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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Sex Workers Anonymous

(formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)

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Dear SWOP Members:

Times change. Things change. Think about facts like this – birth control for women was BANNED until 1938. While the birth control pill was invented in 1960 – only married women could get prescriptions for these pills until 1972. It took that long for all women, regardless of marital status, to be able to get a legal prescription for the pill.

We all know media drives culture or vice versa. Which could be probably why the book “The Happy Hooker” was published in 1971 at about this same time as we gained this new sexual freedom. This book was written by Xaviera Hollender and celebrated a lifestyle where a woman could sell sex, make a lot of money, have sex with someone other than she was going to have children with, and be a very independent woman. She never had a pimp (that anyone was aware of anyway) – and certainly was never ever considered a “victim” of anything – let alone “sex trafficking”. The word, and concept, didn't even exist back then as a matter of fact. After publishing her book, it was made into a movie. Xaviera is still considered an icon today.

In 1972, Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems were in the first XXX adult film that played in a regular “mainstream” theater. To those of you who weren't adults in the 1970's – any film that was XXX was only allowed previously to air in special “adult theaters” which were usually in very dark, seedy, trashy neighborhoods filled with men in trench coats who were given paper towels at the door with their tickets to such films. So for an adult film to actually play in a “regular” theater was truly ground breaking for those who valued freedom of speech as well as artistic freedom. It took sex out of little dark back rooms and made it “mainstream”.

But there are people in this world who find womens' sexual and economic freedom a frightening thing. So it's not surprising that while women were enjoying new freedoms and new heroes – there are also large, powerful, wealthy groups that are going to want to put us right back in the “dark ages” again. As well as these factions existing – we also know there is a very dark force that exists in this world that likes to molest little children, rape women, and also trafficking in human flesh that are also vested in making sure they don't spend one day in jail for their crimes.

So there has to be a “backlash” to all this freedom we'd gained about then. Which is why in 1974 Harry Reems was arrested for being in “Deep Throat” on the charge of “conspiracy to distribute obscenity”. He beat those charges. Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine was arrested in 1977 on charges of obscenity and organized crime ties. He also beat those charges.

Realizing maybe the “religious right” needed a female champion instead of persecuting the men in the sex industry - Linda Lovelace released a book in 1980 called “Ordeal”. In this she spoke about being forced to film “Deep Throat” with a gun pointed at her by her pimp who was off camera. Further, he forced her to act as a prostitute under threats of killing her parents if she didn't comply. These claims were made from podiums where groups raising money to have pornography censored were using her story to convince America why we needed to write laws not just banning pornography – but also limiting our freedom of speech and artistic freedoms. After helping these groups raise millions of dollars – she fell ill. Without medical insurance, and no job – she turned to these groups to help her raise $10,000 to get an organ transplant she so urgently needed to save her life. These same people who had basically been pimping her for their cause then kicked her to the curb like yesterday's news.

I was watching all of this growing up and while I was in the sex industry myself from 1979 to 1984. In 1984, I was arrested. The media dubbed me “The High Tech Madam”. I had a theater license and a warehouse where I converted the offices into bedrooms. I charged customers $250 to watch an adult film in a private room with a nude hostess – and the sex was free.

Because I was not doing anything “technically” illegal – the police arrested my mother. They had a photograph of me handing her a $20 bill in exchange for some chicken she bought me when I was working late. Under the law at that time in California if you “receive earnings from a prostitute” even if that is $1.00, and even if it's for a bucket of chicken, then you're guilty of felony pimping with a mandatory eight years in federal prison.

The District Attorney in this case told me if I didn't “give them the information they wanted” to prosecute other criminals they would “throw the book” at my mother since they had no evidence of any crimes committed by myself. Despite them offering me “witness protection” which they tried to offer me by changing my case name to “Rene Le Blanc” to show me they could hide me successfully from retaliation – I am not a snitch. I also didn't believe I could testify against men within our own government, law enforcement, etc. and live. So I refused.

My mother and I walked into the sentencing hearing with a very good attorney behind us and a lot of cash. With these in hand – we were able to walk away with three years probation with a “suspended” sentence. What that meant is that I had to “stay out of trouble for three years” or I would do eight years in the federal prison along with my mother.

To try and get my probation violated – the LAPD tried everything. They hid drugs in my house and then waited for me to go home where they planned to bust me for possession. Only I went to a motel instead. So they planted drugs in my car thinking they'd pull me over and bust me for possession. Only I called a cab instead. They went to my “regulars” homes to use their phone and tried to entice me to come see them so they could bust me for prostitution. Only I would say “wrong number” and hang up on them when they called. They sent in other prostitutes I knew and asked to buy my “black book” which if I had sold any numbers out of it would also have been a felony. I refused.

They sent in another prostitute to see if they could get me to hook her up with one of my regulars so they could bust me for pimping. Only I told her I was no longer “associating with anyone in the industry any longer”. To see if they could bust me for not meeting the terms of my probation – they would drop in at my new job at a law firm pretending to be a phone repairman to check up on me. They pretended to be another student to check up on my school to make sure I was attending there also as ordered by the court. My phones were tapped and my car was followed and everyone who was a known “john” in Los Angeles had been told if they even spoke to me they'd be arrested.

All because very important people either wanted me dead – or at least silenced. When none of these tactics worked because they couldn't kill me and they couldn't lock me up (not that they didn't try!) – they sent movie producers and book publishers after me. They offered me large sums of money if I agreed to a contract where I would not speak to the media, or anyone, unless it was in a project “they” controlled. I signed the contracts – but then no movie and no book deals appeared.

Which didn't make sense to me. Why pay me to make a movie – and then not have me speak to anyone let alone make the movie? I was working as a paralegal back then and started noticing that the contracts actually prevented me from speaking to “anyone” about what I'd seen and experienced while in the sex industry without “their” consent. However, everyone else was making a movie – the Mayflower Madam, the Beverly Hills Madam – so why pay me and not make my movie?

I went to Sydney and Alex to find out. They each told me that they had agreed to lie about the sex industry in their films. To basically “glamorize” it without showing any of the “down side” to the industry as a whole. However, they knew I was insisting on speaking “the whole truth” about everything in respect to my story and told me that's why they believed my contracts were to silence me in the media unlike their case. I asked them what it was exactly that they were being allowed to say in their media that I was being silenced about – to hear kind of a shocking answer.

Turned out that each madam that had come before me, I call them the “single white female madam” where we weren't street walkers, we were wealthy, independent women, and didn't even do drugs, had also been approached by the same men I had while a madam to “sell white women” to men within our own government.

Iran Contra was going on at this time – and madams were the “google” of the underworld back in these days. We were the ones who knew who the men, women, and yes even children, were where no one would ask a lot of questions if they “disappeared” into the night. Each of us had been offered money for these victims to be fingered and “set up” for dispatch – and when we each refused – that's when we got arrested.

I still wondered why they got to make their movies and books but yet I was being silenced by these “golden handcuffs”. So I watched their movies and read their books carefully. I also thought about how hearing about women like Xaviera Hollender had inspired me to want to enter the sex industry. I took a look at the same story for each of us – wealth, power, fame – and realized that they had been producing a “recruiting” book and film to entice a successor to step up in our place. Much like how Heidi Fleiss stepped up to take our place when Alex and I were both arrested in 1984 because she wanted the big house, the nice car, the fur coats, the celebrity clients, etc. In Heidi's mind – she was going to “succeed where we had failed”. I did then ask a movie friend of mine to check into this for me. He came back confirming that yes – I had been offered these contracts to “silence” me from telling the truth. This meant when they came back to me in 1986 – I refused to renew those options.

I was not having an easy time at all with staying out of the industry while I was on probation. I set out to find other ex-sex workers like myself to see if I could get some tips on how to handle being in the “straight world” now. People told me to check out this church where many ex-sex workers had joined and now were supposedly “out of the life”. That church was the “Family of God” cult.

As I went to interview these men and women – I realized they hadn't left the sex industry at all. Sure they had replaced their pimp with a pastor – but everything else was exactly the same. They were still out picking up strange men, using their sexuality to entice them into the fold, donate money to the cause, and have sex with whoever their leader told them to. What I saw was no different than when an alcoholic picks up a drug pipe in that these people had just substituted one man dominating them for money with another.

They realized it too as we got to talking about it and many said they wanted to leave. Only the head of this church wasn't too happy with that idea. As 10 men and women got up to leave this church – he tried everything in his power to stop them. Even down to filing kidnapping charges against the mothers for “taking his children”. Children they were taking because he was sexually molesting them and exploiting their youth in kiddie porn.

But under the law he was within his rights for threatening these women with “kidnapping” charges for taking his children. To stop those charges – the women would have to show the most disgusting photos of their own children to judges, law enforcement, social workers, etc. to prove their case as to why they were trying to protect these kids by leaving. We didn't know which was worse – so many just asked me to help them “run”. In other words, go “off the grid” where they could escape and protect their children.

Remember, he was a very well known pastor at this time and respected. These women were considered just “junkies” and “prostitutes” because of their past. He was the head of a large church – while they were just unemployed mothers. We needed help for them because none of these women had jobs. They had multiple kids with this man. They couldn't get social services like food stamps or welfare if they were running with the kids and considered “kidnappers” either.

So what was there to do? The only thing I could think of was public pressure to get him to back off. Public appeals for help with things like jobs, money, housing, legal aid, etc. These women however didn't want to go on TV and show their faces and talk about what was going on. They were trying to protect their children also. Going on TV speaking about having been a junkie and a prostitute, even though it was in the past, would do nothing to help their case either.

It didn't help at all the way the public viewed prostitutes by the 1980's. Remember, this was when the HIV epidemic was raging. People didn't even understand how it was transmitted yet, where it came from, or even what it was really back then. Some people said it was a complex hoax, while others said the “aliens gave it to us”, and still others were calling it the “gay plague” that had been “engineered to kill off all gays and lesbians” like our blood knew what our sexuality was.

California Proposition 64 was being considered back in 1986 to actually “quarantine” prostitutes as “carriers” of the virus. Needless to say, this was making sex workers reluctant to get tested for the virus knowing it might wind them up on some island somewhere if found positive. Drug treatment centers were refusing to admit prostitutes, porn performers, and strippers, etc., in fear of the disease. So were homeless and domestic violence shelters. You have no idea what it's like to hear of a woman who has just been beaten half to death by her pimp being refused admittance into a domestic violence shelter because the residents, and staff, were afraid they'd catch HIV simply because she was a sex worker. Not that she was positive – but just because they knew she was a sex worker.

The jails didn't want them either. I was hearing stories being talked about by politicians, and people who worked at the jails and prisons of how many guards were quitting in fear of catching the virus. I was hearing of probation officers who were not making home visits of their clients in fear they'd catch the virus also.

I'd seen the work Children of the Night was doing back then. When all we had was the Runaway Hotline for teens who were also prostitutes – they were revolutionary. Back then if a teen tried to run away from home because daddy was sexually molesting them they'd usually turn to sex work in some fashion to support themselves and be free. But then the police would arrest them and the judges would try to send them back home and call that a “success story”.

That's the way the world viewed us back then so Lois Lee had stepped up to form a specialized hotline where the teen prostitutes could call for help. If they needed a safe place to live but didn't want to go out hooking or stripping – she put together a safe home also where they could stay and finish school. Maybe even get a degree. All without having to go back home to “daddy” where we now know what with the news leaking out recently about Josh Duggar that home isn't always the safest place for us.

This looked like the perfect storm to do something for adults. So in August of 1987 – I went onto that first talk show stage to announce the first hotline for adults to call if they wanted help to leave the sex industry, for whatever reason. I didn't start a residential program that would only have serviced a few women in one city because I knew there were men and women just like in this cult all over the United States, Canada, and even other countries.

I started a 12 step program with the intent that it could be duplicated all over the USA, and even into other countries, where anyone, anywhere, for whatever reason could find the help they wanted to leave any part of the sex industry no matter what their reasons were for being in it in the first place. Another reason I chose a 12 step structure for our program was because in my research I'd had it explained to me that there were laws already on the books, thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, that would allow us to receive “alternatives to sentencing”.

Now I don't mean like what Project Rose did in Phoenix. They were going out and “detaining” anyone they felt to be a prostitute. Then telling them if they didn't attend this “faith based” program that they'd wind up losing everything they owned, their kids being taken from them, and having to go behind bars. Unlike this, our program was such so that if you were arrested, then found guilty – that you could ask the judge to consider an “alternative to sentencing” you, i.e., attending our program/meetings instead of having to be incarcerated.

Further, anyone could do this. Whether they had an attorney or not, public defender or not, anyone could just speak up and ask the judge “your honor – before you sentence me might I ask that you consider me for an “alternative” to sentencing, or even community services hours, by utilizing this 12 step program instead of having to be incarcerated?”

To which the judge could choose to say “yes” without having to have any special laws written, or even a probation officer to make up a report recommending said “alternative” (which costs money to have done), as is the case otherwise. On top of this “alternative to sentencing” the 12 step program offers – we can also be used to shorten our probation and even to expunge our records entirely.

It works like this – if you've been attending our program for a set amount of time that the judge has ordered successfully you can then go and ask the judge to speak to you about shortening your probation. He will then hear about things like whether or not you're working, staying clean, taking good care of your business, going to school, etc., and if the judge agrees that it's no longer necessary for the court to be supervising you – he can shorten your probation term.

The same for expungement of records. Let's say you have gone to law school and you want to be a lawyer. But your arrest record for prostitution is going to pose a barrier to this. With a 12 step format, you are allowed to go in, with or without your sponsor (but it helps to take your sponsor) and explain your situation to the court. The judge can then elect to expunge your records at this time. What's even better than just this is the fact this can be done without having to pay a huge retainer to an attorney to have your records expunged.

You can see why I felt the time was right to not only start this hotline and program – but also the time to go onto that first national TV show. I spoke about my own story in the industry on that first show. But I also spoke about these women I knew that were trying to leave the “Children of God” cult. I was able to speak for them so they could remain “anonymous” back home with the kids – and asked America for help explaining we needed lawyers, money, housing, moving trucks, daycare, and everything else anyone could think of to help these women leave this horrible man and cult while keeping their children safe.

The response we got was fantastic. A man who owned an apartment building donated us all the apartments these women needed. A thrift store owner donated furniture and clothing. Employers came forward with jobs. Attorney's lined up to offer them legal assistance. What was even sweeter was the pastor's response to the media exposure.

The cult changed their name to “The Family” and left the country for a few years. Granted we weren't able to shut them down – but we did provide an escape route out for anyone who wanted to leave. Because of the press and him fleeing the country – the women weren't sued for custody either of the kids. This “pastor”, and I use the term sarcastically, just let go and ran out of the country like his pants were on fire. So in our opinion it was a victory all around.

I belonged also to COYOTE at this time – a sex workers' rights group. Could we have turned to them for help? Not if these women wanted to keep their kids and not be arrested as prostitutes we couldn't. If we had associated them with the currently working prostitutes in COYOTE – the mothers would have been accused of “consorting with criminals” and the situation made even worse.

Even worse – if they had accepted any money from a “currently working prostitute” then it could have been considered “receiving earnings from a prostitute” which could have gotten them arrested on felony charges. If they had gone to live with a currently working sex worker – it could even be said by Child Protective Services the child was being “endangered” and then could be removed from that home.

I know this because I used to belong to COYOTE before they disbanded. I would have lunch with Margo St. James and we would discuss these issues. While of course we both agreed that sex work should be decriminalized so that sex workers were treated like all people, instead of just as criminals, there was just some things under the law she could do that we couldn't do and vice versa.

Like petitioning the court to shorten probation, alternative sentencing, or expunge records. Not going to happen if COYOTE were to ask the judge to grant these things. If anything, they could have their probation suspended for “consorting with known criminals” even depending on how petty of a judge or probation officer one had. We all know that's how some courts view active sex workers – as criminals.

But not us. Our members are housewives, have jobs, are clean from recreational drugs, etc. Many of us have taken our past and turned it into something that helped our careers such as now being social workers, counselors, doctors, attorney's and even ministers. So we can take women leaving abusive situations and put them into our homes without the court accusing them of “endangering them” or of “consorting with criminals” as often men who are going through a divorce or losing grip on their kids would love to accuse these women of.

Could the “church ladies” as well call them do this also? Unlikely in the 1980's because this was long before money came into this field. If anything, the “church ladies” used to hold meetings on how to run us out of their neighborhoods like we were cockroaches. We were the subject of town hall meetings and “neighborhood watch” meetings where they would get together and brainstorm ways to get strippers and prostitutes “out of our backyard”, away from their children, and far away from their husbands.

There was even a law in some small towns in Nevada where we weren't allowed to walk down the streets for fear we'd “pose a risk” to their local children and husbands! I'm aware of this law because it's why when a woman who wanted to leave the brothel grounds would have to call us up for a ride to do so. There are no cabs in these small towns, they'd be dropped off, and the law would literally forbid them from walking down the streets because these “church ladies” were afraid of what we'd do to their husbands and children!

Once we announced we'd started this program – we then were approached by then ex-Mayor Tom Bradley and ex-sheriff, Sherman Block of Los Angeles, California. There was a huge crisis going on as I said before with the HIV epidemic. The county needed money for services and didn't want to keep spending $150 a day just to arrest a prostitute, and then house them in the jail, for simply being a prostitute. You also factor in that many of these women were pregnant, and had multiple kids, that would then have to go into foster care if they were arrested, and that the transgenders had expensive medical needs and couldn't be housed in the regular jail dorms because of security and safety reasons – and basically they were desperately looking for an “alternative to sentencing” with prostitutes also.

The “system” didn't treat us very nicely back then. We were viewed strictly as “criminals” and “deviants” as well as “junkie's” and “mentally ill nut jobs who loved to be abused”. You think being called a “trafficking victim” is bad by today standards – you should have seen the way we were treated back in the 1970's and 1980's.

There's a movie out with Nicholas Cage called “Frozen Ground” that showed how just one man was hunting and killing us for sport while police turned a blind eye up in Alaska. While the reality is that we had a record number of these maniacs running around back then. I mean look at the Green River Killer and how many 100's of prostitutes he murdered before he was finally stopped over a traffic citation!

So the last thing they wanted to hear about was when some pimp was beating us up either. In the systems' minds back then – they felt like we “wanted” this. When I'd ask these cops, guards, judge's, etc. “why” would you think we'd “want” to be abused, raped, and beaten like this – they'd say the same thing to me over and over again. It was “because every time we'd give her a chance to leave – she's stay or go back”. To which I'd respond the same way back which was “did you ever ask her why?” This is when I'd just get the deer in the headlights look.

I say this because there's a reason. I knew a woman who would “go back” because her pimp was the father of her child. Just like in this “Family of God” case. Only this pimp would give her a daily quota of what she had to make cash wise and then return by her curfew. If she didn't return on time with the right amount of money – he was threatening to literally cut off this little girl's arm. So of course she'd go “back” - she was making sure her daughter was okay.

Until the courts of this land change the laws regarding a father's custody and visitation rights in cases like this – what are our options but to figure out a way to deal with them? Because if she runs with that kid and leaves no forwarding address – then he gets to call her a kidnapper and put out an APB on her. Could she get a restraining order against him? For her she can – but not for the kid until he's actually harmed that kid. As John Quionones would say “what would you do?” in such a situation?

You have to realize that our country as a whole didn't even recognize the concept of “sex trafficking” with respect to foreign victims until the year 2000. However, we still in the year 2000 didn't have federal recognition of “domestic” trafficking victims. What exactly does this mean in plain English?

The mini-history goes like this. In 1910 the “Mann Act” was written into law. This law was to criminally prosecute anyone who forced a woman from another country into the USA for the “purposes of prostitution” AND transported her across the state lines. I'm not a lawyer – so that's my overview of the law.

Now what this also meant was that if a woman was kidnapped, beaten, raped, etc. and wanted to receive financial or legal assistance from our government to pay for things like her dental work, counseling, housing, relocation away from the predators, etc. she was not able to receive these things unless she was NOT an American citizen, AND she had been “transported across state lines”. Further, she was an adult – not a minor child under the age of “consent”.

What changed in 2000 was that if she was not an American, and had not been “transported across state lines” then she could access financial and legal assistance through victim services. But basically what this meant in the regular world is that this country would pay for her housing, food, counseling, medical as long as she was staying in this country to testify against her abuser.

Once her testimony was done and the need for her testimony was over – pretty much she'd be deported back to her country unless she applied for “asylum”. This meant she'd have to prove to us that she'd be murdered if she went back to her country in order to get a permanent visa. This is not always easy to do.

What about American men and women? Victims services pays for a lot of things. For example, if a woman is murdered in NY they'll pay for her funeral services. However, if one was a prostitute, thus a “criminal” in the eyes of the law, then the fund would refuse to pay. Which is why a lot of us felt that just wasn't right. Especially when to label someone a “prostitute” to exclude them from this financial assistance was basically as easy as pointing a finger and calling someone that name. No legal conviction for prostitution was required to be excluded for being a prostitute in other words. All was needed as a some man, or news reporter, to say the word “prostitute” and then aid could not be received.

For 20 years all we kept hearing was the government say “you have no black and white proof that Americans are being sex trafficked”. Not easy when to provide such proof means you've had to witness trafficking, which since it's illegal, also means you could be hanging yourself as an “accomplice” to the crime just by stepping up. So to aid our cause, Larry Flynt actually offered a $1,000,000 “prize” or reward for anyone who could produce this “evidence”.

Which is why I believe Jeane Palfrey's “Black Book” was the turning point. When she was arrested, she could have easily taken a plea bargain. However, if she had then attorney's for her clients would have stepped in to seal up the records in her case to “protect their privacy”. In order to make her phone book public record – she had to keep her case “open” which meant going to trial. Refusing the plea bargain, and even after they got her attorney disbarred for trying to help her with this cause – to prove that our government at it's highest levels was involved in the trafficking of women she released her “black book” to ABC initially. The idea of a $1,000,000 reward was motivating also I'm sure.

I watched as Dan Rather however initially denied that there were “any names of significance” in her phone logs. This is one reason why I feel I have “proof” of the major media being very involved in manipulating the truth around this issue.

But the Smoking Gun stepped up and said “not so fast” and after releasing the names they found in the logs such as Randall Tobias, David Vitter, and others – ABC had no choice but to recant and admit those were quite “significant' names. With Randall Tobias being in charge of the Dept. of State's distribution of money in connection with our foreign policies, especially since that involved things such as prostitution, trafficking and even birth control – this was a significant name to be connected to Jeane's claims that men within high levels of our government were involved in not only the patronizing of prostitutes, but the actual “trafficking” of American women.

This is why reports were issued, the laws were changed, and basically American victims of trafficking, which included victims of violence, whether they were prostitutes or not, and regardless of whether they were adults and/or children were changed once this “proof” came out and was given federal “recognition”, i.e., money was now available to provide assistance.

However, when Bush released this money for the first time he had one teeny tiny little “condition”. The money had to be released through “faith based” groups first. Now the two groups responsible for starting this movement to aid people to leave the sex industry were Children of the Night, who was founded to help minors, and Sex Workers Anonymous, founded to help adults. Both non-faith based groups.

Why do this? There are many opinions as to why – so let's take a look at the results. Let's compare first of all with how things were “before” any of this came about. In order to get calls into our hotline – we had many methods. Up until 1995, we used to run free “public service announcements” which were free commercials that TV, cable and radio had to run for us to let people know we were there. So we had Frances Nuyen, the Joy Luck Club actress, on a tape that said “if you want help to leave the sex industry – call this number for help” that would run late at night.

Up until 1992 when my daughter was born – I used to do national talk shows, TV shows like 60 Minutes, 20/20, Good Morning America, etc. I even had a couple of documentaries made about us and of course we appeared on the news in just about every major city. I also get “google alerts” that tell me when someone has been arrested. I then reach out to their attorney and offer to help. I've done public speaking at conventions like the National Council on Sex Addiction or even the Sexaholics Anonymous convention.

But the biggest resource we had was the active sex industry. I'll tell you about one good source we had for years. In 1999, Dave Elms started “The Erotic Review”. Men were being arrested for trying to seek out prostitutes – so he created his site with two things in mind. He was known back then for insisting upon sleeping with anyone who advertised on his site. This would block undercover police – and allow him to give the “first review”. The “hobbiests” as he called his subscribers then knew they could rely upon his “review” as honest and also meaning they wouldn't be arrested.

The other reason was so that he could find out if this woman had a pimp or was being trafficked. (That's what he used to tell me anyway!) He would meet the woman for coffee and talk to her a while. Then he'd insist on going back to her place to see how she lived. A lot of the women complained about this as “sexual harassment” but he insisted to me that this was his way of “screening” to see who had a pimp vs. who did not.

Now what would he do when he came across someone he felt was being pimped and/or trafficked against their will? He'd call me. Together we'd say we needed to speak to her about “her ad” so as not to tip off her pimp or handler something was wrong. Then we'd find out if she wanted any help to leave. If she did, we'd find out what exactly we were dealing with in terms of their reach and also her resources. Did she want to go home to family? Did she have kids? Did she have a car? All of these things would be factored into a “rescue” plan.

Any money I did not have Dave would give us. Sometimes when a woman was in “bad standing” Dave would let her pay a fine to advertise again on the site. A certain portion of this money was set aside for exits and rescues we'd organize. But one of the more valuable resources he had access to was also knowing about the network of people who were in the business whereas I had the network of people who were out of the business. We needed to know how far reaching her pimp's arm could reach. Was he just a local pimp? Or did he have friends across the USA? All of this information was important to know in figuring out the best way to get this woman away from his or their reach – and to ensure they wouldn't be found again to be drug back, or worse if they were afraid this person would testify against them in a criminal prosecution.

Which is why it's interesting that Dave Elms was arrested in 2009 – the same year I witnessed an interesting “wave” across the USA that was so large, so orchestrated, and so well financed that I don't believe any of it was a “coincidence”. I don't know the exact story about Dave's arrest in Phoenix in 2009, but I do know that people connected with Project Rose were down there that year. I also know that the Dave I knew was not the Dave described in the news articles that not only spoke about him being arrested on drug charges – and also slammed him about the way he used to operate his site.

Of course the people denied this – but those who then took over the operation of the site while Dave was in custody were reported to be with the FBI by more than one source that I was speaking to about who the new owners were. I asked because Dave just didn't seem like the type to turn the site over to these people I didn't know, nor had I spoken to them before. Even more suspicious because they took over the site while Dave was still unable to communicate with any of us “civilians” yet because he was incarcerated still.

Is that possible? For the FBI to operating the site? I know it is. When I was working as a madam in Los Angeles in the 1980's there was an escort service called “Talk of the Town” that operated for two years. They had told me they had “police on the payroll” when trying to talk me into partnering with them. However, I smelled something “fishy” and backed away from them. It later came out in the news that they were in fact law enforcement posing as escort service owners for two years before pulling the plug on everyone they knew and doing a mass arrest of the customers, the prostitutes and the pimps all at the same time.

Dave was not unique. Other sex industry site owners like Dave suddenly got arrested out of left field (like the Pretty Maids out of Las Vegas to name another), and then their sites taken over by people I'd never heard of before. But this wave wasn't limited to just sex industry site owners. In 2008, there were a lot of “survivor led grass roots” groups. There was our group certainly, but also there was “A Scarlet Alliance” ran by Sharnel Silvey. I knew Sharnel because she used to work at the Mustang Ranch before going straight and getting clean. Our hotline database had 100's of little groups like this led by someone who had been out of the business for a few years who wanted to go above and beyond what we did with the 12 step group.

Because we don't offer housing for one thing. Nor do we offer things like professional counseling. Technically we offer what any other 12 step group offers. Since AA doesn't own a treatment center, or halfway house, or even outreach team – that's why you have other programs who do. In 2009, almost every one of these tiny “survivor led grass roots” groups that would do various types of more direct services than we offered were pretty much approached in the same manner with the same offer. Someone would come out of nowhere with a large cash donation. It was always $10,000 or even more. In Sharnel's case it was $17,000. Chong Kim with MASIE was offered $10,000 on the dot.

Then after the group would accept the donation – the donor turned around and cried “fraud” filing criminal charges against them. Sharnel wound up with a five year mandatory sentence because the man in her case was a senior so they cried “elder abuse”. Chong Kim got arrested and found an attorney. I'm not sure the final results in her case. On top of the donation, Shelley Lubben claims to have had a volunteer appear out of nowhere – who then turned on her to make the film “Devil in Ms. Lubben”. But the results in most of these groups was pretty much the same – the group was destroyed.

Did it happen to us? Yep. A man appeared out of nowhere. He wanted to have me help organize a “rescue” operation. Only my car had been destroyed after the 2007 press conference I'd given stating that not only was domestic sex trafficking real, but that it also existed within the legal sex industry in Nevada. So I wasn't going anywhere. The man offered me a $10,000 cash donation to buy a car. However, being leery because of what I was seeing around me I made the man sign a contract. Sure enough when he started to cry “fraud” I whipped out the contract and they skipped over us.

So what I watched happen in 2009 was like a tidal wave or a house of cards all across the USA and even into Canada. I saw all these “survivor led grass roots” groups that were set up to help people exit the sex industry just destroyed. I also saw many sex industry sites where we had working relationships with where the owners trusted us destroyed as well. Looking back I asked myself what were some of the common denominators with the groups that were destroyed that year. The first was the people “knew” and “trusted” us for one thing because we had a long working relationship together. The other thing I noticed in common with these groups is that we all made a distinction between those who were “trafficked” vs. those who were not. We did not use these terms interchangeably in other words.

Why? Because anyone who has actually been in the sex industry will know there IS a distinction between someone who is trafficked vs. an “independent” who is working in the industry of their own free will. So in other words, anyone I was seeing who was running a sex industry site that we'd had a long term relationship with, and also any “survivor led” group set up to help people exit the sex industry where the group did make a distinction between a sex worker and a “trafficking victim” were just leveled like a tidal wave in 2009.

I remember looking around me and wondering “who is left?” The brothels that weren't being sold I was learning that one owner after the other was being shut down. Joe Richards was arrested in bribery charges so he couldn't operate a brothel any longer so I read Dennis Hof took over this brothels. I read about another brothel owner who was arrested in child pornography charges. Two co-owners of another brothel basically fled the state because of unpaid tax issues. Joe Conforte had fled to Brazil to escape prison time. The “Shady Lady” was sold to Dennnis Hof. So basically it was appearing that Dennis Hof was slowly absorbing the whole brothel industry.

Dennis was the only brothel owner where I have to say I've had a “strained” relationship. When he first opened up his first brothel I introduced myself to him. I explained to him that I provide “exit support” for those who want to leave the industry, and/or those who have a pimp they wish to escape. I asked him if he would consider placing a flyer for us in his establishment so that anyone who needed our help would know how to reach us. His response was pretty much that he “spends a lot of money recruiting these women” and he doesn't exactly want to make it “easy for them to retire”.

After Dave got arrested, and Buffalo Jim was dead, and one by one many of our financial resources to help those escaping violent situations before our government would fund victim services for American prostitutes started disappearing – I remember a case where the woman had told her pimp she wanted to quit because she was now pregnant. His response was to throw her out of the car going 65 mph down the highway. I picked her up and got her a room for the night – but then I was broke. I needed money to keep her for another week until we had a bed opening for her at a drug treatment center. I asked Dennis for help to pay for her motel for the week.

His response was to “bring her up to me for a good look at her – and if I hire her I'll give you a referral bonus”. Which was a nice gesture – but the woman was pregnant, black and blue, coming off drugs, and an emotional hysterical wreck. The last thing I was going to do was take her up to the brothel for a “job interview”. I explained to Dennis that she was in no condition for this and repeated my request for help.

His response was direct and to the point – if a woman isn't going to make money for him why should he bother? Yes he donates to programs like “Meals on Wheels” - for his local voters that if they put their mind to it could wipe him right out of Nevada.

I've seen Dennis' idea of “fighting trafficking” also. It's to arrest any hooker, or chase them out of the state, that doesn't work for him in the legal brothel. When I've asked Dennis to do something other than this in the way of “fighting trafficking” or “helping the victims” - he refuses.

There is one interview up that I'm aware of by an ex-brothel prostitute who was clean from drugs and alcohol during the interview, and who was out of the sex industry entirely with no desire to ever return at some point in the future online. That interview is at  Now I'd like to add that after she gave us that interview – we had someone try extremely hard to try and obtain her contact information from us. We wouldn't give it to anyone – and then someone found her personal account online. She then had her life, and the life of her children threatened, if she ever gave another interview again about what goes on in the brothels. So clearly there's information in her interview that brothel owners don't want the public to hear.

Am I against the legal brothels? As they currently are structured yes. Why? Because if you catch HIV , or get injured on the job, there is no workers compensation, unemployment, nor any vocational rehabilitation offered you. You are not offered a pension plan nor any exit support either. However, any other career that can be dangerous or short-lived does. Actors have special unemployment insurance. Fireman have special programs to help them if they get hurt on the job. If you're a cop for 20 years – you retire with a pension. You also have to pay for your own “safety equipment” unlike other jobs where it's provided for you. It's also “commission only” which many states have ruled is illegal. States like California for example have ruled that if the time you spend working on a commission only job does not average out to at least minimum wage or more – that you are to be paid an hourly minimum by your employer. However, the brothels do not do this voluntarily.

The brothels want to be considered “just like any other industry” but they don't want to carry that all the way out to BE like any other industry. I have yet to see a brothel prostitute while on the job be able to file for rape, assault and/or sexual harassment despite the fact I've seen this happen while a woman is “on the job”. The industry is not unionized nor will it appoint any “advocates”. The only “lobbyist” for the industry itself is paid for by the owners – not the women. Which means they lobby for the OWNERS - not the prostitutes. Until I see this change – I do not support the legal brothel industry in Nevada. I specify Nevada because of what I've seen of the legal sex industry in other countries – they look entirely different than what the states are offering.

The industry has changed. The “old school madams” don't exist anymore. So all of those who used to know about our program – don't really operate any longer. Most people operate these days either independently online, or completely “off line”. Since law enforcement has been taking over many of the “sex industry” websites, and many of the other sites advertising to be promoting escorts are pretty much just bogus “come-on's” for webcam companies – we have to ask ourselves where are we going to be getting most of our referrals from in the future.

Now up until the year 2000 – we had a chapter of SWA in every major city of the USA. We had a space donated to us by either the Salvation Army, or the Catholic Charities. The courts would give us our referrals, the members would meet at these meetings, and we also had the “old timers” in Narcotics Anonymous giving referrals to us.

But when the field became “monetized” as well as the drug recovery movement became more of a “pharmaceutical” movement – two big things happened to us there. The Salvation Army's and the Catholic Charities came to us and said we could no longer hold our meetings there. Our chapters were suddenly disrupted and coincidentally the year 2000 was when I had a stroke. I don't know if the strain of every major city handing us a pink notice basically contributed to the stroke – but it sure didn't help because as our members were scrambling trying to find a new place to meet people were also spreading the rumor I had died from the stroke at the same time.

Why did the SA and the CC kick our meetings out of their facilities? Since we were effective that was very confusing. However, the grants I saw go out right after this gave us the explanation. Our members had been running these meetings as part of their “12th step” work. In other words, we didn't charge. There was no money in that for these programs – so they wanted to kick us out, then write a grant to pay for hiring someone else to do what we had been doing for free.

Since the courts saw our meetings breaking up – but didn't know what was happening either – many of the courts just stopped giving out referrals because honestly they didn't know how to reach anyone. I was in ICU so not answering the hotline – while no one had the local members' phone numbers. We had everything going through the main phone in order to protect all local members' personal information. So between the pink notices and my stroke – we had a massive breakdown of our program in the year 2000.

Narcotics Anonymous underwent another transition of their own. Whereas their program used to promote “complete abstinence from all drugs” - many of the new drug courts were insisting on addicts going through treatment programs before being released to NA. In these treatment programs, the addicts were put on psychiatric medications. Then their counselors they had to see in order to keep compliant with the court's order were continuing to give them medications.

This caused such a riff within NA, and the drug courts, and the treatment programs – that a whole wave of “old timers” also left NA in absolute disgust and frustration. This exodus was dubbed the “Traditions Wars” because so many of the addicts who had gotten clean prior to the year 2000 also have walked out of the program entirely. So we don't even have a lot of “old timers” around telling the newcomers about going to “Sex Workers Anonymous” if you want help on exiting the sex industry or to recover from trafficking. They know about us and recommend us highly – but they don't go to a lot of meetings anymore for newcomers to meet.

Since AA tends to be pretty dominantly filled with the “customers” of the sex industry – we never got really any referrals from AA. If anything our members report most of the men in AA are too busy offering them cash for sex than to be telling them about coming to our program for help to leave the sex industry.

So why not go back onto a talk show like I did back in the 1980's or 1990's? You have to first realize that the FCC changed the laws in 1995. One of those changes are that one person, or one corporation, can now own many media outlets. For example, Sony is now part of NBC, who is part of Universal, who is part of Columbia Pictures, and on and on.

Hearst Media is also part of Disney, who is part of ABC, who also owns both A&E and Bravo Network, and they also produce the Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Oz and any of the Oprah Shows. Which is why you'll see Dennis Hof having appeared on the Dr. Phil show five times, Oprah at least three times, and even Dr. Drew about five times – but we are told by producers that they'd lose their jobs if they put anything about us on the air.

We all know that the film “Taken” now was based on a complete lie. This film was produced by Europacorp. Now Europacorp is also Europacorp Relativity Media Distribution who has Tommy Gargotta as “President of Theatrical Marketing” who used to be “creative advertising chief” at Sony. We know “Eden” was based on a complete fraud. They were produced by Centripetal Films, LLC, who was formed in 2011 to produce the film in 2012. What's really weird is the company has produced nothing else before or since.

But the writer for the film, Richard Phillips, has done a lot of work with Columbia Pictures. I can go through the whole list here – but basically there's what appear to be a lot of stations, magazines, producers, etc., who appear to be “different” - but when you look at who is at the top of the food chain you see only a handful of the same people appearing over and over again.

For example, “8 Minutes” which we just recently leaked to the world was “staged” entirely was produced by Relativity Media to air on A&E, who is owned by Disney, who is owned by ABC, and so on. Now Relativity Media was founded by Ryan Kavanaugh. Ryan went on to be partners with Liberty Media. Liberty Media is one of the owners of PBS. PBS just did “A Path Appears” with Nicholas Kristof. Now if you'll remember him, he's the journalist who approached Samoly Mam to come up with the “fake” trafficking stories in order to get her rise to fame.

Now the show “A Path Appears” did feature “real” groups such as “Covenant House”. Again, are we the only ones being “blacklisted” by these major media conglomerates since 2007? Nope. I've checked and I also haven't seen Children of the Night appear on any of these programs either. Including not one word about Children of the Night in the series about child trafficking on “A Path Appears” despite the fact they were the first hotline, and program, to specifically target helping teen prostitutes while Covenant House was still only targeting “runaways”.

Now you see by this list that in each of the shows where there's been a “fake” person, or group, or rescuer in the media there's been a common connection between these shows and the company's producing, writing, and airing them. Follow the money as they say. Another connection has been that in each one of these “fake” shows there is absolutely no mention of either our program, or Children of the Night. They don't bash us. They don't ignore us. They literally script their shows like we don't even exist. The common denominator in each of these fake and faked shows is that “nothing else exists” and they throw up the National Trafficking Hotline number. Why the National Trafficking Hotline – but not ours? Well for one thing again that hotline is connected with law enforcement, whereas both SWA and CON are not.

Now don't get me wrong please - I love the National Trafficking Hotline for what they do.  When it comes to their work with human trafficking - it's outstanding. I don't know anything about "human trafficking" like with these farm workers, blood diamonds, construction, etc.   If you speak only Farsi and you need to speak to someone at 2:00 a.m. - they're fantastic.  I have to struggle with translation software!  But pretty much when it comes to sex trafficking - the victim has to call for help themselves to get help.  No where I come from - most victims of trafficking by definition CAN'T call for help themselves.  Especially now that pimps will monitor every phone call in and out of their phones, gps their cars so they know where the victim is going at all times, and most of the hard core victims aren't left alone with a phone TO call for help.  I know I've been in situations where I've not been left alone for two seconds, even to pee, so how would I call someone for help?  Then from what I've seen, and been told, most who do call are referred to "task forces" that may, or may not, exist in that city this person is in.  So far every "task force" that I've contacted is law enforcement.  The calls either go right to the police station, or there's the chief of police as "head of the task force" which is also about the same as calling the police.  Now since I've been working with traffickers for a few years now that ARE law enforcement, friends with law enforcement, retired law enforcement who use active law enforcement to help them control the victims and blackmail the clients - well this poses a problem.  It's like telling me I have to call the fox to come rescue the chickens.  It creates a problem.  One that we can get around easier since we're not law enforcement, nor "professionals", so we have a lot more leeway.  For example, I've pretended to be the cleaning lady to get inside of a massage parlor, get the keys to the back door, and let everyone out to a car waiting for them in the parking lot.  Cops can't do this kind of thing that I'm aware of.  So I'm just saying that in many cases if you're a sex trafficking victim - then calling the Trafficking Hotline is about the same as calling the police which in many cases for American victims is like calling your trafficker to help you escape trafficking.  Doesn't work.  Then the poor victim walk around thinking "I don't have any other options" which isn't true.  They just don't know about calling us to get more options is all. 

Another big common denominator in these falsified shows, articles, interviews, etc. seems to be the lie that “nothing exists” for someone leaving the business except either “nothing” literally – or something like a homeless shelter. I'm looking at one of these “fund raisers” that's spun off the “8 Minutes” show where they are asking for money for “Kamylla”. In their fund raising – they're saying she's got four kids, a husband, no job, can't find a job even at a grocery store, unpaid back rent, no money for an attorney, and not even a “kitchen table to eat dinner on with her kids”.

What they're not telling you about in this fund raiser however is the woman saying she was her called our hotline on 4/20/15. We told her we had free legal help to offer her, we could delay her eviction she said was in two days, could obtain a grant to take care of her unpaid rent, would file a $1,000,000 class action lawsuit against Relativity Media for damages, get an injunction against another show from airing so her face wouldn't be shown, get her a job that would prevent her from being deported, and we would send over local Houston SWA members who would get her that kitchen table, offer her transportation, daycare, and even emotional support while she was going through the transition. She then turned around the next day and told us some active sex workers had contacted her and convinced her to let them help her instead of us. Now, a month later, she's now still not working, rent's still not paid, no money for an attorney, yada yada yada. That's the message going out in the media now. Not that we “had her” when she first called us and everything is fine now – but that she's sitting in this motel room with unpaid rent, no kitchen table, no money, no job, and basically screwed.

Another common denominator in these “fakes” is to deal with these “faith based” groups who keep saying that “ we don't have services but if you donate to us we'll create them” while denying that help ALREADY EXISTS. Now why would they want people to think that? That can be answered by a short excursion into the lawsuit that's called ACLU vs. the USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops).

If you read up on this lawsuit – you'll see that the USCCB was going around to any program working with prostitutes, and/or trafficking victims, and giving them “case management” money in exchange for only referring victims to services provided by people who were listed in their “Freedom Registry”.

How do I know this? Because after they booted us out of the Salvation Army's – they still housed many prostitutes. So we tried to bring meetings back into their program to “visit” much like how AA and NA do the “H&I Panels”. Only we were told our program was banned from all of the premises in these major cities. We were not allowed to even speak to prostitutes in their programs. When I'd ask why, very confused obviously, I'd be told “we can only connect them to providers listed in the 'Freedom Registry'”

Then when I'd try to find out what that was – everyone would shut down on me. I only found out from the members of our program who had not let on to anyone “upstairs” they were members of our program. They were funneling me information back basically stating that being in the “Freedom Registry” meant that they would not discuss birth control nor abortion with these clients.

The big problem with this idea however is that this covers anyone who is a licensed medical doctor as well as a licensed therapist. So here are these women who have been through horrific abuse and violence – who are not being allowed to see a real doctor or anything but a “pastoral counselor” in order to have this group get their money. Because when I checked out the “Freedom Registry” there were no licensed therapists, no medical doctors, no ob-gyn's, etc. No one that would recommend a complete physical, which could then lead to any discussion of birth control and/or pregnancy and/or termination thereof.

Because they weren't discussing “abortion”, nor allowing them to even see doctors – this meant that many of the young women of child bearing age they were targeting for these programs were in fact pregnant. By the time they would realize it – it was too late to even consider an abortion. But rather than teach these women how to be parents – I was hearing horror stories of how they were having nuns telling the prostitutes they would “make horrible mothers” and convincing them to adopt. Some of these so called “safe houses” were doing so many adoptions – they even have adoption applications on their sites! I'm attaching a screenshot of “Mercy Ministries” to show you what I mean by that.

That just seemed a little coincidental to me. Especially when I started seeing one after the other after the other of these “church” programs scooping up women who they were saying were “ex-prostitutes”. Then they were convincing them to do things like go into strip clubs doing “outreach” into one of these houses. Only I could never figure out why they would never go into a male strip club, a gay bath house or even a lesbian strip club – I mean why was it only straight female strip clubs? Well now I now it's because it wasn't about helping sex workers at all. It was about targeting women of child bearing age.

Now we've been organizing outreach teams since 1987. So when I was hearing of all of these little “church” groups going out to these strip clubs that started popping up about 2009 which were replacing all the groups that had folded then – I started contacting them offering to help train their outreach workers. Only instead of the warm welcoming response I was used to – I was damn near getting my face ripped off. Especially when I started pushing on “where are you taking them if they say they want to quit?”

Those of you who know how we operate – we don't have a house we put people in. We don't have a company where we make our members sew clothing or make jewelry and then sell that to cover our operating expense. One of the main purposes of our program is started in our 11th step “praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out”. To us that means we help people find their path in life. We help them find their home, with a lease or mortgage in their name, with a key on their key ring, and their name on the mail box. We help them find their career path whether that's self-employment, or going to school or finding a job – we are here to help that person find their path in life to become “fully self-supporting” in accordance with our 7th tradition.

So of course I'm going to be asking all these little church based outreach groups that were replacing us after 2009 like the “Fair Girls” or “Eve's Angel's” or the “Cupcake Girls” - what are you saying to them if they say “okay I want to quit?” To which they direct me to their “safe house” they're using – where I'm finding one after the other after the other is also got adoption applications right on the site. When I get someone on the staff to level with me about what's going on – I'm hearing that after the baby is adopted – it's right back on the streets they're thrown. Now that's all “off the record” - but that's what their employees were telling me was going on behind closed doors.

These staff members are also confessing to me the reason why they aren't letting these women know about Sex Workers Anonymous is because (1) they don't want any advocates sticking up for them, (2) they want these women thinking they have no other options and have to do what they're told or they'll be put out on the streets, (3) they don't want us nosing around the program to make sure they're running properly, and (4) they don't want the women banding together after they're being kicked out to form a class action lawsuit, or (5) feel empowered enough to go to the press about what's happening either.

Is this any of our business? I mean if these churches want to do this type of outreach to push prostitutes into these adoption mills and not give them proper medical or psychological care so they can churn out money and adoptions – what business is this of ours? I mean we're supposed to “not have any opinions on outside issues right?”

Well not exactly. Because many of these programs in order to get their grant money, have to be licensed. In order to be licensed, they have to have a “program” which has been approved by the licensing boards. In order to do this, if you're working with an addict – you have to have an NA meeting. If you're working with alcoholics – you have to have an AA meeting. Well if you're working with a prostitute or sex trafficking victim – then you have to have a 12 step meeting that deals with prostitutes. I've got permission now from AA to found Prostitutes Anonymous and Sex Workers Anonymous. AA's General Office has told me no one else has permission from them to adapt their steps to any other program dealing with prostitutes or sex workers but us.

Which means in order for them to operate – they have to have a 12 step program as part of their program. Now in the past we've used this to our advantage to make sure programs are run properly that serve us and also provide us what they're paid to provide us. Here's an example – in San Francisco Norma Hotaling used to get a lot of money to be helping prostitutes to exit the industry. In reality however, for a while, she was basically pocketing the money. Then the prostitutes were put into homeless shelters and not much else. They weren't getting counseling, education, advocacy, or anything. They weren't being treated very well by the staff either from the complaints I got.

Because that's what they did – the prostitutes there called me to complain about their treatment there. I then got ahold of the people at their program and let them know if they didn't start providing what they were paid to provide and start actually working with these women that I'd pull the plug on my permission for them to be using our literature, and running our meetings at their program.

If I did this, if I pulled the plug, then they'd lose their license, which would then cost them the funding and they'd have to shut their downs. So Norma started pulling things together and providing the services she was supposed to provide. In other words, our program kind of serves as a “watchdog” or invisible “advocate” for prostitutes within other programs.

Now can groups like SWOP or Red Umbrella or Desiree Alliance do something like this? I doubt it. I sincerely doubt that a sex workers' rights, or a harm reduction group, could call up a program that's working with helping prostitutes to transition out of the sex industry, and threaten to “pull their plug” if they don't start “shaping up” and providing the services they're supposed to be providing or we're going to yank the plug on our meetings that serves as part of their program. In fact, if groups like SWOP were to demand that programs like “Project Rose” for example were to do anything I doubt they'd even be listened to with the way they disrespect sex workers.

But this is how we got Project Rose, and 9 other programs that were being funded and organized essentially through CAASE in Chicago shut down finally. These “programs” that were running around “detaining” prostitutes, telling them they had to attend these “classes” or “else be incarcerated” - again had to have a 12 step program as part of their program in order to get licensed and receive funding. Now would we have anything to do with programs such as this? Absolutely not.

Our third tradition is very clear that the “only requirement is a desire to leave the sex industry and find recovery”. We are not a program that threatens to lock women up in jail and ruin their lives if they don't attend. Nor do we “condemn” the sex industry, pornography, stripping etc. We have “no opinion on outside issues” in fact. This is why our 1st step is NOT that “we are powerless over the sex industry” because we feel that would be a condemnation of the industry.

We look at the industry the way the alcoholic looks at alcohol or the addict looks at drugs. It doesn't matter to us what other people do or think – it's our decision that we don't want to do this anymore and that's it. It's not that the substance or drink is “bad” - it's that we have the “desire” to not engage in this behavior any more. So this is another reason why we'd never involve our support of such a program. We also don't make these women pay for “classes” the way these programs are either.

So what did they do? Did they put their tail under their legs and not open their program? Actually, what they did was set up the meetings under our old name of “Prostitutes Anonymous” thinking that because we had changed our name that we had let our copyrights and trademarks expire. We had not. They are still active today and I own all intellectual properties to the program. Which means no one can use our name, literature, or concepts without my express consent. Especially when there's money involved. Because then it becomes more than a copyright or trademark violation – it then becomes “fraud” if they pretend to be operating with my consent in order to obtain money.

So when we started getting complaints about these meetings in 10 states where they were saying things like “prostitution is bad” and “pornography should be outlawed” and “we need to arrest all the johns” and other such public statements that we don't endorse nor believe in within the meetings – I would contact the heads of these programs about it.

Only they'd lie to me. They'd say “we're not holding your meetings”. Now I'm out of state – so what do I say then? There's nothing I can say at that point until I get “proof” or a witness even. So then more people started coming to me complaining about what they were seeing coming out of these meetings – as well what they were “teaching” in these meetings.

I started asking these people “would you sign an affidavit for me this is happening?” and they said they would. So I did. Only to then find that our witnesses started being threatened and harassed. Okay that's not good. So now what we wondered. They were lying to us and then threatening our witnesses.

Fate, God, the universe, karma, whatever you want to call it – but things have a way of coming together. A report was released by Professor Sharon Oselin called “Leaving the Sex Industry”. In this report, she had one quote after another after another from women who were “thanking Prostitutes Anonymous for their recovery”. Which was a nice compliment – but it was also the “black and white” proof they were in fact running meetings using our name in conjunction with their programs. Further, they were obtaining their grant money based on applications where they were using our name to obtain this money.

To further back up our criminal complaint – I then obtained their grant applications and tax returns. I verified that they had in fact applied for money claiming to be running “12 step meetings” (which by the way is how they avoided my “google” for a few years – they just called it 12 step meetings” so I wasn't able to track this online for a long time). But now I have the report showing these programs were in fact holding our meetings without my consent. I now have their written denials and I have the financial reports showing their used our program's intellectual property, literature, name, etc. to obtain money which does constitute felony criminal fraud.

This is when all hell started breaking loose. When I sent these programs the letter I'm required to send before filing a lawsuit and a criminal complaint that gives them a chance to work things out with me in good faith, and stating that if they don't work things out with me, I'm going to sue them and file criminal charges – well what do most abusers do when caught? They start attacking the victim so that no one will believe them or if they do – no one will take their side.

Now do they have a financial interest? Sure they do because not only were they getting the money for these programs – but they had plans to set up more like franchises. They don't want the cities to know that all any prostitute has to do is step up and say “your honor – I'd like to know if I could attend Sex Workers Anonymous meetings instead of going to jail” and bam – that's it.

No – they want people thinking the only way that these women are going to get help is through heavily funded programs like Project Rose where they get money to set up special courts, and special “safe houses” and then they even get to get the Catholic Church come in and hand them a check for “case management” and oh my – do they make the street pimp look like an amateur when it comes to finding ways to exploit women for money!

But for years we've had a good working relationship with SWOP. SWOP in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New York, and other cities in the USA have had women running the chapters who would call us when they'd come across someone with a trafficking issue, with a pimp they needed to escape, with a legal issue around an arrest, or if maybe they just wanted to quit because they got sick, or pregnant, or married, etc.

That was until October of 2007. In September of 2007, I was asked to give an international press conference by Melissa Farley, Phd, to release the report we'd helped her to prepare that was the “official report” that gave American victims of sex trafficking federal recognition. (The clippings for this conference are at

Further, that even in the legal brothels of Nevada, just as in Amsterdam, sex trafficking also could exist. At that conference, Melissa came to me and asked me if I would make certain “statements”. She said if I would agree – I'd be given a $120,000 a year salary, I'd be on the board of NCAST, and I've not only have an office – but she showed me an architect drawing of the center that would be built to help victims of trafficking recover – I mean I got the whole package offered to me.

Only problem was the things she wanted me to say. First, she wanted me to say the things that would allow groups like Project Rose get their funding. Pretty much to boil it down she wanted me to say that “all sex work was rape”. I explained that if I made such a statement – every sex worker would laugh at me and think I was nuts. I'd lose credibility and if I lost credibility – then why would someone in the sex industry trust me? If they don't trust me – they're not going to come to our program and believe I can help them. So I explained to her that saying such things would basically be throwing away everything that SWA is.

This is when she took the reporters out into the hallway and spoke for me. If you look at these clippings you'll see that they have me “calling for outlawing of the industry”. That is not my view and that's not what I said. I tried to get a retraction from the news and they said it was “too late”. The horse was out of the barn. I was very angry at Melissa and demanded we straighten this out. So no – that was not me “calling to outlaw the sex industry” despite what those news articles said I said.

Then people started calling me and I discovered that $180,000 had been donated to people thinking that money was going to me for our work. I asked for my money from Melissa. She refused at first – and then just started going “money – what money?” at me. I confirmed this with her intern – and yes that money had been donated and she wasn't cutting it loose. Talk about adding insult to injury. So I issued a statement to everyone that I was no longer associated with her, that she had lied to me, lied to the press, and ripped us off.

I sent this out to groups like SWOP, Desiree Alliance and Red Umbrella who promptly shut all doors on Melissa. No one who was ever in the sex industry would speak to her. But she had reports she wanted to get paid to do and books she wanted to write – so what to do to get access to us again since all the doors had been shut by me sending out the notice I did about what she'd done?

This is when the “fakes” were born. The first one was Stella Marr. She came out as a “survivor” and started her own program in counter to ours. She told everyone that to join – all they had to do was be an ex-prostitute. They didn't have to work steps, they didn't have to want recovery, they didn't have to stay clean from recreational drugs, they didn't have to have a sponsor, they didn't have to donate anything, or read anything – all they had to do was join her group.

She got 55 women to join her group, including Chong Kim, before people started piecing together she wasn't a “real” person. When she was “outted” to everyone as a “catfish” - she had her teeth into Chong by then. Only Chong's story started falling apart. So Melissa gathered the support of Nicholas Kristof – and they went out searching until they found “Samoly Mam”. She was more of a practiced actress – and since no one knew her she couldn't be as easily attacked as Chong Kim was. Keeping her mostly on the east coast away from most people who knew us well – Samoly had quite a rise to fame.

Only when I realized what was going on – of course I didn't win any popularity awards by calling her a “fake” and a “liar”. So I went digging until I found some people willing to put more “oomph” into the whole matter – including her father. I had read her daughter had been kidnapped by traffickers and beheaded. So I went to speak to the father and offer condolences. Only to find out this never happened. He was pretty upset at this as you can imagine – and with a group of us now – we were able to get an investigative team assigned to the case to come out with enough evidence that people would listen. Every time I said anything I was just blown off as “crazy” and “jealous”. But with this report – everyone had to realize now she was a total fraud.

These fakes and frauds had one thing in common – they would act like Sex Workers Anonymous didn't exist. Why? Mostly about money. If people knew we'd been doing this work since 1987 and these people had just started – then why would anyone donate to them? The second was about the truth – if they contacted us we'd be able to educate people enough about the truth that others would see through these frauds easier. They also didn't want anyone comparing notes – or asking “why are you forming a group when one already exists that's doing the same thing?”

No their fund raising battle cry was always the same thing – it was “no services exist” so in order to have them you “must give us money”. Which was the same thing that popped up in 2012 with this “Kevin Brown” and his outreach that turned into the series “8 Minutes” that was also about another completely fake outreach. The battle cry also was the same “nothing exists – so give us money to create services”. The really sad part is the misperception being spread that “no help really exists”. That's just not true. With our networking abilities, our members, and our supporters – we're able to locate whatever anyone needs (within reason – we can't send someone to the moon for example).

I mean Polaris got $10,000,000 last year in grant money from what I read to operate their hotline. I answer our hotline from my cell phone at my house for $45 a month. Now do you think they want people to know this? Look I can go on and on about the various financial scams I've been seeing people play ever since we were the ones to get federal recognition, as well as cultural recognition, that trafficking exists, and that those victims needs help that are all about money and control.

But let me go back to SWOP directly. As I said, we had many years of a good standing relationship with SWOP. But SWOP was really just a few chapters up until recently. These chapters were usually led by one very dedicated woman working for sex workers' rights as well as doing outreach to the industry to teach about things like HIV prevention, testing, education, legal rights education, sex defense, as well as other legal rights empowerment and also harm reduction projects. So we'd just basically get a referral as needed from SWOP – but they knew we were always there and vice versa.

Then these Bills started being written that both SWOP and SWA agreed upon were harmful to prostitutes. Like AB67 in Nevada. This Bill allowed law enforcement to detain a prostitute without charging her with anything until she would agree to make a videotaped statement against her pimp. She was not arrested, which meant she had no Miranda Rights, nor any right to an attorney, no right to a speedy trial, no right to bail, and no 5th amendment rights which would have an attorney advising her of where she might incriminate herself in said statement. Also, if she was just being held without being charged – they can't hold her longer than 72 hours. However, with AB67 they could hold someone indefinitely to force them to grant this interview.

This was something that both SWOP and SWA agreed was harmful. So we wanted to partner with SWOP to help these bills get defeated. Only we were being told that the SWOP representatives were being promised by the legislators, and the lobbyists, that the Bill would be defeated, and SWOP would get the credit – so long as they “stayed away from SWA”.

I believe that's because the media was not reporting on our side of the issue at all. They were falsely claiming that none of these Bills had “any opposition” despite us telling reporters we did. So I figured if the media was lying then we'd take the RV out into the streets. We'd hand out flyers and use bull horns and go into shopping centers and start talking right in the mall parking lots about why we wanted voters not to support these bills. I also figured if I got some strippers to come out with us – we'd get ourselves on the news registering our opposition. Certainly we knew that if we videotaped this for youtube – the social media would carry our message – and we'd win.

With the Phoenix SWOP – we were told that Monica Jones was being promised to “not be deported” if the local chapter “stayed away from SWA”. So with each chapter of SWOP we spoke to about protesting these bills – we were told they had decided to take the deals the legislators offered and they were not going to support our protesting in the streets of these bills. Then the day came when everyone realized that SWOP had been lied to. All the promises had been broken.

When I reached out to these women to offer my support – I was told these women had walked away in disgust after this betrayal. I saw a photo of Monica Jones being deported. I'm not sure what happened – but what I kept hearing was pretty much those advocates had just left SWOP in disgust. It was kind of like the wave I saw hit the exit programs in 2009 – suddenly all the old guard in SWOP was gone.

Then I saw something interesting change in SWOP. I started noticing that grant money was being offered to set up new chapters. I started seeing all kinds of groups form that were new. SWOP was growing like wild fire – and I didn't know any of these women. I'll be honest with you – my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March of 2013 and I've very consumed with her medical care right now. It's very hard for me to care for her, take her to doctors practically daily, run SWA, work with our regular members, and then keep up on what's going on outside of SWA. So all I'm registering is that a lot of new groups are popping up with a lot of new people.

Then again the “8 Minutes” fiasco hits. I've been watching these two guys, Kevin Brown and Gary Reese, run around Orange County making false claims they were doing “outreach”. Only when I checked out their claims they were full of shit. I didn't know they were filming a show until recently. I do know that I was sick of not seeing the reality of this industry on both sides being portrayed. I gathered together a crew to film a “reality” documentary out here in Los Angeles. Only our camera crew was threatened off the project and our outreach team was threatened with either being arrested or 5150'd if they didn't “back off”.

Now they got to cover their tracks. So the Orange County SWOP people are fairly new. They don't know what to think about us or who we are. All they have is what they read online. Only the majority of the stuff that's online was “faked” in one way or another whether it was to lie about us, or to support the story of some other “fake” person, or program. We've managed to get some of the fake articles about us taken down – but some newspapers like “The Fix” refuses to take down two articles they have that were falsely placed that lie about us and what we believe in.

Now we've had to sit down and look at all of this as a whole. We've had to look at the “8 Minutes” show being faked. We've had to look at Kevin Brown and Greg Reese. We've had to look at the victims of the Chris Butler case. Basically we sat down and asked ourselves what's going on here? We also looked up some recent changes in the trafficking laws federally.

I want to point something out. These laws were updated to basically state that the government is now offering funding to have “information on ALL domestic trafficking victims” collected. Now honestly there's just no way to do this without collecting information on all sex workers of which some are victims. Once one has all of the information on “all” sex workers then one can start sorting out who are victims and who are not for that information. I believe this is why sites like Myredbook for example are being taken over – to collect information on active sex workers.

One of the reasons why we never incorporated until recently was because we'd heard of more than one group that had – only to have the IRS come in and audit their records. Especially if you're a 501c3. Especially if you have donors and supporters the government doesn't like too well. We especially saw this with how the IRS treated the Tea Party when they were incorporating.

Now keep in mind two things – I worked for a few years with B'nai B'rith. That's a group of wealthy Jewish people. They go to great lengths to protect their mailing list. They've said they are doing this to make sure the government doesn't try and get access to their members' list – or other groups who are anti-Semitic. I learned a lot when I worked for them about how the Nazi's would gather together people into groups – for the idea of collecting the information for identification purposes. For example, they actually formed groups for astrologers to come together. Once they gathered all of them together into associations – there was a night when they rounded all of them up as “enemies of the state” in a night called “Aktion Hess”. But before he could do this – he had to gather them together into a group.

We also watched a documentary on 9/11 where we learned that anyone who buys a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” is triggered on a “watch list”. You can't check this book out of a library, or buy it at a bookstore, or even buy it on ebay – without your information to buy this book going back to agents who then check into your background ever since they identified that many terrorists have also read that book. This is why we don't sell our “Recovery Guide” on Amazon. We want to make sure no one can gather together a list of our members.

The Polaris National Trafficking Hotline was formed in 2002 after we refused to release any information on our members and/or callers to our hotline to anyone for any reason. Our research showed that the hotline was formed with money from the Hunt Foundation. I've been told by more than one source that Mrs. Hunt wants to see prostitution itself stamped out. We were offered research and grant money to release data from our hotline calls like how many calls we get, from where, from who – we refused. We were asked to be an informant to the FBI and offered money to relay what we hear on our hotline and in our meetings – which we refused. We had the police show up with warrants and even subpena's from the government wanting access to our member information – and information the people who call our hotline. We have refused to grant any information.

To stand up to the warrants and subpena's – I've become an ordained minister. When I started hearing of outreach workers and advocates being subpena'd to testify in trafficking cases as to what they'd heard a sex worker say about their pimp – I checked into the laws. They are pretty clear – unless you're an attorney, a licensed therapist, a doctor, a priest, or a minister – you can not refuse to turn over information on people who belong in your group, donate money, nor over information your members tell you without being in contempt of court. This includes if you're an “advocate” or a “survivor” or even an “outreach worker”. What someone says to you can result in the court, or law enforcement, issuing you a subpoena demanding you repeat what was said to you or you'll be in contempt of court.

There are little groups right now popping up all over the USA at the same rate that SWOP is picking up speed. I'm hearing complaints along just these lines – they are telling the sex workers they can “help” them with things like dental care, financial assistance, free housing, daycare, emotional support, etc. With no strings attached. They are out there helping sex workers raise money – like the one for “Kamylla” on the “8 Minutes” show. They've set up “hospitality suites” at the AVN. They're showing up like grandma's with milk and cookies and offering up all this emotional support of sex workers – only they're not sex workers most of them and those who are saying they are – are lying.

We saw this proved with Kevin Brown and his so called “survivors”. He introduced the world to women he claims he had “rescued” and were now “survivors”. Those women were leading small outreach's and groups. These groups were totally ignoring not just Sex Workers Anonymous – but also Children of the Night.

One of the oldest tricks in a cop's book is to stick an undercover cop into a cell with another guy to pump him for information. Then he testifies as to what the criminal said while he was in the cell. Oldest trick in the book and it's legal because an undercover cop, or even another inmate in a cell, is not bound by the confidentiality laws. Neither are the people who answer the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline. But they report all of their information back to law enforcement anyway so it's moot.

Does this matter? Over the years, I've heard men and women tell me horrible things that have happened to them in the industry. Some of the people who did this to them were well known. They've made the choice not to prosecute anyone. That's their choice I believe. I believe if they want to prosecute they can make that decision and go do it. But I also believe if they choose not to – that should be respected also.

Like in my case. I believe to have “snitched” would have been suicide. But my attorney was honor bound not to repeat what I'd told him about my situation. I hadn't spoken to some “outreach worker” about what I'd been through – and then found her sitting up in a witness stand sucking me into a trial I didn't want to be involved in. But this is what I'm hearing is happening right now across the country with other sex workers who tell us that the person they trusted, the person they opened their heart and guts up to – is now sitting on a witness stand repeating what they told them in confidence.

Now I don't know what SWOP is doing to ensure they're not audited nor their membership list isn't taken from them. A list of their donors and supporters isn't taken from them so they can be attacked, audited and targeted into not supporting your work. Nor contact information for their members isn't taken from them. That this information isn't used in some kind of trial or prosecution either.

But I will say this – right now there is only two types of groups and hotlines for those who want to exit the sex industry. Those who are in cooperation with, and under control of, law enforcement, and those who are set up to not be connected to law enforcement, or the government like the IRS, or FBI, etc. I don't mean to put away the bad guys either. I mean for guys like Chris Butler, who were using their badge to be traffickers and to intimidate witnesses against them – that's what I'm worried about.

Now I ask you – if you were within our government, and/or law enforcement – who would you want members of SWOP to turn to for help if they want to exit the industry for any reason? Would you want them to contact groups that protect the members' information, as well as the content of that information, or would you want them speaking to someone who is basically a telephone right back to law enforcement? And again NOT in a good way. I mean what if the pimp they're running from has bought off some cop to help him find a potential witness against him?

Because that's the war I see going on right now between us and Polaris – and all the little offshoot programs connected to Polaris. They are all connected to law enforcement – yet our program – and Children of the Night – is the ONLY exit program NOT set up to be connected or funnel right back to law enforcement.

Which as you all know can be bought. Anyone with money or an axe to grind can buy information off people who don't care. We've stood up for our members up against warrants, and subpena's, and bribes, and threats. I get called a “bitch” frequently and even a “bully”. But I tell you what – if any of you ever have to run from a pimp who also wears a badge you're going to appreciate that I'll stand this guy down and refuse to speak to him with every legal tool I have at my disposal in order to protect you and that I'm not some wuss I guarantee you that.

We believe that this information, along with the information on the services we can provide to sex workers – are what there is an active “disinformation” campaign going on against us right now. We believe that the “in fighting” has been stirred up to “divide and conquer”. Because honestly in the 2013 trafficking bills – if we had partnered with SWOP - we both would have won what we wanted and got those bills defeated. The SWOP chapters refused to partner with us to fight as a united front like the other side does – and we lost. Those bills were passed.

Just remember this – if these people are faking “survivors” and faking “outreaches” and faking “rescuers” - then trust me it's not beyond them to be “faking” sex workers too. Especially since in defiance of the ACLU vs. USCCB lawsuit – I know the Catholic Church is back at it again. Offering money to groups in exchange for “case management” to give them not only control over the clients – but also to access their information.

I think that's another reason why they're taking over sex industry websites. They're trying a little too hard to get access to the information on the sex workers in this country. Which is easy to do in the porn industry. Much harder to do in the sex industry. Now I don't know where this sudden influx of money has come from in SWOP - that's up to your group to know. I don't know what protections you have in place either to ensure that your client database isn't able to be released if someone shows up with a warrant or a subpoena – but it's something you need to think about. I do want to just advise you this – to carefully consider that this could be just like what we saw in 2009 when people were coming at us with $10,000 in hand and a fake story to boot. Because there's a reason why these people are trying to get the SWOP chapters, fighting against us, as well as the other groups like Desiree Alliance, Red Umbrella, etc.

Yes I know this is a very long history. There are many people banking on the fact most people won't take the time to review all the history and all the facts. This is how they're getting up over on us also. Knowledge is power.

So I would invite any SWOP member or chapter to feel free to contact us with any questions they might have on what we offer that might be useful to you when any of your members are either wanting to get away from a pimp or trafficker, or if they are going through something where they want to quit the industry for any reason at all.

Thanks for your time and consideration in listening to my history story!

Jody Williams