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Sunday, August 16, 2015


From: Jody Williams 
Date: Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 6:12 AM
To: ""

Dear Board of Supervisors:

I'm going to be going out doing our reports anyway.  As I've started doing this - I've seen no one has any signs up as required by law.  So I'm combining the two projects.  I have no income nor way to pay for the gasoline even to do the research or outreach - so the sponsorship will pay our expenses.

These projects all tie together.

As I do research starting in Pasadena first - that's

As I do the research - I'll be giving away free signs, directories and samples.  That will create a mailing list also for the industry - and it will provide photographic proof of who has signs up and who does not.

I've spoken to a major newspaper who has said they will publish our reports when done.  They're going to get back to me about assigning a reporter to do outreach with me as we do this.  

Since I read you're putting together a task force - I thought you might find our projects interesting.  

As we're out there - we'll also going to let them know about  This is to warn them of any dangerous men out there - and also missing kids.  If you have anything for us to post - just let us know.  

Jody Williams
(702) 498-6211 Cell Phone

Dear Board of Supervisors:

I'm a little more than shocked at not being asked to participate in this project in any way despite the fact I've been emailing each of you since I moved back to Los Angeles a year ago to do outreach based on the crisis calls our hotline has been getting from southern California.  

I should add that our hotline was the FIRST ever in history to take calls from any adult wanting help to leave the sex industry in any form, trafficked or not.  I specify "adult" because Children of the Night founded the first hotline specifically for kids and teens in 1979 and she had that covered.  She taught me in fact how to answer our hotline when we started in 1987.

Why would I mention the years?  Because I'm the founder of this very movement you're now getting funding for which was impossible in 1987 as sex trafficking wasn't federally, nor culturally recognized as even being real in 1987.  Here's the history outlined if you ever get curious about where it came from and how it started.

Because our current systems within law enforcement, probation, CPS, domestic violence shelters, the DA;'s office, the health department, and every other office and agency you can think of wasn't set up to serve us because no one believed that sex trafficking was even real back then - let alone had evolved a system to handle our needs - I was the first person to step up on national TV and call out for our culture, and legal system, as well as health and counseling services to change in order to recognize we were in fact "real" and the ways they could address our needs.  

Because up until then - society thought our problems were either drug addiction, mental illness, a lack of job training, sexual addiction, sexual deviation, or a lack of jobs.  Treating us this way was not working.  In fact, the rates of recovery in the drug treatment centers were so horrible - the governor in 1989 told all of the treatment centers if they "didn't get their success rates up - then they would have their funding cut".  

The reason why he did this in 1989 - is because he saw the success rate of our work through then Mayor Tom Bradley.  He set up an informal board in 1987 with a person from each department from police, probation, social services, judges, juvenile services, the sheriff's, etc. to sit down with myself and members of our program (which was then called Prostitutes Anonymous) and help us design the first ever outreach into the sex industry to address the HIV epidemic that was spreading like a pandemic because sex workers were not using, or carrying, condoms for fear of arrest, nor were they coming in for testing either -fearing they'd incriminate themselves.

Through this board - we set up the first alternative sentencing program, the first safe house, the first diversion program, the first residential program for transgender prostitutes, the first site for HIV testing staffed by ex-sex workers and transgenders to address the connection between trafficking and the HIV spread - and other such programs that were so effective (we saw the HIV rate drop from 80 percent to below 6 percent in one year) that he put the treatment centers to task of bringing their numbers up or else.  That's when I went out and personally trained the staff of these centers in our special needs that evolved into the first ever training program at Mission College for Drug & Alcohol counselors in 1991.  

When I told the Ryan White Foundation that the AHF was refusing to speak to me with respect to the HIV epidemic and dangers I'm seeing in Los Angeles now not because of the porn industry - but because of the trafficking in massage parlors and his refusal to even meet with me to talk about this issue - they denied him a $4.8 million dollar grant this cycle.  So people remember the work I've done over three decades.

They also remember I'm the founder of the movement itself. If you're so interested in sex trafficking and it's victims - I'd like to know Mr. Thomas why I was writing you for six months about the outreach campaign at where the signs went to a bus schedule for those six months until finally some kind of site was slapped up that I'm willing to bet hasn't yielded one phone call from one victim.

I say that because the committee I was on in 1987 insisted on spending $30,000 on billboards and bus stop signs over my objection it was a waste of money as victims don't call for help that way.  At the end of the year - not one call had come in so they scrapped the idea.  Of course the fact that the husband of a woman on that board was the company who got the contract for the sign making I'm sure had something to do with it being done.

Then I saw other people copying this bad idea.  I saw a group of nuns in Oakland spend $30,000 to set up bus signs.  At the end of the year - not one call had come in.  

I saw ATLAS in 2007 spend $80,000 to put up a billboard off the I15 in Las Vegas.  At the end of a year - not one single phone call had come in to her while my hotline in Nevada alone processed 311 calls that same year.

In 2013, I saw Polaris spend $40,000 on billboards in Nevada.  At the end of the year - I contacted them to hear that not one sex trafficking victim called for help off those signs.  

In 2013, I saw another group in San Francisco spend $1.2 million dollars to set up billboards.  At the end of the year - not one sex trafficking victim had called her for help.

Contrary to what you might think - Polaris has admitted not one single sex trafficking victim has seen the billboard and then called for help.  That's since 2002.  Yes they've helped human trafficking victims - but sex trafficking victims don't call from billboards.  

After seeing news of your sign outreach projects in Los Angeles - I've gone walking into random strip clubs, adult stores, and massage parlors and not a one of them have I seen the legally required signs up that have the National Trafficking Hotline phone number.  When I've asked to speak to the owner - I have a very irate owner telling he "has no idea what I'm talking about' when I ask about the signs being posed.  

If you care about sex trafficking - then things have to CHANGE.  Throwing more money at it doesn't CHANGE THINGS.    I invite you to remember your meeting on 7/14/15.  i watched as a mother and a man both said they knew of sex trafficking happening within our foster care system.  They both said "no one is following up on our complaints".  

To which I did not see anyone approach them after these statements to ask their name, what are you talking about, etc.  I then emailed your board on July 16th asking who these people were, and what was being done about what they said.  The only supervisor who responded to me was Sheila telling me she'd "look into it".  

On Friday, August 14th, a month later, I get a phone call telling me that this assistant had "no idea" who the man was at the meeting nor about what facility he was complaining about.  Therefore, I think his accusation that "nothing was being done" might be accurate.  The MINUTE that man said he knew of a  child being trafficked SOMEONE should have gone to him, asked him for what he was talking about, and followed up on it.  Why wasn't it done?  Do we need a grant to make this happen?  I think not.  We need to start responding differently.  

When we got sex trafficking federal recognition what we did was about the same as if we got the world to believe that aliens were abducting people and we needed to create a system that would protect these victims, and that would allow them to heal.  Because I assure you when I stepped up in the public eye and spoke about what sex trafficking is - I got the same reaction as if I said people were being abducted by aliens.

Please don't tell me you have "survivor advisors" because I can assure you I know most of them are frauds looking for a buck just as I knew Samoly Mam was a fraud.  Only no one believed me about her despite having spoken to over 500,000 victims over 30 years time - so I had to find an investigative team who spent a year building a portfolio to prove she was a fraud.  In that year - a lot of people were defrauded out of millions of dollars, a lot of people were damaged, and a lot of people got very bad information about what a sex trafficking victim within the US legal and juvenile system looks like, needs, and how they need to be helped.  If our current structure was working - then I wouldn't have stepped up saying we needed to "change" in 1987 then would I have?  

We have a serious misunderstanding about what sex trafficking even is, and how it operates, when celebrities like Jada Pinkett-Smith, who is championing this cause to increase her social ranking on the internet, is out filming shows like the CNN Freedom Project in Atlanta one minute - and a blink of an eye later I turn around and see her touring the country with male strippers promoting Magic Mike XXL.  Clearly the woman doesn't seem to know that sex trafficking exists for men within those clubs when women like her aren't around.  

When this county has advisers like D'Lita Miller, who gets involved with completely staged and fake TV shows like "8 Minutes" when she couldn't see through him in five minutes as a fraud, and who tells me that there "are no resources in Los Angeles county" when in fact there plenty of wonderful resources.  Especially when I go onto her website to find phony links ending up at a homeless shelter in San Diego - I'm sorry but we're dealing with a so called "consultant" who didn't even know about Sex Workers Anonymous existing when I've been there here since 1987?  Nor did she know about Covenant House, Children of the Night, the Mary Magdalene Project, Dignity, Emmaus -and this woman calls herself a consultant?  

If you want to spent $1.2 million dollars like ATLAS and wind up not helping one victim after a year - go ahead.  Be my guest.  Do you want to spent another $80,000 five years later like they did in Las Vegas to wind up another year later also not helping one single sex trafficking victim?  Would you like to spend over $5,000,000 that was spent on Project Rose in Arizona only to have the whole program collapse, people being sued, and having not one single success story to show for your work and a documentary made mocking you like Monica Jones did with Project Rose?  Or worse - realize you'd been backing this Kevin Brown and Greg Reese out of Orange County who were also being filmed doing so called "rescue" work that got exposed as a completely staged sham?  I'm still working on complaints against them for all the money they defrauded out of people - as well as the way they misled the public about what exactly a sex trafficking victim even is - let alone how to help them.  

Seven million dollars is a lot of money.  Money that's available because I sacrificed a great deal and suffered even more to put up with people who laughed at us, called us crazy, and of course the traffickers who didn't want us believed - to see that we got federal recognition for this being a fact.  Money that so far I've been seeing people dipping their hands into the money that's been meant to identify us, help us, extract us, and help us recover that frankly I've only been seeing going to beef up cops and homeless shelter budgets when the camera died down.  

You're putting out huge campaigns calling these victims "victims" and they don't even know what you're talking about - so if you can't communicate that to your victims - how on earth do you think you can help them leave and recover and stay out?  

Expert doesn't mean knowledge about this.  I watched every single sex worker on the Dr. Drew show be treated like a drug addict gets treated.  Not only did they not stay clean- they went back to sex work.  So he called it "sex addiction" and filmed "Sexual Rehab".  He again wound up with each one of them using drugs and back in sex work.  

It's up to you of course what you do.  But know this.  I"m working on my reports like I did for Nevada in 2007 and I'm going to be analyzing every city in southern California.  After that, I'm going to be then going out into the sex industry to do outreach to make sure they have the signs up that are required by law.  The very nature of a prostitute is THEY IGNORE THE LAW.  So I don't know why you think passing a law is going to be one she'll comply with.  But I got the porn industry to get tested, and to use condoms in porn in the 1980's and the sex clubs - so this will be a piece of cake.  Then I've spoken to a major newspaper here that's going to publish my report when I'm done.  

So you can go on trying to treat alcoholics while ignoring Bill Wilson if you want.  Just know that I'm not going away.  It's been 29 years now and I'm still here - I"m not going away simply because I'm shunned and ignored. If that had worked - we wouldn't have federal recognition for sex trafficking because it took me 13 YEARS to achieve just that.  Well now the movement's been hijacked by Samoly Mam's, Chong Kim's, Ben Hilliars, and other liars and cons.  Now I aim to bring this back to the reality of the situation and the solution and I'd like to know that you are open to the idea things have to change to work.  

When rape entered into the legal arena - police, doctors, counselors, all had to be retrained.  Special laws had to be made and special workers have to be created to examine victims properly.   The same when people realized that even a wife could be raped.  More changes had to be made as domestic violence became recognized.   As too alcoholism.  

Well now it's time to understand the changes we're going to have to put ourselves through in order to help sex trafficking victims.  For example, I'm constantly dealing with women who are trafficking victims and therefore don't have a job and do have a criminal record.  The pimp, who has a job, and no record, then gets custody of the very kid he's now grooming to replace the mother with.  I'm talking to social workers who tell me they're dealing with three generations of victims - who don't identify as "victims".  If the social worker can't even identify with these kids - how are they going to help them?

We should talk.  But that's up to you.  I've sent you some information on what I'm going to be doing.  Thank you for listening.  

Jody Williams
(702) 498-6211 Cell Phone

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From: Jody Williams 
Date: Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 7:36 AM

PSS - by the way - can I ask how you plan on tackling the issue of sex trafficking in southern California exactly when I've been writing everyone I can think of in the system, including your office, about an issue of sex trafficking where the ring is operating all over the USA, and where the head of this ring resides in Pasadena, California,where three pimps in this ring have been convicted and sentenced in Wichita, where they threatened that judge and arresting officer (as well as myself and one other person), and where when one of the women in that family said she wanted to "retire" because she'd now been working as a prostitute, and also a shill to blackmail customers who work for our own government,  since she was 8 years old and now she was 50 years old - she got drug out of her home in front of her mother and her then teenage son, falsely slapped with two fake prostitution charges, which a Pasadena judge then signed on these charges, and told if she didn't "go back to work" she'd be arrested again and for her third arrest she'd be deported back to China where Liang Yaohui would make sure she'd be executed back home - if not her son for pimping her as he'd taken money from her to attend UCLA.  This was in 2013 before Liang Yaohui was arrested mind you who was part of the Chinese government, and also had 3,000 massage parlors.  

Where when she called me for help - I then was threatened by a man saying he was a Pasadena police officer.  Then when I went to the Chief to find out if this man was a cop - he refused to speak to me for over a year until forced to by an audit and the city supervisor.  Who then wanted me to "come down to the station" without bothering to ask me the name of this threatening officer so he could take steps to ensure my safety when coming in to speak to him where I might be harmed coming or going from said appointment.  Not like Internal Affairs has a lot of control when their files are burned over their objection, the city council and the mayor's objection.  

To which even as of today NO ONE has even called me back to look into not only this trafficking ring but this clear evidence of police misconduct.  Misconduct that was so bad a judge already ordered an audit on the station because an officer also said on an undercover tape that he could "fake a homicide arrest" on anyone.  So faking a prostitution arrest would be a piece of cake don't you think?

Only the plot thickens.  I have people all over California who have told me that when a victim has reached out to them for help - they've also been threatened by not only a police officer, but also that information was leaked out of the police station into private investigators and attorney's who then threatened them also.

And yet I don't get one return phone call about any of this.  Not from your office.  Not from th Attorney General, ICE, Homeland Security, FBI (oh wait - they said if these people were Muslim or ISIS they could do something), the city attorney, the district attorney, nor the US Attorney's office just to name a few.  Because I've also asked for help from Dianne Feinstein, Judy Chu, John Kerry, and countless others - yet not one phone call asking to look at any of this information on this matter. 

But boy you want $7,000,000 to "fight sex trafficking".  How about SOMEONE PICK UP A PHONE AND CALL ME ABOUT THIS RING OPERATING ALL OVER CALIFORNIA FOR A START?

Jody Williams

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