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Sunday, August 2, 2015


We have testimonials about our program up at  Many of our members are up there speaking about how we've helped them in their own words.

There is a video testimonial at

More recorded interviews/testimonials are at on the "interviews" page.  Scroll down towards the bottom to find them.

The news clippings we have that I'm aware of are at  If you scroll past my arrest clippings which I've included to show you I'm a "real" survivor and not someone with a story about my past - you will find the articles starting in 1987.  There are quotes from members in just about every article.

Like this one from the 1991 San Diego article  -

"There is so much shame around prostitution," said Cathy, who never told her family, her former husband or her current fiance about her past. "A lot of people want to get out, but have no way to do it. They are sucked in and feel it is their only means of support. This gives you a way to talk about it.".

You can scroll down to find ore quotes there from members.

Now I ask you - does the other programs you're checking out have "independent" testimonials? Meaning not the leader of the group speaking for who they helped - but them in their own words. In pouring over Google - I can't find one complaint from an actual member online anywhere. Not bad for 29 years of service!

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