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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


When programs open up that work with children - there is a screening process to weed out pedophiles.  They do this by looking for prior arrests and convictions for such things as sex with children or other abuse of children.

However, there is a whole other predator out there.  That of the "prostitute predator".  What these predators do is look for someone with a past history of prostitution who is "known" in the community as one, or who has a record of prostitution.  Then they do what they want without fear.  This is why most serial killers' favorite target is prostitutes.  Most are not willing to go to the police to file reports which are going to be ignored anyway.   The best film I've seen on how we used to be treated by police is "Frozen Ground" with Nicholas Cage based on a true story.  This story was about a known businessman who owned a large bakery in Alaska who targeted prostitutes.  Then when one went to the police telling of how he tried to kill her - they wouldn't even get a search warrant because of her being known as a "prostitute".  This is what I mean about a type of predator who focuses in on this type of victim.   There is no way I know of to weed this type of predator out other than maybe a past record of being arrested for trying to buy a prostitute.

I know this about these types of predators - they start out young.  Almost always by about 13 years of age.  Once their pattern is established between the ages of 13 and 16 years of age - that's it.  They're set for life.  Look at all of the embarrassment that Eliot Spitzer went through and how he not only didn't stop, but he escalated into a violent assault against a woman trying to leave him.  That's because like all "addictions" - they escalate more or progress more or whatever you want to call it.

At one time, our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, was established as part of the courts being heard on prostitution charges.  After being convicted of prostitution, a man or woman on those charges would then be able to ask the court if they could be referred to our program instead of jail.  Most of the time the court would grant this request, or sometimes they wanted to add in drug treatment, or even a residential treatment program.  We would then arrange for this defendant to get admitted into a residential treatment program for prostitutes, or a drug treatment program we knew that was effective working with prostitutes.  Because trust me, most drug treatment programs are designed for men - not women with these types of sexual issues and severe PTSD, and sometimes even Stockholm Syndrome, or brainwashing by their pimps.  This requires specialized treatment.    But either way, the court would then turn this person over to us INSTEAD of just locking them into jail.

NOW, those prostitutes who had pimps who didn't want to let them go started rebelling against this.  They started demanding their victims refuse to come to our program INSTEAD opting for jail.  Why?  Because they would use their time in jail to recruit other women to come to work for their pimp by promising them they would pick them up on their release date, and then when she got out she'd go right back to the pimp only with a few more women in the stable for him to pimp out.  So the pimp GAINED by her being thrown into jail.

After a few times of this happening, I started calling some of the judges about this.  I was told "they're adults and I can't make them accept alternative sentencing".   Which is true.  As adults, if they wanted to go to jail instead of coming to a 12 step program designed for them to exit the industry - no one can make them.

But then we start getting some prosecutors who are then approached by these same women.  Their pimps tell them "you don't need no to get you out of jail - you go offer to suck that man's dick and he'll get you out of trouble".    Which then happens.  Well the prosecutors then have an interesting choice on their hands.

They can (a) refer this woman to our program for help to exit the sex industry, or (b) they can let her suck their dick, go to jail, recruit more women for their pimp, and then when she gets out and goes back to the pimp she's going to continue to have sex with him and no one is the wiser.  He's not going to arrest her again so no one will know.  On top of this, the jail then picks up $75 to $150 per day for her incarceration.  The public defender picks up  an hour of billing time and they even probably get some fees from her.

So what was left?  Probation.  We used to be part of completing the first year of probation in Michigan.  Only somewhere along the line I get a call that we've just been shifted to the SECOND year of probation.  I raised hell.  I told them "there will BE NO SECOND YEAR of probation if you don't include us in the FIRST year of probation".  Their answer was "we want them to complete drug treatment and THEN deal with their prostitution issues".  To which my answer was "they aren't GOING to get clean if you don't deal with the prostitution issues FIRST".  Which is what I'd seen in every other program I'd studied both before I opened our program, and for the 30 years I've followed other programs in other states and countries.  I tried to convince these people I was speaking to that this was not a good idea and we needed to be switched back to the first year of probation.

So now the predators can move into place.  Because what do ALL abusers share as their m/o?  They isolate their victims.  They convince them they have nowhere else to turn for help.  Just as the pimps didn't want their victims to come to our program either.  Only there's another problem they face - probation.  If they're sleeping with the prosecutor - then it's going to come up in the first year probation files.  It's going to come up in drug treatment.  So we need to come up with a logical sounding reason why we're pushing SWA back into the second year of probation KNOWING THEY WON'T MAKE IT THAT FAR.

Now how do you make a woman scared she's going to go to jail, lose her home, lose her kids, etc., if there's Sex Workers Anonymous standing right there saying "oh don't worry we can get you out of jail and out of this situation entirely and into a whole new life"?  You don't.  So you just come up with a bunch of excuses and excuses and then pretend like they don't exist until new people come into these offices who don't remember that SWA used to be a regular part of the system.

Think about it this way - you own a brewery.  You have a bar right outside the brewery.  You make your living selling alcohol.  Now suddenly the wife of the owner of the brewery becomes an alcoholic.  You hold beer festivals in the town.  You employ a lot of people.  You have a culture that embraces beer.  You have fund raisers where you have beer tastings and auction off beer.  Now do you really want the wife of the owner saying "I can't be around this culture any more"?   Every friend they have has beer at their BBQ's, and beer in their homes and a beer after work.  In fact 1/2 of the town stops over for a beer at the bar before going home.  So how is this woman going to join AA and stay away from where any alcohol is served and people drink?  It's certainly not going to take lightly to her starting up an AA meeting right in the brewery either.  What a downer!

But take it to the next level and let's take this back to Prohibition.  That brewery is now bathtub gin and the bar is now a speakeasy.  Everyone who works at the speakeasy is a criminal.  The people who drink there are criminals.  NOW do you really want the wife of the owner of a speakeasy going to AA meetings?  No you aren't which is why by the way AA did not open until Prohibition was repealed.   So now it's more than that.  The guys who bring in the booze from Canada hear that the owner's wife is in an AA meeting and they get nervous.  They get nervous she's going to go tell the cops about them because she's now sober.  Now you have some people who really aren't happy about the idea she's crossing over to a side where she might rat them out and put them in jail.

Most forms of sex work in the USA are illegal.  So the analogy is like that.  Both the customers and the providers get really nervous when someone in the industry is going into recovery because there is a criminal element here to this picture.  As well as shame.  I don't think this prosecutor wants it blasted all over the internet that he's seeing prostitutes.  However, legal prostitution is a plane ride away.  He didn't have to go through all of this.  All he had to do was hop a plane to Nevada if he wanted to pay for sex.

That's because what he did here wasn't about sex.  It's a form of sexual abuse and he's a predator.  Which I suggest he could not have accomplished without pushing our program to the wayside.

Which leads to a whole new set of problems we're now facing because of "No Such Thing".  When a juvenile is arrested for prostitution there are things the judge can court order him or her to do such as enter into treatment, or get a job as I did when I was put on probation.  Which by the way saved my life.  If I had not been arrested, and had I not been forced because of probation to go to meetings, get a job, etc., then I assure you I would not have been allowed to live nor would I have left the sex industry.  I was able to tell everyone around me "oh don't worry - I'm just doing this for the court" and calm them down.  I would not have been allowed to do those things otherwise.   The hold these men had over me in the sex industry would have remained had I not been put on probation.

But you don't arrest these juveniles and guess what?  Most trafficking is done with the parents directly, or indirectly.  Now do you think a film maker coming through town is going to have parents go "here film me pimping my kid out".  No.  The only pimping you've going to see on films is what the cops arrest in street sweeps.  You are not going to even be allowed to film juveniles out there.  So this is unseen by the media - but it's there.  Almost every member of our program has reported they were pimped out by either their parents, step-parents, foster-parents, teachers, coaches, social workers, etc.  If pimped out by someone else, these guardians will take a financial cut in order to stay silent and back off stopping it.  Just as my mom did.  When my mom found out what was happening - she sat back and gladly took a cut for her support.

Now what are you going to do?  Put these kids in counselors' offices where the person pimping them is driving them to therapy?  These people will either not take them to treatment, or they'll get someone they can bullshit.  Trust me I remember when I was coached how to lie to grown-ups so they didn't know what was going on with me at home.  It takes a very trained eye to be able to tell the truth in a world where most don't have the slightest clue but propaganda that doesn't show all about this world - warts and all.  There is a culture that's been created to hide child abuse and pedophilia within the church - and that's who has created most of the media we're looking at now on this subject.  Media which points at everyone but them, i.e., the big bad black man on the corner.  Not back into their homes where it's all started from.

Something has to be done to mandate the proper care for these kids.  By taking off fear of arrest - you have now put a bulls-eye on these kids who the traffickers are now turning to in droves.  What's the worst that can happen?  Therapy that they drive the kids to?  This is why I have registered such vocal complaints about us not being included in the process of this "No Such Thing" campaign because what you've done by pushing out law enforcement out of the issue - is you're removed the ability for help to get to the kids being turned out by their parents and/or guardians.  Encouraging more of this -

We were put out there as an "alternative to sentencing" and diversion back in 1987 when we first started, but we did not push to have this required by law.  As a result, the pimps and predators have now pushed us out of their way so they have a clear shot at their victims.  We need to change this because I can assure you this is happening in many other states right now.  Can I tell you where without being sued for defamation?  No.  We have to wait until they're prosecuted to speak about it in the press.  These victims need our help and need it now.  While SWOP is up talking about how "some people aren't being coerced" - I ask you by who?  These women might not have been "coerced" by a pimp - but coerced still the same they were.

What Stuart Dunnings III did was a form of rape.  A form of rape that was supported by every person that allowed them to push Sex Workers Anonymous out of the system for adults.  Remember ladies, predators can be charming and convincing.   I know my father who became an attorney by the way was to cover up his abuse of me as a child was.

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