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Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Dear Leah:

I hope this email reaches you.  I want you to put your thinking cap back on to when you were in captivity yourself.  Now I ask you to look at your website here at and ask yourself if you’d reach out to that phone number and ask for help to escape from that person. 

Now take a look at the events you train at with these officers and ask yourself – how many victims in need of help now are going to be in your audience? 

Maybe you had a pimp who was a straight up criminal.  In that case, you’d call 911.  He’s a pimp and there’s laws and if you call the cops – he’s busted.  End of problem. 

However, you’re not other people.  In Phoenix, Officer Armendariz was on the trafficking task force.  If you read his story, you’ll see he was involved in a lot of corruption and he was found dead before he could testify about what he knew. 

No one believed us the police were involved in a sex trafficking operation spanning the whole country.  No one believed me I had cop threatening to “leave my body in the desert” if I didn’t stop helping women escape.  So a reporter arranged to do a “ride along” the day we knew a drop would happen.  

Two San Mateo officers were arrested – one was Greg Munks.  Greg Munks is on the San Mateo trafficking task force.

Las Vegas, and Los Angeles was even more dangerous being a Homeland Security officer was part of the trafficking operation.  An agent who was also part of Immigration. 

In Michigan we had a prosecutor trying to convince women they had no other options than to “play ball” with his balls or go to jail.

In Los Angeles, we even had cop raping women involved in prostitution.  Cops who spread rumors these women are “crazy” in other to protect themselves, and their jobs.

Cops who do more than just call us crazy as we saw with this man who murdered them.  Which makes what these cops did not look so bad

This has nothing to do with California in that we have cops pimping women in NY while the other cop won’t lift a finger to help them.

Nor Is trafficking just limited to being by cops in California or New Jersey.  They traffick women not only as prostitutes, but also as strippers also.

Sometimes we find a whole state is involved in covering up something so big that we can’t even get real victims help by going around the police, and the prosecutors, and maybe even to others in law enforcement such as Tennessee or Minnesota.  

I can assure you while this case was being pushed through on people – we couldn’t get one return phone call from anyone in the criminal justice system to help us with one single real victim because everyone was so busy covering up a case that brought them in over $10 million dollars, a lot of promotions and a lot of awards – until it fell apart.  Something by the way these people couldn’t pull off without loading up the deck with a lot of “experts” who wouldn’t know a real trafficking operation or victim if it bit them on the ear.

When Brenda Myers-Powell who was running our Chicago chapter of Prostitutes Anonymous (we’re now called Sex Workers Anonymous), was first offered a job with the Chicago police everyone around her was very happy for her.  We weren’t.  We were the only voice who told her that we don’t “affiliate” our work with law enforcement in the public eye for a few reasons that go beyond the fact it’s our “traditions” to not do so. 

THIS was why we asked her to step down from the job.   Because what these cops did was know that while Brenda was not depending upon a paycheck from Cook County government to pay her rent – that made her dangerous to them.  She would be able to suspect something was wrong, and not hesitate to report suspicious activity to the right people, IF the people she was hearing from was the VICTIMS and not other cops. 

Our hotline was around long before the Polaris National Trafficking Hotline which launched in 2002.  Any study or even common sense tells you most victims of trafficking don’t identify as victims of trafficking.  Meaning they’ll hear “call this number if you’re being trafficked” and most younger victims won’t even think that applies to them.  In fact ask most victims what they are and they’ll say out of their mouths “prostitutes”, “strippers”, or even “sex workers”.   Which is why the name of our program, and hotline, is what it is.  This way people needing help will go online and type if certain key words to find help. Words that aren’t usually “trafficking”. 

In fact if you go to Google and type in “help to leave prostitution” you’ll find ½ of the links on the first page lead back to our program, Sex Workers Anonymous.  

Now when victims of this are being trafficked by cops, prosecutors, even governors - and they aren’t identifying as “trafficking victims” or they know they’ll just be referred to a task force who may have on the task force the very person they’re having to escape – where does that leave them?  

Who do they call for help?  Even if their “johns” are cop, politicians, prosecutors, etc., like Eliot Spitzer who may even get violent when they try and leave like happened with Eliot Spitzer recently – who do they call they can trust is NOT connected to law enforcement, the media, etc., and whose hotline is answered by another person in recovery?


Leah, I had to make choices when I first started our work in 1984.  That’s when I put together the first safe house for adults which got me arrested you can read about at  That choice was do I want to do what you’re doing – or do I create a hotline and program where the victims who are too scared to go anywhere else, and who think they have nowhere to go for help – can call and get that help?

If I put my face all over the internet as you do – then I can’t pose as a cleaning lady to go into a massage parlor where the women are being locked inside, and open up the back door to let them run into the van we have waiting for them for this reason .

I also don’t want the focus on me – but on the men and women who come to us and on the program they can reach out to for help.  I don’t want “followers” to me like a fan club, so I don’t hold myself out there like some celebrity.    I want men and women to see THEIR future when they look to us for help – NOT MINE. 

I think its great what you’re doing.  I couldn’t make that choice because if I’d done what you’re doing back in the 1980’s – then you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation today.  Because we’re talking now because Kathleen Mitchell, who had been arrested yet again, wrote us for help from jail back in 1990.   We sent her our jail step study program which she worked on in there.  When she came out she asked me what to do.  I told her to “carry the message to others”.  So she took a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting into jail.  From there, the Dignity program was created which I hear still holds meetings weekly.  This is the program which Savannah came out of.  Even Beth Jacobs came through a program in Minnesota which had our meetings. 

But I don’t see anything anywhere on your social media about our hotline.  We’ve answered 500,000 calls to their 100,000.  We are there to help anyone for any reason who wants help to leave any part of the sex industry.  We also get more calls now from Arizona than any other city.  Calls I can’t refer to you for help because of your proximity to law enforcement if I wanted to because of what they tell me is going on there in Phoenix and what they’re afraid of. 

Please don’t forget about them.  Those who can’t call the National Trafficking Hotline.  Those who need what we offer in our 12 step program. 

I’m really glad you’re helping all these “normies” understand more about us.  But I need to get back to answering that hotline now.  Just wanted to ask you to please think about our hotline and that we’re the one they can call when they can’t call anyone else. 

Especially as we branch out.  We’ve gotten so many calls from mothers we now have SWAN and from juveniles to the point where we’re launched SEA.  Their links are below.  Just an FYI.

Jody William

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