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Sunday, April 10, 2016

KATHLEEN MITCHELL - WELCOME TO 1984  I saw Kathleen Mitchell won an award for her work with the Dignity Program in Arizona.  Strange how history seems to be rewriting itself.  Any one see anything about "Prostitutes Anonymous" in that interview?


She didn't seem to have a problem talking about us here in 2000 -

Or here in 2010 -

Or here in "Somebody's Daughter" -


Kathleen Mitchell wrote us from the Durango Jail about 1988=9 asking for help to stop going in and out of jail.  We sent her our "jail step study program" to work her steps from jail for free I'd like to add.   When she got out we had no meeting in Phoenix so she asked what should she do.   I told her the easiest way to create a meeting would be to go back to the jail she'd just gotten out of and lead a panel like AA and NA does.  

About 1990-91 she did just that.  After about a year of this, she was approached by people so impressed with her work with OUR program, and her clearly being the result of that program, they offered to help her launch Dignity.  As you can see from above, she ran "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings for over 20 years at Dignity.  I sent her free "Recovery Guides" when I could afford to, and she never bought any.  I have never received any of the money from the passing of the baskets, nor from the grant money she received as a result of working our program.  

We sent her newsletters for years, also free. They were given to the women who attended the Prostitutes Anonymous meetings because we'd get letters from them.  When I met Kathleen face-to-face in 2007 at the Las Vegas press conference we gave on how trafficking exists within legal brothels and legal sex industries, to release the report I'd helped Melissa Farley write base on our work getting women out of the legal brothels of Nevada, which no one else has been doing, I gave her another 20 "Recovery Guides" for free.  We have never received a donation, nor one book order from these groups either. 

Now I've been going to NA meetings since 1985.  Jimmy Kinnon founded NA.  I'm not discounting Kathleen's work anymore than I'm discounting I've been going to NA meetings also for 30 years.  But if I got an award for my work with addicts, and didn't even mention Jimmy, do you think that's honest?  I mean I wouldn't even be sitting in that NA meeting without what Jimmy did first being done.   

Norma Hotaling got clean in a jail.  True.  But she got clean in 1989.  When she got clean, she called our hotline, the only one in the country for us ever as far as adults goes to call for help when trafficked, or when they just want to get out, or to find recovery.  I sent her out literature and we talked.  She maintained her "anonymity" with most people as she should.  But I know SAGE was created through reading our starter kits and outreach manual I sent her, and talks with myself.  I know those early SAGE clients attended Prostitutes Anonymous meetings also because I mailed the formats over, and spoke to her clients on the phone.  I referred many a person to her meetings at SAGE until I started getting complaints from the clients which I believe now were from her health starting to bother her obviously.  

Now you can hate me all you want - but I am not the only person in this program.  That's clear because both Kathleen and Norma have benefited from our program.  That's clear because Brenda Myers-Powell has said in interviews she's a member of our program, and owes her recovery to us.  We have chapters all over the USA.  I've answered over 500,000 calls from us.  Right now I have 190,000 contacts in our database, and 60,000 subscribed to this blog.  I am not ALONE.  When someone fails to mention our name, or wants to attack me for whatever reason, that is no reason to take it out on the other members of this program.  

Attacking us is attacking the oldest, and largest, program of survivors in this country.  Survivors who want to remain "anonymous" and who don't want to go up and get awards and who want to "maintain their personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films".  Many who are such victims of trafficking they have to live "underground" and "off the grid" so they're not going to step up and defend our program when it's disrespected in this manner.  

You got a problem with me? Take it out on me.  DON'T take it out on the wonderful brave members of this program who include Kathleen Mitchell.  You give her and Norma awards?  Then don't disrespect the other members of our program simply because they wish, or have to, remain "anonymous".  

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