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Monday, December 21, 2015


Don't listen to me anyone!  From 1979 to 1984 I searched everywhere I could search to find answers that would help me not only get out of prostitution - but also deal with the sex trafficking and the brainwashing I had been subjected to finding nothing.  I tried the churches, therapists, counseling, EST, LifeSpring, rebirthing, reparenting, etc.  I was in Los Angeles at the time so if there was some kind of "program for self improvement" trust me I heard about it and tried it!

Since I was also finding prostitutes who were "known" prostitutes either by their criminal record or their appearance were being denied access to treatment programs, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters (unless someone on staff wanted to sexually abuse them I should say as the exemption - then they'd get admitted and hit on promptly), but the ones who were really desperate and really "tore up" were being shut out of any help.  That's why if you look at my arrest clip for 1984 at what the media called a "brothel" in 1984 was actually a warehouse I had installed a lot of security and turned into the first safe house for adults in the country.   Back in 1984, the only other such "safe house" was Children of the Night which cut off services to those over 18 years of age.

I was so depressed over not finding help and over being arrested for trying to set up this safe house - I turned to cocaine to "self medicate" my depression.  This got me into Narcotics Anonymous in 1985.  I continued to look around me and everywhere I looked I was not finding long term quality recovery.  At my sponsor's direction - I set about to find other ex-sex workers again only to find nothing.  I made a list of 2,000 men and women, from the USA, and other countries, who had been addicts and who had never used, who had worked in legal prostitution and illegal prostitution, from all different religions and lack of religions - and I could find nothing in the way of long term over-all recovery.  I mean no prostitution, no eating disorders, no abusive relationships, no depression, no drugs, no alcohol abuse, just the basics.

In 1986 I paired up with another researcher who got me access into the Sybil Brand Womens' Jail where we interviewed 2,000 prostitutes.  They were there on different charges - but they each admitted to being working prostitutes we surveyed.  We asked them the methods they had tried - and found that ALL EXISTING MODELS FAILED.

Professor Sharon Oselin did a 10 year study on three programs working with prostitutes.  Only one of those program incorporated a Prostitutes Anonymous (remember that was our original name prior to 1995), program into their program offered.  The other two programs have since folded - and the third which used our program was still operating at the time of the publishing of her book.  There are quotes in her book from the women citing that our program is what "made the difference" for them as to "what made it work this time".  The book was called "Leaving Prostitution".

The third program dropped our meetings in 2013 - after her study went to the publisher.  This third program is now also out of business.

I want to point you to this article -

Let's be logical for a moment here - what do all prostitutes and sex workers have in common whether they're addicts or not, trafficked or not?  They share an INABILITY TO SUPPORT THEMSELVES in a legitimate manner - whether it's being employed by someone, or self-employed, or freelancing, or starting their own business, or even living on financial aid if they're disabled.  What they share in an inability to stand on their own two feet financially right?

Now please explain to me how living in some halfway house or residential program where someone else is paying their bills teaches them how to stand on their own two feet?

Are you really going to tell me that one can't take care of themselves in this world without being a prostitute unless they have a degree or $800,000 in the bank as one fund raiser tried to claim was needed to help someone "leave sex work"?$800000_for_hero_sex_worker_who_killed_likely_serial_killer.html

Then please explain Suzy Favor Hamilton to me.  She is not a member of SWA and I have not spoken to her in any way.  I am therefore not breaking any confidence by pointing out this woman was married, educated, not a drug addict, was an Olympic runner, making MILLIONS of dollars per year in endorsements who was hoping onto a plane to Las Vegas to turn $600 an hour tricks.   Having money in the bank, a lot of it, does not guarantee one is going to stop working in the sex industry even when it's clearly destructive to one's self.  You can not convince me what she did to herself that almost cost her the marriage, custody of her child, and all that money in endorsement deals was "empowering".  Just not going to buy it.

Please - are you going to tell me the only way to help her is to put her in a "faith based shelter"?  Really?

Or that she's a "trafficking victim"?


If you're in the sex industry in any form, trafficked or not trafficked, and want to find the solution to getting out of, staying out of, and truly finding yourself happy out of, the sex industry - then please contact  

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