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Wednesday, June 22, 2016



First, please note the day this website was set up.  It was set up on May 26, 2015 originally.  Further note the person who registered it did so "anonymously" and has not posted their name on the site standing behind the statements there.  Also know the series "8 Minutes" had started airing three weeks before May 26th.  It was taken off the air after the 2nd episode.

Now, go and look at  Note the date of the first article about the 12 step program which we originally called "Prostitutes Anonymous" in 1987 was dated August of 1987.

Take a walk around online and see if you find anything like this about me, or our program, anywhere else pre-dating May 26, 2015.


The only other negative statements you will find about us online as of June 22, 2016 when I wrote this are found on

Notice the domain for this was registered on May 27, 2015  So ONE DAY after this site was set up about me being a "predator", this "ratethatrescue" site was set up with this page commenting about our program at  The wording on this site about our program was lifted off our website at which has a copyright symbol on it.  Meaning this copying and posting of our content is in itself a copyright infringement.

The last comment posted on this site was dated October of 2015.  So nothing before, and nothing after, has been posted in their vein about our program, or myself personally.

This program has been operating since 1987.  Now do you really think in THIRTY YEARS of operation if I was truly like the person being painted here would not the web BE CHOCK FULL OF SITES LIKE THIS?

Let's take a look at something in comparison.  I have a Paypal account as do a lot of people.  Let's see what people post online about Paypal - Wow a $25 million dollar class action lawsuit.

Here's a whole website full of horror stories about Paypal -

Screw Paypal -

Paypal sucks -

Here's a news article attacking them

Another news article -

Meaning Paypal has more than one site up by more than one person over a long period of time set up warning people about Paypal.  There's also more than one news article attacking Paypal online also.

Now, Paypal is a lot less than 30 years old.  But yet they have way more sites, and media articles up attacking them.  I don't see one single media article attacking me up anywhere.  Not one reporter has come in and "exposed the maniac" those two sites are claiming that I am.

In fact, has a positive statement up about me.  I know because one of our members had called me saying she had been trying to post something positive and was being blocked.  So another one of our members said to let her try and post something from an "anonymizer" so they wouldn't know who she was and see if they'd post her positive comment.  She was able to post it only to have it immediately attacked by the claim I MYSELF had posted this comment.  Yet you'll note no screen shot of an IP address or email of the sender to prove I myself made that comment.  So anyone posting something positive was either banned from doing so or accused of just being me in disguise.

Yeah that's fair.

Let's see what does the media say about me?    Better yet let's approach the accusation this program is a program "of one person only" as the site claims.  Here's an article about our Chicago group run by Brenda Myers-Powell.

Well that certainly looks like more than one person and I'm not even in the video.

Here's an article about Kathleen Mitchell in Phoenix.  Looks like we're more than one person and that person's not me.  I don't even live in Phoenix.

I could go on but I think you get the point.  Notice these articles are about "Prostitutes Anonymous" however.  Yet this site is about "Sex Workers Anonymous".  Is this two different groups?  No.   Go back to and you'll see we start out as "Prostitutes Anonymous" and in later years our program is called "Sex Workers Anonymous".  That's because our program changed names in 1995.  However, these groups featuring Brenda and Kathleen were founded PRIOR to 1995 so they've been calling themselves "Prostitutes Anonymous" since they started.  Kathleen's group was founded in 1991.  Now after calling yourselves a name for years - you're going to be used to it.  So our older groups go by the older name.  No point in changing them but they're still meetings held within our overall program.

Now is it possible these women THOUGHT no other group existed because maybe they were googling under our new name instead or our original name?  What comes up under Sex Workers Anonymous?

Here's a meeting listed of us in a book about "Anonymous Society"

How about a meeting in Cleveland, Ohio?

Allentown, PA

Los Angeles?

These are articles written by the press - not an individual person.  They're speaking about our meetings within other cities and states.  Places I have never been.

So this is really just a "one woman program of someone who is delusional enough to think she's running a real program?"

What about the Las Vegas group I've been running since 1996 in Nevada?  John Quinones from ABC's "What Would You Do?" flew out to Las Vegas and took me to lunch.  Then he came to watch how we run the group, and spoke to other members of the program.  Here's what he wrote in his 2009 book "Heroes Among Us?"

As to the quality of our program, a 10 year study was done by professor Sharon Oselin in her report published "Leaving Prostitution".  I've scanned what the women she interviewed about us had to say about our program in their words published by a professor I didn't even know when this was going on.

Okay I "have a UPS box for an address".  Note they said in their own words they "asked someone to drive by the address to see what it was".  Now I assure you running a program like ours, people are going to be curious and drive by.  I had a family.  I was raising a child for 18 years.  Now why would I advertise my home address?  ESPECIALLY when angry hookers online are sending people over to check out where I live?  I ask you what would have happened possibly if it had been my home?   Name me one "legit business" whose founder, owner, or director, lists their home address online other than the President living in the White House?

I have no "trademark".  I never said I had a trademark and I don't need one.  Yes to order one costs $159.  However, I give away our literature.  I don't pass a basket at our meetings.  I don't sell t-shirts.  I don't hold fund raisers.  I give away our step working guides.   So first of all, why would I invest $159 to protect a trademark for products that I give away?

Second, I never said I had a trademark.  I do have what's called a "common law trademark".  What that means is if I've been operating a commercial venture for years under a certain name, then I am protected by what's called "common law trademark" which IS enforceable as to intellectual property, and materials we've created.    You can read more about what "common law trademarks" are here

Sex Workers Anonymous is not a "registered nonprofit".  Strange.  Sure looks like we are.  


As for my "seeking publicity for myself with 8 Minutes", I first of all didn't reach out to this person calling herself Kamylla.  She contacted me.  I then did not contact one single person in the media at any time.  All media initiated their contact with me.  How did they know to contact me in the first place?  Kamylla.  During my phone conversation with Kamylla she gave me consent to publish a tape recording of her call online, she also gave me permission to talk about her to anyone who asked.  The reporters called me because she told them about me and gave them my number.  So who is "seeking notoriety here?"

I was doing all of this to somehow put money in my pocket is their accusation.  Okay show me a fund raiser  I put on for Kamylla.  Show me a fund raiser I put on to gather press and social media for myself?  However, the Cupcake Girls did.  I don't see anyone talking about how they used Kamylla to enhance their press and social media despite the fact they gathered $10,000 to give to her.  For what exactly?  Legal fees.  Only there were no legal fees.  There was no eviction filed with the Houston courthouse under her legal name.  Why would there be?  A landlord can't charge rent on a flooded legally uninhabitable unit as she further claimed she needed money for.  For rent?  Landlord again can't charge for a flooded unit.  The two attorney's who were representing her - one was paid for by the Cupcake Girls and the other was donated by the producers of the show.  

I supposedly "asked for a drivers license" which one "doesn't do to a 12 step member".  Okay Kamylla never asked to be a member.  She never asked me for help with her recovery.  She never attended any meetings.  In fact, she didn't ask me one darn thing about our program which does offer anonymity.  Meaning I've never asked someone calling for help, or a member of SWA, for a copy of their identification.  

However, I double checked everything about her story after she supposedly was attacking me online shortly after the phone call.  Only when I asked her why she was attacking me right after I had agreed to help her - she told me it wasn't her.  She said she had signed a confidentiality agreement and a model release for other people to post as her online.  She said she had no computer and no internet connection.  When I sent her screen shots of the nasty things she was saying about me online supposedly she said it wasn't her.  She was then told to "shut up" or she'd not get the money from her fund raiser.

This "other Kamylla" She claimed to have been filmed on "8 Minutes" yet her face never aired.  No reporter could produce a copy of the contract which she'd have with Relativity Media as having done the show.  SHE couldn't produce a copy of the contract or any documentation to prove she was ever on the show as claimed.  The HR Dept. of Relativity Media refused to confirm she was ever filmed for the show.  

Kamylla claims she was in Kathryn Griffin-Townsend's program for prostitutes in Houston during 2015.  Only Kathryn wasn't running that program in 2015.  The Houston jail said she was not running meetings for prostitutes in 2015.  Said she hadn't in a year.  The voice on this tape of "Kamylla" and Maxine is NOT the voice of the woman who called me saying she was "Kamylla".

The voice on this tape however is the same voice of a woman who has called me repeatedly posing as someone in need of help to try and scout out information on our program and supporters from me.  She's asked who our attorney is that helps our members, where our meetings are, can she get a phone number of other members, how many members do we have, etc.  

So when someone is posing as someone else, spreading lies about me online, and there's no backing to her story she was even on the show, nor was she arrested, being evicted, nor even attended Kathryn's diversion program, and in fact I found further down the line hidden undercover tapes and videos made of Kathryn inside of events she's held which was clearly hidden, then posted without Kathryn's consent, and also posing as someone wanting to come to one of our meetings, know more about our program, and calling over and over again using a different name each time - then yes I'm going to say I won't believe she is who she says she is until I see an ID card.  BIG DIFF from "asking members to show an ID card to get help".

There's also one other BIG FLAW with their comparing us to AA.  Alcoholism and drinking IS NOT ILLEGAL.  Prostitution is.  So NO we are NOT going to "run our program like AA".  Sex work is not a disease.  So again why would it be the same as AA when it's not a disease and the recovery process for them is different than for us.  Example - they get sober by being sober.  We however quit prostitution and then how do we pay the rent? Meaning usually we have to plan our retirement and can't just "cold turkey" it.  So the issue isn't the same, the recovery isn't the same so yes to our program IS going to be DIFFERENT.  We don't pass the basket and give away our book so clearly yes we are DIFFERENT than AA.  

Okay, who set up a website attacking who first?  Me?  Or them?  Now wouldn't anyone have a response to such a thing?  If you had a legal obligation to a group you run to serve people with "cease and desist" orders, or notices they were violating your common law trademarks and copyrights along with such false statements as you not being a nonprofit - would you not respond even though that response was "unsolicited"?

When someone violates the law, then you have to serve them with a legal notice, yes you are contacting them "unsolicited" and yes you are "threatening them".  Now if these people want to do things without giving legal notice that's their right.  But the law requires before serving anyone with a legal complaint you have to give them a five day notice under which they have those five days to breach the problem.   Then if they don't respond - then you can file a legal action but you have to serve the five day immediately to protect their legal rights.  Legal notice and "threats" are two different things.  If they didn't want to hear from me WHY POST WEBSITES then about me?  

Shawnee Hunt has had a problem with me ever since 2007 when I refuse to get up at our press conference calling to "abolish prostitution".  When I also refused to say "all prostitution is rape" and there's "no such thing as the sex industry".  How can I say there is no sex industry when there is?  I mean how much money is Vivid making off the Kim Kardashian sex tape?  How much money is Spearmint Rhino making nationwide?  Playboy?  Hustler?  Adam & Eve?  

The Hunt Alternative Foundation awarded grant money to the Denver Arts Council who then in turn donated money to the "Red Hand Studio" owned by Domina Elle.  Domina Elle is the woman who set up both sites involved here after the grant money was received.   Every person who receives grant money from Hunt whether it's through "End Demand" or "Hunt Alternatives" is told they can't have anything to do with our program.

Why?  Because we won't call our program "trafficking victims anonymous" and stand behind her views as stated above.

I also know Relativity Media, the producers of "8 Minutes" were pretty angry when my "notice of intent to sue for defamation" resulted in the show being cancelled by the next morning after only 2 episodes.  Prompting their investors to call them "con artists" and file a lawsuit against them for a lot of money.  In fact, Relativity Media filed for bankruptcy just a short time after the show canceled.  So yeah, there are some pissed off people at us back in May of 2015.  You can see the results.


Here's a member in their voice:


Compare this to the complaints against Obama or Paypal and I think we're doing pretty good here.  If you have any questions about the rest of their accusations - I'd be happy to address them with you.  Just give us a call at (702) 488-1127.  

We had to change our number when the women connected with those attack hate sites kept text bombing and otherwise jamming up our hotline phone so legit calls couldn't get through.

Oh and by the way, we just started another meeting in Wichita, Kansas this week.  I am not at every meeting everywhere in the world.  I also never said I was "perfect".  I'm no different than any other member of any other 12 step program meaning you shouldn't not pursue your own recovery because of what someone said about another person.  Make up your own mind.  Honestly, if I was what these sites claim - I'm sure the media would have reported on it by now, a lawsuit would have been filed, something would be registered long before 2015 and not since.

The women who set up these sites are active sex workers.  Now I ask you - what other type of site than a hateful attack site would be set up by drinking alcoholics about Bill Wilson and AA?

I appreciate the compliment.  I don't see the same about people like Kevin Brown who was the man supposedly rescuing women in "8 Minutes".  I don't see the same about the Cupcake Girls who has yet to produce one single "success story" of getting someone out of the sex industry.  I don't see any such against the Hunt Alternatives Foundation who granted Alameda County $80,000 who has been using that money to bust johns and prostitutes nightly according to their Twitter.  Nor against Joohoon David Lee who worked with Homeland Security and was trafficking women.  How about Chris Butler who was trafficking women using active duty cops to help him?   Or the LAPD cops who were raping women who were prostitutes?  How about the NY cop who was pimping 10 women against their will?  

BUT I WARRANT THIS MUCH HATE?  Again, what else would a drinking alcoholic say about Bill Wilson and AA?

So I do thank them for the compliment.

By the way, our program is the only one which if you are convicted of prostitution you can ask the judge to court order you to our meetings instead of jail - or alternative sentencing.  Even community service.  You don't have to hire a lawyer or go into a religious or drug program to avoid jail.  We can also help you expunge your records when your time is up.   We provide a 24/7 hotline answered by someone in recovery to help with anything you need help with when you're over 18 years old.


Warn you about me?

I'm not the on setting up hate sites against other people and sending people to their house.

You're smart.  You can figure out what's up here.  There's no "privacy policy" on either site.  They capture your IP information and also attach a cookie to every site that goes to those sites.  What a clever way to obtain mirror traffic information on who is contacting our program.  So if you've gone there and don't want anyone knowing you're calling us for help - just call us or put an "anonymizer" on your browser.  


I hear constantly "oh your program is like the AA program pretty much right?"

In some ways - yes.

In many ways - no.

For one thing - we are not a "disease".  Alcoholism is a disease which can be traced genetically, and is passed down through no fault other than being born to have it.  Because it's a disease  one is born with there is no fault nor anything one can do about it.  You just can't drink - period.

Being in the sex industry is NOT a "disease" however.

Another huge issue is the alcoholic can become sober just by not drinking.  That's it.  Plug in the jug.


Okay let's take a case I was called about two weeks ago.  This woman has no ID card.   She is exchanging sex for a motel room meaning the room is not in her name.  Being in a man's name, she can't legally receive mail at this address.  The post office won't deliver to a motel except in the registered guest's name.

She can't rent another room, or an apartment, or anything anywhere without an ID.

She can't get a job without an ID.

She can't buy or rent a car without an ID.

If someone gave her a car, she can't drive it legally without a drivers license.  Nor can she get auto insurance without an ID or drivers license either.

Want to work for Uber?  Anyone can work for Uber right?  Only Uber requires a car and a drivers license.

To get an ID or a driver's license requires an address and a fee.

Without her having a legal address where can she have her card mailed?

The UPS store will rent her a box WITH AN ID.

The Post Office can rent her a box WITH AN ID.

She's got food banks until she can get a job right?  Food banks require an ID card.

But she can get counseling while she's going through this right?  Can't get counseling without health insurance.  Can't get health insurance without an ID.

Certainly she can get some kind of low income housing or housing support to get out of this motel right?  But you can't get section 8 or HUD housing help without an ID.

She can get welfare or disability right?  Not without an ID card, a social security card and a rental agreement no.

So she can't get health insurance, welfare, disability, food donated, a car, housing or a job without an ID card.

Now if an alcoholic can become sober just by stopping drinking - then let me ask you - how does our friend her stop prostituting?

Trafficked, pimped, or not - HOW does she get the hell out of there without an ID card?

To get an ID card, one has to get a birth certificate and a social security card.  To get a birth certificate can take four to six weeks.  Only guess what?

Where would you MAIL the birth certificate and social security card without an address which you can't get without an ID card?

Don't even get into how hard it would be if someone wasn't American to get an ID card either.

In other words, it's not that easy right?

So if our woman in question here without an ID card wants to stop prostitution right now today this instant - THEN WHAT?

How does she do anything without that ID card?

Have it sent to one of her "johns" house?  Oh I bet his wife would love that.

If she has it sent to one of her "johns" then he's going to want something for that help isn't he?

Meaning she's going to have to prostitute in order to stop prostituting!

So you see - no it's not that simple for us.  Because she can walk around saying "I'm powerless" all she wants, there's still some real world challenges that have to be addressed here in order for her to actually stop doing what she's doing.

You want to help stop sex trafficking?  Then let's talk about why it's so hard to get an ID card in this country and how you can't do anything without one anymore.

I am 55 years old.  I have rented homes, gotten jobs, even bought cars without an ID card. I grew up being told that we aren't stopped in this country and asked for our papers because we're not "Nazi Germany here".  I've bought air line tickets, rented hotel rooms, leased apartments, etc., all without even showing an ID card.

I keep hearing this is to fight "terrorism".  But aren't we doing worse if we have women who are stuck in prostitution because they can't get an ID card with the way our system is set up right now?

Now we in SWA can help because we have members who will help someone get that ID card by allowing them to have the card, or their birth certificate, or social security card, sent to their house so she doesn't have to rely upon a trick.

But does AA do something like that?  No.

So guess what?   We are not "exactly like AA" because our problem doesn't work the same way nor does the solution.

So please don't jump on me about how we are "not acting like AA does" because we can't.  Not if we're going to accomplish the same goal anyway which is recovery and freedom.



Welcome to Sex Workers  Anonymous. My name is ________and I am recovering today.  We will open the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

To mute the background so we don't hear the noise behind you – please hit star 6.  To unmute to speak – hit star 6 again.  Please do not “cross talk”.

No matter what we did in the sex industry  – we can all agree  we prostituted ourselves in one way or another.  That is our common bond no matter what the title might have been.   Other programs request you respect their language which represents their philosophy.   In AA, they ask you to identify as “sober”.  In NA, they ask you to identify as “clean”.   This is also to show unity in accordance with our first Tradition. 

For this reason, we don’t ask you to identify about other programs you may also belong to such as AA or NA.  Some of us here may be recovering from other diseases and disorders such as alcoholism, and some may not.  For our purposes here we focus only on our common desire to recover from the sex industry.   

In our program, we ask you identify as being “in recovery” and the days you have away from the sex industry as “time”.  We don’t make distinctions about what led you to be or why you were in the sex industry.  Therefore, we don’t use the word “trafficking” in our program because that’s a “reason” no different than if someone were in sex work because of poverty or drug addiction.  We all share being “powerless over the sex industry” for one reason or another if we’re here, and the desire to not return. 

We don’t focus on the “reason” or the “why” one entered the sex industry any more than someone in AA focuses on why they drank.  We do not care about how much money you made, who you know, what you did, or where you worked.  All we care about here at this meeting is what your problem is and how we can help.  We are not a therapy group nor an employment agency.  We are not a bank nor a school.  This is not a religious program as you have the right to any higher power of your understanding in the 12 step process. The only thing we care about in this group is our Fifth Tradition which states every groups’ “Primary purpose is to carry the message to those still suffering”. 

This is a spiritual program designed to help you find a new way of life.  The reason why we use the term “sex industry” instead of “prostitution” is because like in many different types of addiction, one can easily substitute from one form to another.  This is why in NA their clean time is defined by an abstinence from all mind altering chemicals.  In our program, we also recognize things like phone sex, webcamming and any form of material exchange for a sexual act is not within our definition of “time”. 

Can I ask ____________________________ to read our Steps please?     Thank you.

You do not have to use your real name when sharing.  Just let me know what you want me to call you so I can call you when it's your time to share.  Please do not share your last name, or speak about any personal information like where you work or live so we can protect your anonymity as much as possible.  What is said here stays here – please do not repeat anything said here.  We also do not encourage the exchange of phone numbers.  You can stay and talk after the meeting, but we ask any communications go through the secretary of this group. 
You do not have to share if you don't want to – you are welcome to listen.  But we do learn from each other's sharing and it is part of the process to recovery.  Coming to one meeting is like putting one foot into a bath and then complaining you didn't get very clean.  You didn't stop at turning one trick – so please don't stop at coming to one meeting if you're serious about finding recovery. 

The program is more than just coming to a meeting once a week.  It's coming to meetings, working the steps, learning how to apply the traditions into your daily life as well as your interactions with others.  It's also getting a sponsor and not taking that first “transaction” no matter what.  If you don't know how to solve a problem other than taking that first transaction – then call three of us.  By the end of those three phones calls – we promise you will have found another solution.  

This program is more than just about not returning to any area of the sex industry.  If you are like us – when you have quit sex work - you may be suffering from what we call “post prostitution syndrome”.   This is why we say that our requirement for membership is two fold – first you must have the desire to quit the sex industry.  Then you must also have the desire to find recovery.  Recovery is about healing and also stopping the insanity and the self destruction that is common for most of us both in and out of the sex industry in the many forms that may take.

Would _____________________ read our Traditions please?

What we do here at this meeting is first I read some recovery literature.  Then I share for about 10 minutes.  After I share – I call upon each of you to share for about five minutes.  Please try to not go over that time so everyone has time to share. Please don't make any negative comments about another persons' share or ask question.  If you have any questions – you can ask me at the end of the meeting. 

SWA  Basic Text Reading    (Chair chooses reading from Recovery Guide or the NA Basic Text  (approximately 10 minutes)). 

(Then you open the group for sharing)

It's time to now open the meeting.  You can share about what was read, or about anything else you feel like sharing.  If you don't know what to share – then tell us how you've been doing for the last week and keep us updated on how you're doing and how we can help.   Again remember to hit star 6 to mute if you're not speaking – and please do not to talk out of turn.  I can only hear one of you at a time – so I will call upon everyone before we end the meeting.
(At about 15 minutes before the end of the meeting:
If you'd like to donate to us as part of your 7th tradition – please get the address from me as to where to send your donation.  If you're not sure what to send – keep in mind that for every $10 we receive we can donate a Recovery Guide to a member who can't afford one for themselves who may be in prison or a program or doesn't have access to the internet to read it online.   
Are there any SWA announcements?
Are there any SWA anniversaries?
Are there any questions?

SWA  recommends sponsorship as part of a successful program. If you want a sponsor or want to sponsor someone then please stay after the close of the meeting and talk to each other after the meeting ends.  This phone line allows us to speak to each other anonymously.   If you want to share numbers with each other – then you can do so after the meeting. 

We are at the hour.   Thanks you for attending the group, keep coming back! We will now close the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.