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Monday, July 27, 2015


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July 27, 2015

Re: Senator John Kerry's Trafficking in Persons Report

Dear Senator John Kerry:

I heard about your hosting of the Trafficking in Persons Report today last night and wanted to reach out to express gratitude. I don't know how long you've been following this movement so you may not be aware of this – but I'm the founder of the movement itself. There is a history of the movement itself I've started which you can read up at I have news clippings up to verify this at When we first started the program, and the first hotline for adults, to call for help in August of 1987, Americans didn't believe sex trafficking even existed any longer. People had thought it had gone the way of “white slavery” in the Barbary Coast days. The 1968 film “Thoroughly Modern Millie” literally turned the subject into musical comedy satire as a way of saying it was no longer a real threat.

Only I'd seen it was an issue for years with my own eyes. Years I kept knocking on doors and not finding anyone to help me, or anyone else, caught up in this either. No one believed this was even real so how could there be a system in place to help us? Our reception then was no different than if someone was saying they were being abducted by aliens and needed help to get away from little green men. That's exactly how we were treated by everyone from law enforcement to the psychiatric community when we'd seek help for PTSD or injuries from the violence or rape we'd suffered. Even domestic violence shelters wouldn't accept us back then.

Back in 1987 a cult, the “Children of God” existed that Jacquin Phoenix has spoken about where they were using young boys and girls as prostitutes to raise money for their “church”. They had no way out because again no one even believed what was happening to them was real. When I stepped up on that first talk show stage in 1987, announced our 800 hotline for other victims to call, and talked to the host about these young men and women who we needed to find housing, jobs, and counseling for to extract them from their “pimp” who was wearing a collar instead of the archetypal cane – people heard us and stepped up to help. That was the first “rescue” we were able to perform as “Prostitutes Anonymous”. The pressure the TV exposure had put on them was so great – the cult relocated out of California and changed their name. We got 10 families out before they fled.

We've come a long way from then, to the Trafficking Act of 2000 and to this Report now where I can read about your hosting it's release today like this is just a normal part of our culture now. I want to thank you, and everyone else who has become a supporter of this movement for that. To know that victims now can call even 911 and say they're being trafficked and they can get help instead of being laughed at and hung up on like it was before means part of my life's mission, and all of that sacrifice, risk and expense was worth it. Remember, we didn't have grants back then to do this work because we didn't even have federal recognition for a long long time. So everything had to come out of people's personal pockets to get things done. Oh my how big those 800 # phone bills were in the early days when they used to charge $1.00 a minute! I had to get a 2nd night job!

But our work is far from over Senator Kerry. Yes I'm thanking you but I also have to reach out to you for help. Because things have changed a lot in the 29 years we've been doing this work. We have the internet now, cell phones, gps tracking devices, and even hackers that didn't even exist in the 1980's to contend with when we're fighting traffickers in today's world. We also have a very different media system now – one controlled not by the people but by large corporations that own all major media now from the TV, to radio, to magazines and newspapers. I can't even buy advertising now because of who I'll “piss off” if I do according to the managers. Reporters have told me they'll be fired if they even print my name today. The sex industry itself has changed dramatically with how sites like Backpage are bringing this world right into every home with a computer. What else is very different is the fact Internal Affairs now in just about every city is basically non-existent or impotent.

I say this because we hit a fork in the road about 2013. A victim who lives in Pasadena reached out to me for help as they've been doing since 1987. She told me how she'd been forced into prostitution at the young age of eight and now she's in her 50's. Her son was about to go off to college and she wanted him to be able to bring his friends home to meet a “respectable” mother. She announced to her traffickers she was going to quit. They responded according to her story by having two Pasadena police officers show up at her house, drag her out of it in front of her son and mother, and then slap her with a false charge of prostitution. When that didn't deter her resolve – another fake charge for prostitution appeared on her criminal record.

Now they were threatening her with a third charge. The threat behind that is this would send her back to China where she could be met with the death penalty. They told her they knew someone who had enough pull to make that happen. The recent arrest of Liang Yaohui proves that they did considering how powerful he was back home. She'd gotten a real estate license to leave and they threatened to go to the real estate board to have that revoked if she didn't keep working. So she came to me for help. We hired an attorney who ordered the booking video. His request was refused and he was threatened by an attorney who should not have even known about the booking video request. He walked away and told me to also. This attorney for the traffickers lied to this woman and told her he had expunged her records – only he had not. I pulled them and then went to show her the truth – when I was met with a man saying he was a Pasadena police officer threatening me with a restraining order if I tried to speak to this victim again. I tried to speak to the Pasadena Chief of Police and was ignored. I went to Internal Affairs only to hear the files were about to be burned. The mayor and a city councilman objected but the files were burned anyway. I should add that in Kansas, there have been three pimps already sentenced in the trafficking ring she''s in. These pimps threatened the life of the judge, the arresting officer, myself and others.

This is not an isolated case by a long shot. I have documentation that shows this is happening all over California. I know a woman in San Francisco, and a man in San Jose, who tell me victims of trafficking have reached out to them for help. When they tried to go to the police – the report was leaked to an attorney who then threatened them with legal charges if they did not “back off”. When we each refused- smear campaigns started on social media much like how KFC recently suffered at the hands of a Chinese marketing company. When we still refused to back off trying to help and also prosecute the heads of this operation – then the “5150” campaigns started. The man in San Jose has now been slapped with a gag order, a TRO and they took his legally owned guns he was protecting himself with. The San Francisco woman has lost her business behind the smear campaigns. There are other stories also in different states telling me all the same patterns are happening to them.

When I went to everyone from the city attorney, district attorney, FBI and even up to the California US Attorney for help – I have been ignored. I don't even get a return call. When I pushed very hard on Kamala Harris's office I received a notice back she was now running for senator. I can only take that to mean she's bailing on the issue. I've talked to Robert Blakely, author of the RICO laws, and he's told me we have enough evidence under the RICO laws to go for a conviction against the heads of this operation with the information we've gathered – but someone has to be willing to talk to me about this case. Only everyone I do get to speak to me “off the record” tells me they're afraid. They're also being threatened. Threatened with being fired, smeared, falsely arrested, or even harmed. Some have had some bad things already happen to them. In the old days we had the power of the media to give us safety as we did in the Chris Butler case. But now I'm having reporters tell me they're afraid to write about any of this because they've been threatened with being fired, and also afraid for their careers. The last reporter to write about me was threatened sincerely with a “baseball bat to the head” by Oscar Goodman.

Senator Kerry – this is the first time in 29 years that I'm at an impasse in this work. I've spoken to others in my field who tell me they're also experiencing the same blockages. We need to take this movement to the next level and I'm hoping I can count on you to include this information in your report. Others tell me they can't talk about this for fear they'll lose their funding. I have no funding to lose, nor a job to be fired from, so I can speak freely.

If you'd like to speak to me more about this – please feel free to contact me. You may show this letter to whoever you wish also. I'll be posting it on my social media also. Thank you for listening.

Jody Williams

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