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Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Welcome to Sex Workers  Anonymous. My name is ________and I am recovering today.  We will open the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

To mute the background so we don't hear the noise behind you – please hit star 6.  To unmute to speak – hit star 6 again.  Please do not “cross talk”.

No matter what we did in the sex industry  – we can all agree  we prostituted ourselves in one way or another.  That is our common bond no matter what the title might have been.   Other programs request you respect their language which represents their philosophy.   In AA, they ask you to identify as “sober”.  In NA, they ask you to identify as “clean”.   This is also to show unity in accordance with our first Tradition. 

For this reason, we don’t ask you to identify about other programs you may also belong to such as AA or NA.  Some of us here may be recovering from other diseases and disorders such as alcoholism, and some may not.  For our purposes here we focus only on our common desire to recover from the sex industry.   

In our program, we ask you identify as being “in recovery” and the days you have away from the sex industry as “time”.  We don’t make distinctions about what led you to be or why you were in the sex industry.  Therefore, we don’t use the word “trafficking” in our program because that’s a “reason” no different than if someone were in sex work because of poverty or drug addiction.  We all share being “powerless over the sex industry” for one reason or another if we’re here, and the desire to not return. 

We don’t focus on the “reason” or the “why” one entered the sex industry any more than someone in AA focuses on why they drank.  We do not care about how much money you made, who you know, what you did, or where you worked.  All we care about here at this meeting is what your problem is and how we can help.  We are not a therapy group nor an employment agency.  We are not a bank nor a school.  This is not a religious program as you have the right to any higher power of your understanding in the 12 step process. The only thing we care about in this group is our Fifth Tradition which states every groups’ “Primary purpose is to carry the message to those still suffering”. 

This is a spiritual program designed to help you find a new way of life.  The reason why we use the term “sex industry” instead of “prostitution” is because like in many different types of addiction, one can easily substitute from one form to another.  This is why in NA their clean time is defined by an abstinence from all mind altering chemicals.  In our program, we also recognize things like phone sex, webcamming and any form of material exchange for a sexual act is not within our definition of “time”. 

Can I ask ____________________________ to read our Steps please?     Thank you.

You do not have to use your real name when sharing.  Just let me know what you want me to call you so I can call you when it's your time to share.  Please do not share your last name, or speak about any personal information like where you work or live so we can protect your anonymity as much as possible.  What is said here stays here – please do not repeat anything said here.  We also do not encourage the exchange of phone numbers.  You can stay and talk after the meeting, but we ask any communications go through the secretary of this group. 
You do not have to share if you don't want to – you are welcome to listen.  But we do learn from each other's sharing and it is part of the process to recovery.  Coming to one meeting is like putting one foot into a bath and then complaining you didn't get very clean.  You didn't stop at turning one trick – so please don't stop at coming to one meeting if you're serious about finding recovery. 

The program is more than just coming to a meeting once a week.  It's coming to meetings, working the steps, learning how to apply the traditions into your daily life as well as your interactions with others.  It's also getting a sponsor and not taking that first “transaction” no matter what.  If you don't know how to solve a problem other than taking that first transaction – then call three of us.  By the end of those three phones calls – we promise you will have found another solution.  

This program is more than just about not returning to any area of the sex industry.  If you are like us – when you have quit sex work - you may be suffering from what we call “post prostitution syndrome”.   This is why we say that our requirement for membership is two fold – first you must have the desire to quit the sex industry.  Then you must also have the desire to find recovery.  Recovery is about healing and also stopping the insanity and the self destruction that is common for most of us both in and out of the sex industry in the many forms that may take.

Would _____________________ read our Traditions please?

What we do here at this meeting is first I read some recovery literature.  Then I share for about 10 minutes.  After I share – I call upon each of you to share for about five minutes.  Please try to not go over that time so everyone has time to share. Please don't make any negative comments about another persons' share or ask question.  If you have any questions – you can ask me at the end of the meeting. 

SWA  Basic Text Reading    (Chair chooses reading from Recovery Guide or the NA Basic Text  (approximately 10 minutes)). 

(Then you open the group for sharing)

It's time to now open the meeting.  You can share about what was read, or about anything else you feel like sharing.  If you don't know what to share – then tell us how you've been doing for the last week and keep us updated on how you're doing and how we can help.   Again remember to hit star 6 to mute if you're not speaking – and please do not to talk out of turn.  I can only hear one of you at a time – so I will call upon everyone before we end the meeting.
(At about 15 minutes before the end of the meeting:
If you'd like to donate to us as part of your 7th tradition – please get the address from me as to where to send your donation.  If you're not sure what to send – keep in mind that for every $10 we receive we can donate a Recovery Guide to a member who can't afford one for themselves who may be in prison or a program or doesn't have access to the internet to read it online.   
Are there any SWA announcements?
Are there any SWA anniversaries?
Are there any questions?

SWA  recommends sponsorship as part of a successful program. If you want a sponsor or want to sponsor someone then please stay after the close of the meeting and talk to each other after the meeting ends.  This phone line allows us to speak to each other anonymously.   If you want to share numbers with each other – then you can do so after the meeting. 

We are at the hour.   Thanks you for attending the group, keep coming back! We will now close the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

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