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Friday, September 11, 2015


You see them on every corner.  No - I take that back.  Sometimes you see four of them on one corner in major cities.  You don't notice them because you're thinking you're not looking for a "happy ending" and that's all that's going on inside these parlors so why bother worrying about what's going on inside all those parlors right?

Oh but isn't this how Ninja's are taught to use stealth and cunning to sneak into their enemies homes or castles in the middle of the night and kill everyone inside, or poison their victims to make it look like natural cases, or any of the tricks we learned in the Art of War?

Come on here - the Art of War was written by a Chinese man.  Wake up America.  I watched a man on the news say "well we have access to their data, and of course they had access to our data- but it would be "impolite" of them to have used this access so we didn't THINK to protect ourselves when questioned about how they had this type of access HANDED TO THEM.

They wouldn't "be that rude"?  Really?  Check out this case.  Would you like to know how I tripped over it?  I was approached by a victim of a trafficking ring in 2013 asking for help.  Help with a ring where three pimps have already been sentenced in Wichita, Kansas.  A ring where one of the names of the pimps was Zhang.  So I've been getting google alerts that tell me when any articles with their names in them comes up.  Up pops this article.

In this ring, the articles state very clearly that this operation was importing women from China to staff these massage parlors ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.  Now they only shut down 9 Wichita parlors - not one word has been mentioned about the parlors being investigated in other states if you read these articles.

These men arrested were so dangerous - they threatened the judge and the arresting officer - as well as myself for getting involved to help this woman.  A woman who is related to the very heads of this operation who resides in Pasadena, California.  A woman I've written Senator Kerry about by the way to ask for help when I saw his "Report on Trafficking in Persons for 2015" - and still no one from his office has responded to me I'd like to add.   Pasadena police who were bragging about "being able to fake a homicide arrest" by the way that triggered an audit to be ordered on them.  An audit that came back stating this problem could be "solved with more money and training".  So hey police stations - want more money for training?  Have one of your officers talk about faking homicide cases seems to be the way to go about it.  But this is only a murder case - not one involving a prostitute being framed so she won't leave the criminal trafficking ring, and take her son with her.  They wouldn't bother faking cases against her now would they?  No - let's just do it for murder cases that are high profiled in the media.

Now the article stated that there were "other parlors in other states".  Other states for which I'm not able to get ANYONE in law enforcement to talk to me about these other cities despite the fact I have land records and bank records that are tied to these other parlors in other cities.  Records no one will bother taking a look at by the way when I write them asking for help in this case.

The name Gary Kidgell by the way, who was one of those pimps sentenced, when doing a Google search, took me to a myspace page which had Asian women in corsets beckoning to join them on their pages located all over California, and also other states as well.  So despite evidence anyone can find online connecting a convicted trafficking to other parlors in this country - no one will talk to me about this case.

So what's going on in China?  Check this out -  Now this man ran the Crowne Prince five star hotel where people from all over the world came AND he was a LAWMAKER back in China as well as having been connected to over 900 massage parlors and 3000 escort services in China.  The reports state that he did not use "voluntary" career sex workers - but instead "lured" women into servitude within his operation.

This victim who came to me for help had two cases faked against her she told me.  The third was left dangling over her head - with her being told if she were to get a third she'd then be deported back to China where she'd get the death penalty.   The fact that Yaohui was a lawmaker, and a part of the Chinese government gave us no reason to believe they'd carry out these threats.

When I've tried to contact law enforcement to have something done to go after the heads of this operation here in the USA - I am having people tell me they're being threatened as to why they don't want to open a case against them.  Has anyone seen Serpico by the way?  If not - watch it.  Because that film showed what was going on in the police department BEFORE we had the internet, and BEFORE they put together the Knapp Commission to address police corruption.

Surely we got everything squared away after he got the Knapp Commission created to stop police corruption right?  Okay so please tell me why the real Serpico is hiding in a cabin in the woods right now because of how bad corruption is RIGHT NOW TODAY within the police?    Here's a 2014 interview with him -

What's the problem?  We got the Knapp Commission who set up Internal Affairs for us  in 1970 right?

But Whitman Knapp stopped leading that Commission only after two years in 1972 when he was made a Judge.  Then he died in 2004.

The Knapp Commission surely lives on though right?  It was replaced by the Mollen Commission that came back with a different story entirely.  While the Knapp Commission showed that corruption was "systemic" - the Mollen Commission instead in 1993 claimed that "trafficking was limited to a few precincts.  Funny, if anyone has seen the movies "Departed", "Cocaine Cowboys" or "American Gangster" I think they'd differ with the theory that corruption was limited to just a few NY precincts.

In 2007, when I was trying to get help to the 24 women who were not getting help in the "Operation Dollhouse" case - I tried going to Internal Affairs.  Only guess what?  There was none.  There was a webpage up at the time on the police department website that said there was "no funding" for this department - but if anyone had something to report against an officer, they could take that information personally to the Chief for investigation.

You mean this Chief and 15 officers?

Now they wouldn't cover up anything serious now would they?

This is why when I went to the Chief directly in 2007 because there was no Internal Affairs to report the information and evidence that I had in a sex trafficking ring where Vegas was just one stop on their network, and where I knew that police officers, sheriff's, marshalls, etc., were the ones running drugs, guns, stolen property and even sex trafficking victims in their cars "because they aren't stopped" - within 24 hours after me giving him things like addresses of these brothels, chop shops, homes where these people lived and operated out of - everything was cleared out down to the dust bunnies.  That's when the "oh don't listen to Jody - she's crazy" smears started to get people to drop investigating anything I was talking about.

So I went and relied upon the media as I have before for many years.  It was the media pressure that led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  They had to do something with me going on TV every other week with one survivor after another talking about their ordeal and begging this country to stop treating them like criminals.

So I waited until the day I knew they were making a "drop" in Vegas using officers so I knew officers would probably be in one of these houses  - and with the help of a reporter friend who talked the cops into a "ride along", the cops were urged to make a "surprise" arrest.  Which got us "Operation Dollhouse".

Yep - they pulled the surprise raid and found two cops inside a private home with mattresses on the floor claiming they "thought they were in a legit massage parlor" by mistake.  That their Asian cab driver took them there by mistake from the airport.   Only drive to the house where the arrests took place from the airport - and you'll pass by at least 50 massage parlors with HUGE signs.  Of course no one thought to pull the tape out of the cab to verify their story either right?

Only as you can see instead of these women being questioned by an interpreter to see what the situation with them was - these women were released right back to their pimps DESPITE there being bags of drugs on the scene, and despite the fact procedure calls for anyone who is not an American to be detained until Immigration can determine their legal status.

ATLAS, or the new task force that had just received over $875,000 in federal funding had been created to address sex trafficking in Nevada, and myself were at the police station within 20 minutes of those women being brought in not to the police station for booking and questioning - but instead they had been taken to the Salvation Army and then let go before we could get there AND before they could be questioned by an interpreter.  So this means they were released against normal procedure AND without being even questioned in their language.  Why?  Well you can't dismiss the charges against two cops who were standing there with 24 victims of trafficking now could you?

Now read this report on the $370,000 grant Metro gave ATLAS to "help sex trafficking victims" in 2007.  I want you to note that before this task force was created - over 2000 cases had been reported of sex trafficking of foreign women being trafficked in Las Vegas.

I'd like to add that Terri Miller not only refused to help any victims I'd call her about because they "hadn't been referred to her by Metro", but that at the end of a year - she had not worked on ONE single case of sex trafficking.   So please explain to me why our official numbers went from 2000 BEFORE the grant money came in to fund a task force - but then after we get a task force the numbers drop down to "zero"?  But then we'd have to explain why the Salvation Army had offered me the job as director - until I told them that working on this trafficking ring I'd bring them victims - but I would need someone willing to help me arrest and prosecute cops along with a way to safely keep the victims alive who would be testifying against officials in Nevada.  I explained to Adam Freer, the man from the Salvation Army, that I would need another $50,000 in the budget to hire an interpreter so we could target the massage parlors for outreach. He told me "he was going to get that approved" and the next thing I know a SCHOOL TEACHER is given the job instead of me?  Worse - that she wasn't even told our program, or myself, even existed.  She didn't even know who I was, nor our group, until I introduced myself after reading about her taking on the job in the newspaper.

Oh $50,000 is a lot of money right?  She spent $80,000 of the budget on a billboard which I would have told her historical has never brought in one victim for help.  To date, even Polaris has confirmed not one sex trafficking victim has called for help from seeing their number on a billboard. An Oakland,California task force spent $1,000,000 on billboards - only to net one human trafficking victim at the end of a year.  So the billboard was more important than my request to hire a translator? When she refused the request - I went to the city council and gave them a $30,000 proposal on doing outreach to the Asian massage parlors in Las Vegas.  They turned us down to instead spend $50,000 on the Olympic Gardens' Strip Club.

Now why would the city spend $50,000 on a new sign for the Olympic Gardens but refuse to fund a rescue operation into Vegas massage parlors?  Why would the mayor threaten Bob Herbert for the NY Times for writing an interview with me where he confirmed sex trafficking was rampant within the legal sex industry of Nevada that angered him so he'd threaten the guy?  I'm sure the fact that the mayor was trying to interest investors into building "magnificent legal brothels in Las Vegas" had nothing to do with this. 

I'm sure it also had nothing to do with suddenly all these 1,000's of trafficking victims "disappearing" into thin air and when I report our hotline got 300 calls plus that year out of Nevada that I was "crazy" and "making up the numbers" (despite my phone log being able to verify this fact) didn't in any way block his plans to open a legal brothel in downtown Las Vegas now did it?  No - I'm sure my report on sex trafficking in Nevada, and our work trying to block the city from building legal brothels downtown created no hostility with the city trying to court these investors right?  I mean Oscar made the best of things - opening the Mob Museum where he'd been trying to build this brothel so he couldn't possibly hold any hard feelings over the fact we won that battle right?

Now that Chief Gillispie is out of office, and I've been complaining about no Internal Affairs - surely something has been done to remedy the situation right?  Sure - we've read that Lt. Karen Hughes has now taken over Vice, and she's on the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force AND she's the head of a part of Internal Affairs now.  Surely she'd be willing to get involved?

That's why the last time I wrote her about a tip I'd received about where a child trafficking ring was operating in Vegas I wrote her about - her only response back to me was to "take my name off your mailing list".  Well at least it was a response. For months I got no response from the task force because they "hadn't picked a head yet".  When they did - it was Lou Pascoe, a woman who also didn't respond to my requests for help with trafficking situations in Vegas.  The Nevada Attorney General's office had their assistant send me an email that they "were not working on human trafficking issues" and to please "take their name off our mailing list".  Yeah these women are paying attention.  I'm sure the officers who have told me they can't be caught passing out our Sex Workers Anonymous cards to hookers they see on the streets because Lt. Hughes fires anyone who actually does anything to help outside of her instructions she runs out of their jobs and gets them fired is completely a figment of their imaginations right?

Which is probably why to date instead of responding to any of my calls for help about victims coming to me for help - I've only seen Lt. Hughes working on "stings" where she's arresting "johns" and informing them that if they don't want to get arrested - they need to go visit the legal brothels an hour outside of Las Vegas.  Oh I take that back - the legal brothels do "outdates" now.  Meaning they have an apartment in Las Vegas where they send them on calls that come through the brothel phone line.  You know - "outdates" that have been legalized.  I'm sure what Karen is doing couldn't possibly be construed as drumming up business for the legal brothels now would it?

So why am I not getting more help within our law enforcement system?  I guess because I don't have a very good understanding of how the legal system works being that all I am is a survivor of trafficking who helps others when I can because I'm not paid to do this work being it's a 12 step group.  I say that because after reading about the G Sting arrests - I wrote to Daniel Bogden asking him if he would help me find someone to look at the evidence I had with this sex trafficking ring that was operating now only all over the country, and in Las Vegas, but also involving children from what I've been told by various victims.

His response to me was to chew me out that I didn't know the difference between an Attorney General and a US Attorney like he was, and therefore when criticizing the Nevada Attorney General he was quite upset that I was making his office look bad by insinuating they were doing nothing about sex trafficking.  So to see what his office was doing about sex trafficking - I went onto it.  Only I couldn't find anything on it to help victims, or me to help victims either. So I wrote him again asking for help.  This time - I got no response at all.  So yeah I guess that his chewing me out for how they're not not doing something like I was insinuating in my blog by confusing his office with the Attorney General's office was completely out of line. Here check out for yourself all they're doing to help Nevada sex trafficking victims.

So why didn't he respond?  Surely after the G Sting arrests he's not scared of corruption or big gangsters like Rick Rizzolo.  Then I remembered when I tried to call him in 2007 about Operation Dollhouse.  His assistant then threatened me to "back off".  Now all this time I thought his assistant was acting without Daniel's knowledge.  Maybe I was wrong.  Maybe he's been threatened since. I don't know why the man who did the G Sting case - would not even talk to me to look at the information I had about this ring.

Maybe it's for the reasons other cops, and other prosecutors have told me about why they don't want to "get involved".   They're telling me they're being threatened in ways that have them very nervous about either being fired like they've seen happen to those who do reach out to help these women, or worse.  Things like death threats left on their doorstep or their kids being threatened.   I had one man who was a cop in Vegas tell me he was leaving the trafficking field entirely because they'd threatened his wife and kids after they found out he was talking to me.

But now how would these people know where anyone lives to threaten them?  They're cops right?  Facebook is one place.  This same cop had pictures of his wife and kids all over social media for everyone to see.  So that was easy.  But are these traffickers connected to the Chinese specifically targeting government employees? No - this is another figment of my crazy imagination -

But why would they want to know things about people like medical conditions?    Why would the IRS "steal" medical records from all of California?

This was just the  IRS taking medical records illegally over some tax issue right?  Yeah right.  Then explain this at UCLA and Anthem having their health records hacked also -  which has nothing to do with tax records.  So again what does the IRS want from these records to warrant stealing them?  I'm sure no one has anything in their medical records they could be threatened with or that someone wants right?

So if the law won't help me help these victims then we should go to the press like we've done before and have them report on what I'm seeing going on with this trafficking operation like I did before with Operation Dollhouse right?  Granted, it didn't have any impact on Operation Dollhouse - but it did bring down Chris Butler - so why not?

Now take a moment and a mental note that Chris was a police officer for years - before becoming a top private investigator. So "top" that he was featured on a Dr. Phil show.   Meaning he built up a lot of private investigators and men within law enforcement during his YEARS of trafficking women in his brothels.  Brothels where they were reselling drugs taken out of evidence rooms - which ties him into narcotics.  So Chris didn't operate alone. Nor with just the one cop who went down with him.  They were just the two people who they had enough evidence on to arrest.   But also mind you it wasn't me that got the press to listen.  No - we're labeled as "crazy".  In this case, it was a male investigator who worked with Chris that got up the balls to go to the press and even he was scared for his life.  You can imagine how scared these hookers felt considering his threats.

Especially - just work with me for a minute.  Imagine before Chris got arrested if you were one of these prostitutes he was trafficking.  Now tell me you're going to call 911 for help?  Go on tell me - knowing that he's been on the Dr. Phil show, his buddies are cops winning awards, and with all his cop buddies - tell me you're going to call the police to help you before this man was exposed?    Okay now you're catching on why many victims can't call the police for help STILL -and why our hotline is so important for them to call us because (1) they know we'll believe them, and (2) they know I'm not going to put them on hold and go call the cops and then get one at their doorstep "accidentally" shooting them or doing a Sandra Bland on them.  Or worse a Margo Compton.  Yeah they handled that one real good.

So I'm sure there's absolutely NO connection between Chris Butler being arrested in February of 2013, and then suddenly, magically, Kevin Brown and Greg Reese appear out of nowhere.  Kevin, another retired officer, appears out of nowhere in October of 2013, along with Greg Reese, a private investigator, who is also a retired officer, who claim he's "now found God" and has started an outreach who are being written about in the press as putting together this "outreach" campaign where they're supposedly helping women leave prostitution by taking them to a ranch in New Mexico.  That's what Kevin's assistant told me when he called asking me to send them "victims" for their hotel sting in 2014 anyway in March of 2014

Only problem is it's all fake.  There was no outreach.  No house.  No success stories.  It was all staged.   I mean his story is solid right?  He claims to have "found God" when he retired two years earlier.  Only the church he says he founded to do outreach - was incorporated in 1994.  It says in the article that they were "trying to find a 17 year old victim" which means she wasn't of legal age.  So how could they take her to a ranch in New Mexico for healing?  Their church?  It's actually doctor's offices rented out to doctors when you do a Google search.  Before the scandal by the way - I left them phone messages and send in applications for people to fill the job listings they had.  Only no one ever returned any calls or answered any emails.

When I spoke to Kevin's assistant - I told him we were connecting our members up to resources and all he needed to do if they needed any help was to refer them to us.  Only he showed no interest in resources at all despite them saying they were doing "outreach".  Probably because I asked how they were bypassing the anger of the pimps when they'd rescue a victim - and asking also how they were getting prostitutes to come to their hotel room when no trafficking ring would do this without them being "screened" first.

They didn't answer my questions because they couldn't.  It was all bogus. They weren't looking for women to "rescue" but women to film.  It was all to create "hype" so Relativity Media, ironically the producers also of "Catfish", could produce "8 Minutes".  A show that claimed to be a "reality" show airing on A&E showing Kevin, and his so called "success stories" asking women if in 8 minutes they would make a decision to come with them to be helped.   Yes, CNN and Buzzfeed released interviews from women who were hired as actresses on the show complaining they "were not helped" as the supposed reason why the show was canceled after only three episodes airing.

Now think about this logically.  If these women were hired as actresses to pretend to be "saved" by Kevin Brown - why would they think Kevin could actually help them in reality?  But that's the crock CNN handed us in their show the "truth behind 8 Minutes" about why the show got canceled after only a few episodes airing.  A show I was blocked from showing more episodes of this fantasy by serving the producers with a "notice of intent to sue" and threatening to publish a telephone recording of a woman telling us she was paid $200 to appear to be a prostitute "saved" by this operation.  They announced they were canceling four hours later.  Had nothing to do with it?  Why taken down their page then with my announcement about this?  Shows get canceled all the time and they don't take down the videos and the page for the show like they did here.  The only reason to take down the page was it was the only way to make my link I'd placed on there about this fraud disappear.

So who did appear on CNN's "truth" show if I was blocked from appearing?  I was even blocked by Jennifer, the hostess, from even talking to her on Twitter about the show.  Instead D'lita Miller, who was a consultant on the show in the first place was brought on to "expose the truth".  A woman who claims she runs a program for trafficking victims where the links on her website went through a maze until they hit a homeless shelter in San Diego.  A woman who tried to tell me that she "has no resources for her victims" only when I tried to connect her to resources - she bailed.  She bailed to instead apply for a 4.5 million dollar grant for Long Beach to set up services for trafficking victims headed by Sheriff McDonnell.

But she says she's a "survivor" herself with her own daughter being a survivor.  Okay that's interesting because in 30 years now every "real" survivor I've ever spoken to clicks with me the way two alcoholics or two addicts "click".  However, every single "fake" survivor like Samoly Mam, and others, have all avoided me like the plague.  D'lita Miller?  Won't return my phone calls even when I invited her to lunch so I could show her the resources we've collected for our members over three decades now of working with our victims.  Testimonials of which we have up at  Where's hers?  I shouldn't knock her.  She's the one getting on the team getting $4.5 million dollars to work with victims - not us.  So she's doing something right.  Maybe not by victims - but by someone.

Sheriff McDonnell is the man who when I read an article that he was "doing undercover work to help find victims" I thought - "wow I can tell him about these victims I'm getting calls from who want to have their traffickers arrested and he'll do something about it".  So I wrote him for help.  Only I didn't get one email from him until after the election.  Then his press secretary contacted me to tell me the article was a "misprint".  He wasn't working with anyone, nor really looking for anyone to help she told me.  That the article was "meant to say what he would do if elected".

Great.  So now he's elected let me talk to him I told her. Then she tells me "once we formulate a policy - then he'll contact you".  Well he's now applied for this 4.5 million dollar grant and I still haven't heard from him despite this sounding like he's "formulated a policy" on trafficking to me!

Wow.  22 victims rescued right?  Only Children of the Night says not one of them have been referred to her organization.  Where are they going?  I mean who has a residential program for teens that's older, bigger, or better than hers for these kids to go?  I mean certainly this isn't like that article I read once where it said the FBI had "rescued 400 child victims of trafficking" only when I checked on those kids to see if they were getting proper care - it turned out to be a total fraud like Samoly Mam.

The media never lies though right?  I mean we saw with Kevin Brown and Greg Reese the media always does it's homework and never lies (despite the history of Stephen Glass

Oh no - they do.  It's legal too.

But they wouldn't lie about something like what a sex trafficking group is doing like Kevin Brown did right?  That was only the Los Angeles Times, the OC Register, A&E and CNN.  Certainly no one else would do such a thing right?

How about someone impersonating our program - also coincidentally in a city that's applied for federal grant money by the way just as Orange County, Long Beach and Las Vegas has done?  Check out this story that makes it appear that Brenda Myers-Powell is the head of Prostitutes Anonymous (the group I founded in 1987 and still run).   I'm just imagining that this makes it appear she's running our program right?

Now I had seen the series "Sex Slaves" NBC produced before.  Only each program, group or survivor I looked up from their show I'd never heard about before to add them to our hotline referral list - didn't exist, hadn't opened yet, had just shut down, couldn't be located, or was just a sheer fabrication.  They wouldn't deliberately lie now would they?  So a week before this story aired with Marion Brooks - I contacted her.  I showed her proof I was the founder, and director, of Prostitutes Anonymous.  I further informed her Brenda did not have my consent to be appearing on TV using our name, that it would violate our copyrights and trademarks without my consent, nor was the group she was representing a "real" group of ours but instead an illegal copy I was researching how to sue at the time.

Marion's response?  To run the piece anyway.  When I sent her a further legal letter threatening her with legal action if these womens' faces were not taken down off the website, blocking them from finding work, making it easy for an old pimp to locate them, and possibly preventing them from getting housing once released from jail - her response?  Look at the bottom of the piece where it claims that Prostitutes Anonymous "is connected to Sex Workers Anonymous".  They're the same group folks. We just changed our name in 1995 is all.  So yes, the media knowingly reported a completely entirely fraudulent story.

That's as far as it goes right?  Just filming fake stories.  Oh no - we're beyond that.  Because while Relativity Media was filming "8 Minutes" - I had pulled together a volunteer documentary crew to film what's going on out here with respect to sex trafficking.  I don't mean prostitution - I mean sex trafficking.  Our crew consisted of people who were working at Sony for their day jobs, and an actress who has been our celebrity spokeswoman for 30 years, Frances Nuyen.  I had moved to Los Angeles specifically so we could start filming.

Only look at what happened with Sony -  Now granted, N. Korea probably was behind doing this - but this sophisticated of hacking requires CHINESE hackers who just so happen to be right next door to N. Korea.  Why Chinese?  Because N. Koreans aren't allowed technology that's why - so there are no home bred hackers skilled enough to have taken on our film.  Even Sony admits the hackers had to be Chinese because of their sophistication.  So N. Korea might have hired them - but the hackers would still have been Chinese.

Which when this hacking took place - suddenly everyone who was working on our documentary gets fired and Frances gets threatened off the project.  Not to say I blame her - she's in her 70's living alone. Which is what this network specializes in - scaring defenseless women of those with sick kids.

So why medical records?  Because everyone also knows the other 1/2 of the reason why we moved to California was to get my daughter treatment for her brain tumor at UCLA.  I have no idea if that's why all these health records are being hacked out of UCLA and elsewhere - but if someone were trying to find my daughter's health records - this would be the route to go if I was STUPID enough to not have her records being handled in such a way as for them not to find her records.

Now why would anyone be mad at me?  Not just for Operation Dollhouse certainly.  Or complaining there's no Internal Affairs for years.  Or complaining about Chief Gillespie's corruption.  Not for giving a press conference that sex trafficking exists in legal brothels in 2007 I'm sure in the report "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections".  Not for the interview with Bob Herbert that promoted then mayor Oscar Goodman to threaten him with a "baseball bat to the head if he ever set foot in Vegas again" because he was pissed off we were messing with his plans to have brothels built in Las Vegas  Not for firing the reporter, Ed Lawrence, who witnessed and reported on that threat.  Not for saying the traffickers in Nevada were controlling the DA's office,,  as well as the cab services.

No.  I'm just so "crazy" I'm making up all of these things.  Like why would Relativity Media spend MILLIONS of dollars to make sex trafficking appear to be Hispanic women who are running ads on Backpage for example.  Couldn't have a thing to do with the fact Relativity Media partnered with a film company that's actually part of the Chinese government now would it?

Nah.  The Chinese wouldn't mislead anyone using media now would they?

No - just those three Chinese companies used social media to smear KFC over the sale of chicken meat.    So a crime ring based out of China that's trafficking in women all over the USA, who are being used to not only work as prostitutes, but also extort, and rob their customers, as well as blackmail them, who threaten to kill judges, cops and little nonprofits like our program, wouldn't do something like also use social media to smear anyone going up against them or expose them now would they?

They wouldn't be so "impolite" now would they as to do something like that.   No - they'll be caught hacking into our personnel records for our employees, our VA records, our media companies, our medical records - but they would dare stoop to trying to threaten and smear little old me.

I mean certainly the money this ring is generating wouldn't possibly compare with the amount of money KFC makes sell chickens who did warrant this type of campaign now would we?

Let's see - net income for KFC was $399 million for 2014.

The cell phone trade secret hacking connected to this ring - well that was only worth about $1 to 2 BILLION dollars.

This study reports trafficking generates 32 BILLION per year.

So no - three companies who set about to smear KFC over money wouldn't bother stooping to something like smearing a group like ours trying to expose them, shut them down, and help their victims escape now would they?

Yeah and China's not a threat to us.  We don't need to be organizing any type of outreach campaign into these massage parlors on just about every corner now do we?

I wonder what the Sun Tzu would have to say about all of this?

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