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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Follow my logic here.  When I was in the sex industry in the 1980's, I was witnessing women being sold, kidnapped, and otherwise trafficked during what has been called "Iran Contra".  Meaning it was men within our own government who were bringing the cocaine into this country in order to raise money to buy guns for the Contra's.

The gangs were the distributors, the customers, and the scapegoats.   Want to murder a witness?  Call her a prostitute and leave her in an alley somewhere and no one will care.  One of the ways women were made to disappear is we had no trafficking laws on the books prior to the Trafficking Act of 2000.  Meaning if you got onto a plane by "choice" then it wasn't kidnapping.   If not kidnapping, then no crime.  It wasn't until you got off the plane in another country that you learned your ass was grass.

Which is where the "Dating Game" came in.  Women were recruited from among the sex industry - strippers, porn performers, etc.  You did an audition tape which was then sent to wealthy men overseas.  If they liked you, then you got onto the "Dating Game" produced by Chuck Barris.  Then you win a date to some country you've never heard of.  You're getting onto the plane with Chuck, who is a known producer so you're in safe hands right?,9171,404266,00.html

Now before Chuck confessed to all, and before the news of Iran Contra came out in 1984 I was arrested.  Meaning many important men within our own CIA were worried what I'd tell the prosecutor about what I knew.  I didn't talk not so much because I didn't want to but because I wasn't stupid enough to think they would have believed me back then before any of this has come out now in the press.

Not wanting to take a chance - these people just ordered a hit on me.  Not unlike what was probably done to silence Jeane Palfrey about what she knew before she could testify at the ethics hearing.  Or Brandy Britton before she could testify at her hearing.  Or Officer Armendariz in Arizona about what he knew before his corruption hearing.  Officer Armendariz was on the human trafficking task force in Arizona and was also found hung in his home right before his hearing.

The prosecutor knew it and that's why he gave me a fake name for my case "Rene Le Blanc".  This was so when I had a hearing I wouldn't be shot coming up the courthouse steps.  They couldn't find me otherwise.  The only shot (no pun intended) they had at me was when I came to court.  So they gave me a fake name thinking it would hide when I was coming and make me safe.  Only they failed to give my mom a fake name who was joined with my case.

Needless to say, I didn't trust them when they said "we'll protect you - tell us what you know".  I knew if I said things like this - I'd of been locked up for psychiatric observation.

So I cut my hair, change the way I looked, and hid.  I moved around from couch to couch and stayed I want to show you a petition that looks like a great thing to sign.  So you click on this and it takes you to a place to show support.

So you come upon this page.  Looks good right?

I want you to read the "privacy policy" on this page.

I want you to note this "privacy policy can change any time without notice" AND where they say they can "share this information with any of their partners".

Polaris advertises they "do not give your information to the police".  However, if you read this article it states they are going to be sharing it with Palantir  Technologies.  If you read further, you'll see the CIA is a "partner" of Palantir of which Polaris is "partnering" with and also "partner" with the United Way" on this website.  Meaning in one swoop any information such as your IP address, your physical location, etc., is going to be transferred over to this Palantir "without notice".

Here's more information on Palantir.

So you, or anyone in your contact list, goes onto this site, and they can figure out where you are, what computer you're on, and all sorts of other details about WHERE TO FIND YOU.

I left pimps about a year into the sex industry.  That's when the traffickers within our own government came after me.  If they could have found me I would be dead now.   Meaning right now there's someone who wants to get away from these men and CAN'T CALL POLARIS.  Why?  Because all of the data on where they are is going to go right back to the very people they're running from.  These propaganda campaigns want you to think it's just street pimps just during the Super Bowl because they don't want you to know it's THEM in our government that might be trying to keep a string on a victim like Jeane Palfrey was.

Polaris has been receiving funding from the legal brothels of Nevada.  The money goes through 100 other channels - but let me ask you this - why is there no law now requiring the National Trafficking Hotline be posted in Nevada's legal brothels?  The most obvious place in the world - why?

Oh we can trust them right?  No one is going to use any of this information to try and trace down a survivor who is hiding out from their trafficker right?  Okay - explain this then:

I want to invite you to see one of the people besides Polaris that are "partners" with United Way.  Check out Willow Way.

Don't know who "Willow Way" is?  It's Beth Jacobs.   Some of you who know me know who Beth Jacobs is.  She goes up to anyone, and EVERYONE online, telling them I'm "dangerous" and a "pimp".  Mind you I'm just another survivor here like everyone else.  The reason I know of this is because I have a lot more friends than she realizes who send me screen shots of her doing this to me for over FOUR YEARS now.  

For those of you who don't know, Beth Jacobs would go online during Project Rose and tell people she was a "social worker".   I have the screen shots for that also.  Only if she was, she certainly wasn't licensed at that time.  Nor was Willow Way even a nonprofit as she was claiming during the time she was with  Project Rose.   In fact, let's take a look at what her paperwork looked like during Project Rose.  Now mind you I am not telling people I'm a "social worker" now am I claiming to run a nonprofit.  I run a 12 step program which "ought never be organized" and our services are to remain "forever nonprofessional".  

So the below is Beth's status during the time she was with "Project Rose".  Also, Mojave Counseling, where the survivors were sent for counseling - was unlicensed at the time also.  In fact, they were shut down for not being licensed when they were working with these women and having Beth Jacobs as their counselor.   So when you click on this website, you are authorizing this woman to know your IP address.  Which I'll warn you, until I served Beth with a "cease and desist" letter I have a copy of if you'd like to see it, she would take my IP address and she would follow everyone that I spoke to and told them this "pimp" story of hers, or threaten them about what would happen to them if they continued to speak to me.

When that wasn't enough for her, she got her way into our "members only" group online we used to have.  Then she took photos of our members, and their children, and posted these private photos online and in a public manner where their pimps could find them as she identified them as SWA members.  Beth even took and helped a stalker of mine find a photo of me, and then tried to help a man who was giving me death threats on the phone figure out where I lived.  Oh yes United Way, let's partner with Willow Way and provide them with information like our phone #, address, copies of our comments, and our geographical local as survivors.  Beth currently has a job with Truckers Against Trafficking providing them with "training".   I've also now counted four drivers I'm aware of who have notified this group that calling Polaris just makes the victim run and they want another tactic, or they want to be able to put me on the phone as a survivor to speak with them - only to have TATS not listening to their feedback.  No - because they're hired Beth as a trainer who has probably told them a line about me also.

If you want help and don't want your traffickers to know where you live, who you talk to, who your doctor's are, and if you want OUT - then you get in touch with us here at  We don't "share" our information you give us with ANYONE.

If you're wondering why SWOP isn't warning you about this - my answer is GOOD QUESTION.  Maybe it's because their Seattle chapter is going up to the local police, and the press, and circling your name on a list and saying "I know her" and "she's not coerced".   Yeah I said the same thing too back in 1984 when I was trying to cover my ass and look like nothing was wrong.

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