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Saturday, December 26, 2015


I found this today establishing you believe our program "forces" sex workers to attend.  The reality is the opposite. Our program was created to be used only when the sex worker was facing incarceration as a means of escape - not something to be forced into.

 In response to this as far as Chicago goes, I wanted to let you know I have been trying everything I can to put a stop to what Brenda was doing using the name "Prostitutes Anonymous".  I gave Brenda consent to run a meeting.  That was it - period - zip.

The next thing I know CAASE had taken Division 17, Project Rose, and 8 other states and was FORCING sex workers to attend Prostitutes Anonymous meetings they were running any way they wanted.  What I mean by that is we don't attack the sex industry as the problem in our program.  What they were doing was blaming the industry.  To do that is infantile - like saying "oh I was drunk so I wasn't responsible".  

I was tricked in the same manner in 2007 by Melissa Farley, Brenda and Katheen, who were also members of CAASE.  My mother had just died, I was recovering from a stroke, my daughter was suffering from what we thought was bipolar disorder, and I was out of work.  Melissa came to me and asked me to do a press conference with these women that she flat out lied to me in order to get me in front of a camera.  Once she did so she popped on me the request to make certain statements which I refused.  That didn't stop her from dragging the reporters into the hallway, telling them I did feel the way she wanted, and those statements were published without my consent.  

At that time, I had a good relationship within the industry and with groups like Tits N Sass.  They put out the alert about what happened and EVERYONE turned their back on these women. Without access to any sex workers to research - Melissa I thought would bend.  Instead, she created a "catifsh" Stella Marr to mouth her words.  Norma Jean Almodovar and myself jointly exposed this as a fake and this pushed Melissa to join with NIckolas Krifostof and created Samoly Mam and Chong KIm to mouth their lies.  Again, with a joint effort of sex workers and myself we were able to expose these fakes as we did Rachel Moran.  

Seeing we were an unbeatable team - I know that's what's happened with the change in the climate since "8 Minutes".  Melissa Farley is aligned with Shared Hope and Exodus Cry.  These programs/ministries were behind the production of "8 Minutes".  The minute "8 MInutes" aired - I had Domina Elle on my ass, creating websites like Ratethatrescue, and winding up Norma Jean, Gaye Dalton, and others either against me, or afraid not to against me. 

The reason?  They're gearing up for round II.  I would like to sue CAASE for what they did to our program.  I created a 12 step program specifically so it could be used as an "alternative to sentencing".  The purpose was for those CONVICTED to be able to avoid jail.  It was never ever created to be something forced the way these people did - nor to blame the sex industry.  When I refused to change our literature and even the name of our program - they got Brenda to pretend to be the founder to do our media interviews and basically hijacked my own program!

Now the only way I got them shut down was I slapped each chapter with a "notice of intent to sue for copyright and trademark" infringment as well as "economic interference".  That got them shut down.  

But I assure you they're winding up for round II unless I actually sue and sue for big damages.  To do that however, I have to prove damages.  I used to have a good working relationship with SWOP and other harm reduction programs such as Red Umbrella.  When they started creating this fake media and making it appear to be our program - they trashed those relationships.  But to prove that I have to get someone from SWOP to confirm damages.  

I would like to talk to you about this if I might, how we can sue to stop them from gearing up again, how we can both win some money to do some outreach work, and how I can repair the damage they did to my image with your program with these stunts of theirs.  Thanks!

Jody Williams
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