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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


People don't believe some of the stories I tell when as to why we issued a "red alert" Nevada is the most dangerous state for someone in the sex industry to live?

Despite highly publicized cases of violence against Las Vegas resident Christy Mackbeing raped by an ex-boyfriend, or another porn performer Cytherea raped in her own home - which no matter how I look at this case I can't help but wonder if it wasn't deliberate.  I mean how would five men know there was a woman behind the front door with enough confidence to kick it in, and then supposedly rape her in front of her family?  This doesn't sound like a random home invasion.

There's also the high number of prostitutes who have gone missing where the police have not properly identified where their bodies are, nor who murdered them.  I say that because despite Neal Falls being attributed to some of the Las Vegas prostitute murders/disappearances, despite the fact there's not one shred of DNA evidence linking him to any of those cases, his background and profile do NOT fit that of a serial killer, or even one who has a pattern of targeting prostitutes.  For one thing - where's his violent history?  Where's the "souvenirs" many serial killers keep?  How many serial killers have you seen own a dog and living in their car?  Just doesn't fit.

Amber Rayne was raped by James Deen in a Las Vegas hotel room according to this article -

These are just a few of the many upsetting cases of violence, rape, and murder against sex workers in Nevada.  Tonight I was sitting here watching an episode of "Cops" in Las Vegas and it left me speechless.  I saw a couple run out of a cab without paying.  Okay a crime, but a misdemeanor.  They ran into their apartment.  The cops then got the apartment manager to let them enter into the apartment using their master key WITHOUT a warrant.  Now I'm confused about this because it's my understanding you can't enter private property without a warrant.

I go and google this to see if the laws have changed and well apparently they have in Nevada.  Seems anyone can enter your home any time they want in Nevada now in fact and a federal judge will dismiss your case if you complain about this.  Check out this article about it -

Now I want you to think about this type of behavior entering a home without a warrant if you were a woman who was being forced into prostitution by someone who either was a cop, or connected to cops.  Not impossible at all to consider when you look at the number of Nevada officers who have stepped down out of office because of allegations of corruption or outright sex trafficking as we saw with Joohon David Lee.

On this "Cops" show, what prompted entering this apartment without a warrant was the accusation she'd "not paid for a cab".  Well contrast this to the day when we learned a Las Vegas cab company was OWNED by sex traffickers.  How about CLS Limo company owned for TWO DECADES you can read about here

So you're being trafficked by one of these guys, who can then tell their cop buddy they can enter into your home without a warrant by just "claiming" you didn't pay a cab bill - and what have you got?  You've got someone who can enter into your home without a warrant is what you got.  Seems a federal judge will even back them up.

Now supposedly the cops can't enter your home without a warrant on a misdemeanor arrest.  But I noticed on the "cops" show the one cop yelled "welfare check" when it entered.  Now supposedly a "welfare check" is when you're checking to see if someone is okay or not.  Running after someone who just stiffed a cab driver I don't think qualifies as a "welfare check" unless the cop suspected the African American male was kidnapping the white girl with him who ran into the apartment.

But between what I just saw on this "cops show", and reading about this case in Henderson which the judge then threw out of court - WOW.  All the more reason why I left Nevada.  When the protection of your private home is subject to the discretion of some cop not getting twerked off at you for some reason, any reason, then it's not safe for anyone.  If it's not safe to be in your own home minding your own business in Henderson, Nevada - then were is safe in Nevada?

I bring this up because I want people to understand how sometimes a predator can get a badge and then decide to use that badge to force women to prostitute for him while taking their money and getting sexual access to this victim whenever he felt like it.  I've had it done to me by cops who were with the Beverly Hills and Van Nuys police when I was in my 20's, and from what I'm reading it's still happening to people such as Celeste Guap just to name one.  From over 30 officers and 3 Chiefs of Police in fact.  That we know of so far also.  She has supposedly said the sex was "consensual".  I say "what else is she going to say when to say no would just piss of a cop and his buddies"?

Things like this are why I left the sex industry, but I'm reading about a family in Henderson who was home minding their own business when these cops took over their home and falsely arrested them.  So this isn't about some "woman deserving it because she was a prostitute".  We as people are supposed to be able to turn to the police for help - not assault.  Until that day where anyone can call the police when being forced to have sex, as well as be trafficked, then our hotline is going to remain on.

If you need help for any reason to leave sex work and can't call the authorities for help with your situation - know you can call us confidentially and we're not connected with law enforcement in any way.  Your call will not be sent to the police or authorities.  Not without your express request any way.

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