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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sex Workers Anonymous
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August 27, 2015

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Re: Jail Programs and Diversion

Dear Supervisors:

One of the reasons why so many programs developed for the mentally ill, the drug addict, the homeless, and/or the criminals going in and out of jail/prison were not working as effectively as possible back in the 1980's was because they were not addressing specifically the issues of not just the sex trafficking victims – but also those involved in the sex industry itself. Let's face it – when one is mentally ill, drug dependent, and in and out of jail then it's not like these people can usually just go out and find a job easy. This has been especially complicated now with the rise of the internet and pornography. Many of our members since the late 1990's report they're unable to find work because of their past in pornography popping up every time any potential employer does a background check.

When working with ex-mayor Bradley – we were able to put together a program that addressed all of these gaps in service, especially when it came to HIV. Just having a diagnosis for example doesn't just stop one from being a prostitute – especially if being forced to go out on the streets by a pimp who could care less about public safety. Fear of things like the recent subpenas that went out by Michael Weinstein to try and obtain medical records of those in the porn industry has caused a greater number of sex workers to refuse medical testing of any kind for fear of being targeted in this fashion.

Our success rates were so amazing – I was asked to help set up the first program to help with diversion, HIV, and the jails in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This led to the formation of a program that was so successful they were able to scrap plans to build a whole new jail while it was operating. We saved the county over $750,000 – money that went into building better programs for kids and seniors in the area.

I've recently relocated back here because of calls I've been getting from our members. Our program is now on it's “second generation” meaning we're now getting calls from mothers we had helped in the 80's and 90's to now help their sons and daughters today having problems. Our local members are preparing to work on an outreach that will be combined with reality TV and social media designed to raise awareness that not just trafficking victims need help. So too do those who are not trafficked – but would like help to exit the merry-go-round lifestyle of the strip clubs, the street corners, and porn sets.

I'd like to connect our program to this diversion/jail project to help but don't know how to reach the people involved. As a volunteer – I have to rely on sending faxes and emails in my spare time to try and find out this information from your offices and would appreciate any assistance you can give me. Our members are working during the day hours generally (as they should be), so we can't just send someone down to the board meetings. If you could therefore direct me how to reach those working on these projects – I'd be very appreciative. We have a program that's been already developed that's highly effective for those in jail – and I'd like to make them more aware about our resources.

Thank you for your time.

Jody Williams

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Everything is evolving today.  Years ago for example people used to think alcoholism only affected “wino's” on skid row and those with weak moral fiber.  Today we know people from all walks of life can suffer from a genetic, terminal, and chronic disease requiring life long management to be put into remission.

The same for sex.  In the past, people were considered “nyphomaniacs” or even “studs” when in fact they were suffering from sexual addiction.  It wasn't until the late 1980's, and the ground breaking work of Patrick Carnes, that people began to understand that addiction wasn't always related to a narcotic.

So when we started crafting the modern day sex trafficking movement to achieve recognition for the fact this was happening in the sex industry – as well as any industry for that matter – our work was really cut out for us.  Back in 1987 when we opened the first hotline for adults to call for help (preceeded only by the Children of the Night hotline which was opened in 1979 for teens and children) – we didn't even have federal recognition let alone societal recognition.   Meaning when our survivors stepped up to the first talk show stages and news reporters – we were greeted much the same then as one would today if talking about being abducted by aliens and our government needing to do something to protect them from this.  Prior to the Trafficking Act of 2000 – we were viewed strictly and solely as “prostitutes” by society and “criminals” in the eyes of the law.

Because so few of us were escaping and surviving, and even fewer of those survivors were willing to come forward in the media to raise awareness with us – this created an open playing field for many of the “fakes” such as Samoly Mam, Chong Kim, and even Ben Hilliar who enjoyed major press exposure because they weren't “real”.    These were not people who had truly experienced what they were saying they had but instead full-time con artists.  The problem with this is they did not “raise awareness” but instead spread “dis-information” as well as unrealistic, and even dangerous, standards for the media which we're writing you about today.  Not just about their experiences as a trafficking victim or a “rescuer” - but also with respect to the after-effects of coming forward in the public eye as well.

Please stop publishing photos of survivors, and those who work in the field of organizing rescues, unless it's absolutely essential to the story.   I for example keep being pressured for a current photo of myself.  However, I'm involved from time to time with having to do “under cover” operations to get victims out of captivity and/or supervision.  Work I can't do if people can recognize me.  Because I am effective at what we do – I have pimps trying to find our rescues through following me also.  My reluctance to have photos of myself online does not therefore mean I'm “hiding” something but in fact quite the reverse.  However, these fakes who were not in reality doing any rescue work have given the public the false idea that one can be publicly recognized – but the reality is the opposite.

There are other reasons why I don't choose to plaster my photo all over the media any longer like I did in the 1980's.  Back then – we were trying to get the public to realize sex trafficking was real.  The only way to do that was to come forward with our stories with our eyes showing so people could see our sincerity and truthfulness.  While we did achieve federal recognition finally with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 – we paid, and are still paying, a price for those public appearances.

Many survivors themselves who haven't done media before aren't aware themselves of the very real fall-out that happens when one's photo is published.  After a photo airs, or is published, survivors have reported to us they've been fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, and some have even been sexually assaulted.  Others report “tricks” coming to harass them thinking it's okay because they are a “prostitute after all” - while still others have reported their old pimps have found them through these photos from years past.  

This fall-out does not go away with time.  We ourselves have members who did talk and news shows with us in the 1980's and 1990's who tell us that these photos, and stories, have come back to haunt them while job and house hunting. Some have said these stories have greatly damaged their dating and social lives.  Not everyone understands that what these people did was in the past.  I myself STILL have people lashing out at me calling me “pimp” for my arrest in 1984 who have no idea that I wasn't even charged nor convicted for such a crime.  Therefore, to post a photo of a survivor, along with their name, and identifying what city they live in, places where they go to school, etc. is truly setting them up for problems.

Not light problems either.  There's even been cases of suicide where college girls have had their past, their name, and their photos, released of them in conjunction with identifying what school they're attending.  The result of this has been other students harassing them, cyber-bullying them, the loss of internships, and attacks upon them that have led to more than one young woman of promise turning to suicide to end the pain and harassment of how some people react today when learning one has been involved in the sex industry in any  way – victim of trafficking or not.

Groups that are new to this work don't realize the long term effects of having sex trafficking survivors they work with to come forward with their photos full-face in the media, along with reporting on specifics of their success stories because they haven't been around long enough to see this fall-out.   Which leads to the next issue I'd like to talk to you about.

Reporting on Specific Locations of Survivors
In the media lately, I've been seeing reporters write things like “this survivor is now going to college at such and such college”, or they are “in counseling at such and such center”, or they “attend such and such church”.  What you don't realize is again the long term effects of such reporting.  We've got stories of survivors who have had these things reported – only to then go to work, school, church or counseling to find one of their old pimps step up out of the parking lot at them having found them again.

This is not an issue to be taken lightly.  When we execute a rescue – we learned the hard way to relocate the survivor into another state after what happened to Denise.  Denise was rescued from a pimp in Hollywood.  A year later, she's walking down the street to attend a movie premiere.  Her ex-pimp driving down the streets sees her – and realizing she's “got away” he then has to “maintain his street respect” for her escape by running her over with his car killing her by crushing her into a wall.

While we take steps now to make sure this doesn't happen again – there are many new groups out there now, as well as reporters new to this subject, who don't realize when you identify where these victims can be found you're painting a target on them.  Many of them will agree to have you take their photos, and identify where they're working, going to school, or attending church because they're in court ordered programs, or programs that are paying their rent.  Therefore, to you they are appearing to be willing and consent to these photos and stories detailing their current lives.  The reality is they're afraid if they don't that they might lose their place to live or even have their probation violated.  So it's up to you as the reporter to make sure that this identifying information is not released to the public.

Differences between “Prostitution” and “Sex Trafficking”
In many of the stories I'm seeing come out of the media today – I can see a lot of confusion.  For example, I read one story about a bunch of “johns” who were rounded up and arrested which was labeled a “trafficking sting”.  I'm also seeing a lot of so called “identifying signs” of “human trafficking” be honestly more about prostitution than it is about sex trafficking.

For example, a woman appearing to be a prostitute walking into a hotel or in an airport is not automatically a “trafficking victim”.  She may be just a prostitute.  The only way to identify if she's in fact being trafficked is to either see if (1) if someone is controlling her ability to leave, or (2) if someone is blackmailing or controlling her through non-visible methods into prostitution.  However, the only way to make that identification is to talk to the woman, learn about her situation, etc.

Not everyone in a relationship, or married to, or who has children by, a prostitute is automatically a pimp and/or trafficker.  There are any people who might even be married to a prostitute who has no idea what's going on – let alone be their pimp and/or trafficker.

Sex trafficking comprises a part of the sex industry – just as human trafficking is a part of the farming industry, mining, hospitality, manufacturing, even household maids in private homes.  Trafficking occurs when the person engaging in the labor is either being forced to do this work through threats, coercion, fear, force, etc. or even if they'd sold like a human slave to perform what's desired of them.
Not all in the sex industry are pimped or “trafficked” any more than every maid you see in hotels and private homes are all trafficking victims.  Therefore, one needs to establish more of the circumstances of this person before stamping them as a “trafficking victim” or even the victim of a “pimp”.  They may in fact just be married, or involved with, an African American male.  To automatically label one's husband, lover, or even the father of their children as a “pimp” or “trafficker” without fully understanding the relationship is a form of racial profiling and even racism.   Especially when the most heinous traffickers we see are not African American.  They can be white, Asian, Hispanic, or even female.  Traffickers can be a social worker, a teacher, a daycare worker, etc.

What We're Calling For
When we started this movement – police existed.  Courts existed.  Social workers existed.  Pimping and pandering was a felony already.  Kidnapping, rape, violence were also already crimes.  Domestic violence and homeless shelters, as well as drug treatment centers existed.  Churches existed.

When Alcoholics Anonymous was formed – churches, hospitals, doctors, etc. all existed already.  However, they were not able to help those suffering from that disease because they didn't understand it – let alone how to treat it to put it into submission.  They were founded because “something different” was needed.

The same applies to sex trafficking.  We had two specific needs that needed to be addressed that was not being addressed under our current legal and social system.  The first is the idea we were all criminals and all doing what we were doing by choice.  Therefore, when we'd try and go to the police for help – we'd be the ones arrested and thrown into jail.  Witnesses couldn't come forward in fear of being arrested as “accomplices”.  So we needed the police, the courts, and the whole legal system to understand that putting the victim into jail was twice violating them and also preventing them from being able to escape their captors in fear of jail.

The second was the recognition that those trafficking us sometimes were people within our legal system.  Everyone knows that the wave of cocaine that hit our country in the 1980's could not have been accomplished without massive corruption.  The same is true of sex trafficking.

Just look at the case of Chris Butler as one example.  I ask you – if you were a victim of that operation where do you run when your pimp has the largest and most well respected private investigative team, and relationships with well-respected cops?  Where do you run for help when you're an illegal alien dancing in a strip club owned by DEA agents who are partying with the Columbian Cartel?  How can you go to the police for help when the trafficker behind your operation was Liang Yaohui who was a member of the Chinese government who could have you executed once deported back to China?

The assumption that victims can find help by calling the police, or a task force run by local cops is absolutely insane.  If we could run to the police – we wouldn't need a task force.  Think about it.

We're hoping to get your help with these issues above because those who are either “frauds” such as the Samoly Mam's, as well as people who are only thinking about fund raising, and not therefore above the safety, well-being, and the long term consequences to the real survivors, have been contributing to stories that not only are harming real survivors, but harming the movement itself in many respects.

If I can be of any help to you on future stories – don't hesitate to contact us.  Sex Workers Anonymous is the world's oldest, and largest, program for those who have left the sex industry, for any reason, in existence today.   Our hotline has been operating since 1987 – and has answered over 500,000 calls to date.  Our Recovery Guide is the only book on the market written for survivors, by survivors, on how to recover from their experiences in the sex industry and/or as trafficking victims.  We have chapters all over the USA, and in five other countries currently.  We also have a sister program, SWAN, for those who love someone in the sex industry and/or a trafficking victim.  Prostitutes Anonymous has branched off to work with those under the age of 18 years of age – and in recognition that anyone under age can't engage in commercial sex of any form because any sex is considered statutory rape.   Current projects include production of a reality show called “Leaving the Life” about the realities of leaving the sex industry, as well as our “Black Book” reports we're researching now in various cities about how they're responding to sex trafficking victims.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Last week, I got a call from a woman who had just run away from her pimp.  Being over 18 years old, there's not a lot of places she can go unless she's willing to testify against her pimp.  Out of the places where one can go and start over - none of them I'm aware of anyway will transport the victim.  They also tend to want an interview first before even accepting a new client.  Meaning you have to take them to an interview, then usually wait at least a day to hear an answer, and then you have to sometimes wait a while if you're waiting for a bed to open.  Which gets even more complicated if this woman has left without any money which is usually the case if they're calling me for help.  If they had money - they generally just leave without calling us for help.

It's getting near the last week of the month for me which means most of my money has been spent already on the bills.  It's not easy to take care of a sick daughter, two dogs, a cat, and to run SWA, when your total monthly income is $1440 a month.  I'm not kidding.  Thankfully, we have a patron who is picking up the RV payment, and making sure our hotline phone line remains paid for and operational or I wouldn't even be able to keep our 800 number or hotline paid for.

So what do I do when I get this call?  I don't know many people with a car.  Out of those who have a car - I don't know many who would go and pick up this woman 100's of miles away from where I'm, or they, are at, then drive her even more 100's of miles to get her where she needs to go.  How else can she get there?  No cab will go that far.  Sure there's the bus - but he's bound to have someone checking on the bus stations so I can't send her there.

But as I'm telling her on one hand "I'm coming to get you"  - I have absolutely no idea where I can get the gas money to do this.  Any money I can raise I know is going to take me at least three to five days.  Even if I borrowed from a payday loan place - it's going to take at least 24 hours.  I have no credit card and I just spent my emergency money buying a second portable air conditioner because of the heat wave.  I had just borrowed another $100 from our patron to buy two new tires and a battery for this poor car that's making at least weekly trips back and forth from California to Nevada.

I've been told however that if God wants something - then the "power to carry it out" will appear.  I'm looking around the house for something to pawn even and  I can't find anything that's worth more than $20 with the pawn shop.  There's things I could sell - but not in time to go get this woman sitting in a coffee shop waiting for me.  I already know that I can call all these "trafficking task forces" and out of all their "volunteers" I don't know one that would go and get this woman, take her to an interview, take care of her until they get a bed, etc.

It's never worked before - but for shits and giggles I call some of the newer members of SWA who have called in recently telling me how "grateful they are that SWA saved their life" in the last few weeks.  One of them had said to me "I spent all day on the phone and you were the only legit program I found - please help me" and another had gone on for 20 minutes about how our Recovery Guide saved her life.  Surely they'd donate $50 so I can go and drive this woman to safety and let her know she's okay and not alone.

Otherwise, what's going to happen?  If I don't come, and I don't find someone to come if I can't - what else is a prostitute with no money and no home who is hungry going to go and do when it gets dark and I say I can't make it?  I know what will happen.  I also know that it would then be a matter of time before her pimp found her again if she goes back and then there's hell to pay.  Considering I've seen some pimps murder these women when they've left and then they find them again in order to maintain their "street cred" it's a serious issue.

Of course everyone blows me off.  These are people who have told me they have jobs - all blowing me off when I ask for some help to go get this woman.  The money can't be paypal'd - because I have to put gas in the tank now to go and get this woman today.  So after spending about four hours calling people begging for donations - I just give up.

I start looking around the house for something maybe I can take back and get a refund on.  I spy this car vaccuum I'd bought that said it was good for dog hair that I had treated myself to on my birthday.  I figure maybe if  I can find the receipt then I can get a refund and I'm in business.  I find the receipt and figure this will just barely get me there, get her to where she has to go, and me home again.

As I go to the Walmart customer service - they insist that it's been longer than 30 days and for that reason they can't give me a cash refund.  They offer a store credit - but that's not going to get me gasoline.  They're not budging - so I remembered in my 12 step training my sponsor used to always tell me "tell the truth and let God work".

So I did.  I told the woman what I needed the money for and begged her to please grant me an exception and give me a cash refund for this stupid vacuum.  She tells me maybe she "can get a manager to give us an approval" which I already know is a nice way of saying she's going to get someone else to tell me no and back her up.

Out of a clear blue sky - the woman in the line behind me comes up to me and hands me a $100 bill.  I blinked twice like am I seeing this properly - and yep - it's a $100 bill.  She told me "God wants you to know He's behind you and what you're doing".  This woman is glowing with a white light also so you can see God moving through her as she's doing this.

I didn't know what to say but just started crying.  This meant more to me than the money in the bank.  How often do total strangers come up to you, hand you $100, and say "God wants you to know He's behind you".


All I could think of to do was tell her that God would bless her back for this act of faith.  My daughter was out in the car.  I showed her the $100 bill and said "mission accomplished" and put the vacuum back in the car.  The woman had even handed me back the vacuum saying "keep it and go and get your young lady".

Which we did.  We reached our destination, got her, and she's doing fine now.  Thanks to the mystery woman at the Walmart in Santa Clarita!  God bless you too!

An even more important lesson to me was what my daughter saw happen.  She saw me act upon faith - and God delivered.  I also got to see how powerful our traditions are.  In reaching out to help this woman - I got a wonderful lesson in how God is behind our work, and my daughter got to see this in action also.  So many people got something out of my being of service - which is a key component of working a 12 step program.  It says very clearly that "common welfare comes first - personal recovery depends upon SWA unity" meaning that by taking care of all of us - I get taken care of also.
Thank you 12 steps once again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529 Telephone

August 19, 2015

Dear Catylst Com Participants:

I'm writing to warn you about both Dee, the organizer of this event, and Domina Elle, a speaker scheduled to appear at this event. My name is Jody Williams. In 1987, I founded the modern day sex trafficking movement. I did this because as I was working in the sex industry – I kept seeing different forms of trafficking. None of which we could go to the police for help for these victims because the law considered us “criminals” and therefore felt we “deserved what we got”. They didn't understand that a sub-segment of us were being forced to be where they were. In an effort to help these victims, I set up a safe house which when I was arrested the media dubbed me the “High Tech Madam” because of all the security we had installed. But I was witnessing trafficking in connection with Iran Contra, in other words, our own government, so we had to find a way to protect ourselves then. When the police put me on probation - I founded the first hotline for adults to call for help, along with the 12 step program which allows judges to sentence prostitutes to meetings instead of jail when there is a mandatory jail term for the so called “crime”. I did this because I knew it would be a long time before we'd see wide spread decriminalization which would allow the true predators to be prosecuted because witnesses would then not be afraid to come forward of being arrested themselves.

In March, a month before the show “8 Minutes” aired, I received a call from Domina Elle wanting to know more about our program. She was scouting us for the premiere of the show “8 Minutes”. The movement got hijacked about 2007 by people who want to convince the public that trafficking is prostitution and that they're one in the same. To accomplish this, they've been creating so called “reality” shows portraying this fact. However, they're all staged and therefore not what's labeled. Because they're each connected with substantial grants and/or fund raising – then it becomes fraud. That's a crime and that's how I've got three series of this nature, including “8 Minutes” taken off air. Within four hours of slapping Relativity Media with a notice I was about to file an injunction and lawsuit – the show, and the website with the videos, were taken down off the internet and air.

This is when another fraudulent campaign started up trying to raise money for a story that's as false as the show “8 Minutes”. One that directly involved Domina Elle, Maxine Doogan, and others. Because I kept warning people of the information I was uncovering that was establishing this fund raiser of their's wasn't based on any truth – they tried to run me, any member of SWA, and any active sex worker who dared to stand up to defend us, right off line. In a desperate attempt to try and smear me, they spent weeks scouring the internet to find someone, anyone, who would say something bad about me. The best they could come up with was a woman who I walked away from 30 years ago because I suspected she was a snitch also. After going to lunch with her where she kept insisting I should continue to prostitute, I was followed home by a cop, and then my phone was tapped. She was awaiting sentencing – so putting two and two together I decided to break off the friendship. She's carried a grudge for that ever since. After making contact with her, they illegally took old emails of mine, chopped them up, and violating my copyrights and privacy, posted them online under the domain of which also violated my common law trademarks. The law also calls it “cybersquatting” because of the threat she sent me stating that the site would stay up as long as our hotline continued to be operational. Her intent clearly was to shut us down.

Why? She paired with the Cupcake Girls in this fund raiser. They have a paid lobbyist who also happens to be the lobbyist for both Live Nation and the Defense Attorney's Association. Live Nation is producing concerts for Snoop Dogg who I launched a campaign against at at the very same month their group incorporated for one. For another, our program allows for a prostitute to ask for an alternative sentence without the expense of a private attorney, plus our program has allowed many to expunge their records without putting up a $5,000 retainer. Therefore, this explains why Domina Elle has been doing everything in her power to make sure that active sex workers, especially SWOP members, are not aware they can get this alternative sentencing, as well as free donated legal assistance, as a direct competition to these attorney's.

However, there's more to what Domina Elle's doing than just trying to run us out of business. This is a situation where she's had severe mental issues before. She was actually kicked out of the Branch Davidians' because of her obsessions and attacks upon people. I have more than one source that has told me this fact that's documented online. She also had started an SWOP chapter in Denver – but SWOP has now removed her from all positions within their group. They said “ban” was a strong word but agreed that this essentially is her status with them when I spoke to the head officers. The reason was for the same reasons – her obsessional and dangerous behavior.

This is not just because I run a group to help people adjust to exiting the sex industry. She's attacked more than one sex worker also. Another mistress, Bardot Smith, had a page online about how she had been stalked, and her copyrights violated for some time until I referenced this page. Then she removed it I suspect because she was threatened to by Domina Elle. Mistress Trinity contacted me telling me horror stories about her stalking and attacks by Domina Elle she claims put her in the hospital and says it's why she's moved to a remote area where she's heavily armed to protect herself from the woman. You can hear this interview on the very site Domina Elle put up against us because she posted this tape without Ms. Trinity's consent or mine illegally also.

The woman is not living under her real name, but that of a woman who passed in 2007. She got a voter 's registration with her birthdate she used to obtain some false ID that she does business under. She even has a travel agency in her name which I suspect is so she can book travel in this 9/11 age with this fraudulent ID because she wouldn't be able to travel otherwise. I learned this when she had been text bombing my house at all hours of the night and day to jam up our hotline – so I ordered a phone report on her to go to court with to prove it was her telephone since she was claiming “it wasn't me”.

Everyone knows that Norma Jean is emotionally unstable and unable to maintain employment. That's public record. Domina Elle found a woman who was unstable, and preyed upon her to get what she wanted to try and harm me. Just as she recently preyed on another mentally ill woman in order to convince her to continue with the attacks after I had a police officer warn her to stop. Which she's been doing every time I serve her with a legal notice to stop – she either continues under another false profile, or she'll find someone unstable enough to break the law for her with the goal being of jamming up our hotline so that victims needing help can't find us.

Every day I have people calling me saying “you're the only group who is actually helping me and not just a complete sham”. Yet Domina Elle convinced a woman in Las Vegas to place ads on Craigslist claiming I was “giving away a free iPhone” which jammed up our hotline phone for over 24 hours straight now. I have real victims trying to get through who can't because of what she's doing.

This shows a complete history and pattern of sociopathic destructive obsessional and dangerous behavior that could cost someone a life. Our hotline has received more than one suicide and murder threat over the years we've been able to intervene on successfully – but not if we can't answer the phone. We are the ONLY hotline where anyone, not just trafficking victims, but anyone who wants help to leave any part of the sex industry, or who wants help to organize a rescue of a victim, can call for help currently in this country.

So whatever you do – be careful about crossing this woman's path. If she's attacking BOTH active sex workers, preying upon emotionally unstable people to achieve her ends, and also a group that helps people to exit the sex industry, as well as people who were in her spiritual support group at one time – there is truly no pattern to this woman's destructive, and illegal, behavior. I'm therefore warning you to please please steer clear of this woman for your own safety. If she'll tie up my hotline, put other sex workers at risk of arrest and shut down their ability to work, then who knows what she's capable of.

When I first went to Dee, the organizer of this event, about my concerns, her IMMEDIATE response was to have an attorney falsely try to threaten me into silence about these issues when I told her she should consider not having the woman speak in order to protect the sponsors, the speakers, and her attendees from this woman. Without investigating any of what I was saying – she just launched her attack upon me by an attorney who falsely told me that I don't have the right to inform you of my experiences with this woman in the interest of your right to know in order to protect yourself. I'm not a “competitor” to this woman in any way certainly to have this considered “economic interference”. Although she herself is guilty of conspiracy to defraud in my opinion which is why I have people currently reviewing criminal charges against this woman.

So it doesn't seem the organizer is very concerned about doing any “due diligence” to ensure the safety of her sponsors, her speakers, or her attendees, very responsibly. For that reason, I'm putting out this warning to anyone who might think about attending this event also to please be careful. If the organizer is not doing any research to ensure your safety at this event – who knows what else might lie in the background of the other speakers. She certainly doesn't seem interested in looking into the matter either.

Maybe because she's guilty of some crime. Under the law, if you accept any money from a “known” sex worker, then you're guilty of felony pimping. If the speakers at this event paid her for anything, to speak, for advertising, etc., then she's guilty of this felony. I also have the authorities researching this issue as well since she seems to think she can so easily threaten people like myself.

Just be careful please.


Jody Williams

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I got a call from a woman I'll call "Lady J".  Yes I have her real legal name but there's no point in using it.  But to verify my story I'll be happy to give that name to you in order to verify her case for your records.  She called me up about November of 2013.  I remember because I spend every Thanksgiving with local Sex Workers Anonymous members.

Now to refresh the memory of our readers who may be new here - back in 1984 I was dubbed "The High Tech Madam" by the media during a high profile arrest.  The District Attorney called me a "career criminal" to the judge as well a "menace to society".  Meaning every other person I've seen in my shoes but me has not only wound up serving at least three years in prison - but also they "re-offend".  They don't really go straight in 99.999 percent of the time in other words.  Those are the odds against me.   However, through the program I was given back then through the way Narcotics Anonymous used to be before the "Traditions Wars" and the office take over of the fellowship - I was able to leave behind a life of all crime, sex work and drugs.  Contrary to what a lot of people assume also I'm actually much happier now also than I was back then.  So in other words, me just being off drugs and living off a completely legit non-sex related income right now is about as miraculous as a fish learning how to ride a bicycle - especially when you consider my past history of abuse growing up.  Wanting to bring that program to others before their lives blew up like mine did - that's why i founded SWA in 1987.

So when I got a call from this woman it was because she had just tried to commit suicide supposedly was her story at first anyway.  The paramedics came and took her to the hospital for three days.  Then she was released into the care of this Rawson Neals Mental Health Facility for after-care.  The counselor there was a woman from the Philippines.  She barely spoke any English to be honest.   She had found out this woman was a prostitute and had gone online, found our phone number, and gave it to her to call me.  Lady J told me she hadn't heard of me yet which was a "good thing" as she'd "been through every other program in the country" besides mine evidently and "none of them took".    Now they had told her they were going to put her into a residential drug treatment program - but until they could find her a bed they were putting her up in an apartment over behind the MGM for free.  She was given food stamps and medical insurance and in return all she had to do while waiting for a bed was to be at home twice a day for a nurse to come by and give her a dose of medications.

When I asked her "what medications" she didn't know.  The nurse just handed them to her.  This nurse would come by at 9:00 a.m. and again at 6:00 p.m. so she had to be home at those times to get her dose.  They did not allow her to get the pills ahead of time for outings.  This was the condition for her to get this free rent and a bed in treatment to come.  Plus she was to come into the center once a week and talk to her counselor.

I asked her what she wanted of me.  She said she wanted to "get clean and stop hooking".  Okay no problem I told her.  I asked her if she was being completely honest with me (of course knowing she wasn't) and of course she said "yes".

"Fine.  Then hand me your iphone." I told her.


"Well if you're done - then you don't need your iphone.  I'm here and can make any calls you need for anything.  Your phone is for calls to tricks and for drugs.  So give me the phone and I'll give it back to you in 90 days".

Of course she refused.  But now I know what I'm dealing with.

I asked her if she'd been to an NA meeting before.  She said "not on the outside of a program".  I then asked her if she'd ever tried to hold down a non-prostitute job before.  She told me of a program in Las Vegas she'd been in where to stay there they had them going out fund raising.  They had to make a certain quota or they'd be evicted.   She said it made her feel just like she was hooking so she figured "if I'm still hooking why am I here?" and she left.   (I checked and while that home existed at this time it appears to have disbanded since.)

My program was two-fold.  I want to get her looking for work for one.  For another, most NA meetings in Las Vegas are at 8:00 a.m. or even 10:00 a.m. to noon.  The evening meetings start at 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  So the times she's having to be at home for these pills is a barrier for me to help her find work or go to most meetings.  If we go to the 9:00 p.m. meetings then she's not going to feel like getting up in the morning for the morning pills.  Plus I don't even know what she's on.  To be perfectly honest she's not making the most sense either.  I don't know what's the prescription pills vs. what's her trauma or anything.   The only thing I can think of to do is to talk to her counselor.   Maybe they'll tell me what she's on even or why she's being doled out pills like this.  Turns out she has an appointment with her counselor the next morning at 8:00 a.m.  Which also makes no sense to me.  Anyone knows that addicts, especially addicts with depression, and no car so they're on the bus, are not going to have an easy time getting there at 8:00 a.m.  To do so on the bus means leaving the house at 6:00 a.m.  Meaning getting up at 5:00 a.m.  This is just a set-up for failure in my opinion.

She asked me if I would go with her and also drive her to this appointment.  So I do.  This is when I realize her counselor can barely speak English.  Which strikes me as odd because one is supposed to have at least a BA degree to be providing counseling.  Needless to say I'm curious.  I ask this counselor "might I ask your degree?"  She informs me she is a PSR.   This is like what a CNA is to a nurse.  It also means she doesn't even have a BA degree.  I tell her I'm "curious" about how she wound up over here in this job.  She informs me that the head hunting agency was recruiting in the Philippines - which Las Vegas does.  I've had teachers, and dentists, and now it seems counselors tell me that Vegas has been recruiting for people to fill county or state jobs there.

I ask her if I might know what medications Lady J is on.  She shows me the prescription and I take note.  These are not the "typical" anti-depressants given to most "newcomers" I'm hearing about in the NA meetings.  In fact, I've never even heard of them.   I ask her why they are requiring her to take the pills with this nurse.  She tells me "to make sure she's taking them on time".  I explain that I know a nurse is an expense to the budget.  Why are they paying a nurse to dole out medications at an apartment building?  Why not just give her a bottle and let her take them as prescribed?  She repeats that this is also their way of "checking up" on the patient to see what their condition is.  I explain that the hours are giving me a hard time finding her work or attending NA meetings and that's with a car - while the other patients are on a bus.

I ask if her hours can be modified.  She explains that they have "one nurse" and therefore they can't adjust the schedule for just one patient.  Okay - how about adjusting them period?  I explain about how these people need to be in meetings and working jobs and this schedule is essentially tying them to the house.  If they refuse - they're booted out.  I ask if we can change the nurses' schedule for everyone then.   She tells me there is "no budget".   She did however agree to allow her to have a bottle and take them herself if I agreed to monitor them that she takes them on the exact time she's supposed to.  I agreed to take responsibility and they went about giving her a bottle of the pills.

(As a side note - I've seen many a case of psychiatric medication experiments.  They usually like to experiment on inmates because they have the same diet every day as the others and they take their meds at the same time every day.  There was no reason for that nurse to give those medications as a certain time unless this was an experiment.  Why spend the money otherwise?  The medication was not "typical" for someone like her and I'd honestly never heard of the pills she was on.

Do they do that?  Check this out.  I want to point out here proof that the Nevada Division of Child & Family Services is involved with psychiatric research.     I also want to point out that the state can order psychiatric care for a child "in their best interests" for a child in the state's care.  I remember this from my own daughter's situation.  When I insisted on more testing before putting her on dangerous unproven medications when she was 12 years old - the state told me they would take her away from me if i did not and force her to take these medications.   The fact that none of their brochures said they've "been approved for use in children" seemed to not matter to them.  Here is more information on how students and research are paired on Nevada's low income children  By the way, I've asked if they can put someone on experimental medications without telling them it's an experiment.  They inform me back "they have the right to refuse them".  Okay so what they mean is as long as you don't say "no" to them - they will do what they want to you.)

I then asked her "do you have any other prostitutes you're working with here?" and thank her for referring Lady J to me.  She tells me all of her female clients are prostitutes.  I ask if she'd like any help with them - could we refer the rest of them to SWA?  She says she'll "talk to her supervisor and let me know".  I ask if I can place a poster for SWA up in the lobby.  She says that's fine.  So I post a flyer for us in the lobby of the mental health center.

I then set about to get her set-up.  I found a job that didn't even ask for an ID for her selling vitamins over the phone.  Nice office.  Casual environment.  They pay $40 a day cash if you strike out and don't sell a thing.  The average workers are making $300 a day.  I don't ask the manager - I ask the other telemarketers who tell me this.  On a good day she might make $1000.   The office is right off a bus line.  It seems like a nice place.  Her hours at 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.   Her rent is free - but if she goes into a weekly her rent is $160 a week.  So she can live off this job even if she doesn't sell a thing.  It's a start.   I go with her on the interview to show her how to fill out the paperwork and how to interview.  She gets the job and do I.  I like to work the first day with new SWA members so I assure her I'll be there right with her that first day.

She has no clothes.  When the paramedics came to take her out of the motel she was in - they shut up the room because she didn't pay any rent.  Her cat, Sushi, got out and she's worried about her cat.  I ask if she has any photos and she says "no" which I thought was strange.   I get a description of the cat and tell her I'll look online for her.    But I take her to Savers and pick her up a week's worth of clothes suitable for an office job for $20.   Then I hand her a bus pass for the week so she can get to meetings and the job without me, along with a SWA Recovery Guide, and an NA Big Book.  I ask if she has a Christmas tree or wants one.  She does.  So we go out to the dollar store and she picks out a purple tree we take home with her clothes.

There's more to the story - but I'm limiting this to what happened at the center.  We celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together.   I see her take a 60 day chip.   We found her cat.  I paid the $150 redemption fee so she could have her cat back.  Everything was moving forward nicely.

Then suddenly I get a call.  She's being told she's "trespassing" in the apartment because she has no lease and she's being thrown out in the street at 8:00 a.m. the next morning.  I ask if they're giving her any cash, or a housing voucher, or something.  She tells me "nothing" just that she's told she has to leave.  When she asks why - they say the "center has closed".    This was the article I found about it.

I had enough cash to put her up for one week in a weekly next door.  The landlord told me there was a grant she could get for the next month at the Cambridge Community Center.   So I said we'd take her there to apply for that grant until we could get her more stabilized.   I asked what was happening to the other people in the program and she didn't know.  They never let her speak to any of the other clients she told me.

I made some phone calls and was told that this mental health center was submitting bills for treatment and medications that were "not approved" by the state because the medications were "experimental" and were being "prescribed off label" meaning for things other than prescribed for.  As I thought because I didn't recognize the medication names either.   So what happened was they were essentially experimenting on these people - and when Medicaid refused to pay - they just shut down the experiment.

I did some further digging and learned that most of the clients for that mental health center had been coming from the jails and prisons in Nevada.   I invite you to look at some dates.  This clinic was shut down and these patients like Lady J were kicked out into the street without any after-care.  If I had not been there - this woman would have had no choice but to prostitute for a place to sleep that night literally.

Because what I'm reading here was that this center "lost it's licensing" as of an article dated September 2013.  However, this woman came to me in November of 2013.  She was booted out of the program on the streets in January of 2014.    It says she was supposed to get "wraparound" medical care which she did not.

Her medical care was through them.  She hadn't got her Medicaid card in the mail yet.  She couldn't because when they booted her out she couldn't get her mail that had the card in the mail.   They had put her on these medications twice a day that she's now out of.  We have no idea where to get more.  So suddenly this woman is now booted into the street, and thus she's also ripped off these medications without warning.   If I had not been there - no one would have been there.  Now I've done some homework and in every case of some maniac going off shooting people at schools or malls or theaters or McDonald's - I've read that they had been on psychiatric medications that they had "suddenly stopped".  It's dangerous.   Men tend to act "outward" and shoot people whereas women tend to harm themselves by acting "inward".

We've heard about the people being put on a bus with Ensure - and this is the center those people were coming out of.

Now if I'm reading this right - the jails were forcing inmates to stay in jail until they could get treatment or a bed at this same hospital.  in a February 2014 article.   Meaning that once they shut down the center in January - they were then telling the press that inmates were being held in jail illegally because there were no beds because the center had closed.

This article confirms that the jail's mentally ill were being sent to this hospital.  Meaning that this woman who was supposedly "suicidal" in Las Vegas was taken into a mental hospital by the ambulance where inmates who think snakes are living in their stomach are also being treated - a hospital that wasn't licensed if I'm reading this properly.

They had told her they were "waiting on her a bed" yet I went over to the treatment center and asked if there was a bed available for a female.  They said "yes".  So why was she being kept in this apartment - and then just dumped?

Now again, if I had not of been there - what would her options have been being booted out like that with no money, no job - a situation they created?  From the way I see it, and the area they housed her in (crack ville) she would most likely have gone to the nearest corner to sell her wares or called up an old regular to pay for a hotel somewhere or stay with him.   As it was, I was able to get her into another apartment.  However, I had been handed someone who was in early drug recovery who was suddenly yanked off her psychiatric medications and given the sudden jolt of the system abandoning her.  Anyone would have been stressed.

I'm not surprised she disappeared a few days later on a meth run.  Do I blame myself or our program?  No I don't.  This woman had the whole house of cards stacked against her by a system that tells her they want her to be clean from drugs, and to not prostitute, but then does something like that to her.  That's when prostitution becomes a survival tool.  This woman isn't going to want to think she has to depend upon SWA for help - she's going to want to depend upon herself.  She hadn't been given that chance yet to get on her own two feet before they chemically unbalanced her brain so she couldn't think properly.

Who do we sue or hold accountable?  I saw there was a lawsuit filed about the "patient dumping"?  Now has anything changed?  Look - I live a 12 step life.  It takes me I need to look at the good and the bad, take stock, and see things for what they are.  The courage to "change the things I can, and the serenity to accept what I can't".

So okay - you tell me - can we change anything here?  

PS - if anyone wonders why the county mental health people don't like to refer prostitutes to us for help THIS is one of those reasons.    Predators like their victims to just go away in silence.  THIS is where people are going for mental health help?

It appears the facility was re-opened in April.  I see nothing about any changes to the system that created this problem in the the first place.  Yes they gave them more money and licensing - but what about what caused this problem in the first place?)

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From: Jody Williams 
Date: Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 6:12 AM
To: ""

Dear Board of Supervisors:

I'm going to be going out doing our reports anyway.  As I've started doing this - I've seen no one has any signs up as required by law.  So I'm combining the two projects.  I have no income nor way to pay for the gasoline even to do the research or outreach - so the sponsorship will pay our expenses.

These projects all tie together.

As I do research starting in Pasadena first - that's

As I do the research - I'll be giving away free signs, directories and samples.  That will create a mailing list also for the industry - and it will provide photographic proof of who has signs up and who does not.

I've spoken to a major newspaper who has said they will publish our reports when done.  They're going to get back to me about assigning a reporter to do outreach with me as we do this.  

Since I read you're putting together a task force - I thought you might find our projects interesting.  

As we're out there - we'll also going to let them know about  This is to warn them of any dangerous men out there - and also missing kids.  If you have anything for us to post - just let us know.  

Jody Williams
(702) 498-6211 Cell Phone

Dear Board of Supervisors:

I'm a little more than shocked at not being asked to participate in this project in any way despite the fact I've been emailing each of you since I moved back to Los Angeles a year ago to do outreach based on the crisis calls our hotline has been getting from southern California.  

I should add that our hotline was the FIRST ever in history to take calls from any adult wanting help to leave the sex industry in any form, trafficked or not.  I specify "adult" because Children of the Night founded the first hotline specifically for kids and teens in 1979 and she had that covered.  She taught me in fact how to answer our hotline when we started in 1987.

Why would I mention the years?  Because I'm the founder of this very movement you're now getting funding for which was impossible in 1987 as sex trafficking wasn't federally, nor culturally recognized as even being real in 1987.  Here's the history outlined if you ever get curious about where it came from and how it started.

Because our current systems within law enforcement, probation, CPS, domestic violence shelters, the DA;'s office, the health department, and every other office and agency you can think of wasn't set up to serve us because no one believed that sex trafficking was even real back then - let alone had evolved a system to handle our needs - I was the first person to step up on national TV and call out for our culture, and legal system, as well as health and counseling services to change in order to recognize we were in fact "real" and the ways they could address our needs.  

Because up until then - society thought our problems were either drug addiction, mental illness, a lack of job training, sexual addiction, sexual deviation, or a lack of jobs.  Treating us this way was not working.  In fact, the rates of recovery in the drug treatment centers were so horrible - the governor in 1989 told all of the treatment centers if they "didn't get their success rates up - then they would have their funding cut".  

The reason why he did this in 1989 - is because he saw the success rate of our work through then Mayor Tom Bradley.  He set up an informal board in 1987 with a person from each department from police, probation, social services, judges, juvenile services, the sheriff's, etc. to sit down with myself and members of our program (which was then called Prostitutes Anonymous) and help us design the first ever outreach into the sex industry to address the HIV epidemic that was spreading like a pandemic because sex workers were not using, or carrying, condoms for fear of arrest, nor were they coming in for testing either -fearing they'd incriminate themselves.

Through this board - we set up the first alternative sentencing program, the first safe house, the first diversion program, the first residential program for transgender prostitutes, the first site for HIV testing staffed by ex-sex workers and transgenders to address the connection between trafficking and the HIV spread - and other such programs that were so effective (we saw the HIV rate drop from 80 percent to below 6 percent in one year) that he put the treatment centers to task of bringing their numbers up or else.  That's when I went out and personally trained the staff of these centers in our special needs that evolved into the first ever training program at Mission College for Drug & Alcohol counselors in 1991.  

When I told the Ryan White Foundation that the AHF was refusing to speak to me with respect to the HIV epidemic and dangers I'm seeing in Los Angeles now not because of the porn industry - but because of the trafficking in massage parlors and his refusal to even meet with me to talk about this issue - they denied him a $4.8 million dollar grant this cycle.  So people remember the work I've done over three decades.

They also remember I'm the founder of the movement itself. If you're so interested in sex trafficking and it's victims - I'd like to know Mr. Thomas why I was writing you for six months about the outreach campaign at where the signs went to a bus schedule for those six months until finally some kind of site was slapped up that I'm willing to bet hasn't yielded one phone call from one victim.

I say that because the committee I was on in 1987 insisted on spending $30,000 on billboards and bus stop signs over my objection it was a waste of money as victims don't call for help that way.  At the end of the year - not one call had come in so they scrapped the idea.  Of course the fact that the husband of a woman on that board was the company who got the contract for the sign making I'm sure had something to do with it being done.

Then I saw other people copying this bad idea.  I saw a group of nuns in Oakland spend $30,000 to set up bus signs.  At the end of the year - not one call had come in.  

I saw ATLAS in 2007 spend $80,000 to put up a billboard off the I15 in Las Vegas.  At the end of a year - not one single phone call had come in to her while my hotline in Nevada alone processed 311 calls that same year.

In 2013, I saw Polaris spend $40,000 on billboards in Nevada.  At the end of the year - I contacted them to hear that not one sex trafficking victim called for help off those signs.  

In 2013, I saw another group in San Francisco spend $1.2 million dollars to set up billboards.  At the end of the year - not one sex trafficking victim had called her for help.

Contrary to what you might think - Polaris has admitted not one single sex trafficking victim has seen the billboard and then called for help.  That's since 2002.  Yes they've helped human trafficking victims - but sex trafficking victims don't call from billboards.  

After seeing news of your sign outreach projects in Los Angeles - I've gone walking into random strip clubs, adult stores, and massage parlors and not a one of them have I seen the legally required signs up that have the National Trafficking Hotline phone number.  When I've asked to speak to the owner - I have a very irate owner telling he "has no idea what I'm talking about' when I ask about the signs being posed.  

If you care about sex trafficking - then things have to CHANGE.  Throwing more money at it doesn't CHANGE THINGS.    I invite you to remember your meeting on 7/14/15.  i watched as a mother and a man both said they knew of sex trafficking happening within our foster care system.  They both said "no one is following up on our complaints".  

To which I did not see anyone approach them after these statements to ask their name, what are you talking about, etc.  I then emailed your board on July 16th asking who these people were, and what was being done about what they said.  The only supervisor who responded to me was Sheila telling me she'd "look into it".  

On Friday, August 14th, a month later, I get a phone call telling me that this assistant had "no idea" who the man was at the meeting nor about what facility he was complaining about.  Therefore, I think his accusation that "nothing was being done" might be accurate.  The MINUTE that man said he knew of a  child being trafficked SOMEONE should have gone to him, asked him for what he was talking about, and followed up on it.  Why wasn't it done?  Do we need a grant to make this happen?  I think not.  We need to start responding differently.  

When we got sex trafficking federal recognition what we did was about the same as if we got the world to believe that aliens were abducting people and we needed to create a system that would protect these victims, and that would allow them to heal.  Because I assure you when I stepped up in the public eye and spoke about what sex trafficking is - I got the same reaction as if I said people were being abducted by aliens.

Please don't tell me you have "survivor advisors" because I can assure you I know most of them are frauds looking for a buck just as I knew Samoly Mam was a fraud.  Only no one believed me about her despite having spoken to over 500,000 victims over 30 years time - so I had to find an investigative team who spent a year building a portfolio to prove she was a fraud.  In that year - a lot of people were defrauded out of millions of dollars, a lot of people were damaged, and a lot of people got very bad information about what a sex trafficking victim within the US legal and juvenile system looks like, needs, and how they need to be helped.  If our current structure was working - then I wouldn't have stepped up saying we needed to "change" in 1987 then would I have?  

We have a serious misunderstanding about what sex trafficking even is, and how it operates, when celebrities like Jada Pinkett-Smith, who is championing this cause to increase her social ranking on the internet, is out filming shows like the CNN Freedom Project in Atlanta one minute - and a blink of an eye later I turn around and see her touring the country with male strippers promoting Magic Mike XXL.  Clearly the woman doesn't seem to know that sex trafficking exists for men within those clubs when women like her aren't around.  

When this county has advisers like D'Lita Miller, who gets involved with completely staged and fake TV shows like "8 Minutes" when she couldn't see through him in five minutes as a fraud, and who tells me that there "are no resources in Los Angeles county" when in fact there plenty of wonderful resources.  Especially when I go onto her website to find phony links ending up at a homeless shelter in San Diego - I'm sorry but we're dealing with a so called "consultant" who didn't even know about Sex Workers Anonymous existing when I've been there here since 1987?  Nor did she know about Covenant House, Children of the Night, the Mary Magdalene Project, Dignity, Emmaus -and this woman calls herself a consultant?  

If you want to spent $1.2 million dollars like ATLAS and wind up not helping one victim after a year - go ahead.  Be my guest.  Do you want to spent another $80,000 five years later like they did in Las Vegas to wind up another year later also not helping one single sex trafficking victim?  Would you like to spend over $5,000,000 that was spent on Project Rose in Arizona only to have the whole program collapse, people being sued, and having not one single success story to show for your work and a documentary made mocking you like Monica Jones did with Project Rose?  Or worse - realize you'd been backing this Kevin Brown and Greg Reese out of Orange County who were also being filmed doing so called "rescue" work that got exposed as a completely staged sham?  I'm still working on complaints against them for all the money they defrauded out of people - as well as the way they misled the public about what exactly a sex trafficking victim even is - let alone how to help them.  

Seven million dollars is a lot of money.  Money that's available because I sacrificed a great deal and suffered even more to put up with people who laughed at us, called us crazy, and of course the traffickers who didn't want us believed - to see that we got federal recognition for this being a fact.  Money that so far I've been seeing people dipping their hands into the money that's been meant to identify us, help us, extract us, and help us recover that frankly I've only been seeing going to beef up cops and homeless shelter budgets when the camera died down.  

You're putting out huge campaigns calling these victims "victims" and they don't even know what you're talking about - so if you can't communicate that to your victims - how on earth do you think you can help them leave and recover and stay out?  

Expert doesn't mean knowledge about this.  I watched every single sex worker on the Dr. Drew show be treated like a drug addict gets treated.  Not only did they not stay clean- they went back to sex work.  So he called it "sex addiction" and filmed "Sexual Rehab".  He again wound up with each one of them using drugs and back in sex work.  

It's up to you of course what you do.  But know this.  I"m working on my reports like I did for Nevada in 2007 and I'm going to be analyzing every city in southern California.  After that, I'm going to be then going out into the sex industry to do outreach to make sure they have the signs up that are required by law.  The very nature of a prostitute is THEY IGNORE THE LAW.  So I don't know why you think passing a law is going to be one she'll comply with.  But I got the porn industry to get tested, and to use condoms in porn in the 1980's and the sex clubs - so this will be a piece of cake.  Then I've spoken to a major newspaper here that's going to publish my report when I'm done.  

So you can go on trying to treat alcoholics while ignoring Bill Wilson if you want.  Just know that I'm not going away.  It's been 29 years now and I'm still here - I"m not going away simply because I'm shunned and ignored. If that had worked - we wouldn't have federal recognition for sex trafficking because it took me 13 YEARS to achieve just that.  Well now the movement's been hijacked by Samoly Mam's, Chong Kim's, Ben Hilliars, and other liars and cons.  Now I aim to bring this back to the reality of the situation and the solution and I'd like to know that you are open to the idea things have to change to work.  

When rape entered into the legal arena - police, doctors, counselors, all had to be retrained.  Special laws had to be made and special workers have to be created to examine victims properly.   The same when people realized that even a wife could be raped.  More changes had to be made as domestic violence became recognized.   As too alcoholism.  

Well now it's time to understand the changes we're going to have to put ourselves through in order to help sex trafficking victims.  For example, I'm constantly dealing with women who are trafficking victims and therefore don't have a job and do have a criminal record.  The pimp, who has a job, and no record, then gets custody of the very kid he's now grooming to replace the mother with.  I'm talking to social workers who tell me they're dealing with three generations of victims - who don't identify as "victims".  If the social worker can't even identify with these kids - how are they going to help them?

We should talk.  But that's up to you.  I've sent you some information on what I'm going to be doing.  Thank you for listening.  

Jody Williams
(702) 498-6211 Cell Phone

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From: Jody Williams 
Date: Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 7:36 AM

PSS - by the way - can I ask how you plan on tackling the issue of sex trafficking in southern California exactly when I've been writing everyone I can think of in the system, including your office, about an issue of sex trafficking where the ring is operating all over the USA, and where the head of this ring resides in Pasadena, California,where three pimps in this ring have been convicted and sentenced in Wichita, where they threatened that judge and arresting officer (as well as myself and one other person), and where when one of the women in that family said she wanted to "retire" because she'd now been working as a prostitute, and also a shill to blackmail customers who work for our own government,  since she was 8 years old and now she was 50 years old - she got drug out of her home in front of her mother and her then teenage son, falsely slapped with two fake prostitution charges, which a Pasadena judge then signed on these charges, and told if she didn't "go back to work" she'd be arrested again and for her third arrest she'd be deported back to China where Liang Yaohui would make sure she'd be executed back home - if not her son for pimping her as he'd taken money from her to attend UCLA.  This was in 2013 before Liang Yaohui was arrested mind you who was part of the Chinese government, and also had 3,000 massage parlors.  

Where when she called me for help - I then was threatened by a man saying he was a Pasadena police officer.  Then when I went to the Chief to find out if this man was a cop - he refused to speak to me for over a year until forced to by an audit and the city supervisor.  Who then wanted me to "come down to the station" without bothering to ask me the name of this threatening officer so he could take steps to ensure my safety when coming in to speak to him where I might be harmed coming or going from said appointment.  Not like Internal Affairs has a lot of control when their files are burned over their objection, the city council and the mayor's objection.  

To which even as of today NO ONE has even called me back to look into not only this trafficking ring but this clear evidence of police misconduct.  Misconduct that was so bad a judge already ordered an audit on the station because an officer also said on an undercover tape that he could "fake a homicide arrest" on anyone.  So faking a prostitution arrest would be a piece of cake don't you think?

Only the plot thickens.  I have people all over California who have told me that when a victim has reached out to them for help - they've also been threatened by not only a police officer, but also that information was leaked out of the police station into private investigators and attorney's who then threatened them also.

And yet I don't get one return phone call about any of this.  Not from your office.  Not from th Attorney General, ICE, Homeland Security, FBI (oh wait - they said if these people were Muslim or ISIS they could do something), the city attorney, the district attorney, nor the US Attorney's office just to name a few.  Because I've also asked for help from Dianne Feinstein, Judy Chu, John Kerry, and countless others - yet not one phone call asking to look at any of this information on this matter. 

But boy you want $7,000,000 to "fight sex trafficking".  How about SOMEONE PICK UP A PHONE AND CALL ME ABOUT THIS RING OPERATING ALL OVER CALIFORNIA FOR A START?

Jody Williams

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Before Google - if you were a wealthy, famous, or powerful man who couldn't risk something like what happened to the Secret Service down in Columbia happens when you pick up a street walker, or what happened to Steve Sassa when an escort's pimp was blackmailing him, or when Donald Banks got blackmailed by Teofil for $500,000 - the sex industry had madams.

Madams allowed students, aspiring lawyers, house wives, writers, and anyone who wanted to work as an escort without fear of records of phone numbers or ads coming back to haunt them years down the road - would work for a madam so they could maintain their confidentiality.  They also worked for madams because the calls were pre-screened and they knew what they were walking into as they walked in to it.  That's what they paid for.  Madams had "black books" of clients they did business with regularly so they knew who they were sending young girls, or boys (think American Gigolo), into seeing.  So there wasn't any real danger - usually.  If a guy was dangerous - the madam knew about it and would "black list" them.  Ethical ones anyway.

The clients paid the money to maintain discretion.  If the prostitute would steal something - I'd take it back to the client because I wanted his repeat business.  If one of the girls got sick - I'd make a discrete phone call to him rather than the health department.  If one of the women started even thinking about blackmail - I'd threaten to blacklist her out of the business.  Because again I had a regular clientele I wanted to keep happy and keep coming back.  These men could come to my house I'd set up so these women, and men, wouldn't know the clients real names, or have anything they could blackmail them with again like we saw with the Donald Banks case.  If he'd paid a madam in the old days - that whole scandal would not have happened.  If it had been attempted - we'd go deal with it, get his money back, and that would have been the end of it.  So if you think about it - confidentiality has always been a big deal to me.  

But again the internet has changed things.  Now one thing also used to happen with madams that I talk about with Iran Contra with me, and other things.  I was approached by men within our own government wanting information on girls who had no family who would question their disappearance.  They wanted white girls, blue eyes preferable, without a drug problem, and who didn't have anyone who would miss them if they were to disappear.

I was offered $25,000 a woman and told all I had to do was send her on an appointment where they'd be waiting with chloraform to knock her out.  Then she'd be loaded onto a diplomat's plane which is not stopped or searched.  Thinking if this was real I needed to stop it - I asked to know more details.  I was then shown everything about the operation - including that the women were being sold or traded for oil deals, government contracts, trade secrets, drug deals, etc.  For all I knew - this was a set-up to see if I'd bite.  Maybe it was just some guy yanking my chain.  So to see if this was for real - I asked to see more of the operation by pretending to entertain their offer.  

Once I saw this was real, and had names, addresses, planes even - I of course then went to law enforcement who didn't believe me.  Remember, we as a world didn't believe sex trafficking existed in the 1970's and 1980's.  So I set up my own security to protect us - hence why I had a warehouse by the police station that was armed with security equipment, cameras, a computer, etc.  ( for clippings).   

Now I refused to make these deals because I'm just not that kind of person.  Because I refused I was told I had better comply or they would "arrest me and take everything I earned and wipe me out" which is exactly what they did.  Then they tried to make a movie glamorizing me as they'd done with Dolly Pardon and the madam down in Texas who ran the "Chicken Ranch".

Only I began to notice a pattern.

I watched that film, and others like the "Happy Hooker", (which in today's world would be Magic Mike XXL), and it enticed me into the business.  I then started seeing the other madams who were arrested having the same type of movie produced.  I then went to each of them from the Beverly Hills Madam, the Hollywood Madam, and the Mayflower Madam to name a few and asked them why they let such an unrealistic movie be made about them.

In each case I heard "who cares about the truth - I got paid".  Okay that's my answer.  I began to see these films as "inphomercials" to entice others to replace us - just as Heidi Fleiss then thought she could rise up and replace Alex and me.  Because of course "she's smarter" than us and "could make it work" as every addict tells themselves.

Even Jeane Palfrey had the same experience.  We heard about this when I knew her and even from Montgomery Sibley in his interview with us.  When she refused to sell women for government deals - they busted her, took everything she owned, and I believe killed her to silence her when she was trying to warn us.  Again, she refused a plea bargain to walk because she wanted to get the proof out there in her phone records of what was happening.

But the internet has pretty much wiped out the madam.  The porn industry has "agents".  Strippers have "managers".  But madams are pretty much extinct.  Prostitutes can use google phones, and hushemails, and run ads where they "anonymize" their email address while TOR can "anonymize" your IP address.  

So what replaces us with respect to who is going to funnel information on men and women in the sex industry to men like I witnessed if the days of the madam are over?

I invite you to read this article very carefully.  This computer system database is not just in Las Vegas either.  When Rick Rizzolo was in custody in California - there was an Orange County Sheriff who was busted,  and his computer privileges revoked because he was supposedly selling information to Rick    on people in the porn and strip industry out of this computer spoken about in this article here -

Now - notice how this computer in Orange County also says it has in it's database a list of "informants".  As I've told you in previous blogs, I was approached by law enforcement years ago and offered a monthly salary in exchange for being an informant because of answering our hotline and running many of our meetings, and talking to our members all over the USA.  I refused.  

Welcome to Abeni, and the Cupcake Girls, as well as groups run by D'Lita Miller, Safe Passage who was working with Kevin Brown, etc.   Here's some links to these types of groups that have popped up since 2013 and and

Please notice what each of these group's has in common - a connection with law enforcement and also with the state legislature.

Cupcake Girls - Nevada legislature.!A-Step-Forward-for-Sex-Trafficking-Survivors/cmbz/556fa0860cf219f177242529  Notice Assemblyman John Hambrick is backing them.  Only John Hambrick also backed Congo Justice who pushed to get AB67 pushed through while ignoring members of Sex Workers Anonymous who were strongly objecting, as well as SWOP members according to Jennifer Reed.  I also have a videotape of an SWA member, Aubrey, who spoke to the Nevada legislature against AB67, and also to stop the brothel expansion into Las Vegas to John Hambrick directly and he is on the videotape speaking to her - that he later than denied any knowledge of that very evening on his Facebook page.  (Aubrey stood up to George alone to defeat this bill that wasn't even listed on the calendar - and we won.  Do you see her or our name here as credited?)  

When I showed him the recording to prove he knew this woman and spoke to her - he blocked me off his Facebook page.  So no - Assemblyman John Hambrick is NOT the sex trafficking victim's friend.  But here he is pushing the Cupcake Girls with this phony claim that "they can't find work because of a trespassing charge".  Every casino in Nevada WILL hire someone with such a charge - and the only thing that is blocked from them in Nevada to my knowledge because of a prostitution arrest is to get a license to work at the legal brothels.

Let's look at Abeni.  They're listed as connected to the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.  Right here on their staff directory -

Safe Passage -  Founded by a retired cop who had partnered with Kevin Brown, another ex-cop.

Seeing a pattern here yet?

Notice something else - what's lacking?

I don't see Sex Workers Anonymous listed on this task force, nor anything to do with these groups.  In fact, each one of these groups has blocked me when I contacted them upon hearing of them to find out what they do for our hotline.  Now if they don't like SWA that's one thing.  But I do answer the only hotline currently for adults who are not just trafficking victims - but want to leave, and recover, from the sex industry in any form.  I can't do everything - so I give out referrals.

I hear about a new group and I reach out to them to find out what they do so I can give out referrals.  Only when I reached out to all three of these groups, Cupcake Girls, Abeni and Safe Passage - I not only got shut down, blocked and blown off but Meg from Abeni even started telling people that I was "stalking her, threatening her, and she was scared to leave her house for fear of me".  Why?  I can show you a transcript of the whole conversation if you'd like and tell me if my asking questions about what Abeni does would inspire you to have so much fear you'd be asking people where I live so you can swear out a warrant on me. You know with this much grant money at stake - people can get really weird let me tell you when it comes to "economic interference" as the law states and for which a lawsuit is being drawn up against these groups by the way as we speak.

Which I won't publish the conversation here because she has photos of her children of her facebook page.  Now if she wants to claim she's helping sex trafficking victims while posting photos of her children and risk their safety like that - that's her decision.  But I'm not going to play into it simply because I think she's a fraud.  If she was helping these victims - trust me someone would be threatening her children and those photos would not be online.  But maybe she's just stupid - so I'm not going to publish them.  You'll notice I don't publish any photos of my daughter anywhere despite how beautiful she is because I care about her safety.  She's not even "friended" on my social media for that reason.

But both Orange County and Las Vegas have computer databases where information on people in the sex industry is listed.  It's not "official" and Slate says it's also a database of informants.  If you saw the series on TV recently about the man who infiltrated the Hell's Angels - then you have an idea how informants work.  They gain your trust, pump you for information, and then as we saw in the Rick "Freeway" Ross case - they also set you up to get arrested and put away for life.

If you read his story - while enticing people into investing in him being an "at risk community rebuilder" he also still spoke to someone who was an informant.  This informant then threatened to kill someone supposedly to get him to agree to return to crime.  However, I know good and well from experience he could have gone to someone and agreed to put a wire on that informant, have him arrested and sent off to jail.  Certainly someone with all his connections could have done that.  But no - he went ahead and got himself arrested again.  There's also allegations that Rick Ross is even a "snitch".

My point about the informant here is this clipping shows proof that some guy was walking around on a $40,000 a year salary to do nothing but go around setting people up.

Our organization goes to great lengths to protect the confidentiality and "anonymity" of our members.  We don't sell our Recovery Guide on Amazon for one reason - Amazon can turn over a list of the buyers to law enforcement if they wanted to.  Now do only members of SWA buy the book?  No.  But some do.  So that I protect those members - I self-publish and sell the book myself.  I then burn the bank information.

It's probably why I'm now on the "second generation" of victims in our work.  What I mean by that is that I'm now getting calls for help from mothers we helped in the 80's and 90's who are now finding their kids being trafficked and want to call someone they trust for help - so they call us.  

There's another group who protects the confidentiality of their clients -  They do NOT take federal grants, nor are they structured in such a way where they can be audited by an outside group that would reveal donor, client, or other information on people who call their hotline, or go into her program.

Notice a pattern?  That the same places that DON'T list us - also aren't listing Children of the Night.  So is this personal against me?  Nope.  We're not affiliated with CON or Lois Lee in any way.  I've never even met the woman in person.  So it's not personal against us nor against them.

What's the common denominator?  Abeni claims to not be faith based - although the other groups are. So it's not that we aren't faith based.

So what's the common denominator?  We protect the anonymity of those we help.  That's one thing.  We also aren't using these people as research data - but actually helping them.  Nor are we pumping them for information and then casting them aside - we're actually helping them.  Hence the common denominator.  

Now here's something interesting.  I got a call from a woman who says she connected to the Cupcake Girls in Vegas when they were in a strip club doing make-overs for the strippers.  She got pretty pissed because she says she can't get a job outside of prostitution because she's from another country and she can't get her birth certificate - so she can't get an ID and thus can't work.  But rather than help her - they're giving make-overs and blew her off when she asked them for help.

Now I'd like to add in strip clubs they have undercover cameras that take your photo.  If she asked for help from the Cupcake Girls inside that club - she gave them contact information.  There's also cameras inside the clubs which can easily go back and take her photo after she'd identified herself to this Cupcake Girl rep.

But here's a little known fact - if someone gets your photo they can put that photo into security cameras that are in casinos like the Cosmopolitan.   That casino takes a photo of your face when you enter the casino.  It's then ran through a database to see if you're a card cheat - or have a warrant out.  Then they alert security  so that you're to be escorted out of the casino.

Now this woman told me she'd been working as a hooker out of the strip casinos for about eight months without one hitch.  Friday night she walks into the Cosmopolitan and security is on her.  She swears she wasn't doing anything but had just walked into the casino.  Then security came up to her and said either she could go with them "willingly or she'd be handcuffed".  I asked her "you do know that's kidnapping right if they try to restrain you or hold you without being arrested?" To which she said "but they were going to hand cuff me".  Well she still complied so technically she gave them consent.

She then told me the same story I've heard 1000 times out of Vegas and other clubs - they were photographed and then told if they "come back again they'll be arrested".  They do this because they don't want accurate records in Nevada for the prostitution activity.  They also don't charge them with prostitution because the law states anyone arrested for prostitution in Nevada has to have an HIV test.
After Nevada prostitutes came back with an 80 percent positive HIV rate  in the 1990's - they stopped arresting most of these women for prostitution.  Instead, they do a 24, 48 or 72 hour hold where they're not even arrested or charged.  They're just held in the jail for that time period - where of course they get paid per day for each day these men and women are in custody.

Now their numbers of HIV positive prostitutes disappears.

What a racket.

If they do charge them with anything - it's trespassing most of the time.  You really got to piss someone off to get arrested for solicitation in Nevada.  I did an informal interview once inside Clark County jail for women and literally half of the women in custody were on a 24, 48 or 72 hour hold where they were told to either accept the hold or have a prostitution arrest on their record.  About 25 percent of the women told me they were not prostituting but they would be so ashamed of a prostitution arrest on their record - they simply took the hold without question rather than risk a record.

What a racket.

But my point being that this is not the first call I've gotten where someone has found themselves magically arrested for something within a very short period of time after talking to the Cupcake Girls.

If you ask me - people have learned a lot from watching me - but they're doing it the wrong way.  In 2012, I spoke to someone who worked at Polaris.  I explained there was a woman who wouldn't leave the pimp's house or watchful eye except when she was on a call.  To extract her from the pimp - we'd set up a fake appointment with a volunteer who pretended to be a customer.  We found a hotel where we could take her out of the window of the room (not easy when most windows nowadays don't open in motels), to get her away from the pimp.  I had explained the "sting" to Polaris - and then interestingly I see the premise of "8 Minutes" pop up with the whole "john sting" idea in a motel setting.

Not unlike how I sent a letter to NBC about how we'd also find out trafficking information by going online and pretending to be a young pretty girl to flush out the pimps.  A year later - we see Chris Hanson with "To Catch a Predator".

These people also know that members talk in our meetings about their lives, and what they've gone through.  They know or they wouldn't have approached me to pay me as an informant.  They came to me in the late 1990's and asked me for "research data".  When I refused - well we have Polaris now don't we?  Who doesn't do anything that 911 doesn't do.

Let me explain.  When we started this work in 1987 - we went to the police and we asked them how many murder victims were prostitutes.   They told us "we don't keep records like that".  Okay.  I then went to the ER and asked them how many of the violent attacks they treated were victims of pimps vs. a husband or boyfriend.  They said "we don't keep records like that".  I contacted the Rape Hotline and asked them "how any of your rapes are prostitutes being raped on the job?"  To which I heard "we don't keep records like that".   I then went to the jail and asked them how many of their inmates were prostitutes.  We were told "we don't keep records like that".    I went to the drug treatment centers and asked them "how many of your clients are prostitutes?"  To which I heard "we don't keep records like that?"  And so on.

Frustrated, and remember I was 25 years old at this time and very naive about how the system works - I asked "well can we?"  To which I got explained about the 5th amendment right now to "incriminate yourself".   So basically the police, the treatment centers, the hospitals, doctors, counselors all told me "we aren't going to ask if they're prostitutes on our forms because then we're asking them to admit to a crime - which is a violation of their constitutional rights".

I then said "can we ask them anyway and see if they'll tell us voluntarily?"  For which they said "if we ask - then we have to mirandize them under the law because it's incriminating.  Also, if we ask them and they say yes then we're obligated to report this to the police.  We don't want to do that - it's a whole can of worms."  Ok got it.

So now we have this:

They explained that if they started asking and then made the required report to the police about their answer  - that the fear was the prostitute wouldn't seek help for drug abuse, rape, violence, etc.  I then asked "well what's the difference between saying I'm an addict vs. saying I'm a prostitute?"   Isn't it a crime to say you're using illegal drugs?

To which I got informed there are laws in place federally that state once you ask for help for drug treatment, rape or domestic violence - the laws of confidentiality go into place.  Here's information on some of those laws.

But mind you in 1987 - we had no federal recognition that sex trafficking was even real.  We didn't get federal recognition until the year 2000.   Which means we aren't going to get laws passed about the confidentiality of people seeking help until we get it recognized as real - which again didn't happen until the year 2000.  Then magically in 2002 - we get the National Trafficking Hotline.

So for a long time I tried to figure out why is the Polaris Hotline basically taking information but not doing anything for the caller?  Then it clicked - data.  You get raped and call them and identify.  Then they turn you over to law enforcement for help - but Polaris now got the data on a prostitute being raped that the police report doesn't note.

Am I wrong?  They sure get a lot of research grant money.

Polaris has acknowledged problems with the 5th amendment and their hotline.  They said to me that's "why we don't record calls unless asked to" and also said "we don't refer anyone to law enforcement unless they ask".  But this is an acknowledgment they know that what these people are saying to them essentially is a form of incrimination.

Meaning can someone in law enforcement go in and pull their 800 phone number phone logs and identify who called them against their wishes?  Absolutely.  Not something they're going to shout from the roof tops by the way along with those billboards - that yes law enforcement can issue a warrant or subpoena for their phone logs and get data on the phone numbers of people who have called them for help that are not protected under the same laws that addicts and alcoholics have in place when they call for help.

Now you know why I publish my home cell phone number along with our 800 number where someone can call my private home phone number from a blocked number.  By being an ordained minister, by using my private home phone to take calls, and by not using an 800 number that records your incoming phone number automatically on a log when you call us - no one can pull our phone records without obtaining a warrant first.  So if I hear one more person say to me "well you don't have a business line so you must not be legit" I'm going to scream.  I have a residential line so that I can protect the information on the callers to our hotline and therefore I will get calls that the other hotlines who don't - well don't.

Now I ask you - if I take these precautions to protect you so that you can come forward for help without worrying about it coming back to bite you, or to ask people who know about trafficking to call me and tip me off to it without fear of anyone finding out they told us - what about these people who say they want to help you, care about you, but don't take these steps?  Even Polaris is trying to protect you by not recording calls, and not turning over any information to law enforcement unless you ask them to (except of course where required by law such as when a child is in danger, etc.)?

Cupcake Girls?  Abeni?  Safe Passage?

How much is this data worth?  I contacted a group out in Los Angeles when I saw a big press release about them doing an outreach campaign to look for victims.  I assumed if they were doing this - then they had some resources available.  Since I'm preparing to do an outreach in Los Angeles - I wanted to find out what resources they had so if a victim says to me "yeah I want out of here" I know where I can put them.  Because I don't do outreach unless I have somewhere to take them.  Hearing they're doing outreach - I assumed they had somewhere to take them.

So I called them to ask about this.  I'd also read that Orange County had just received $400,000 to provide housing for victims     and Los Angeles had received $1,000,000 for housing for victims -    so I'm assuming they're tapping into this fund.  I can't get any information from anyone on where this housing is - so I'm assuming they'll tell me. and and  and  and  and  and and

Only I was told "oh we have a year waiting list for help".  Now wait a minute - you just announced you're doing outreach.  Why do that if you have a year waiting list?  Oh because we need to build the waiting list.  Why?  Because with a bigger list - we can get more money.  (Looking at all these grants that are offering money to work with trafficking victims - are you beginning to see why they're getting pretty desperate at finding those victims enough to possibly set up "fake support groups" to flush them out?)

This doesn't seem fair to me.  Go in and ask a victim if they want help.  Then when they say "yes" you say "ok here's a waiting list for a year".  Are you kidding me?

So I asked this woman - look I don't have housing and I don't believe in a safe house system anyway because the pimps just locate it and then target it.  So how about I come in and show your volunteers how we get housing immediately and bang names off that waiting list?

To which she said "oh no".  Huh?

"Well we need to build the list bigger so we can raise more money".  To which I then saw them put together a celebrity laden event where a plate was $50,000.  The cheapest plate to attend was $250.  So I asked them if I could get a free pass donated so one of our members could come and see how they put together an event like this - maybe it would help us learn how to fund raise.

We were denied.

So the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous can't even get a free seat at a sex trafficking luncheon.  Wow.  I need to get off the phone talking to real victims of trafficking who need help and I need to learn how to put together a $50,000 a plate luncheon to raise money by telling people I can't help these victims.

Or do I?  What are your thoughts?  Because frankly I'm getting tired of people comparing me to these groups who spend all of their time fund raising about how I don't have bells and whistles that they do because they have money and I don't.  So you tell me - because I can't do both.  I can't smooze and fund raise AND do the work that I do with this hotline and program for our members to be here for that second generation now who is calling me for help.

So you tell me.