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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


We've had a problem with people running "fake" Prostitutes Anonymous meetings for money.  Each time we've located them, they're in connection with programs that have received grant money in some way from the Hunt Foundation to try and attack the sex industry itself.  These groups are not what our program is about, and the people running them are violating the law.  They are violating our copyrights and tradmarks and the money they're collecting is through fraud.   Because of these fake meetings, I google us about once a week.

About two years ago, I came across  Sextrade 101 led by Natassha Falls stating they were running our meetings.  When I contacted them about it - I was told quite rudely "we don't run them anymore".  Okay well take it off your site then.  They're clearly using our keywords to generate traffic to their website and that's also illegal to exploit our work for their gain.  It frankly implies we endorse them when we do not.  I asked them to remove the listing from their site.  Mind you this was over two years ago.  I have checked on them every six months or so - and not only is the listing still there - but the people behind the organization continue to be rude to us in the process of exploiting our work for their gain illegally.

This is not an ethical action which makes me question everything they're doing.  I've asked them simply to remove the listing without having to sue them for damages or file charges. They are using my name and while doing so want to continue to be rude assholes to me.  Not cool.   They know it's very hard for us to sue them being they're in Canada.  So all I can do is say to be careful about trusting any group behaving in such an unethical manner.  If they wanted to start a 12 step program of their own - they're free to do so.  If they wanted to use ours - then they should give us the respect of running things out way which include things like we do not publish where we're holding meetings online to protect the members.  Clearly they don't seem to care about protecting our members - which again has me concerned about their clients.

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