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Sunday, May 1, 2016


This article shows confidentiality is now granted to those in 12 step groups such as for adults, for juveniles, or for family members.

However, this same level of confidentiality is not given to other member in activism or advocacy groups, or support groups such as Sex Workers Outreach Project or SWOP.  Nor with trafficking hotlines such as Polaris' National Trafficking Hotline.  If the National Trafficking Hotline receives a warrant or subpena - then they are obligated by law to respond - even if it means breaking a confidence.  The same goes for trafficking support groups such as Abeni in Orange County run by Meg, or Margaret, Munoz, who also runs the SWOP chapter out there in her area at the same time she's not only running both the trafficking group, and the sex workers' rights group, but also who is part of the OC Trafficking Task Force run by local law enforcement.

However, you are now given complete confidentiality by your sponsors in 12 step programs such as ours.

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