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Sunday, July 10, 2016


We don't hire members no more than Alcoholics Anonymous hires their members.  Meaning they sometimes "hire special workers", but they don't "officially" run a job service so neither do we.  However, working a job, or starting one's own business, is part of recovery in our program so we do pass along tips as they come along.  We do not publish a list of companies we have a working relationship with who have agreed to hire workers who have a criminal record for prostitution, are on probation, or are leaving a pimp, for the obvious reasons.  We ask that if you need a referral to a job or ideas to start your own business that you call our hotline for proper screening and referral.  But we're seeing an increase in the number of people saying "there are no jobs out there" who are willing to hire survivors who DON'T call our hotline.  So we will list a company here or there to prove the point there are companies out there willing to work with getting someone in the door.

For example - truck driving jobs.  Schneider for example will work with training someone to be a driver in many ways where even if you're on SSI you can get through driving school and working

We know of one truck driving company in Indiana where they pay for your housing and schooling entirely, and then they hire you upon completion of their school.   Their advertising says their drivers make about $60,000 a year.  The drivers we know report making anywhere from $45,000 to $100,000 and up depending on if you own your own truck.

Most truck driving companies do not care about a prostitution record.  Like most companies they only really care if you have a fraud, drug, or violent crime on your record NOT a solicitation arrest.  I have yet to hear of a truck driving job being refused because of porn photos online either.

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