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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Why would Facebook be trying to disable Sex Workers Anonymous?

Last year, I was asked to provide my ID to them to keep our page open.  I did so and in two days our account was restored.

Over a month ago, when I had started talking about how Facebook helps people to find strip clubs, massage parlors, etc, in their area, including escort services, I found our account shut down again without warning.  I must have felt it coming because the week before I had pulled out all of our emails and contacts from my account and backed them up onto disk.  

Facebook had asked me for a copy of our ID.  I provided it to them.  However, it's now been a month and they STILL have not activated our account.  Our main account which also supports our local chapters also.

So why would Facebook want to shut down our account while that of strip clubs, escort services, porn performers, adult video producers, massage parlors, etc., are remaining up and fine?

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