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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Jody Williams
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August 19, 2015

Dear Catylst Com Participants:

I'm writing to warn you about both Dee, the organizer of this event, and Domina Elle, a speaker scheduled to appear at this event. My name is Jody Williams. In 1987, I founded the modern day sex trafficking movement. I did this because as I was working in the sex industry – I kept seeing different forms of trafficking. None of which we could go to the police for help for these victims because the law considered us “criminals” and therefore felt we “deserved what we got”. They didn't understand that a sub-segment of us were being forced to be where they were. In an effort to help these victims, I set up a safe house which when I was arrested the media dubbed me the “High Tech Madam” because of all the security we had installed. But I was witnessing trafficking in connection with Iran Contra, in other words, our own government, so we had to find a way to protect ourselves then. When the police put me on probation - I founded the first hotline for adults to call for help, along with the 12 step program which allows judges to sentence prostitutes to meetings instead of jail when there is a mandatory jail term for the so called “crime”. I did this because I knew it would be a long time before we'd see wide spread decriminalization which would allow the true predators to be prosecuted because witnesses would then not be afraid to come forward of being arrested themselves.

In March, a month before the show “8 Minutes” aired, I received a call from Domina Elle wanting to know more about our program. She was scouting us for the premiere of the show “8 Minutes”. The movement got hijacked about 2007 by people who want to convince the public that trafficking is prostitution and that they're one in the same. To accomplish this, they've been creating so called “reality” shows portraying this fact. However, they're all staged and therefore not what's labeled. Because they're each connected with substantial grants and/or fund raising – then it becomes fraud. That's a crime and that's how I've got three series of this nature, including “8 Minutes” taken off air. Within four hours of slapping Relativity Media with a notice I was about to file an injunction and lawsuit – the show, and the website with the videos, were taken down off the internet and air.

This is when another fraudulent campaign started up trying to raise money for a story that's as false as the show “8 Minutes”. One that directly involved Domina Elle, Maxine Doogan, and others. Because I kept warning people of the information I was uncovering that was establishing this fund raiser of their's wasn't based on any truth – they tried to run me, any member of SWA, and any active sex worker who dared to stand up to defend us, right off line. In a desperate attempt to try and smear me, they spent weeks scouring the internet to find someone, anyone, who would say something bad about me. The best they could come up with was a woman who I walked away from 30 years ago because I suspected she was a snitch also. After going to lunch with her where she kept insisting I should continue to prostitute, I was followed home by a cop, and then my phone was tapped. She was awaiting sentencing – so putting two and two together I decided to break off the friendship. She's carried a grudge for that ever since. After making contact with her, they illegally took old emails of mine, chopped them up, and violating my copyrights and privacy, posted them online under the domain of which also violated my common law trademarks. The law also calls it “cybersquatting” because of the threat she sent me stating that the site would stay up as long as our hotline continued to be operational. Her intent clearly was to shut us down.

Why? She paired with the Cupcake Girls in this fund raiser. They have a paid lobbyist who also happens to be the lobbyist for both Live Nation and the Defense Attorney's Association. Live Nation is producing concerts for Snoop Dogg who I launched a campaign against at at the very same month their group incorporated for one. For another, our program allows for a prostitute to ask for an alternative sentence without the expense of a private attorney, plus our program has allowed many to expunge their records without putting up a $5,000 retainer. Therefore, this explains why Domina Elle has been doing everything in her power to make sure that active sex workers, especially SWOP members, are not aware they can get this alternative sentencing, as well as free donated legal assistance, as a direct competition to these attorney's.

However, there's more to what Domina Elle's doing than just trying to run us out of business. This is a situation where she's had severe mental issues before. She was actually kicked out of the Branch Davidians' because of her obsessions and attacks upon people. I have more than one source that has told me this fact that's documented online. She also had started an SWOP chapter in Denver – but SWOP has now removed her from all positions within their group. They said “ban” was a strong word but agreed that this essentially is her status with them when I spoke to the head officers. The reason was for the same reasons – her obsessional and dangerous behavior.

This is not just because I run a group to help people adjust to exiting the sex industry. She's attacked more than one sex worker also. Another mistress, Bardot Smith, had a page online about how she had been stalked, and her copyrights violated for some time until I referenced this page. Then she removed it I suspect because she was threatened to by Domina Elle. Mistress Trinity contacted me telling me horror stories about her stalking and attacks by Domina Elle she claims put her in the hospital and says it's why she's moved to a remote area where she's heavily armed to protect herself from the woman. You can hear this interview on the very site Domina Elle put up against us because she posted this tape without Ms. Trinity's consent or mine illegally also.

The woman is not living under her real name, but that of a woman who passed in 2007. She got a voter 's registration with her birthdate she used to obtain some false ID that she does business under. She even has a travel agency in her name which I suspect is so she can book travel in this 9/11 age with this fraudulent ID because she wouldn't be able to travel otherwise. I learned this when she had been text bombing my house at all hours of the night and day to jam up our hotline – so I ordered a phone report on her to go to court with to prove it was her telephone since she was claiming “it wasn't me”.

Everyone knows that Norma Jean is emotionally unstable and unable to maintain employment. That's public record. Domina Elle found a woman who was unstable, and preyed upon her to get what she wanted to try and harm me. Just as she recently preyed on another mentally ill woman in order to convince her to continue with the attacks after I had a police officer warn her to stop. Which she's been doing every time I serve her with a legal notice to stop – she either continues under another false profile, or she'll find someone unstable enough to break the law for her with the goal being of jamming up our hotline so that victims needing help can't find us.

Every day I have people calling me saying “you're the only group who is actually helping me and not just a complete sham”. Yet Domina Elle convinced a woman in Las Vegas to place ads on Craigslist claiming I was “giving away a free iPhone” which jammed up our hotline phone for over 24 hours straight now. I have real victims trying to get through who can't because of what she's doing.

This shows a complete history and pattern of sociopathic destructive obsessional and dangerous behavior that could cost someone a life. Our hotline has received more than one suicide and murder threat over the years we've been able to intervene on successfully – but not if we can't answer the phone. We are the ONLY hotline where anyone, not just trafficking victims, but anyone who wants help to leave any part of the sex industry, or who wants help to organize a rescue of a victim, can call for help currently in this country.

So whatever you do – be careful about crossing this woman's path. If she's attacking BOTH active sex workers, preying upon emotionally unstable people to achieve her ends, and also a group that helps people to exit the sex industry, as well as people who were in her spiritual support group at one time – there is truly no pattern to this woman's destructive, and illegal, behavior. I'm therefore warning you to please please steer clear of this woman for your own safety. If she'll tie up my hotline, put other sex workers at risk of arrest and shut down their ability to work, then who knows what she's capable of.

When I first went to Dee, the organizer of this event, about my concerns, her IMMEDIATE response was to have an attorney falsely try to threaten me into silence about these issues when I told her she should consider not having the woman speak in order to protect the sponsors, the speakers, and her attendees from this woman. Without investigating any of what I was saying – she just launched her attack upon me by an attorney who falsely told me that I don't have the right to inform you of my experiences with this woman in the interest of your right to know in order to protect yourself. I'm not a “competitor” to this woman in any way certainly to have this considered “economic interference”. Although she herself is guilty of conspiracy to defraud in my opinion which is why I have people currently reviewing criminal charges against this woman.

So it doesn't seem the organizer is very concerned about doing any “due diligence” to ensure the safety of her sponsors, her speakers, or her attendees, very responsibly. For that reason, I'm putting out this warning to anyone who might think about attending this event also to please be careful. If the organizer is not doing any research to ensure your safety at this event – who knows what else might lie in the background of the other speakers. She certainly doesn't seem interested in looking into the matter either.

Maybe because she's guilty of some crime. Under the law, if you accept any money from a “known” sex worker, then you're guilty of felony pimping. If the speakers at this event paid her for anything, to speak, for advertising, etc., then she's guilty of this felony. I also have the authorities researching this issue as well since she seems to think she can so easily threaten people like myself.

Just be careful please.


Jody Williams

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