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Monday, February 15, 2016


NOW you know why I say "DOES IT MATTER?" with respect to whether a girl like this was being pimped or not? What's getting lost in all this drive for trafficking money is those in prostitution who are there because they need help. THIS is what happens when lines are drawn between "okay this girl is a victim" and "this girl isn't a victim" and "this is who we're going to help" and "this is who we're going to treat like a monster".

IT'S BULLSHIT. IT DOESN'T MATTER! We ALL need HELP and should be treated equally and getting help EQUALLY.

I was told the girls' attorney was Louise Johnson in Grand Rapids. So I did a search and found - Okay if this girl's attorney is this person - there is something very wrong here. I found this about her judge -

In Michigan, it is "standard operating procedure" to allow those convicted of prostitution who have children, or HIV, or other conditions that would make a mandatory jail term difficult for them to attend as adults.  

Granted, we do normally only work with adults because our program is built for adults in that we don't allow in outsiders like social workers, parents, probation officers, and others who are attending with juveniles. We send juveniles to whose founder, Lois Lee, is also an attorney. She is an attorney because most juveniles who are prostitutes are usually done so not only by force - but by those closest to them like parents, foster parents, group homes, social workers, etc., and she often has to take custody of them to get them to safety. CON is a residential program and would have flown this girl to them at her expense.

These are things ANYONE working on a case like this should know ESPECIALLY if she's going to be running for Congress after a girl like this was allowed to be sent to jail WHEN IT WAS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

I mean are you telling me that the authorities over there couldn't figure out that yes she's a juvenile, but if she's tried as an adult, and has two children, then there's no legal reason why she couldn't have been offered what other adults in Michigan, and others states across the USA, are offered - and that's to come to our program instead of jail? I mean if they weren't going to send her to Children of the Night as a juvenile - then why not send her to us as an adult then? This case doesn't compute to me OTHER than they're saying "oh well she's not got a pimp behind her so we're going to treat her like an adult criminal". That's what seems to have happened here. Only problem with that logic is that adults in Michigan are being sent to our program, and many can't even sign off on probation until they do! So what happened here?

SOMEONE needed to get on the phone with us before this happened. Now our program has had people remanded over to us once they have been incarcerated - but that's been where one of our members has been able to physically go and pick them up from the jail or courtroom. Something a little hard to do at this stage in the game. Someone needs to help me get ahold of her judge, or her attorney - and let's see what we can do to get her out. Money isn't going to get her out because that's not going to change the law. However, we might need money to send a SWA member to the jail to get her out of there and into a residential program - which we can do.

What really burns my ass is that 300 people signed a petition rather than picked up a phone to call us knowing that we routinely, and for 30 years now, have done alternative sentencing? WTF?

You know what this reminds me of? When Judge Voy decided he wanted to raise $2,000,000. That's when the referrals to us, and the referrals to Children of the Night stopped and instead he started locking up juvenile females in the Caliente jail. Then he called up the press and said "oh my isn't this terrible?" and "gee we have no where else to send them" and "give me $1,000,000 to open up a house for them". Blood money. He got his five acres and close to the mil and where's the program Edward Voy? In the meantime, the girls were sent over to the Rawes Nelson Mental Health Center and given housing as long as they took experimental medications. Only we found out the counselors, and the center - hadn't been licensed in four months to operate. They weren't getting paid by Medicaid either because they were experimenting on these girls. Reminds me of the documentaries I've seen about what Hitler did to the Jews.

Only what they're doing to women in this country is the crime. Will someone help me get in touch with her attorney or the court and let me figure out why if she was "tried as an adult" she was not offered the same "alternative to incarceration" that adults are then?

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