignoring them"?  I think not.  

The only thing I'm aware of that stops them if first make them aware they're breaking the law.  Then if they don't stop - you throw the book at them.  So Barbara - you're harming survivors and breaking the law.  It's also frankly immature and unprofessional.  This is not some high school school yard where you can just talk trash about the other girls.  This is now a professional field that if not for me running my mouth off on TV for 13 YEARS - you wouldn't even be able to talk about sex trafficking without either being arrested, or locked up in a psychiatric hospital because that's how we were treated back in 1986 before I started this movement.  

As for the rest of your "survivor pack" - as far as I know I've already warned the others in this pack to stop damaging other survivors or they will be sued also.  You want to talk trash about me - fine.  Knock yourself out.  But how DARE you coerce and intimidate and then reject another survivor new in recovery? 

If you go online right now - you will find ONE and only ONE website saying anything bad about me after 29 years in this work.  That site was created by a paid informant working with lobbyists who are connected to Snoop Dogg that appeared after I created  Snoop's concerts this year are being produced by Live Nation Entertainment.  You can verify this online.  Live Nation is paying a lobbyist to promote the Cupcake Girls at the moment who for some reason appeared in Las Vegas shortly after I launched this campaign to protest the premiere of Turbo when I saw no one stepping up to do anything about his confession of pimping from an operation where we rescued women out from under him.  The BEST this fake person could come up with to attack me was another women from 30 years ago who I stopped talking to for fear she was an informant.  Even then, she didn't say one bad word about me online until this person appeared on the scene scouring the internet for dirt - and that's the best they could come up with?  You contrast this with interviews with other real survivors, and members of SWA, that you can find at dating back to 1987 and then try to convince me this isn't a witch hunt being manufactured against us by people connected with sex trafficking.  

Barbara - do you run a hotline for other people who need help to call that you answer 24/7?  Barbara - do you run a 12 step program that is now having meetings all over the USA, in Canada and five other countries right now?  Barbara - have you written a Recovery Guide that I have testimonial after testimonial from people saying the book "saved their lives".  Barbara - have you founded a movement that has truly changed the world?  One where you are not being arrested nor locked up for psychiatric observation as you would have been if you tried to come forward before I started the movement to change the way our country, and the world, responded to us?  Until you do - you are not in any position to judge me.  

Am I a bitch?  If I wasn't - this movement would be here now then would it?  Think about it.   I'm not out here to make friends.  I'm out here to save lives.  Now if you don't mind - I'll get back to that now.  

Jody Williams
Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous
(702) 468-4529 Telephone

September 14, 2015

Barbara Amaya
Via Email

Re: Cease and Desist Notice

Ms. Amaya:

I've been hearing recently that you've been contacting people to inform them something I've been hearing come out of a lot of people's mouths lately – the claim that I “attack other survivors” in this field. A claim that is reaching such a prevalence by people, exactly like you're doing, who are going out of their way to reach out to people in our field to make such statements. You know that famous drawing where if you hold it up one way it appears to be a princess – but if you reverse it then it appears to be an old woman? A drawing that shows the power of perception.

Image result for princess reverse old woman

Since you and I have never spoken on the phone, nor in person, nor met – I have no idea what it is you think you know about me so I can state confidently you've never heard my side of any of the stories you've clearly heard. Since you won't speak to me, as I've tried to in the past unsuccessfully, I'll have to be left with “reversing the drawing” hopefully by sending you this letter.

So let me start at the very beginning. If you read any of the news clips up at the site you'll see news clippings dated back to 1987. Those are just clips I have up online that are available anyway by public record. I have further videotapes of TV appearances I made starting in 1987 when I appeared on shows such as Donahue, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, many news shows, Sally, Geraldo, and a full hour documentary that was made about my life story, as well as “Prostitutes Anonymous” and what our mission was in 1988 which is being digitized as we speak, but have not been placed online yet for very specific reasons.

But the fact remains these tapes, as well as these news articles, exist showing that I was the first person to speak up not just as a survivor, and witness, of many different forms of sex trafficking – but that I was further the first to be standing up demanding our country change it's very structure in order to help end this. Which means in that first article dating back to 1987 – it documents the date of the very founding of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.

I've been working with many people over the last few years from a historical point of view who are working on a book, documentary, film, etc., about the founding of this movement itself and I can assure you we have not found one single person in this country yet other than myself pre-dating 1987 to discount the statement that I am the founder of this movement itself yet. There is a book about to be released soon in fact by a UK writer who further documents that I am the founder of the “modern day sex trafficking movement in the USA”.

I have no idea how old you are – but as of 1986 if anyone said they were a “victim of sex trafficking” in this country the psychiatrists would start proceedings to have you locked up for 72 hour observation. This is the very reactions that real victims got at that time when they tried to seek help from the police, the courts, the churches, the hospitals, doctors, counselors, etc. when they tried to tell the stories of what happened to them for either/or the purpose of trying to get their captors arrested, or simply to try and heal was the way they were received back in the 70's and 80's. It was the same then as if someone were to stand up today saying that not only had they been abducted by aliens, but further that they wanted our government to “do something to arrest those aliens”.

I know because I was one of those first victims. You'll note the article about my arrest in 1984 speaks about a warehouse “two blocks from the Van Nuys police station”. I was dubbed this nickname because of not only the computer I was using, but also the high tech surveillance and security equipment in the warehouse. What the media didn't report on at the time (because I knew no one would believe me anyway plus I still had a life threatening case hanging over my head at the time to deal with) was that this very warehouse was in this condition and location because it was the first “safe house” for adults to be able to run to for safety. The only other houses in existence in 1984 was the Children of the Night program for minors under the age of 18 years old, and the Mary Magdalene Project created by the Lutheran Church to help street prostitutes go to school and leave the streets.

If you further look at the film that's come out recently about the “Grim Reaper” you would also know that in Los Angeles during the 1980's there was a “record number of serial killers targeting prostitutes at that time”. You'll also see if you watch that film, or read the stories, that the police were doing NOTHING about it. Even when the killers were pimps such as the Hillside Stranger case. In interviews given, Lois Lee from Children of the Night openly states she had to open her program because of LAPD's response to the Hillside Stranger case specifically. The reason was because these cousins used to kidnap young girls right off the streets of Los Angeles. Then after beating, raping, and torturing them for some time – they would put them into a motel room where they'd force them to turn just enough “tricks” to be considered a “prostitute” in the eyes of the law.

Why? I got a call about an escort I knew who had gone missing by her husband. I went looking for this woman and found her chained to a refrigerator in the auto body shop owned by these guys. They had left her to get something to eat. I wasn't going to wait for the police to arrive to call them – I got her out of there. I took her to the ER because she'd been stabbed 51 times. The hospital refused to admit her, but did stitch her up. I then took her from the ER to the Hillside Strangler Task Force offices where we tried to have a warrant issued. We were thrown out. When I demanded to know why – the head said “because we can't get a warrant based on the word of a whore”. If you watch “Frozen Ground” with Nicholas Cage, you'll see this is the routine way we were treated by law enforcement at that time in history. It was open season on prostitutes and these guys knew it.

Meaning if we were under 18 years old we could go to Children of the Night and be safe. Those teens couldn't go to any of the other youth programs or shelters for the obvious reasons – either they'd be returned to a home where they were being sexually abused and/or exploited in the first place, put into a foster or group home where they'd be sexually assaulted by any male whether staff or resident (and whether male or female), or the facility would refuse to accept them entirely because either they were a “prostitute” or because their pimps would come looking for them with guns and the shelter would return the prostitute back to the pimps and/or traffickers.

I make a distinction because one shelter used to have teams of armed pimps show up demanding their “property” back to an unarmed staff who would have no choice but to hand them back over. Since we know often fathers, step-fathers, foster parents, and other persons who are the guardians of teens are often the very person pimping them out – then you know why Lois saw the essential need for setting up a program that would not only protect them from street pimps, but would also be able to protect them from their own parents in some cases who had to be fought for custody in order to stop trafficking.

The Mary Magdalene Project was for adult females who were over 18 years old. They didn't admit men, transgenders, women with children, with drug problems, a history of mental illness, anyone with a felony record, anyone who had been arrested within the last year, anyone on probation, the disabled, etc. So basically this whole house in the whole USA within only 7 beds at the time was very limited in who they accepted. This house had opened in 1980 – so it was only four years old anyway in 1984.

On top of their limitations, they weren't set up any differently than any homeless or domestic violence shelter. Meaning for example that in the case of a woman like Margo Compton the house was useless.  Anyone in law enforcement, social services, etc. knew where the house was. I even brought prostitutes to them for years – so I knew where the house was. So if any man, woman, or transgender adult had a dangerous pimp and/or traffickers looking for them – then MMP wasn't safe. Now you know why I had a warehouse two blocks from the police station as a safe house I was operating that the news classified as a “brothel” because they didn't understand the mechanics of my case. Which means I was the first person who had opened what was a “safe house” for adult sex trafficking victims.

Before judging this letter, I invite you to watch the films “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” about Chuck Barris, as well as “Cocaine Cowboys I” if you have not already seen them. I further invite you to read up on Gary Webb and Rick “Freeway” Ross. I also would like to point out the dates of each of these events/films as being post-1987. I'm pointing out the dates to you of these movies, events, articles, books, etc., that have now been published or released because I want you to have an idea how absolutely “crazy” I sounded standing up on that first talk show stage in 1987 talking about things like sex trafficking, Iran Contra, how women were being sold to drug dealers and cartels by men within our own government, how traffickers were using our own police force as their enforcers, and why this country had to not only recognize this was happening, but also had to change their whole structure in order to help us and stop them. If not for the things I was talking about – we wouldn't have not only this whole sex trafficking movement itself, federal recognition, and the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000, but the Rampart lawsuit against the LAPD wouldn't have even been considered.

So know I've been called “crazy” since the very first interview that I gave by the press, by society, by law enforcement, etc. I'm fine with that because I know the truth will stand and eventually I'll be vindicated. Including on exposing some of the frauds that I have in this movement. Frauds such as Samoly Mam, Chong Kim, Stella Marr, and Ben Hillier. In case you don't know who they are – I'll recap. When I was asked by the State Dept. and Melissa Farley, to help create the “Trafficking in Nevada – Making the Connections” report in 2007, it was because they needed the public to understand that sex trafficking wasn't about prostitution, nor was it just about illegal street prostitution – but that sex trafficking existed within all levels of the sex industry itself INCLUDING the NV legal brothels.

Brothels which the ONLY program that was doing trafficking rescues out of the legal brothels of Nevada was myself and the program I created. If you don't know who Joe Conforte is – he was the owner of the Mustang Ranch Brothel. A movie with Helen Mirren was made about him showing how he basically had the local police force under his belt – as well how he shot a man in cold blood and never did one day of jail time for it. Never was arrested even – that's how much power this man had.

Since again I don't know how old you are – I should further explain why I was the only program to do trafficking rescues out of Nevada in 2006 when she came to me to write the report. In 1987, I founded not just our hotline, not just our program, not just the first safe houses that would not be mistaken for brothels, but also the first alternative sentencing programs, the first diversion programs, etc. This was at a time when the sex industry, and prostitution was being heavily portrayed in the media as a “victimless crime”. I point to simply the book and film franchise of the “Happy Hooker” that was dominant at the time to illustrate how this country was viewing prostitution BEFORE I started these programs in 1987. To do outreach – we were going out to the sex industry itself giving them HIV tests showing that almost 80 percent of sex workers back then were in fact infected with HIV in California.

Joe saw a marketing opportunity with those results. He then went out and “bought” himself a study which was rigged to make it appear that Nevada legal brothel prostitutes had zero HIV infection. In 1988, he then put a $1,000,000 into a PR firm and tried to get a Bill passed to open legal brothels all over California using those test results. He was claiming that “legalized prostitution meant zero HIV infection” with those rigged results and not only promoting his brothel because advertising nationally was illegal at the time, but also he was using this platform to try and expand brothels into California.

Once again, the only person who would stand up to Joe was myself. Meaning that I was going onto talk shows by myself up against Joe sitting there with two to four “happy hookers” talking about how legal brothels were HIV free and “one big party” in their campaign to expand the brothels into CA.

After we got done taping one of those talk shows, a woman from the panel ran up to me begging to get her out of there. She claimed Joe had drugged her, then forced her at gunpoint into a privately chartered plane where she had been told to say everything she just said or “she'd disappear into the desert with the others” who had been made to “disappear”. I got her out of there safely – which meant others seeing this started calling me for help also to get out of there. You may not be aware of this, most people are not, but there are no cabs in the cities where these brothels are. There are no buses or limos either. To make it more difficult to leave – it's legally against the law to even leave the grounds, or walk down the street outside the brothels, or even be out past a certain hour. Meaning you can be arrested for simply leaving and walking away from the brothel by a cop who was on Joe's payroll.

For this reason, I physically had to moved to Nevada in 1996 so I could get an RV and go to pick up these women when they'd call. Meaning again I was the only program that was working with prostitutes out of legal brothels where by the way the legal age of consent in Nevada is 15 years old. Further meaning some of these licensed legal brothel prostitutes were 15 years old – well you can see why when they wanted this report done on the Nevada sex trafficking within the legal sex industry they came to me in 2006 to help it be written with the results being published in 2007. They wanted the results to coincide with the money that had been given to the ATLAS program – which was the first program opened in Nevada funded by the Salvation Army, the federal government and Metro.

In 2007, any survivor running a program in the whole USA was also a member of Prostitutes Anonymous/Sex Workers Anonymous. I say the two names because these survivors came in prior to 1995 when we changed the name of our program. We had to do this for two reasons – one being the fact that computer filters were blocking people from finding us because they were blocking the word “prostitute”. Second, because the internet created webcam studios. Suddenly we had members who were trying to convince us that they had “time” because they weren't having physical sex with their clients because of the camera/phone in the same manner an addict tries to insist that marijuana isn't a “drug”. To drive our point home that our abstinence was defined by any form of commercial sex, nor was it different if the act was legal vs. illegal – we changed our name to “Sex Workers Anonymous.

While the Trafficking Act of 2000 had been passed giving sex trafficking federal recognition – there was a big glitch that developed in 2003 with the passing of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2003. This Act stated that no federal funds could be granted to a program that did “not have a written policy against prostitution itself or that defined prostitution in any way, shape or form as a form of work”. Not only could money not be issued – but further no group receiving money could associate with any group, or person, that defined prostitution as “work”.

Now the intent of this act was to not fund programs that are taking money for HIV/AIDS education, testing and protection, and use that to underwrite brothels or prostitution. The reason for this is because the sex workers rights' groups such as COYOTE, Desiree Alliance, Sex Workers Outreach Project, PEERS, PONY, etc. were taking federal grant money for HIV/AIDS and using it to organize sex workers into groups that were banding together for the purposes of legalizing prostitution. The strippers union was one example of that out of San Francisco. In order to organize the strippers into enough of a collective to form a union with the AFL-CIO – they were using federal grant money under the guise of HIV “outreach” to organize and form a union for strippers.

Now up until 2007, our 12 step program, whether called Prostitutes Anonymous or Sex Workers Anonymous, was being exempted from all of this sort of thing. But this report that I had become now a part of, was being used to put together grants seeking federal funding. There was a “clash” if you will in other words because Sex Workers Anonymous did not have a written policy against prostitution, nor would I make a public statement against the industry either.

As a 12 step group founder – I couldn't. Not anymore than AA can vote to bring back prohibition, nor can NA enter into the medical marijuana debate. I as a 12 step founder can't make any official written policy demanding to stamp out the sex industry itself no matter what my personal beliefs, nor even my own actions with having been blocking Joe from expanding into California, nor blocking Oscar Goodman from opening brothels in Las Vegas – without violating the 12 traditions of our program.

So Melissa Farley had a problem. The report that would not have been written without my direct involvement was supposed to be used as a basis to create federally funded programs all over the United States. Only this other “policy” was stating no federal funds could be used in connection with any program, or person, who was not a staunch “anti-prostitution” proponent. So right as the reporters showed up at the press conference to hear us release the report, as I was being microphone'd up for sound, and the lights were going up – Melissa pulled me over to the side and asked me to make a couple of public statements for the press.

One of those statements being to “outlaw all forms of prostitution”. You can see what I mean by that on those clippings on my clippings page where the 2007 press have Melissa “calling to outlaw the sex industry”. Now I told Melissa “I can't make that statement from the podium” because of my being the director/founder of a 12 step program. She asked me to make a few other statements which I also told her “violated our traditions” and I refused.

What Melissa did to create those articles you see with my name on them, where I'm photographed as there, and where everyone on that panel but one person, Chong Kim, who was a member of the program I founded, which did in fact anyway “call to outlaw prostitution” was she pulled the reporters out into the hallway and told them I'd said these statements “anyway”. Which meant by the time I got home to find my power cut off, my phone, TV, internet and cable lines cut, and my car demolished in the driveway in retaliation for those statements – my phone was ringing off the hook with people ripping my head off and threatening me for making such statements “attacking” the sex industry as I had always taken a “non-position position” about any of these issues from 1987 until now in 2007.

I had no choice but to issue a second statement that I had nothing to do with the statements Melissa had made that day in order to protect the traditions of our 12 step program. Which then created a huge problem for not only Melissa, but everyone who had plans for that report to fund all kinds of federally funded programs all across the USA.

In their fear that my refusal to make a public stance against the industry itself would affect their plans, and funding – the report was rewritten minus my name. It was left word for word mind you – just minus my name, the name of Prostitutes Anonymous, etc. It was like we had nothing at all to do with that report whatsoever. It was handed over to Shared Hope who then claimed ownership of that report. I know it's the same because many interviews in this report were word for word and only given once. I contacted people giving those interviews they gave to me and asked them if they'd given the same interview to Shared Hope for their report – and the answer I received back from them was not only “no” but that they had not even been interviewed by them. So the only explanation was the report had been rewritten minus any reference or connection to my name/program and then re-released two months later by Shared Hope in their press conference.

When I issued my public statement to everyone I knew that I did not make these statements Melissa claimed I made for me at this press conference – everyone who was either in the active sex worker groups such as SWOP, or Desiree Alliance, as well as the members of our program which numbered 20,000 survivors in this country that year – turned on Melissa Farley. They wouldn't talk to her, return her phone calls, be in her reports, etc. This also included by the way many university professors. So suddenly Melissa had a BIG problem.

Here is a woman whose research is primary focused on people within the sex industry itself – only now no one in the industry, or who is now in recovery from the industry because of belonging to our program, will now even speak to her. She has other reports she's working on like the one she was doing on Native Americans on the reservation – so what is she going to do?

I'll tell you what happened. A woman by the name of Stella Marr appeared out of nowhere on Melissa's website. She wrote some articles talking about being a survivor – and then announced she was forming a group of survivors in direct competition to Sex Workers Anonymous called Survivors Connect. Chong Kim then joined Stella Marr in drumming up membership for this group. There were no steps required. There were no requirements like being off drugs or sober. The only thing you had to do in order to join this group was simply ask.

Only two things started happening as Survivors Connect grew. Chong Kim's story started changing for one. The other was people were uncovering the fact that Stella Marr was a “catfish” . It was also more than Chong's story changing that became a problem. Chong had been using my name to fund raise supposedly for me – only I wasn't getting the money. People were calling me asking if I'd received the money and when I had no idea what they were talking about – Chong started spreading the rumors that I was “ripping people off”. I demanded she provide proof she'd given me the money in the first place and of course she then promptly claimed “back surgery” and disappeared for a while.

But when people could see that Chong Kim could not produce receipts of giving me the money, and when more and more people started seeing her story fall apart – that's when people started putting two and two together that her story was “fake”. Especially as she was claiming that she'd been trafficked in Nevada during the years I was the only person doing rescues in Nevada – and I never saw her there. Especially as she started making false claims about herself. Especially when she got arrested in Texas for supposedly conning another woman out of $10,000. So we now have two people that Melissa Farley was using to make her connections within the sex industry to get her research falling apart on their credibility. Stella has been exposed as a completely fake person and Chong's story is falling apart.

What happened to the members of Survivors Connect? Well that's when Melissa Farley played her hand too far. After getting about 40 survivors to join the group – she, as Stella, started spreading the rumor that I was “back madaming again”. Many women in that group knew me, knew it wasn't true – and came to me with screen shots of the accusations.

I then served a notice like I'm serving you to “cease and desist from the defamation” not upon Stella Marr – but upon Melissa Farley. The result was the whole forum for Survivors Connect, their website, their blog, and every single trace of them that was up online that year was completely dismantled and shut down within 30 minutes flat. I've saved a screen shot of everything – but the fact remains that whoever was behind their group was completely dismantled after I served this notice in minutes proving at least a strong connection between Melissa and Stella Marr if not they're one in the same.

So who are these people going to get as their “poster child” of survivors of trafficking to lead their campaigns if Stella and Chong have been discredited and everyone is running back to someone they can trust, me? I'll tell you what happened then in Samoly Mam's own words – she described in interviews how she was approached by certain people. How they told her if she'd say she was a trafficking survivor that she would “raise a lot of money for her home” she was running for young girls then, and they promised her a lot of press. In other words, her being a con artist wasn't her idea.

Why wouldn't they promise a lot of press? Melissa Farley, Gloria Steinhem, Nicholas Kristof, Diane Von Furstenberg, and THORN (founded by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher) are all connected to each other. How can I prove that connection? First of all, check out all the press and awards that Samoly Mam received while she was on her rise to fame. Second, check out the parties of the lawsuit “Agency for Redevelopment vs. Alliance for an Open Society”. If you read the parties of that lawsuit – you'll see a list almost verbatim of each of the people who rose Samoly Mam from obscurity to one of the highest positions of fame, money and power any so called “survivor” could have risen to were also the same parties that brought that lawsuit to the Supreme Court for a decision.

What was the decision about with this lawsuit? Free speech for the most part. The basis of it in non-legalese was that federal grant money should not be tied with strings around it of the people being given the money speaking out with approved scripts and having approved friends. It said that money could be given, and that groups could partner with, other groups that didn't share the same “approved” belief's – something this very country was founded on I'd like to add.

I'd further like to add that these same people who brought the lawsuit are always talking about how this country should adopt the “Norway model” to American prostitution. However, this statement fails to address the very simple fact that Norway is a socialist country while America is a capitalist one. Meaning we have a country full of single mothers with kids to feed who are out of work (especially since 2008), don't have GED's so they can't get welfare, nor who are disabled so they can't get SSI, who the Norwegian, nor American, government is feeding their kids and that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't be subjecting American groups working with American prostitutes with spouting a Socialist policy in order to get government funding to help those mothers feed those kids.

So while Samoly Mam was making this ascent to the top of the very field I FOUNDED, which wouldn't exist if not for me standing up on those stages for years having people throw tomatoes at me, as well as death threats, I, along with every member of our program, was having everyone connected to the government's tit, funding which was created by again my achieving the federal recognition in the first place, turn around and say “we can't talk to you or we lose our funding and our jobs”.

Let me try and explain the problem this presents a little better. From 1987 until 2003 – Prostitutes Anonymous was THE PROGRAM in this country. We were part of every police department that cops used to hand out our business cards to prostitutes on the stroll. We had outreach workers handing out condoms along with copies of our “Recovery Guide” like Dr. Wallace with the FROST RV which for YEARS in NY would go out into the streets handing out condoms, clean needles, AND our Recovery Guides. Every judge hearing prostitution cases would allow a prostitute who was being trafficked to attend our program instead of going off to jail – all without any special “courts” set up. Every Salvation Army and Catholic Charity shelter was holding at least weekly meetings of ours. Every social worker was giving out our phone number, as well everyone at the Mental Health Departments, probation, parole, juvenile services, and HIV testing sites all over this country.

I created the first alternative sentencing program in Los Angeles that was not only allowing prostitutes not to have to serve jail time if trafficked, or if they had kids, or was pregnant, or was HIV positive, that I would like to add here INCLUDED ALSO MALES AND TRANSGENDERS, that worked in connection with the whole legal, social and health departments, as well as the jails, shelters, etc. But we even set up the first ever ground breaking safe house for HIV positive transgender and male trafficking victims in the COUNTRY with the help of ex-mayor Tom Bradley, a true visionary. I have a clipping about that house by the way also up on my site that was so ground breaking, so controversial, so completely history making – that the language being used was deliberately “vague” because the term “trafficking” hadn't even been invented yet. I'm also attaching a copy of a report from the National Dept. of Corrections showing how Prostitutes Anonymous was part of ALL of their programs for prostitutes in the whole country in 1989.

Our program was so SUCCESSFUL, as well as the alternative sentencing programs in Los Angeles, I was asked to go to the east coast to set up the same program in Allentown, Pennsylvania called the “Program for Female Offenders”. We took and cleared out of the jail up there over 1800 prostitutes – meaning they were able to take the million dollars they would have had to spend on a jail big enough to hold all 2000 prostitutes they had in custody at that time, and funnel that money instead into programs for children, families and seniors. Graduates of this program I'd like to add who are now working up in Allentown still in recovery as social workers, counselors, church leaders, authors, etc.

But see there were some people in this country who had a problem with what we were doing. Some of those people were upset that our program was not only extending our help to males, but also specifically including the LGBT community, as well as transgenders. In fact, the transgender programs in the jails that Brenda Myers-Powell created in Chicago, were second only to the first one I created in the Los Angeles jail in the 1980's, along with the meetings we had at the Hollywood LGBT Center and the program we set up in Allentown for the male prostitutes who were cross-dressing as females.

There were also some people who were upset we took our newer members down for HIV testing so we'd know their status, as well as used condoms for outreach to make contact with sex workers who might need our help and to get trafficking tips for rescues. Now who is against condoms in any form?  You got it – the Catholic Church. They were so upset in fact at this practice of us using condoms for outreach they went to every single little program, shelter, house, etc. where we used to have meetings and they offered to pay them for their “case management” also under certain conditions. Meaning that they were cutting off prostitutes from Prostitutes Anonymous – which was about the same as cutting an alcoholic out away from an AA meeting (and just as effective).

Which led by the way to the ACLU vs. USCCB (Catholic Bishops) lawsuit. Which means what in English? It means I couldn't find a private lawyer willing to go up against the Catholic Church for doing everything in their power to cut us off away from prostitutes. So I wrote the ACLU for help is what that means – and we won. They were no longer allowed to block us from helping victims.

How was that a problem really to us? Well because these same programs who also used to do outreach to ALL trafficking victims, including males, transgenders, and the LGBT as well as the straight heterosexual females by having checks dangled under their noses were suddenly ignoring everyone but young, heterosexual females of child bearing age. Every one else could just eat worms and die.

Why? Well they have adoption mills to run silly. Or has it escaped anyone's attention these very same programs who took this money and made these conversions from being called “safe houses for trafficking victims” at one time, were now putting up adoption applications on their websites also?

There are some people who claim the Nuremberg Trials were a show, a smoke screen, for our government's “operation paper clip” where they brought over Nazi scientists and scholars to our country. While one hand was doing the “razzle dazzle” - the other hand was slipping one past us. Which is pretty much what was happening with Samoly Mam and her impersonation of a sex trafficking victim who was being very carefully crafted by the media, and money, to replace me as the leader of this movement. Which honestly if she had been “real” I wouldn't have said a word about it.

While these people with their agendas were using both federal and faith based money to change the very face of sex trafficking rescue in this country from being one for ALL victims of any age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or lack of religion, as is done with a 12 step program to instead be one using Samoly Mam as their poster child slash scape goat to lead everyone into the trail behind her lead, not ours – this country started experiencing a war of transgender, LGBT, as well as minority prostitutes which has been growing bigger and bigger every year. It was fueling racism in their demonization of the minority male as the “demon pimp” in a war where I have openly stated there's just as many “Chris Butler's” or “Kemp Schiffer” or even “Ken Compton's” as traffickers who are white – as there are minority pimps. If I”m wrong – I point to Jada Pinkett-Smith's recent CNN Freedom Project show based out of Atlanta where ALL of the pimps she featured were African American. CNN being another station that was connected to the rise of Samoly Mam in this plot.

If you think what's going on right now in this country isn't a war over control of a woman's body, as well as against the LGBT community – I simply point to the fact the only lawsuits I see coming out attacking any specific websites are against Craigslist and Backpage. Two publications that are published by the Village Voice – a known LGBT publication. Despite the fact anyone who is trafficked by the organized crime rings in this country will assure you that more of them are being trafficked on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Grinder, Sugar Daddy, Ashley Madison and Rubmaps THAN CL or BP who by the way unlike those websites publish the phone number to the National Trafficking Hotline.

Now when I realized what was going on with all of this agenda – what were my options? I tried telling people that I believed Samoly Mam was a fraud. How could I tell? You lead Prostitutes/Sex Workers Anonymous meetings for 29 years and trust me – you get to know what a “real” survivor looks like, sounds like, and acts like just as anyone in AA will tell you how much alcoholics have in common with each other also. I was speaking to another real survivor on the phone yesterday who told me the way she could tell I was a “real survivor” myself was because of my anger. You're damn right I'm angry. It's my anger that sparked this very movement itself being started because it sure wasn't about money.

Real survivors know all about smiling, putting on the “smooze” and talking people out of their money. Frankly, we're just not that functional to keep up the pace that woman kept up. Anyone the kind of press, and public appearances, etc., with the recounting of their story over and over again, with the flashbacks, the nightmares, the PTSD, the brainwashing, and everything else that we've endured by the time we've been brought out of that situation – there's no way we would have been able to keep a smile on our face, kept making those appearances on time, and done that many interviews recounting our stories without completely utterly falling apart. I've personally answered over 500,000 phone calls to our hotline since 1987 – and I don't know how many survivors I've met personally from all over the world – and trust me real survivors know a real one from a fake one. Just as this other survivor today told me that my “anger reminded her of her own anger”.

So did I “attack” Samoly Mam? Yes and no. Yes I did attack her as a fake. However, I was not attacking her personally. I also didn't attack her at first. At first I thought to myself that maybe she was going to this movement something I couldn't. I certainly couldn't handle all of the press and public appearances she was doing. Not without turning into a complete mental wreck or without getting loaded again (I've been clean since 1985). It was not until I saw that she was being a “pied piper” that was siphoning support, money, celebrity, volunteers, etc., away from what WE really needed that I started getting uncomfortable with her.

When I drew the line was when people started comparing my “survivor's anger” that EVERY real survivor of true trafficking has about how their traffickers are literally getting away with murder in this country. It's an anger that our mothers share as well by the way. That I could see when I saw the mothers of the “Grim Reaper” organizing protests about the way LAPD was doing nothing to solve their daughter's case, nor go after their murderer. Once Samoly Mam started becoming an icon of survivors – that's when people started coming back at me saying “why aren't you like Somaly Mam?” that I knew something had to be done to expose her for the fraud she was and retake this movement.

A movement that's been hijacked in not only my own opinion – but even that of Michael Horowitz, the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 just to name one person besides myself who was part of the original movement who feels it's been hijacked. Because once we got the fact it was REAL onto the map of this country – then the issue became WHAT. What is trafficking? What are victims' needs? What do we need our legal system to do in order to help us?

Not just as sex trafficking victims but specifically AMERICAN trafficking victims. In a system that is not built for us anymore than years ago the system was built for victims of rape, domestic violence, child abuse, and racism that cried out for the country to change to help them also. Having Samoly Mam up as our leader, speaking for us, teaching people about us, and telling people what we needed was about as effective as having Donald Trump substituting in for Pancho Villa leading the Mexicans.

So yes when I started my attack upon Samoly Mam – I was first completely discounted. She denied it with all of the power of the whole major media behind her. So what was I to do? What I did. I did the same thing I did when I tried to find lawyers who would sue the Catholic Church over their control of trafficking victims in this country – I went and got “bigger guns” who would build such an air tight documented case against her as a fraud that well – it got published on the cover of Newsweek. Thank you Newsweek for being one of the last few publications not being intimidated into speaking lies like Fox (who won a lawsuit for the right to lie to the public – gee I wonder why).

Which is also why I had to go after Ben Hillier as well. He's the guy who the film “Taken” was supposedly based upon. Why? Because people started comparing what we do in a “rescue” to what he claimed to have done in his “rescue” work at lectures all over this country while talking himself into having the movie made, then appearances to promote the film as well. Also by the way defrauding people out of money, time, support, volunteers, etc. that those of us who are REAL need. Because while I started having people say to me “why can't you be like Samoly Mam?” on one hand – I also started experiencing attacks by people who started thinking that what I do when I use the word “rescue” is the same thing he was doing when he was talking about running all over like 007 or something kicking in doors, shooting people, spying upon people, etc.

So now on top of having to fight the traffickers, the pimps, the drug dealers, the cartel, as well as public ignorance, bigotry, discrimination and downright flat out hostility over the way people hate people who are “junkie prostitutes” like I once was – I'm not getting the support we need being pulled right out from under us AND I'm now having to fight all of these misconceptions about us as well. Again, I'll state that what a Hispanic might say they need in this country might greatly differ with what someone like Donald Trump might say they need in this country.

Because this movement has been hijacked not by Samoly Mam, Ben Hillier, or even the church. This movement has been hijacked by the press. The most powerful force there is – which is why even Hitler almost won the world by using it's power. Each one of these fakes has been put into their seat of power by the press – who not only built them up – but at the same time cut us real survivors right out of the picture. I correct that statement – real survivors who were trying to do something to change this country so that trafficking victims would have a way out and a way to get their traffickers put behind bars.

Even when Samoly Mam was exposed by that cover on Newsweek – expert press went to work defending how her lies “helped” the movement. All the while leaving out the fake that millions of dollars meant for US never reached us. While I realize all of those millions of dollars Samoly Mam raised was something I'm sure those children in her country appreciated – every single dollar was deceived out of the hands of the donors. Which is a crime. Considering the size of the conspiracy – a big crime. Yet I see no criminal charges being drafted against her anymore than I see criminal charges for pandering being drafted against Snoop Dogg for his confessed crime in Rolling Stone.

Because none of this fraud could have been carried out against every single one of the donors who donated their time, money, and support to Samoly if my voice hadn't been cut out of the press at the very same time. The same with Ben Hillier. It's why I've got a list of reporters, press, talk show hosts, producers, etc. who have told me either they'd either been threatened with being fired if they so much as even wrote or spoke my name, or others who actually followed their conscience and were fired in response or certainly had a good career knock for their trouble. Is that legal? Again, the Fox lawsuit where the judge upheld their right to fire a reporter for not airing a known lie proves that yes it's legal.

So Barbara, yes I've “attacked other survivors”. However, I'm going to list those survivors I've attacked and why for a moment because I can remember when Winston Churchill attacked Hitler it wasn't exactly very popular at the time but now that same attack is seen as downright “heroic”.

  1. Samoly Mam – fraud.
  2. Chong Kim – fraud.
  3. Ben Hillier – fraud who was sent to jail for the fraud.
  4. Stella Marr – fake person.
  5. Beth Jacobs – I have multiple screen shots showing that Beth Jacobs was going all over the internet telling other survivors that I was a “pimp” and a “trafficker” currently and I quote.
  6. Shawnee Love – a woman who has been asked to leave two Native American tribes for impersonating an Indian and defrauding people out of money who also falsely claims to be the “founder of the sex trafficking movement” in 2009. The Trafficking Act of 2000 was long before 2009 – so clearly she's also a liar and a fake.
  7. Rachel Moran – Gaye Dalton has affidavits from Irish police, Irish prostitutes, and Irish “johns” verifying not only was she a prostitute in Ireland during a specific time period – but also that none of these people ever saw Rachel Moran prostituting during the same time period as she claims in her “survivor story”. Gaye further states that her story was ripped off word for word by Rachel in her book. I myself have voice recordings, screen shots, cell phone records, IP addresses, etc. all recorded, along with statements from Irish police, Irish utility bills, and other records such as Facebook accounts showing that Rachel Moran was pretending to also be a victim using the name Catalina Lopez during a time when Stop the Red Light, another group connected to the very same people as Samoly Mam, were trying to prove that sex trafficking existed in Ireland (which Gaye claims was also not true). Just coincidentally before substantial grant money was raised to “fight sex trafficking in Ireland”. For which I also have written statements by Ruth Jacobs who validated that Rachel Moran played upon their “friendship” to get her to make the false statement that she'd met Catalina Lopez in person and that she was in fact not Rachel Moran to further the fraud. Since I published this evidence online – there hasn't been one peep out of “Catalina Lopez” by the way. When I sent the Irish police to the address for Catalina Lopez who was claiming to being held captive by her pimp to investigate if she in fact was being held captive – the police reported back to me the woman at the house they questioned was Rachel Moran. I have tape recording of both Rachel Moran and Catalina Lopez that every single person who has listened to them swears they are “identical”.
  8. Brenda Myers-Powell – Despite there being clear evidence from my news clippings, and the copyright of the Recovery Guide for Prostitutes Anonymous that I'm the founder of this group, there are women running around Chicago swearing that “Brenda is the founder”.
    Why? Very carefully constructed documentaries, all produced by companies belonging to Hearst Media, have created an impression that she's the founder without specifically stating so. These have been supported with a substantial number of news articles and appearances where she represents herself to be a part of our program, leading meetings of ours, and making public statements about our policies and viewpoints that are absolutely 100 percent not true or accurate.
    Further, I've served upon Brenda three separate “cease and desist” letters stating she is violating our copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property, as well as seriously “defaming” our reputation (example – not one single article has come out stating our program is “ineffective” until SWOP published one about her “faux” Chicago meeting where people are led to believe what she's doing is a meeting of our program when in fact is not.
    I have had foundations tell me they have written checks to “Prostitutes Anonymous” that Brenda has cashed that I've known nothing about, nor received any portion of this money. I've had people tell me she's tried to charge them for things we do freely by also representing herself to be a part of the administrative offices here which she is not.
    Since 2007, she has ceased to represent us, or be a part of us, or have any rights to the use of our name, in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I'm researching criminal charges against her for this fraud because of the many donations people have told me they've given to her thinking that  money is in fact going to us. She has severely damaged our relationships within the sex industry itself that we relied upon for life saving tips about where trafficking was going on from people who didn't want to make those reports to the police. She has severely damaged our reputation by associating our name with the Chicago police when our official stance is that we “are not connected with law enforcement in any way”. She has deceived grant donors into thinking she's a part of our program and therefore out of their money.
    Therefore, her actions are criminal as well as illegal and yes like any criminal or person who harms this program, other survivors who have been deceived, damaged, and denied access to our “real” program, and downright exploited for financial purposes to their harm (she forced women who were in jail to be photographed full face in a news story we had already served her with a “cease and desist” order prior to stop her from doing, that have been sent from one end of the internet to the other identifying them as a “prostitute” which is blocking them from employment, housing, and further defamed and incriminated them without right of counsel, and let cameras into what she represented as one of our meetings despite the fact our official policy is not only do we have no connection with law enforcement, but further that we NEVER EVER let cameras into our meetings nor outsiders as she did with NBC and other producers.

For which a ground breaking history making lawsuit for “tortious economic interference” is being crafted as we speak against Brenda Myers-Powell, Chong Kim, Rachel Moran, Samoly Mam, and other defendants, as well as charges for conspiracy, conspiracy to commit fraud, defamation, slander, defamacast, as well as piracy are in fact yes being drafted up as we speak against these fakes, frauds, liars, and con artists, only two of which I believe are “true” sex trafficking survivors.

With good cause Barbara – because of not their attacks upon me personally (I could care less) – but because of the way they have damaged this movement, and harmed other survivors' as well, including yes myself.

Because what you fail to understand Barbara Amaya when you call up other survivors, or other people in this field to tell them to “stay away from Jody because she's attacking other survivors” and other such rumors you're spreading is that you're not exercising your free speech, or expressing your opinion even when you do this. If you were saying “hey Jody is a bitch” that's one thing.

However, you Barbara are coming into my field that I created in this country, and you as a “competitor” to me in the fact that you're also selling books, doing public speaking, writing articles, and you stepped into my pond as a competitor to me and you start swaying people away from doing any type of business with me, and damaging my reputation in the manner in which you have – it's illegal. It's above and beyond “defamation” - it's called “tortious economic interference” when you get me dropped from paid public appearances that I would normally be in the running to be considered for, that you're now competing for, which slammed my reputation and achievements into the ground.

I chased a rat who was stealing nuts out of our tree when I went after Samoly Mam and Ben Hilliar. They were criminals who were defrauding people, and they were harming the movement, and other survivors. When you characterize that defense of this field as “attacking other survivors” - I'm sorry Barbara but YOU'RE THE ONE ATTACKING SURVIVORS – ME.

Me and every other member of Sex Workers Anonymous. The REAL Sex Workers Anonymous and not the “faux” meetings created by grant writers to scam the government, or donors, out of money, who think they're supporting a program built on our reputation. One that I can show research after research stating that our program is what is the difference between “effective” and “ineffective” programs throughout the very history of the movement again WE created.

You'd know this if you knew anything about this field by the way. I'm sorry but I consider an “expert” or a “professional” as someone who bothers to know their craft, their field, their founders, their mentors. When I created this 12 step program – I spent years and over $400,000 putting together a mentor board of founders of other 12 step programs, people who ran 12 step programs, people who were sponsored by founders of 12 step programs, buying every book I could get on 12 step programs, attending workshops on 12 step programs, and not even going into the research that I did on what the EXISTING programs were existing in this country for “prostitutes” since we didn't have any “trafficking” programs.

What's the difference? What's the big deal? When a “trafficking victim” is put into a program designed for “prostitutes” they can get murdered that's what's so important about people understanding what this movement is about. Prior to 1987 – we had churches Barbara. We had shelters. We had counselors. We had medications. We had cops. We had judges. We had schools. We had PTSD treatments available. We had domestic violence shelters. If what we had worked for TRAFFICKING victims – then not only would Lois Lee NOT have had to found Children of the Night for teens because of the different needs, but then I wouldn't have had to form our program either.

If the way cops were trained before about domestic violence WORKED – then the Tracey Thurman case wouldn't have revolutionized the way officers were trained, nor the way the laws were written with respect to domestic violence. Her case showed the whole system that it had to change.

I point you not to Samoly Mam, not to Beth Jacobs, not to Rachel Moran or Brenda Myers-Powell – but to Margo Compton about the change we need to see in this country with respect to sex trafficking.  This is a woman who was being trafficked by her own husband for one thing. She couldn't go to the police because the police WERE INVOLVED. So initially she went to another Hell's Angel member who then started trafficking her instead of her husband – while threatening to traffick her twin children if she didn't comply.

When she finally had enough – she went to the police and testified fully against over 81 people in not only the Hell's Angel's, but others, involved in sex trafficking that spans this whole country. Then as an informant against this type of trafficking operation – she was in her OWN HOME when her, and her twins were slaughtered. It was reported the twins were shot in front of their mother watching while they held their teddy bears and were still in their bathing suits.

Do you want to know why she was in her own home Barbara? Because currently there are not any sex trafficking “safe houses” that will take a mother with her children, and that is set up securely enough where anyone connected to law enforcement can't find them and do to them what was done to Margo.

What you think law enforcement isn't involved in modern sex trafficking? Google Chris Butler or Kemp Schiffer to find out the answers to those questions, or Liang Yaohui back in China for that matter who was not only a Chinese law maker and part of their government, but also the owner of the Crowne Prince five star hotel who regularly not only traveled to the USA, but who victims said trafficked them both in the USA and China. Cases which by the way the Samoly Mam's aren't talking about because it doesn't cut checks from donors at $50,000 a plate.

But it is cases which if we're going to do something to protect the victims of people like Chris, Kemp, Snoop, and those who were being trafficked in that DEA owned strip club in NY, as well as those still within the Hell's Angel's trafficking operation (who also owned the Shady Lady legal brothel in Nevada before it got sold last year) – then yes we need to have these cases involved in the discussions about what to do to help US fight this and save others.

Now Barbara – I have never written one word about you anywhere ever. I have never discussed you with anyone prior to yesterday. I have never spoken your name to anyone prior to yesterday. Yesterday is not the first time however I've had someone coming back to me reporting what you've been saying about me. Which means the only person who is “attacking survivors” in my opinion between the two of us frankly is YOU.

So while this letter to you is a personal one hoping that maybe you'll see past the hype that you've been clearly fed about that me that is either untrue or one-sided - it is also a legal letter stating to you that what you're doing towards me isn't just wrong or unethical but it's downright ILLEGAL.

If you don't understand the laws about defamation, slander, and also tortuous economic interference – then I suggest you consult with an attorney about it. Because this letter is my written demand to contact everyone you've slammed me to and rectify that damage, along with the demand you “cease and desist” from such running off of your mouth about something you know nothing about, but for also which you have a clear financial motive OR know I will be naming you in the suit that is being written.

I'll be further filing a complaint with the FCC about your use of the media to unfair influence in your “economic interference” and thus business competition with me as another person who is claiming to be a survivor, sell a book about the subject in the community I created out of NOTHING I'd like to add, and compete with me for speaking engagements, trainings, consultations, and other such related jobs as one has come to them in this field that you have been getting booked at while I have not since you appeared and “unfairly competed” for those jobs and dollars.


Jody Williams