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Monday, March 21, 2016

ANOTHER PREDICTION COME TRUE - AND A POOR DUPE GOES TO PRISON AS A PIMP   This case is what happens when you have a jury that doesn't understand what's going on here because the media isn't telling the whole story, and they also don't understand how the sex industry itself works to know what's "trafficking" vs. what's "prostitution" or even something else entirely.  Yes because of the fact the police are monitoring Backpage, Craigslist, The Erotic Review, and every other online site advertising prostitution - the real pimps and pornographers are scared.  So scared Larry Flynt of Hustler, who fought Ohio and even made a movie about fighting censorship, is selling his home and the Hustler building in Hollywood because he's running from these people.  Backpage owned by the Village Voice has now sold to a Dutch Holding Company.  Playboy no longer is running nude centerfolds, nor even filming nude TV any longer.  

So how are prostitutes and pimps getting their ads online knowing the cops are monitoring their ads now?  It's so bad that most banks won't allow their cards to be used to pay for ads and Backpage even stopped taking money for their ads in the escort section.  The police, the CIA, the NSA, even THORN funded by Ashton Kutcher is scouring the internet for "traffickers" and tracking IP addresses of anyone placing prostitution ads.  So how are they getting their ads online?

They're getting "dupes" that have student loans out and need money to take odd jobs where they throw them a few bucks for posting ads for them online.  These "dupes" have no idea what kind of trouble they'll get into as this case illustrates how much trouble.  They choose someone they don't care about so if he goes to jail - they could care less.  Besides, if the prostitutes now cry "he made me do it" they can get free scholarships, free immigration help, free housing, a get out of jail free card - all kinds of goodies just for saying "that bad man made me do this".  True or not doesn't matter it seems.  I mean honestly - if this guy was a pimp he would actually know better than to be stupid enough to have placed those ads if you ask my expert opinion on this case.  

What's happening here traces back to the 1980's.  In 1988 in LA Prostitutes Anonymous created a very effective program to help sex workers exit the industry. The jails were over crowded because the medications for HIV were about $10,000 a month to pay for by people who had no health insurance. Cocaine had hit and people had drug habits to support. Transgenders had to pay for sex changes back then also. Meaning there was a lot of people in the sex industry then. The jails were stuffed and I'd seen how addicts were being let out into Narcotics Anonymous and drug courts. So I created the first hotline and a 12 step program and went to the county who let us clear out the jails. The guards didn't want to go near them for fear of HIV anyway. We found a building cleared 1800 women out of 2000 of the womens' jail, 400 transgender's, and about 50 pimps. The program was the first that was successful with this community that had an almost 100 % relapse rate statistically. 

We were so effective I got a call in 1989 from Allentown. They begged me to come help because they had a jail built for 200 housing 2000 women - almost all of who were prostitutes. With one cop on 7th street, and "johns" coming in from 5 states, there was a prostitution problem in town. I moved back there at my own expense, and as a volunteer, we created the "Program for Female Offenders". 

At the end of the year, we had saved the county over $750,000, cleared out the jail, and all but two women who were bipolars were now clean and working outside of the sex industry. I moved back to CA in 1990 - leaving the program in the hands of the county. Only someone in government decided there was more money in building a bigger prison. Our program was dropped. With our program as an "alternative to jail" - no one was snitching out their pimp.

To justify building a bigger jail - they had to "restuff" the jail. Meaning they had to start re-arresting the prostitutes, and also have them start turning on men as their pimps. By 1991, they had started plans to build a million dollar new jail. They got rid of our program so prostitution started flourishing again.

They don't tell women they can use our program as an "alternative to jail" so in fear of jail they turn on some man and call him pimp. The real pimps they don't turn on because nine out of 10 times they're the father of their children. So they're stuck with him for at least 18 plus years. They can't leave or he files a kidnapping charges or threatens to take custody since they're "just a prostitute you know". Because they can't escape their pimp - they keep prostituting, and doing drugs to cope with being trapped. 

Please someone help me get the word out to these women our program still exists. A 10 year study was just completed in "Leaving Prostitution" by professor Sharon Oselin verifying our program was effective. John Quinones from ABC's "What Would you Do?" has verified us with his own eyes in "Heroes Among Us". Bob Herbert of the NY Times checked us out with his own eyes too and wrote a series of articles.  We have interviews with some members up at

So please - can someone please let these women know about If the state wants to take their kids into foster care, shove them into useless drug programs, their men into jail as "pimps", saddle them with a prostitution record, smear them all over the press - and then wonder why they can't "get another job" outside of the sex industry - they're not the problem here.  Also, if this judge, jury and prosecutor actually believes this guy is a pimp - then they need to consider letting me come provide some expert witness testimony, or maybe a workshop to the court, or something, because this is just one more of my predictions about where this out of control system is taking us right now.  I had said that prostitutes were going to start throwing innocent men under the bus to save themselves, and take advantage of these "perks" now they get for "crying victim" and for not understanding how the sex industry works properly to make such judgments about people's freedoms.  This is why the courts invented drug court - so that experts in addiction could get involved.  And why we need to do the same now with prostitution.  

Allentown - get a clue.  You let REAL PIMPS GO FREE because you didn't understand why a pregnant prostitute is going to get on a stand and talk about "how wonderful her pimp is to her".   The reason is because SHE CAN'T LEAVE HIM.  She can't pick up and leave him or he gets to file kidnapping charges.  If she has a prostitution record - he'll get custody.  Even if she puts him in jail - she'll still be forced to let him know where the children, i.e., she lives.  Meaning anyone could come find her if she crosses him.  THIS is what happens if she says the wrong thing -  So did you really think knowing there's TWO of them, father and son, that they would say something BAD about these guys when one of them is even 8 months pregnant?

And then you lock up some student who posted an ad online he thought was a harmless prostitution ad because he had no idea how insane the system has become about "trafficking"?  Come on guys.  I've offered to relocate back there, come back and visit for a few days, serve as an expert witness, etc.  There's just no reason for this.  You're really making yourselves look stupid here now.  


Jody Williams
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