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Sunday, December 20, 2015


I was asked to bring the program to Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1989 by Ruth Wernick.  No one offered me any money to relocate or as a salary.  I paid my own way to relocate back to Allentown - and started running a Prostitutes Anonymous group in the Allentown jail, as well as the house where the women were put who were in the "Program for Female Offenders".  If you read this article that was done without my knowledge at the time - you'll see Ruth claiming she "created the program".  Now maybe it was a misprint.   Probably not.  I moved to Allentown to run the PA meetings in August of 1989.

There were 2000 female prostitutes in a jail built for 200 women when I arrived.  We were able to put four women in one bedroom, in a five bedroom house.  Eight women were put in the basement and 4 more were put in the attic rather than jail.  Others were allowed to be under house arrest as long as they attended the daily meetings I ran in the house.  We cleared out 1800 prostitutes out of the womens' jail once I arrived.   I trained all the staff, counselors, and social workers on how to work with this community.  Every woman but two that I worked with during this period of time wrote me over years letting me know they stayed clean and got jobs outside of prostitution.  The only two we had problems with were those who were also being treated for bipolar disorder.

I walked up behind Ruth to the xerox machine one day to find she was using our program to apply for grant money, and to raise money at private fund raisers, without my knowledge or consent.  I asked her how much of this money she had obtained that she would have been able to obtain without using our name.  She refused to answer me.  I left Allentown in October of 1990 after realizing she was doing things behind my back with my name and I couldn't trust her.  This interview was given in 1991 and proves my decision that I couldn't trust her honesty and integrity were spot on.  The internet wasn't born until 1995 - so I didn't hear about this article until years later.  I continued to sponsor people by mail and telephone after I left that I was sponsoring there who told me the program had folded by the end of 1991 not long after I left.

Evidently, some people decided there was more money to be made building that bigger jail after all.  The "Program for Female Offenders" was disbanded, the jails were stuffed with prostitutes once again and they built their bigger jail.  Only they forgot to think about things like a food budget.  I didn't give this interview and Ruth severely misquoted what our program is to serve her own purposes.

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