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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Back prior to 2013, since many of our local chapters that met "face to face" had been scattered - this left our groups without really a stable place to meet for free.  Many members regrouped and met for coffee once a week, but that's really hard to do when you're working, have kids, don't have a car, can't afford a sitter, etc. 

So actually many of the members started telling me they'd prefer to have an online meeting and connection.  This way they wouldn't have to worry about a car, a babysitter, nor worrying about anyone seeing them go to the meeting, etc.  Especially the way that people in AA and NA "liked to talk".  They didn't like having meetings in Alano clubs because word would spread "hey did you see so and so going into the SWA meeting?" and next thing some "john" from AA would be out in the parking lot offering them money for a date.  So we agreed that maybe meeting online might be an even safer, more anonymous, way to connect.

I set up a "members only" group off our website.  We had a forum on yahoo.  Plus we have a facebook group also.  To get the word out, I had joined all of the trafficking groups online like "Free Sarah Kazan".  Our members also joined and supported her cause also being that she was one of us.  We had three weekly Skype and phone meetings a week.  During the week, our members who were local to each other would connect for coffee and social support. 

The first launch came from Beth Jacobs of Arizona.  She claimed to be a social worker in Tucson, Arizona running a program called Willow Way.  This was about June of 2012 if I remember my dates properly that she made these claims.  Important because she's not a licensed social worker in Arizona, then or now.  Willow Way did not get incorporated until July of 2014 and she does not have tax exempt status for it either.  Yet she claimed she was "providing counseling" for "trafficking victims" at a center out in Tucson. 

Here we go  This article confirms she was providing services while unlicensed to do so.  She does not have a license as a drug counselor, a marriage and family counselor, nor a social worker.  She also LIED in the article.  When she gave this interview she knew well that Sex Workers Anonymous existed.  However, she stated that "no program exist".  Now if she said we were "bad" that's one thing.  That's an honest opinion.  But no - she LIED and said "nothing else existed".  

Which means that the women in Project Rose were not only being "coerced into services" - but also "coerced into services" with a woman who was UNLICENSED and a LIAR.   Which is probably why Cactus Counseling, where Beth Jacobs was seeing clients out of, was investigated for license revocation.  Cactus Counseling which is a part of "Paths to Recovery" which I'll speak about later.

I guess they had to lie because Project Rose was holding meetings of a program I created, using literature I wrote, while distorting it and lying to the members acting like there was no other chapters, or a World Service Office, where they could connect to other members outside of their meetings.  To try and make sure that anyone going online wouldn't find anyone else but them as more of an effort to maintain control over these women - they had to chase us offline.

So the first lobby came from Beth Jacobs.  She asked to join our "members only" group.  I remembered her from "Breaking Free" I think it was when she worked as a counselor there before losing her license so I let her in.  Big mistake.  Beth then took private photos of our members with their families, their children, and she posted them in open rooms in facebook, identifying them as members of SWA, as ex-prostitutes, and even showed the names of their children, and what city they were in.  She abused her access to this private group to "out" these members who had trusted us for their anonymity.  We had not done wrong.  We had only allowed in someone we knew was also another ex-prostitute.  She abused that trust and violated these survivors' trust.

One of the women she violated had a biracial baby.  She only had about four months clean.  She was living with a Christian family who was helping her to get on her feet who did not know the baby was her pimp's baby, nor that she'd been a prostitute.   They saw what Beth had posted and evicted her.  We were able to get her into another place to live - but her trust had been violated.  She relapsed on drugs after that and I haven't heard from her since.  I hope you're proud of yourself Beth.

I realized I couldn't prevent something like this from happening again - so I shut down the group.  Then Beth started googling people in the yahoo forum group we had.  She started contacting them on their private email address to tell them that I was "still pimping" and "trafficking" and to "beware" of me.  No one believed her - but the violation of their privacy was very distressing and clearly letting them know that members of SWA had been marked. 

We had to shut down the yahoo forum group as well because of Beth Jacobs.  This wasn't enough as she started searching for anyone who had SWA in their profile on facebook.  They would then get an email from her "warning" them about me.  They weren't scared of me - her email was what scared the heck out of them because the message was clear.  Members of SWA were being stalked and identified.

Now let me ask you something - if you see some trafficking victims in a massage parlor as a woman how would you get back into the back room to talk privately with those women without the pimps around?  Be like Kevin Brown on "8 Minutes" and pretend to be a "john"?  Well I don't know about you - but I don't have that kind of money to go in and pay to go into a back room with one of these women to talk to them.  Then - then if I were to pretend to be a female john and go in the back room then I'd probably be asked to disrobe before they'd speak to me.  Then once I got into the back room - then I'd have to explain to them I'm not a "john" and that I lied to them.  That's not going to exactly build trust.

But many trafficking victims are young.  Very young.  Many are also Russian, Chinese, Korean, Philippino, Brazilian, etc.  Do you know what many of them share?  They share an interest in psychics.  If you walk into a massage parlor or a strip club as a minister - you will be ignored.  However, if you walk into one saying you're a "psychic" there to "read their future" you will be SWAMPED.  So much so that the pimps/managers will even set up a back room for you to come in and do readings for the women.  Did you know that?  

No you wouldn't because no one bothers to ask how I've been getting access to some of these women for years now.  My mom used to dress up like a gypsy and I'd contact the owners and say I wanted to bring in a party for the women to keep their "morale up".  Many of the owners and managers not only loved the idea - they'd line up for readings also.  You know what else this does?  It's a great way to find out who is who and what is going on because people spill their guts to someone they think is a psychic.  Now mind you I didn't say "psychic" - I said THINK is a psychic. 

Which means that yes Lynn Robertson, yes I used to pull that RV over to some of the tracks where the hookers work and I'd put out a banner that we were psychics there to offer readings - and then the women would get into the RV and talk to us.  Then when the pimps would step up and try and stop them - we'd say that we "needed to be alone with them to get a proper reading".  Then guess what would happen if the girl was underage and was being pimped?  WE COULD DRIVE OFF AND TAKE THEM TO SAFETY.

A cover blown to hell by Beth Jacobs and Lynn Robertson.  Yes we had a website up saying we were psychics.  You know why?  Because when we'd pull that RV up and start to put those young girls into it saying we wanted to give them a "reading" and a "blessing" - the pimp would say "well how do I know you're for real?"  So we had a dummy website up.  Only that was impossible to pull that ruse off when Beth and Lynn called attention to the fact that the site belonged to the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous.  So one of our best tactics to get access to these young victims safely and quietly with no one getting hurt - right up in smoke because of two women who CLEARLY have no idea how helping real trafficking victims works or they'd know you have to have ruses like that to get access to them to get a connection to them and get them out. 

What does Beth Jacobs know about actual trafficking victims?  Nothing.  Her own story is that of prostitution.  The "clients" she worked with in Arizona were people provided to her that came to her under threat of going to jail if they did not.  She never went out and actually "rescued" anyone ever.  I've not heard one single rescue operation she's ever been involved in ever out of her stories. 

As for Lynn Robertson, she's a housewife.  For a brief time she said she ran the USA chapter of Traffic Jam.  Only when I contacted the original Canadian founder of Traffic Jam about her - he said he had no idea who she was, and they were not connected "in any way".  I read something about a shopping center event she put together - but I've never seen one single actual "rescue" operation of real trafficking victims she's ever been involved in.  Honestly, if we actually put her on the side against the traffickers - I think we'd end trafficking in six months. 

Why do I say that?  The first time I came across Lynn Robertson was the very minute I started to organize a boycott of the movie "Turbo" with Snoop Dogg in it.  His voice was that of a pimp cartoon snail that was "kid friendly".  I objected to that - especially in light of his confession in Rolling Stone about his pimping project that I could not speak freely about without fear of a defamation lawsuit because he had now talked about it.  Before?  I couldn't because I could have been sued for defamation. 

While he has said he's "changed" - he still has not apologized to the victims of that tour.  But that's another blog entry for another day.  Lynn had only spoke to me once before telling me not to give money to Jacqueline Homan, calling her a "con artist".  Then the minute I posted the announcement of the boycott of Snoop Dogg and the movie "Turbo" on her facebook page - war was declared. 

The woman went to every single trafficking group I belonged to and warned the moderators that if I was not removed that her, and everyone else who was her "friend" would leave the group.  I would get a nice apology from the moderator that they didn't want an "empty" group with just us trafficking survivors left in the group, oh no we can't let the housewives leave, and those who actively do not work with real victims, so I'm going to bend to the threat and remove you. 

One of the things Lynn used against me was the fact I "had more than one name" like that's a crime.  During my trial, I had so many people trying to kill me that to try and protect me when coming to court, the DA put my case under a man's spelling of Rene Le Blanc to try and throw them off from when I was coming to the courthouse so I wouldn't be murdered coming up the steps.  So the press wrote the story about me under the name "Rene Le Blanc". 

My maiden name is Williams.  I got married to my daughter's father.  His name is Reyes.  I got divorced.  I remarried to a man named Rahlfs.  So I have been Le Blanc, Williams, Reyes and Rahlfs.  BIG CRIME.  But based on that - people shut me out of trafficking groups.  Wow. 

At one point, I clocked Lynn Robertson as spending 8 hours minimum per day trying to find people who had said something positive about me online, then going to them and bashing me to them, then applying pressure to turn them against me, or attacking me in some manner, like writing letters to the Nevada Secretary of State saying I was "operating without a business license" or some other horrible thing she thought up I was supposedly doing.  She even set up a website to try and "warn" people about the "real" Jody Williams.

And then someone told me about her and a guy who worked at Dynocorp being real chummy. Remember them?  The movie "Whistle Blower" was about how Dynocorp" was a part of sex trafficking over in Europe and used Americans, and government officials in other countries, as part of their trafficking ring.   You can rent the movie on Netflix or get Kathryn's book about them.  So here now is a woman chummy with Dynocorp spending at least 8 hours a day trying to scare people away from talking to me online for some reason.

So I challenged her.  I asked her to turn that energy onto Snoop Dogg and the victims of his pimping operation for a year that he "turned out" all over the country he's never apologized to.  Nope.  Not one page, one post, one comment, one blog, not one word out of the woman about Snoop.  But I have screen shot after screen shot of what people have sent me of her telling people that I'm a "pimp" and a "trafficker" and a "monster" and a "con artist" and every other name in the book she can think of.

It's what being a trafficking victim is Lynn.  They make you do horrible things remember?  What - you think traffickers make you donate time to the homeless shelter or helping out at the orphanage or the animal shelter?  I mean what do you think they force you to do?  Great things you're proud of?  I've seen her side up to a lot of people in this movement - but how many are actual trafficking victims?  Now - I don't mean ex-prostitutes.  I mean actual trafficking victims?  Now out of those - how many who actually are out there helping others?  Beth Jacobs?   Read her story.  She's not a trafficking victim and there is a difference. 

Let me back up a minute here and remind people that sometimes people aren't always what they appear.  Elizabeth Adams actually worked as a madam for TEN YEARS while she was also an informant for the police.  She snitched me out to the police twice.  She also snitched out Heidi Fleiss in 1993 because in 1983 and 1984 when I tried to warn people she was a snitch then - no one would believe me back then either.  Elizabeth also snitched out Cheri Woods.  Cheri Woods was six months pregnant when the police kicked in her door with her behind the door and killed her baby.  But for TEN YEARS everyone thought that Elizabeth was the "Beverly Hills Madam" - something only hinted at in the movie about her by the way.

Now we've all had fights and squabbles with people right?  They die down and we move on.  Beth Jacobs was running around telling people that I was a "pimp" back in 2013.  It is now July of 2015.  A few days ago a good friend of mine, and a survivor, sent me a screen shot that Beth is STILL going up to every single person she speaks to for some reason and telling them that I'm a "pimp" and to "stay away" from me.  I'm sorry but that's not a warning - but a threat.

Anyone remember Teresa Belsky?  Probably not because Beth and Lynn ran her right out of the movement in 2013.  First they went to her and "warned" her to "stay away" and "block" me.  They had also warned Jacqueline Homan to do the same.  When Jacqueline refused and stuck by me because I was the only one who had actually reached out to help her back then - they tanked her book launch.  So when they started in on Teresa - she had reason to be a little scared.  But she doesn't like being told who to talk to and who not to talk to - so she refused.  She said she wasn't going to support me or attack me - just not block me or remove me as a "friend". 

Beth then "warned" her that was a "bad move".  I'm going to work on editing up the screen shots and adding them here in a few days to prove all of this is true.  Beth said she was just going to do nothing either way.  Sure enough suddenly Beth claimed that Teresa had posted some crazy post - and then whipped up everyone on the internet against her and to block her WITHOUT verifying she'd even posted the statement first.  By the way, do you know how easy it is to "spoof" something as coming from someone else?  You can make a phone call, send a text and send an email that all appear to come from someone who didn't send it at all.  I know - I've had it done to me before.  Same with facebook - you can set up whole fake sites that look identical even.  So without verifying she even made this comment - she launched the attack, just as promised, against Teresa and chased her right out of the movement.

Which is what any good little pimp, Nazi, slave owner, or bully knows how to do - you launch a public attack on someone and then that sends a message to the rest about what "will happen to them" if they "cross you".  It's all a system of control and bullying.  Do you know why I wrote the article about the "bottom bitch"?  Because people have forgotten that most pimps have a woman do their dirty work for them so their hands stay clean - and also because most people don't think of women as "bullies" or "predators". 

But what do you call this?   If any of it were true - I'd understand.  But let me get this straight - I'm a survivor of child abuse, rape, domestic violence and trafficking.  I run a program that's not federally funded and not connected up with law enforcement for other people who want to leave any part of the sex industry, that also welcomes men, women, and transgenders, of adult age, who also may be trafficking victims, who also may be LGBT, who may be Jewish, Buddhist, or even Atheist, where I will do things like go out in an old RV with a banner up saying I "tell fortunes" to get young girls extracted away from a pimp and behind a closed door where I can then drive off with them to safety should I find out they're an underage trafficking victim without anyone getting hurt or shot and without any federal money or grant money on my own dime mind you and time - that has answered a hotline since 1987 that I also pay for out of my own money 24/7 that I keep next to the bed to answer any crisis calls that come in - and I live on an SSI check of $733 a month because of a stroke I suffered and I care for my daughter who now has been diagnosed with a brain tumor - and these women sit around and tell anyone who will listen that I'm a "pimp" - that's how they spend their time - and you think I'm not going to say they're "bullying" me?

With no regard for my life even or that of other survivors.  One of our members tried to stand up to these women.  She's got small children and living in a very rural town where she can hide from her ex-pimp who threatened to kill her if he found her.  A man from NY was issuing literal DEATH THREATS against me - and these two women took a photo of me they found online, then directed this man to her and told this nut job that she was really me under an "alias" and then told him to "go get her".  Meaning they sent this maniac to try and kill me - but directing him to another woman who had small children living at home with her who was hiding out from a pimp.  Do you have any idea what they did to this woman? 

She borrowed a shot gun from a friend and neighbor and for TWO MONTHS she slept with that shot gun freaked out that someone was going to show up there thinking she was me and kill her and her children in her sleep.  She was too scared to even go online.  We had to talk by phone.  She just walked away from her facebook account.  And do you know what they said to justify this behavior?  "Well that's just another name of Jody's" like that made this okay?  Again, I'm going to say has everyone lost their minds here? 

I invite you to check out this video by Derrin Brown.  In it, he shows that when people can feel safe behind the "anonymity" of a computer screen they are very evil people. 

Now from what I can tell Beth Jacobs has advanced her career a great deal by bashing me - and by chasing off anyone who says they are a friend and supporter of mine, or a member of SWA offline.  She's gone to the White House, and spoken with the United Way, and she's now some "Policy Chair" for some trafficking committee.   So she's done quite well for herself career wise by bashing me and chasing off SWA members offline it appears.  So I can write that off as her motivation - career advancement as to why she still seems to feel elected as the "Jody police" to be warning people I don't even know THREE YEARS later about facts about me that are not true - and issuing her "warnings" that really are "threats" in sheep's clothing about what will happen to anyone who dares to even speak to me or acknowledge we even exist.

But Lynn Robertson still remains a mystery.  Why does this housewife who talks to Dynocorp still seem to feel it's her job to chase me and any of our members into an absolute terror where they're sleeping at night with shotguns for protection because of her, to destroy our rescue operation cover we were using, but also shut down our facebook accounts during our Snoop boycott?

Oh I forgot to mention - during the opening of "Turbo" when we were organizing a boycott of the movie - Lynn went to facebook, and our website server, and got all of our accounts, twitter, facebook, our website, everything shut down for two weeks.  Just long enough for the movie to open and play.  Why would a woman who claims to be a "trafficking advocate" do this?

If anyone as studied the civil rights movement - you would know that it was routine for many groups to have "infiltrators".  In fact, Cointelpro was founded about the 1960's along these lines.  Martin Luther King used to be spied upon and Cointelpro supposedly mailed him a tape recording of one of his infidelities, threatening to expose him, and the box had a note that he should "kill himself and get it over with".  This was not a random maniac- but an arm of our government with a group whose mission is to "maintain social control".

Now let me ask you something - just ponder this for just a moment.  When I stepped up on that first talk show stage in 1987 to speak about sex trafficking being real - no one believed it was real.  No one.  I had people telling me I was "crazy" and to "shut up" and I was getting fired and evicted every time I turned around.  But I kept it up.  I did more shows and more shows.  I did more interviews.  I did documentaries. 

FOR YEARS no one else stepped up beside me to join in with not just the fact this was real -but calling for our legal system to change.  But I didn't let up and we saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed and Polaris opened their Trafficking Hotline in 2002.  We now have laws on the books acknowledging that sometimes there are people in the sex industry by force who are American born.  All of which I DOUBT would have happened if not for me.

Now if you were a group whose mission was to keep a lid on "social change" then wouldn't I be a target of this group?  What you think they're not around still?  They were just exposed as still being around during the Occupy Protests and no offense guys - but you haven't done half to change this country that this trafficking movement has.   Not when our government just passed a 1.5 BILLION dollars to set up trafficking offices in other countries that Senator Corker just got through.

Oh no - they are alive and well.  Lynn Robertson is a woman who has health problems.  Her whole family has health problems.  The woman can't be working.  I never read about anyone working.  So where's the money come from that I see her throwing around sending gifts to Jacqueline Homan to try and win her support?  Or $25 to Nikolas to win his support to donate to a documentary that's never going to be made?  I have watched that woman consistently buying favors - where does the money come from if everyone is so sick in her family that no one is working?

I've put my bank statement up online to show where my money is coming from.  She claims to be wanting to fight trafficking - but she writes letters attacking Sex Workers Anonymous and a survivor, myself.  That doesn't make sense.  I put my criminal record up online so people can see I'm no Samoly Mam.  I am what I say I am - a trafficking survivor.  I've also got news clippings that prove I founded the first hotline for adults to call for help, and the first program for adults to call for help.  That is proven.

And if Beth and Lynn want to attack me - what does that say about them?  Especially since these two, combined with Shelley Lubben have now made our members afraid to even make so much as a comment online about us. 

How do you think people like Samoly Mam rose to fame?  Look at Beth Jacobs' "friends" list - the ones she does welcome.  They include Samoly Mam and Chong Kim.  Add Ben Hilliar and you have a matched set of the frauds.  These people couldn't have risen to fame as "fake" survivors - without of course chasing real ones off the public view.  Because there's not that many of us willing to be completely open with the press besides me (that are real anyway). 

To test how far these maniacs and stalkers would go to chase off real survivors of trafficking  - I set up a fake profile online.  I simply said something about myself positive and waited.  Not a day went by before Lynn Robertson came by and started telling me how I was a "pimp" and a "trafficker".  I watched how Jerome reached out to say something to us when he first came online.  Not more than five hours after he said "hello" and to touch base - she was on top of him chasing him off. 

The Amish know well the power of peer pressure - that's why they "shun".  So do the Chinese - that's why KFC is under attack right now online also by a marketing firm that was spreading rumors that they were serving "8 Legged Chickens" and "deep fried rats".  What you think that the money trafficking generates is less than what KFC sells in chicken? 

But Shelley's minions take the cake.  They set up fake profiles and then ask to be "friended".  Once they are - they start telling people that I'm a "pimp" and that I "have all these alias" and I "could be anyone" and that I "stalk" people.  See that's their explanation for our members.  These aren't separate members - they're all me in disguise.  So when one of our members has tried to join a group, or friend someone, or talk to someone - they are blocked by someone yelling at them that "we know it's you Jody".  I've literally got 100 people now who have told me they've been blocked by someone yelling at them "we know it's you Jody" like I sit around all day pretending to be members of SWA. 

But that's the deal isn't it?  Chase us offline and then claim we "don't exist" right?  Which means you can't let us into speaking events either.  I've gone to attend speaking events that Shelley Lubben is appearing at - only to be told that security has been told I'm "not allowed on the property".  Other SWA members are included.  Meaning that anyone who says they are a SWA member is also blocked from attending any of her lectures.  Great way to keep up the delusion our members don't exist  - keep blocking us from buildings.

It's going to take me a while - but I will be editing together the screen shots people have sent me (to protect their identity) to show how these women have a lot of time on their hands to be chasing me, and our members, right off the face of the internet and the public eye.  Interestingly also is that they won't go up against real traffickers who do real damage like Snoop Dogg.  Which by the way if Lynn had taken my challenge to spend all that time and energy going after him instead of me - maybe he wouldn't have started a youth league right now where he's got access to not only all those young boys to "mold" but now the cheerleaders who are being asked to come try out for the squad. 

No - let's go after Jody and SWA members and terrorize them into silence.  Why?  I have been wondering that myself.  I'll be writing about that in the next leg of this chapter.  Because first they chased the members out of our local groups.  Then they chased us off the internet groups.  Then they chased us right out of the trafficking groups and made any of us afraid to even identify as members or even that we even know Jody.  Anyone starting a new local group gets threatened and terrorized.  So that leaves only one thing left to shut down and destroy - the hotline.

That campaign started up recently and will be in the next chapter of the tale.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - all rights reserved)

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