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Monday, July 20, 2015


I was just on a question and answer feed for the CNN Project sponsored with Jada Pinkett-Smith where she was answering questions about sex trafficking to promote a show coming on TV tomorrow called "The Freedom Project". 

Then I'm flipping over to the protest about a show that NBC has out now offering help by arresting prostitutes.  Something like that.  As I'm watching this - I realize we don't even have our basic definitions hammered out yet.  Jada with her "Don't Sell Bodies" campaign to write new laws was a great idea - but it's being bogged down with the way the wording is written.  At least now we're arguing over "what" it is rather than "if" like we did before 1987. 

Before I get into things like definitions for you - do me a favor if you're writing anything about what happened to a woman who has gotten away from a pimp please.  DON'T write things like this where you say "she went here to get counseling".  What's going to happen is either he'll sit out in front of the place and wait for her to show up, or she'll not go because she's afraid he will.  Don't put a target on a victim like this please. 

Now - when we started the revolution in 1987 - we were calling out to the world to recognize a few basic things.   We wanted people to believe that things existed they were saying didn't exist.  Our whole legal system wasn't recognizing we existed.  The press didn't recognize us.  Police refused to acknowledge us.  Not even the therapeutic community recognized us. 

Here's what that looked like in 1987 - I'm having anxiety attacks so I did what you're supposed to do and went to a psychiatrist.  I found me someone who was considered the "best in the business".  He charged $250 an hour in the early 1980's which back then was very steep.  I decided to tell that guy everything.  I told him about the "family" I had been involved with connected to Richard Pryor.  Now mind you he's admitted all of this in the press.  He's admitted his mother was a prostitute, and his grandmother ran a brothel.  So he's admitted this is a "family" business.  We now know that Frank Lucas' used his own blood family to run one of the biggest drug operations we've ever seen.  So it's been well established that drugs and prostitution can be a "family" business in this country. 

I told him how I was an escort and about my fears because of all the serial killers running around targeting us.  I told him how I couldn't walk down the street at night because there were these vans and trucks that would be scouring the streets looking for "white girls" to throw into those vans never to be heard from again because "white slavers" as we used to call them were offering $25,000 for white girls to be delivered and sold to drug dealers in other countries.  Some drug dealers collected tigers and lions - while others had white girls on a leash as a sign of status.  If a criminal will steal a car for $500 - trust me they'll steal white girls to sell to drug dealers to own!

I told him about the criminal things we were doing.  How I was introducing men who had the natural form of the coca leaf with chemists to process the cocaine into a form that could be used for recreational use.  How the CIA men were coming to me asking for help to have beautiful women bring the drugs to the party, show everyone how to use them, and be the mules to carry the drugs from the piers and landing pads to these high class Hollywood parties. 

I told him how I was seeing people being murdered and killing themselves all around me because of the high mortality rate this business carries.  Those who were dying of HIV, those who went on drug binges and then just decided to shoot themselves in the head like Nick, the bartender at the club, had just done.  I told him about the police who had strung a wire from the roof of my apartment building to hang just over my patio to try and over hear my conversations.

Then after telling him I'm having anxiety attacks from all of the stress I'm under with all of this - he then picks up the phone and starts making arrangements to have me locked up for 72 hours "observation".  When I asked him why he was doing this - he said "because none of this is real - you're clearly hallucinating this stuff".   I then joked that I was "pranking" him, retracted everything and got the hell out of his office.  So much for being "honest" with the therapist to get help!

So the lack of recognition of this world within the therapeutic community was a problem.  How are we supposed to be getting any "help" from them if they don't even believe what we're experiencing, and living through, is real?  I then went and looked at the psychology text books in the UCLA bookstore, and another book store that sold only text books.  Everything I read on prostitution was extremely minimal and only included the idea of a street prostitute.  There was nothing in there at all about pimps, madams, escorts, the porn industry, strippers, nothing.  We were strictly portrayed as being junkies who stood on corners to support a drug habit.  No wonder this guy thought I was hallucinating.  I'd even told him I never drank or used - so in his mind, because of his training in school, people like me didn't even exist.

So we were calling out for both the therapeutic and medical community to recognize us as real in all our experiences - as well as the colleges and schools that train these counselors, doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, etc.  This is why I started talking to professors about putting together textbooks about the reality of us - as well as schools that offered continuing education for counselors, therapists, social workers, etc. so they could help us properly by understanding the realities we were facing.  Which is slowly starting to happen.  The University of Toledo now for example has a human trafficking course.  I have emails dating back 15 years showing me pitching the idea of this to the professor who put that course together.  I started the first training/class for drug counselors about us at Mission College's Addiction Studies Program. 

The second was our legal system.  I had been forced to do what I'd done to survive and protect my family. I knew other people who had also been forced to do what they did either to survive, or maybe to protect their children, or their parents.   Linda Lovelace said that her pimp had threatened to kill her parents if she didn't film "Deep Throat" and prostitute for him.  But yet we were the ones who were being thrown into jail as criminals whenever our heads did pop up above the radar and we found ourselves in court.  The system recognized brainwashing and Stockholm Syndrome with the Patty Hearst kidnapping - but yet they weren't acknowledging that there were 1,000's of Patty Hearst's running around being used in the same manner by pimps all over the country instead of terrorists using a socialite to rob banks to raise money for their operations. 

So we needed the legal system to acknowledge that we were being forced through a variety of methods, some just like how Patty Hearst had been used, instead of simply looking at the acts we were caught doing and locking us up as criminals.  I saw change start to happen in this area when the Hawaii District Attorney's office called me in as an expert witness on a trafficking case.  He wanted someone to explain to the jury how a pimp could "brainwash" a victim into thinking they were acting of their own free will when in fact they were not in a 1995 case.  The pimp heard I was testifying and took a plea bargain!

Which tied into law enforcement.  We were routinely called "whores" by the system and looked upon as criminals and deviants.  When I would call the police and say that a girlfriend of mine had gone on a call and hadn't come home and I was worried about her so could they send a car to go and check on her - they'd laugh and hang up the phone.  Why? 

Imagine this - imagine if I have a friend who tells me "I'm going out to rob a bank honey I'll be home in two hours" and then they don't come home on time, so I call the police and say "can you go and check the bank to see if they're okay" they would laugh and hang up the phone in the same manner. 

This isn't a moral issue - but one of the law.  As long as prostitution is considered illegal - then no I can't call up the police to go and check on a woman who is on an appointment to see if she's okay because she's considered as doing a criminal act.  During a criminal act if you get hurt - that's on you is the way it's looked at.  If I'm committing a bank robbery and a customer pulls out a gun and shoots me - that person will be considered defending themselves. 

That's how that guy in Texas killed a prostitute recently and the judge called it "self-defense".  In the judge's mind, she was there committing a crime because prostitution is illegal.  However, no consideration seemed to be given also she might have been there by force.  I didn't hear if they checked to see if there was a pimp behind her forcing her to be on that appointment.  Also, if prostitution were decriminalized - then this guy would not have gotten off on self-defense. 

So this isn't a moral issue that they think we're "worthless" as people - but a legal one because we're considered criminals.  That's why when I was in the Hillside Stranglers Task Force offering up a witness who had been stabbed 51 times, their names, addresses, where the shop was, etc. they threw us out saying "I can't get a warrant based on the word of a whore".  It means that because the law considers us as criminals - then our testimony is considered worthless.

So how are we supposed to mount a proper defense for ourselves in a trafficking case then?  If our word already means nothing walking into the courtroom because we're considered as "criminals" - how can we speak for ourselves even and be heard?  How is a witness supposed to come forward also without being considered an "accomplice"?  Also, how are we supposed to give all the information we know to the prosecutor when in doing so we're possibly incriminating ourselves?    Meaning that when asked for information on our pimp - the law is asking us to violate our 5th amendment rights as long as prostitution is considered a crime in this country. 

So I was calling out to our legal and criminal justice system that we had to first of all decriminalize prostitution if we were going to address the issue of pimping and trafficking (they are different).   I was bringing on cases on TV of people who were saying they also could not testify against these predators without incriminating themselves to try and drive this point home. 

Which these predators know this.  Take the case of Michael for example.    He was a member we brought with us on one show talking about how he was sold at eight years old to a biker gang.  They in turn sold him to a pimp in New York.  This pimp had a stable of young boys and girls.  To keep everyone "in line" and compliant he would kill one of the kids every month.  Only he wouldn't be the one to kill them - one of the other kids would.  He would place the gun, or knife, in their hands and insist they had to kill that other kid or they'd be the one murdered.  This way the kids knew if they went to the police then they'd go to prison also for murder. 

Only when it came his turn one month - he turned the gun on the pimp when it was his turn.  He then went to juvenile jail at 13 years old for murder because the legal system was absolutely not at all equipped to even understand why this young boy murdered that man.  He then said while he was in the juvenile system the guards would then let tricks come in at night to have sex with them while paying the guards for this experience.  When he fought back - he had his teeth knocked out by a guard who claimed he'd "fought back".  To escape all of this, he ran away.  Then the police came looking for him for escaping jail.  Because of the way our system is structured HE's the criminal now on the lam. 

This is why the legal system had to change.  This is what we were calling out for in 1987 and still are today. 

But the therapists and the cops and the judges only go by public opinion.  Because they're the voters who pass the laws.  The politicians only go by public opinion which is created by the media.  The media in the 1980's was full of images of "The Happy Hooker" and "The Mayflower Madam".  The media was telling people that Linda Lovelace was lying when she said she'd been forced to film "Deep Throat" at gunpoint, as well as it was a mob financed film.   They weren't believing her because Chuck, the pimp was denying it.  They didn't believe her because Marilyn Chambers, who was being managed by Chuck at the time was building her porn career.  They didn't believe her because no one in the film crew was speaking up either.  Remember - this was a mob financed film we now know.  So if you were a camera man who wanted to live - would you have gotten up on TV to confirm Linda's story? 

No - a whole industry got up to defend itself against one woman when she went to tell her story.  They tore her to shreds in the media for telling her truth.  There are movies to be made and tickets and films to be sold and the whole industry fought back against what she was saying because they were literally fighting for their money.  The media didn't understand that. They turned it into "if Linda had this happen then all porn is like this" which it was not.  The industry then said it couldn't happen - like it never does - to protect their industry.  The media then wrote about this like this was a "personal feud" between Linda and Marilyn - calling it "professional jealousy" that Marilyn was now making top selling movies and Linda was "old and used up".  That's the way the media portrayed this at the time.  They didn't understand the porn industry was defending itself no differently than how the tobacco industry did when people accused their product of being "addictive". 

Which is why we have to address the way the media is portraying this industry.  Some abolitionists wrote to the editor of the Chicago Manual of Style asking for them to change the definition of "prostitution" to that of "rape".   I'll have to look around for where I put the original letter - but I wrote a rebuttal to that letter and also sent mine to the editor about why I felt they should NOT change the definition to that and why.  Because no not all prostitution is rape. 

Everyone agrees that human trafficking for labor exists everywhere but the sex industry.  It exists in farming, manufacturing, mining (blood diamonds), hotels, clothing, and even private homes when they have maids being held captive for cleaning.  Whole ships now of human trafficking victims are showing up in some ports where the countries refusing them are even giving them better boats to leave on because they don't want to accept these victims.  We have iPhones being manufactured by human trafficking victims, and meat being packed by them, grapes being picked by them, and even clothing is being sewn by them.

But when it comes to sex everyone is drawing up these battle lines because of the morality issue, and the issue of abortion, birth control, adoption, rape, and all the other issues that aren't being resolved are now being waged on this one.  We saw that with the case where it came out the reason why this country was blocking victims from coming to groups like ours was because they were doing everything they could to ensure they wouldn't see anyone who would even mention the word "abortion".  Now we don't - but we don't block our members from seeing doctors either if they need medical care.  However, some people were willing to do that to these prostitutes for the sake of a dollar.

Here's what we also need reporters to know about.  It came out recently that police were seeing prostitutes sexually.

Now I could have told you this was happening years ago when Project Rose first started up.  In 1989, I got a letter from Kathleen Mitchell.  (She's said this in press interviews so I'm not revealing any confidences here by talking about this.)  She was in jail for the 100th time (not literally), and was tired of it.  So I sent her our jail mail order step study program.  Then when she got our of jail, she started up a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting in the Durango Jail.  About 1990 - she started the Dignity Project that also had regular PA meetings as part of their program.   We were turning out many success stories through the combination of our program, along with the residential services they were offering there in a one two punch in Arizona.

Then suddenly Dominque Roe-Sepowitz announces she's creating Project Rose.  Mind you, I'd already done extensive research to prove that existing systems didn't work for us, and even more research into how to create a program that DID.  I'd proven our program works not just with Kathleen, but in other pockets around the country doing the same thing.  So I thought she'd be happy to hear from me when it came to designing Project Rose which she said was to "help trafficking victims".  Instead, she didn't return my calls.  Then I started getting threatening and hostile phone calls from the police in Phoenix and Tucson basically telling me to "butt out".  What they were doing was creating a system that had nothing to do with helping trafficking victims.  Where the prostitutes were not going to be hearing about anything, nor talking about anything, that the system wasn't in control over unlike as it was when we were running our meetings all over the state.  We saw this point brought home wonderfully by Monica Jones.  She protests the program - and bam - suddenly she's arrested and forced into Project Rose.  Only no one was trafficking Monica.

I kept hearing they were using our program still (they had to in order to get their grant money) - but distorting it and hobbling it so it wouldn't be useful for anything other than their fund raising.  They didn't register the meeting, which meant that they were violating our copyrights, trademarks, and my intellectual property.  Because to create our program and run it in a way that "works" doesn't happen running it like an AA meeting.  This isn't a "life long disease" for one thing. What prostitute wakes up saying "I couldn't stop at turning just one trick" like an alcoholic?  So it was crazy to have them running it like it was one and then I get stuck with people thinking it's a joke. 

But the bottom line is a system was created in Arizona that shut us out.  By doing that they also shut out the newer members from the older members.  I mean how would anyone get sober in an AA program with no sponsors?  That's what did by taking over control and shutting us out.  Which means a "real" trafficking victim is going to look at this and say "they can't help me" and then think that there is "no help" because all the media around Project Rose, and others like it, were saying there wasn't anything else.  But they got away with that because the reporters weren't doing their homework. 

When we had another member even try to set up a "real" meeting of ours there - she started getting threatened because these people want to be in complete control.  First she found a gas can left on her private front porch.  Then someone started circling her house in the middle of the night.  When that didn't stop her - then her home was broken into with the only thing missing was her flyers for our program.  When she went to replace them - the flyers were moved from her car.  The threat was clear - we don't want you nosing around these women.  I finally had to tell her to stand down.  It's gotten so bad that I've now had to tell our members not to identify themselves as members online.  We can't have them as "friends" or even "followers" because they will be identified, stalked and threatened.  I can't even sell our Recovery Guide on Amazon because law enforcement could then go and pull a customer list to get members' names and identify who they are.  So to protect ourselves, and members, we have to be very very careful. 

Why?  Well this news clipping about what the police were doing is part of the reason.  You know when we created the first actual alternative sentencing program in Los Angeles - every department agreed upon it.  The cops did, the judges did, social services did, the DA's office, everyone but the probation department.  I decided to find out why he wouldn't sign the forms by going to visit him.  I drove two hours to Downey to walk into his office and face him.  The minute I was introduced - I knew what the problem was.  The man was an old "regular" of mine. 

I asked him "could I speak to you privately?"  We went into his office and I confronted him.  I told him that he of all people should understand these women did not need to be treated like criminals and jailed.  He countered "if you make them respectable - then someone is liable to believe them and then my career is toast".  Ah so this is about the ace card in the hole that these men WANT to be able to dismiss us as "incredible" witnesses should something come up against them.  Got it.  I then told him to sign the form or I'd start talking about what I knew.  He cracked at me "this is what I'm talking about - you're respectable now and people will believe you" as he signed the form.  This is another reason why men like him want to keep us down. 

Now I want to point you back to a very carefully crafted LIE.  In this article, Beth Jacobs says "no one is serving these victims".  That's a lie.  A lie that any reporter in two minutes on Google could have countered just by knowing that Prostitutes Anonymous had been serving prostitutes so effectively in Arizona alone, that one of our members founded Dignity, and Dignity was growing while running weekly PA meetings still.   If that reporter had picked up a phone and called our main office - she would have been told how we were serving prostitutes all over Arizona NOT in connection with Project Rose, as well as other programs also.

For example, any child or teen in Arizona, or anywhere for that matter, can go to a bus station or airport and be flown free to Children of the Night.  So they're also "serving people in that area".  This is a fraud to justify grant money being brought into the area, and also so that police like these men who were arrested have control.   Those cops, in the interest of covering their ass, don't want prostitutes to have access to help they don't control.   Meaning if they can't come in and threaten their funding or threaten to fire someone - they don't want it to be available to real victims. 

What do I mean by that?  Let's say the cops want a prostitute to testify against a drug dealer. She doesn't want to because that drug dealer is threatening to murder her if she does.  If every agency she's turning to for help with food, shelter, counseling, etc. is controlled by them - then they can threaten to take away her food, shelter, medical coverage if she doesn't dance to their tune.  Because very often the shelter they're being kept in for "witness protection" will threaten to throw them out of they stop being a witness.  So it's "their way or the highway".  However, if they're talking to us - we have all kinds of resources for housing, food, jobs, medical care, transportation even.  We can even have them speak to an attorney about filing charges against them for inappropriate behavior.  They can't threaten to cut off our funding.  They can't threaten to fire us.  They can't find our locations by running a check for our  licensing.  If we hide a victim out - they stay hid. 

They don't control our program, and they don't control Children of the Night.  I'm not affiliated with CON in any way - I just know they don't accept federal funding.  I know that if a cop showed up there asking to speak to a victim so they could threaten them - they wouldn't be let through the door.  Their computer files can't be accessed by police either.  Their program, as well as ours, understands that sometimes a bad cop can be the enemy of these prostitutes

I figured out this was the game after watching the series "Sex Slaves".  That was the first series on prostitution I hadn't been asked to consult on, or provide guests for, since 1987.  I called them and got shut out.  I wondered who they were filming to the point of shutting us out entirely like we didn't exist.  So I made a list of everyone filmed.  I then started contacting them.  I found they either were witness protection programs for those prosecuting someone only - or they were completely bogus like Samoly Mam.

Why?  I have a list I can show any reporter that wants to see it where these "campaigns" to gain control over these victims, and their escape routes, as well as to generate grant money, is where they have used the media to spread the lie that "no services exist".  In every city that's been getting large grants - I can show you articles that LIE and say this in every one of them "no services exist" which deny programs like ours, CON, and others, do exist. 

Here's but only one more example to prove the pattern exists -  Here it has Kevin Brown and Greg Reese acting like they're doing "outreach" for a program we now know was bogus - and this article was created to support not just the show "8 Minutes" being filmed - but also a lot of grant money into Orange County. Orange County for part of a 1.2 million dollar grant money to "help trafficking victims".  

It's also not just the trafficking grants - but related grants.  While Kevin and Greg were out there knocking on doors - they weren't offering any real program to these victims.  They were scouting and doing research.  Research they then went back and said "we need housing" so they got housing grants.

Only the reality was that again Children of the Night has a residential program already with beds open for victims under the age of 18.  Our program?  We have members who can offer housing.  Some are landlords like I was.  I owned five houses at one point I rented out to victims who were escaping pimps.  They could stay there until they got working and in their own place.  I gave up the housing when I found out we were being attacked by having a stable address.  Now I have other methods I won't discuss - but we can arrange housing for adults, and their families.  We don't ask for grant money for housing because we don't put anyone at the same address in order to maintain their safety. 

Look at the providers of services on the OC task force -  All locations that a police officer, who might be someone like a Chris Butler, can access.  Now while useful for a street junkie maybe - not useful for someone who is a trafficking victim where the traffickers were involved, or were, police, nor for someone who is like the prostitutes in Tucson, where the police have their own dirty laundry they're covering up that can't be covered up unless she's silenced or controlled.  If you look at all of the resources on these "task forces" you'll not seeing programs like ours, or CON listed, but only programs listed that are under the control of local law enforcement. 

Another reason for that is because they want the victims of trafficking to hear this.  They want them to hear there is "no way out" but the police route which they control.   Just like we saw with the strip club owned by DEA agents who hired illegal aliens.  They want those women to think that calling the police is their only option - which they control - meaning it's not an option to escape.  They don't want them to know that one call to our hotline, or if they're under 18 years old to Children of the Night, is another route out not controlled by them.  The pimps don't want victims knowing there's another way out either - so they support this lie.. 

I want you to look at the case of Eliot Spitzer and tell me there's not some conflicts in here -  This man is Governor.  Now Kristin Davis, the madam he used, and Ashley Dupree, the escort, you didn't see them being arrested during the time he was using their services now do you?  What you also don't see is Ashley seeking out help IF she were a trafficking victim.  Let's say she was.  We don't know what the real situation is here.  But if Ashley was - who would she turn to that the Governor couldn't get access to any system connected to his own in the legal system?  As Governor, he could get access to any information on any shelter, domestic violence shelter, hospital, drug program, etc.  We only know about this because of a tape that got leaked out. 

Now arrests were happening during this time.  I'm willing to bet at least one of those arrests were to Kristin's "competitors".  Don't you think that in speaking to reporters he might be feeding them information that would be covering up his own actions? 

Which is why I'm calling out to the media on these subjects to please use their own research and do some critical reasoning and thinking so if you're being fooled - we're not being fooled by reading your writing.  Another way they control the media is through words.  Again, that's why the letter to the Manual of Style used by reporters.  I saw an article about a "john sting" where the reporter called it a "trafficking arrest".   I wrote the reporter and said "that's a john sting - not a bunch of trafficking victims".  To which he said "but that's what the police told me to write".  We're not back in Nazi Germany  are we?  You don't write what the police tell you to write.  When "johns" or customers are being arrested - that is not a "trafficking arrest".

Nor is a trafficking victim a prostitute or vice versa.  In "8 Minutes" my objection there was they were calling prostitutes (supposedly) to a hotel off a Backpage ad, then asking them to "choose" to leave in 8 minutes.  I'm sorry but if you can make a "choice" to leave then YOU ARE NOT A TRAFFICKING VICTIM.  The very word means YOU CAN'T LEAVE.  So please be clear - a prostitute is someone who sells sex, or a sexually related service, for money.  Not by the hour, but by the transaction.  This is my objection to how that show was staged to try and make a prostitute appear to be a "victim".  They're not the same - apples and oranges. 

I say that because of the Google murder.  It seems people seem to think that people on the "Sugar Baby" site aren't prostitutes.  I'm sorry - but selling it is selling it.  Whether you pay by the hour, or by the month or even by years.  THIS is a prostitute - just because she was hired by the year doesn't alter that. 

So where is the line drawn between a "prostitute" and a "sex worker"?  Dominatrix's often don't sell sex.  Many don't even take off their clothes.  Phone sex operators, web cam models, also have their clients finding sexual release - but they're not having physical intercourse.  If you are not having physical intercourse, but you are still having a client finding a sexual release - then you're in the sex industry.  A legal brothel prostitute who enters into porn, or stripping - has now become a "sex worker" vs. a "prostitute".   A man who owns a porn company may be considered as one in the "sex industry" or even a "sex worker" while not being a prostitute.  A stripper by the way might just be a stripper - she might not prostitute.  But she could be considered a "sex worker".  I know one woman who made over a million off one video of her by herself nude.  She didn't have sex with anyone and was paid only for the modeling.  She is a sex worker - but not a prostitute. 

Sound confusing?  A prostitute sells sex, or even romantic companionship, for money or favors.  It could be traded for the lead in a film or a job or even a house in their name.  Some "johns" can't even have sex - but the person they're negotiating with is still a prostitute.  We saw that with Anna Nicole Smith.  I highly doubt that millionaire could physically have intercourse with her. 

Which is why the term "rescue" is such a hot button right now.  When I use the term "rescue" it's not in the way most people are using it today in the media.  Let me use a real case of "rescue" I was involved in.  I got asked to help a new company build a website.  I'm doing graphic design work at the time.  They know I used to be in the sex industry so they hired me.  I come in and it's a web cam studio.  The women are in a house in Russia.  They don't speak English.  So the marketing company is in Nevada because of the laws about marketing online.  The money however is going through a company in Florida and then off shore. 

There are actors in the Las Vegas office who are trained to speak like they're the women on the camera so the client doesn't know they aren't speaking English or to the woman directly.  As I start watching these models over time - I'm seeing them get paler, thinner, dark circles under the eyes.  It's clear to me these women are being drugged and not leaving those rooms.  I'm seeing them on camera 24/7 and they're not ever leaving the room.  I check with the authorities.  Russia says they need an address.  The USA says they can't do anything because the women are in Russia.  The US Attorney's office says because the money is off shore they can't do anything either.  These women are clearly trapped and alone and can't even ask for help because they aren't allowed to even speak through these microphones.  The only hope for them was to find out where the house was.

So I came up with a bullshit story about how I wanted to install these 360 degree cameras like you see in marketing houses now.  I said I had to install them myself in the hopes they'd agree to send me over to the house to install them.   They did.  It took some time to convince them I was "cool" but I met with the owners and they bought my "idea" to increase their sales and arranged to bring me to the house to install the cameras.  Once I had the address - the Russian authorities had another problem.  How to get into the house without "probable cause".  What was MY proof these women were in those rooms 24/7 by against their will?  Without that - they couldn't get a warrant.   These weren't prostitutes -  so how would they pretend to be a "john" even to get access to them? 

In all the red tape - the only answer was to execute a "rescue".  I did go into the house and start installing these cameras.  Just to be sure - I made sure these women were there against their will by talking to them as best as I could not speaking Russian.  I pointed to the door and asked them if they wanted to leave.  The answer was in their eyes - get me out of here.  A friend knew a mercenary willing to travel to Russia at his own expense.  Mind you if we can't do this legally - who is going to pay for his air ticket?  I can't get 30 women out of a house like that by myself.  So this man joined me and we got the women out of the house. 

However, I've read about projects where church groups have barged into brothels and then started dragging women out of there and "rescuing" them without first determining if they were even there by choice or not.  They had walked into a brothel where the women were there by choice as it was the only job in the area they could find to feed their kids.  When they shut down this brothel - they cut these women out of a job.  I mean imagine if you're at work and some guys barge in and shut the place down and say to you "you're free now" simply because THEY feel your job is wrong?  Now that's the kind of "rescue" that has the sex industry up in arms as "wrong". 

But it's not the idea of "rescue" that's wrong - it's how many are using it today that's wrong.  You can't "rescue" someone from something where they are there by choice.  Many maids for example are trafficking victims.  But not ALL maids are victims.  You can't just go barging into houses that have maids and say to the maid "you're free now".  That's madness but that's what's happening in the sex industry today and why sex workers are standing up and saying "this is crazy". 

Even with the idea of "pimp" and "trafficker" being interchangeable.  They are not always.  The pimp relationship is different than "trafficking".  In "trafficking" there is no choice.  There is no free will.  That person can't leave.  They can't call for help.  If they can get to a phone to call for help it would be pointless.  Someone is being threatened if they leave.  They might be free to leave - but they're told if they don't come back at a certain time then someone will be hurt.  So to be classified as a "trafficking victim" there is no free will or choice.

However, some people may have a "pimp" relationship by "choice".  I've seen it.  I had a girlfriend named Jeri when I was in the industry.  When she got tired of one pimp - we'd dress up and go dancing at the Red Onion.  In the 1980's a lot of pimps hung out there.  All she had to do was look one in the eye and she "chose" him.  Then she'd go off with him and belong to him.  But the reality is she chose that relationship. 

Now can some pimps remove choice?  Yes and then they become traffickers.  Which is a why a madam is not a trafficker.  A madam is considered more of a marketing person and manager.  Men or woman can work for a madam who supplies them with high end clientele for a percentage.  They know that the appointment they're going on has been pre-screened so he's not a cop, and not a maniac.  In exchange for that screening and assurance - she pays a percentage as an "introduction fee" if you will.  You're not going to convince me that Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, was a "trafficker".  That woman died trying to reveal to us proof that our own government was involved in trafficking by releasing her "Black Book" with names in it like she did.

No one working for Jeane was forced.  No one was being blackmailed.   She connected people that didn't want to run ads or use their phone numbers or anything that could be traced back to them.  Brandy Britton was a university professor who worked for Jeane.  She couldn't be caught running an ad on Myredbook.  She couldn't run her photo on a website offering her services.  It would have destroyed her career to be caught in prostitution.  So for discretions' sake - she got appointments from Jeane Palfrey who ran the ads and used her phone number. 

Jeane said that she was approached to sell women off to other countries just like I had been also when I was in the industry.  She refused and that's when she said she was arrested and they took everything she owned away from her.  They even tried to chase away her attorney who was trying to help her by getting him disbarred.  To prove trafficking was real and connected to men in our own government - she refused a plea bargain.  That kept her case open, and allowed her to release the log records to prove connections to men like David Vitter and Randall Tobias that couldn't be silenced under these men getting a gag order claiming their "right to privacy" as court records are public record. 

So also be clear - a madam and a pimp are not necessarily a "trafficker".  Yet I'm having people tell me they think a madam and a trafficker are the same.  In some cases that's true.  They can be IF they remove the prostitutes' free will or choice.  I have heard of a madam for example in New York who would threaten to reveal the prostitute's identity to her family if she didn't continue to work for her.  Now that makes her a trafficker - not just the fact she's a madam.  But it's not true in ALL cases.  In fact, it's very very rare. 

The media images and perceptions of us affect the very laws of this country.  That's why it's important to me that the media, schools, judges, politicians, etc., get clear on these points.  If you're working on a story or a project you're unclear about something - please feel free to ask me any questions you have.  I don't know of anyone who has been in this field longer than myself.  We run the oldest, and largest, program of people coming out of all types of aspects of the sex industry.  So I have a lot of resources you can draw upon.  So if you're unclear about a word or need independent research - give me a shout. 

(copyright 2015 J. Williams all rights reserved)


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