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Saturday, August 8, 2015


Heather - my name used to be "Rene Le Blanc" when I was being splashed all over the news like you are.  I have my old news clippings up at    I was fortunate that I had an attorney who paid reporters $50 a shot to keep my face out of the news.  I wanted to be on camera thinking it would be "good for business".  But what did I know at 24 years old?  I now thank my lucky stars he did that for me and had that foresight.  It was bad enough as it was to try and find work once I did get probation thanks to him without the news having plastered my face all over.

You've joined a small club now.  A club that I belong to, Heidi Fleiss, Kristin Davis, Sydney Biddle Burrows, Jason Itzler, Elizabeth Adams, Cheri Woods, and of course Jeane Palfrey.  That club is pretty much people who have been arrested for either prostitution or madaming/pimping and then plastered all over the media.  Another one who wasn't arrested was Ashley Dupree who was connected to Eliot Spitzer.

The problem is that during this time you can't go back to sex work.  Usually the clients are too afraid of the media so they won'return your calls, or they're afraid you're going to out them to the media.  Your phone is usually tapped and you have reporters following you around.  It was so crazy after my arrest and with the media - I went to stay with a friend of mine who was a drug dealer and guard dog breeder and trainer.  So he had a compound with a high fence and guard dogs all over an acre of property.  I felt safe there to hide out until things died down.

But I got depressed.  Very depressed because I knew life wouldn't be the same.  So depressed I became suicidal.  Now in my day they used to say cocaine wasn't addictive (they lied).  He of course found me with a gun in my mouth after he came home earlier than expected because he forgot something - and gave me the coke saying it would "make me feel better".  Oh it did - and better and better until I had a drug problem.

So if you get depressed - please don't turn to drugs and/or alcohol.  I've been trying to reach you but normally people in the media have an attorney's phone number I can reach out to.  In your case, all I could find was the cop.  I left him a voice mail asking him to give you my number.  But you may not know why to call.  I don't tell people to quit the sex industry.  But the reality is you may not be able to continue what with all this press. You may not want to after what happened.

Leaving the sex industry is a very difficult transition.  You may need to speak to others who have walked that walk.  If that's the case - we have members right in your town who would be happy to meet with you, speak to you on the phone, whatever you're comfortable with.  From what they tell me - the police aren't too friendly down there.  I know the cop I left the message with hasn't called me back to find out about what we offer - so no I don't think the police really give a shit about sex workers out there or they would have.  This is an interview with a woman who runs our Charleston chapter of SWA -

You're going to be offered some book and movie contracts - just as I was.  Especially with Maxine's connection to Tom Forman and CNN - people who are not the sex workers' friend believe me.  Only I didn't realize what Hollywood does to us to get out THEIR message - not ours until I'd been screwed over a few times.  I wound up in as situation where I thought I'd signed movie offers - and instead they were a form of gag order.  I had given them the right to tell me when I could speak in the media - and well they used that to silence me for a while until I had a friend hip me to what was going on.  The "real Kamylla" is claiming it's not even her that's posting online now as her because she signed over the rights for others to post on her behalf, use her name and image - and they now have her sewed up with a gag order so she can't say what she really thinks online connected with this Maxine and Domina Elle - so please be careful what you sign.

Then of course I had every kind of rip-off you can imagine.  I had them telling me they'd "pay me upon the airing of the show" only to take my story, go and film it, but slap a different name on it so that it wasn't "my" movie airing.  That saved them about $50,000.

Then there was them not giving me final creative control.  I wound up with three movies that have no semblance to reality.  I was so upset at their scripts that I pulled my name right off their projects entirely.  Good thing too because they were really panned by the critics.  I could tell they weren't going to pay me anyway - so it was best to have my name removed from their projects.

Many many of our members have had movies and books made - and we've seen just about every screw over between us you can imagine.  We've learned a lot over the years and from many deals.  So much that when Jeane Palfrey became a member - we were ready.  ABC came forward saying they wanted to go over her phone logs.  Only we know about ABC, and any company connected to them.   So we made a back-up to the Smoking Gun site.

Then when ABC tried to denounce her and Dan Rather stepped up to say "there were no names of any significance" in the logs - the Smoking Gun said "not so fast".  Then ABC had no choice but to recant.  See Hollywood knows we're ready for them and we advise our members about their tricks and their bad contracts - and our members go into the negotiating table ready for them.  Tricks like how the Smoking Gun isn't the same anymore either.

Women like Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle have never walked someone through what you're going through.  They haven't lived through it.  Nor have they walked other people through this high profile process you're going through for 29 years like we have.  All during which we've never asked for one dime.  Nor have we profited in any way.  No one has said they were even connected to us.  I'm only using Jeane Palfrey's name now because she's dead and because her mother and ex-attorney, Montgomery Sibley, have said it's okay with them for me to speak about her.

Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle have agendas. Maxine "appears" to be protesting shows like "8 Minutes" and NBC's latest show - but they really aren't.   It's all a form of catfishing - which of course Tom Forman produces so he's the best at creating fake people there is.   They're looking for a "poster woman" to enhance their public standing, their traffic, their support, and their agendas.  People have caught on "Kamylla" isn't real - and now they're looking for someone "real" in you for what they're cooking up - and it's not about being on the sex workers' side.  They are not what they appear.  No one flies out to West Virginia to pursue and court you Heather unless they get something out of it.

As for us - well I'm not tracking you down and flying out to W. Virginia now am I?  If you want our help - we're here.  We can offer you our experience, strength and hope as they say in 12 step programs.  I can also show you how to make sure any contracts you sign come out with you not being screwed over.  I've got people in SWA right now who have been in the film industry some of them for over 40 years.  Some quite well known.  But I can't tell you who they are because we're an "anonymous" program.  But they are here if you decide to call us - and on your side - not theirs - not an agenda.

If you doubt they're not on the sex workers' side - then just look at you.  You probably have book and movie offers coming out the ass. People are going to offer you help.  Your landlord will probably give you a month free rent.  Who knows what local groups are going to step up to help you.  But what does Maxine do?  Before she's even found out what you need or who you are - she's set up a fund raiser for you.  You - not the other members of SWOP who are in great financial difficulty.  Not the SWOP members who are having really bad financial and legal problems who really have no other options - and really could use some help.  But she's not helping them - no - she's attaching herself to you so she can use you.  That fact right there should show you she's not on the side of the sex worker.

Look at Kamylla.  According to their fund raiser - she's being "helped" by Maxine and Domina Elle from April until currently.  Only she supposedly does not have a job still, her husband doesn't have a job, she still has a flooded apartment owing back rent, and she still has a legal case over her head.  That's after three MONTHS of them helping her.  That's also after they told her to not let us help her - who could have gotten her and her husband work immediately, free legal help, her case squashed, her papers with ICE handled, and her rent paid on the spot.  When I re-offered to help her have these things in May - they chased me off with a stick and threatened anyone who spoke to me with "shunning".  All to let the Cupcake Girls "help" her who claims they have prostitutes who "can't find any work because of their criminal record" in Nevada which is pure poppycock.  In Las Vegas just about every casino will hire someone with a prostitution record.  For good jobs too.  I offered the Cupcake Girls a list of companies who hire ex-sex workers - and they refused.  Instead opting to go to the legislature to change the laws.  But that doesn't place sex workers in jobs now does it?  But it does give them a good photo op.  That's what they want Heather - not to help us.  
I don't want to see you wind up like Linda Lovelace.  People used her for their agenda until she was used up.  Then they abandoned her to die - sick and broke.  So we also know what it's like when the press dies down.  When it's just you getting back to normal life - and how to do that.  You might not have any idea how to do that.  Especially after a death.  I know because my grandmother was murdered - so I know about that also.  Her murder was all over the news so we had the news on us even as I was a kid.  I know what you're going through from first hand experience.

You're going to need work - and work you can handle.  I have a company that would like to hire you as a spokesperson on standby.  They've said they're hire you for one job or a year contract - whatever you want.  It's legit work and I think you'd find it fun also if you're interested.  It could even lead to a career change.  You'll also be helping a lot of other women just like yourself if you take the job.  But to tell you more about it - we have to talk.  I don't get a percentage or a cut of that job.  I just have already talked to a company that wants to hire you for this campaign.

I'm not going to expend a bunch of time and money tracking you down to offer our help.  I have many other people I'm responsible for right now that I'm already helping.  You can hear some of those people at  One of those women was a regular at Playboy, while another at Hustler.

So we know the best entertainment lawyers in this industry we can refer you to - even the same attorney used by the AVN.  Someone who knows how to negotiate YOU  the best contracts.  But know this - you may also be in danger.  Not everyone thinks a hooker who killed some white guy is a hero.  I remember some of the hate that came towards Christy Mack as a victim.  So you need to also be very careful right now.  Also careful about fake fund raisers and fake producers.  All the cockroaches come out when there's press.

Anyway, I'm hoping you'll at least get this message since I don't think the police chief got ahold of you with the message I called.  I can't come looking for you because I spent the day talking to other women in crisis. One had just collapsed from alcohol poisoning because she can't turn tricks anymore without being drunk.  Only she turned so many tricks last night she drank herself into alcohol poisoning.  Probably to forget the courts have taken her three kids because she's a prostitute.  I spent a few hours talking to her today, and connecting her to local women in her city for support with her recovery from both alcohol and the sex industry.  I talked to someone else who is trying to leave sex work - but is finding her criminal record is stopping her.  We discussed ways she can get around that until we can get her record expunged.  I also can't leave town right now because I'm caring for my daughter who has a brain tumor.

So my time is spent helping people.  If you get this message - and ever want to just talk - or if we can help you navigate this time in your life - just call 24/7 (702) 468-4529 and ask for Jody.  I'll then connect you to some local members in your neck of the woods also.  We're having our phone meeting every Sunday where men and women from all over the world talk and come for support.  You can come and use any name you wish if you want.  Whatever you do - take care.  Predators come in many forms as you know.

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