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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


In all the media blitz lately trying to convince you that street prostitution and "trafficking" are the same - the media is trying to convince you that some like Jeane Palfrey is in fact herself a trafficker when the very sad reality is that she's a victim of trafficking.  This is where the language barriers become a real problem.  I say that because many people are being convinced that a "madam" and a "trafficker' are the same under this blitz.  They are not.  They can be.  But in Jeane's case it is not.  The only way I know how to explain any of this is to well explain.  

Ever since the internet was born, I started doing our outreach in different ways.  I found I could set up a Google alert for someone who was arrested for prostitution, madaming, etc.  Then the article would tell me their attorney's name, or even the judge.  From there, I could send out an announcement about our program.  So I saw the news about her - and reached out to connect -  

Now in Jeane's case especially I identified because she was about to go through exactly what I'd gone through in my case you can read about at  Because this is a pattern I'd uncovered myself from the inside.  I grew up watching stories about madams.  My own grandmother and mother used to tell me before I'd do TV interviews "please downplay the prostitution part - and up the madam part because then we can say it was 'respectable'" as their means of coping with the way people would come talk to them about me after I'd done a Geraldo, Sally or Donahue.  Which is something I can't do now without getting my head ripped off by church ladies calling me a "trafficker" because of all this brainwashing that's been going on in these little churches for a few years now. 

But think about it  - growing up I watched Dolly Pardon in "The Best Little Whore House in Texas" which was based on a true story.  It says here she was shut down in 1973- so I was 13 years old at the time watching this on television.  Here's a clip of the film Dolly made -  Now tell me if growing up watching Mae West and Dolly wasn't going to have an impact on me?   By the way, the next time someone wants to tell you "no one grows up dreaming of being a hooker" that's a lie.  I grew up wanting EXACTLY to be just like Dolly in this film.  Right down to the Mae West dress!

Look at what else I grew up with watching on TV -  Xaviera Hollender was arrested in 1971.  Her book "The Happy Hooker"  Birth control pills had come onto the market and sexual freedom was being paired with beautiful clothes and economic prosperity and I bought it hook, line and sinker.

So let me explain something about the way the sex industry WORKS.   I want you to think about the food industry for a minute.  Not every cook or chef  is Gordon Ramsey.  There is the lunch lady at the school.  There are people serving hot dogs out of food trucks.  There's McDonald's.  There's Pandera Bread that advertises "clean" food, while Whole Foods has a food bar you can order gluten free cakes and pizza to eat there or take home.  So think about the food industry in all of it's complexity - and now turn to the sex industry with all it's levels of "service". 

Yes you have street prostitution.  But that's not all of the sex industry anymore than a lunch truck or a 7/11 is the food industry.  First of all, "independents" or "rogues" are not really tolerated well by the street pimps.   Look at my own story.  When I was strong enough to break free from my own family of pimps that was Richard Pryor's prostitution family, after I'd undergone my tutorage and paid my dues literally in cash to Weldon, the head of the family cell I was in, to be able to walk away and set up my own shop - guess what happened?

Of course the pimps tried to take me over.  Didn't work.  I set up my own security and protection at the warehouse.  So then others who wanted to get away from that kind of violence and domination then were able to turn to me for protection.

Why?  Do you know how easy it is to set up a prostitute never to be heard from again?  We just witnessed this with "8 Minutes".  They set up an appointment and she goes in and BAM that door shuts.  That's how the Hillside Strangler cousins did it.  They ordered escorts to their door like pizza delivery.  Then when they got there - they disappeared.  The police do and did nothing.    We just saw what mothers, and a brave female reporter, had to do to bring Lonnie Williams, Jr. to justice.  Reminds of me the black and white Sherlock Holmes series.  My mother used to not watch it.  I would ask why and she said "five people have to die before he figures it out - what a loser".  The police are a lot like that when it comes to prostitute murderers. 

But many prostitutes gravitate to a madam because she's a mother figure.  Why?  Because most prostitutes are like children.  They drop out of school, they have learning disabilities, they're on drugs, they probably spent most of their child hood being abused.  Now anyone who has worked with abused adults can always pin point at what age the abuse started.  How?  Because the emotional growth stunts at that age.  For example, I started being abused at 8 years of age so I walked around like an 8 year old emotionally for many years.  I worked with one young woman who had never gotten a money order before to pay her own bills.  The pimp had done everything for her down to even ordering for her in restaurants because she couldn't read the menu.  Now before you get your g-string in a bunch - I don't mean escorts, or strippers, or madams.  I mean those who are prone to fall prey to a pimp are those who tend to not be able to take care of themselves for one reason or another so they look for someone to care for them.  Then when he beats the shit out of them - they go looking for someone else - a mother figure that's more nurturing.  I wasn't out standing at bus stops either looking for victims like they do.  So it's a filtering process.

Madams tended to be "mother" figures whereas the pimps tend to be like the father figures.  I can't tell you how many times those girls would get themselves all beat up by the pimp, then come stay with me for a few days while I made them chicken soup and tended to their wounds - and then off they'd go again right back to "daddy".  If you doubt very much this is a family dynamic re-creating itself you don't know that culture very well.  There was a great movie with Christopher Reed playing a reporter and Morgan Freedman  that does a good job at portraying the dynamics of the relationships of the sex industry on the street level in my opinion.

Understand though that madams started before the internet. Remember land lines used to be expensive and hard to move around. Business cards, ads in magazines, and ads in yellow pages just couldn't be switched or masked like today. So if a woman wanted to maintain her “privacy” about being a working girl – she would go to work for a madam. The “madam” pre-screened the calls, or had a “black book” of “regular” customers. This kept the women off the street corners, safe, and also she could deny to the world what she was doing. Very important if she was married, or working on a career like wanting to be a lawyer or a stock trader. If she posted her own phone number – well then everyone would know it was her.  So by working under the madam – the prostitute was allowed to keep herself confidential.

The men also used this system because well most customers are married, or also very important, wealthy, famous, powerful men. The last thing they want to worry about is some of these scandals you see like down in Columbia with the secret service. That whole thing blew up because the customer and the prostitute were negotiating money. With the old “madam” system – any money discussions were done with the madam. The prostitute thus didn't discuss money so she wouldn't be arrested for prostitution. So it also blocked her from being arrested.

Now if that had been the “old days”, then the madam would have come out there, drug that loud mouthed girl out of the hotel, and kept everything out of the press. Because the madam worked by repeat business so the last thing she wanted was 'unhappy” customers.  Which is another perk of using a madam.  Because many prostitutes are drug addicts - they steal.  I can't tell you how many times i had to go retrieve jewelry or cash from a girl and take it back to the client.   Because I lived and died as a madam by my reputation.  A street walker can just disappear into the night with that man's money.  Which is why most powerful rich or famous men used madams and wouldn't be caught dead picking up a hooker.  Unless they're stupid like Eddie Murphy or Hugh Grant that is!  A moment of silence for Ms. Divine Brown while we wonder if her death was really "accidental" also. 

The madams also didn't tell the prostitutes anything like the man's real name, what companies he owned, who his wife was, etc. That way if she wound up pregnant she wasn't going to show up at his office nine months later. Again, pre-internet that was possible to not let the prostitute know who this man was, who he was married to, where he worked, etc. Which is also why we're seeing an increase in blackmail now no one is going through madams any longer really like with the Donald Banks case. The only way you're going to stop this increase in blackmail is – well that's another story for another day.

In other words, the madam was the “buffer”. She served a valuable purpose. Some madams tolerated pimps. Some didn't like we saw Dolly singing about. I didn't either. In fact, I would “rescue” women from the most violent horrible “gorilla” pimps. Put them in my safe secure warehouse that they couldn't be found by the pimps – and we helped them get on home. Why? Because no shelters or programs existed for these victims that's why. They had no where to run – so they would run to me. The security on the warehouse I had was to protect us.

Which is also why traffickers, not pimps, would come to a madam like myself and ask for information on what girls didn't have family, who no one would miss, and offer me money to sell them women that could disappear without anyone asking questions. Did I refuse this request? Of course I did and that's when I wound up being plastered all over the 11:00 o'clock news. Just like I learned in getting to know the other madams it happened to them also.

Elizabeth Adams I know was an informant for the FBI. She “snitched” me out in 1983 on a credit card charge. It got thrown out because I had clearly been entrapped. But it made me realize she was a “snitch” and to avoid her. I had tried warning a young Heidi Fleiss about her – but she wasn't listening. She'd seen the same movies as me and with stars in her eyes too she wanted to take over as top madam with me out of the way and Alex about to croak – that was her goal.   She figured that with me starting up our 12 step program, Alex about to die any minute, Sydney had started a line of adult toys and had her book out, and Cheri Woods had lost her baby during the violent  police arrest (LAPD kicked in her door while she was six months pregnant and killed her baby) so she was depressed - well Heidi figured after 1984 that she could just take over the world of high priced escorting.   The drugs didn't help her dreams of world domination either.  That and Ivan Nagy.

People are also stuck on the idea that cops run around in uniforms, with badges, and they arrest you on sight. They have a hard time understanding how they also have informants like the “Beverly Hills Madam” who gets to operate an escort service for well over ten years (she got me arrested in 1983 and Heidi got popped in 1993 – that's ten years). They get to do this, and keep that money, as long as they cooperate with what's asked of them.

I believe I know someone else like Elizabeth running around the sex industry today in another form pretending to be a dominatrix because madams aren't really used anymore now we have Google phone to mask phone numbers, and hush email and the internet. Young prostitutes don't run to madams anymore for protection – but instead dominatrix's instead. Times change and both the clients and the prostitutes can now mask their identities from each other in ways they couldn't do in the before the 2000's. But that's another story for another day too.

What i'm talking about here now is that there used to be a pattern that took me some years and some research to undercover. What that would be that the government would let you be a madam as long as you cooperated with feeding them information.  Now I had been approached by these same people as Alex. They also had started up their own escort service called “Talk of the Town”. Then what they did was about every two years they'd just arrest everyone – their escorts and clients alike. Then push on them for information because the greatest source of intelligence is through the world of sex and drugs. Especially if you're scouting for blackmail on politicians during an election season.  That's what Alex, Cindi, Sydney and myself got sucked up into in 1984.  That's what Jeane got sucked up into also.  

Because I refused to work with these people, and also to make young girls with no family "disappear" and get paid the $25,000 they offered me a head - I was arrested in 1984.  So was the Mayflower Madam.  So we were arrested for a few reasons – to show the world they were “cleaning up” Los Angeles for the Olympics for one. 

For another, I was, and so was Alex that I know of, because I refused to be an informant and “play ball” and also because I refused to send in women to CIA men who would never be heard from again. These men showed me how they could make women disappear onto diplomat planes so they wouldn't be stopped or searched and even police were not allowed to stop the plane. Then after showing me how it was done – they wanted me to supply them with “fresh meat” meaning girls that no one would ask questions about. I refused.

Worried I'd talk about these things – I had a lot of people threatening, and trying, to kill me during my case. That's why my case name was changed to “Rene Le Blanc” on my news clippings. The DA knew about these attempts but they had to list my name in the court calendar for my hearings. My attorney argued that this would tell these guys when I'd be entering the building and it was asking me to show up to my own slaughter.

They compromised by giving me a fake name – but not changing my mother's name whose case was joined to mine. It was blunders like that which told me either they wanted me dead or they were just too stupid to protect me. Either way it's why I didn't trust witness protection. I mean look at how well they took care of Barry Seal - 

I made the right decision. If you think they weren't trying to kill me to silence what I knew about Iran Contra – think again. Gary only told a tiny BIT of the story and two shotgun blasts to the head?   Come on – even the coroner says you can't shoot yourself in the head twice.

If you look carefully at the movie that Heidi Fleiss had made of her with,,MediaProductsTax:TVCallMeTheRiseandFallofHeidiFleiss,00.html where Jamie-Lynn DiScala played Heidi there's a very short scene where it shows a man visited her basically wanting to make sure she's going to “keep her mouth shut”.  So I believe that Heidi also had these kinds of visits telling her to “be quiet” about what we know from the inside where we all got that visit during our cases. We all had the same thing happen to us when we refused to sell women like that. Because even Elizabeth tried not to give over women for sale to these traffickers – and she wound up arrested also.  But out of these madams - I'm the only one to leave that whole world to tell the story.  The rest - stayed in it until they died like Alex or well - they're still in that world.  I mean Heidi was busted recently with what 200 pot plants?   Kristin Davis was busted on a drug charge and even Jason Itzler is back in prison.  

What I found in talking to all these madams over the years was that our pattern was the same. We would be allowed to rise to the level we were without being bothered. Then we'd be approached to sell information.  Something small. Then the demands would get bigger and they'd test how far we could be trusted and how far our greed would take us. Once they felt they had enough of a relationship with us – we'd be asked to send over girls who would be kidnapped and sold never to be seen again.

When we'd refuse – we'd be arrested and then splashed all over the news as an example of how well law enforcement is doing. The only reason my face wasn't plastered in the process was my attorney paid the reporters not to show my face. When I asked him “why?” he said “you ever see one of these women get less than three years in prison?” for which he was correct. Each one of them did except myself – I got off with probation. Yes I could have fought it – but they threatened to arrest my 70 year old grandmother over an electric bill they had proof of me paying. They were going to charge her with pimping me and lock her up in prison for a minimum of eight years. So my mother and I agreed to a plea bargain to save grandma that sentence which would have killed her at that age.

Then came the movie and book offers. You'll find that every other high profile madam during this time period took those offers. They made the movies and they wrote the books. There's the Mayflower Madam, Beverly Hills Madam, Holywood Madam, and then of course myself the High Tech Madam because I had a computer and a lot of surveillance and security equipment to protect us. Now I've gone to each one of these women and asked them why they let those horribly untrue movies be made because all they are in reality are “inphomercials” to try and lure out our successors – someone stupid enough to believe those movies are true that maybe they can easier. Someone greedier.

Me? I saved up the contracts I was offered. Then I went onto the Joan Rivers talk show and I tore them up after showing them to the camera. The reason? When Linda Lovelace tried to tell the public about being forced to film the XXX film “Deep Throat” with her pimp holding a gun to her while everyone on the set allowed him to do this (remember this was a mob financed film – the show “must go on”) - everyone said “you're just trying to sell your book” or “make a movie”. 

So you know what I did in order to be believed about what I was saying? I refused the contracts and tore them up for the camera. There is now a visible gap in the lineage.  If you look back - EVERYONE made one of those movies: Candace Bergen played the Mayflower Madam, Xaviera Hollender was played by Joey Heatherton, Faye Dunaway as the Beverly Hills Madam, Jamie Lynn as the Hollywood Madam - but NOT the "High Tech Madam".   Why?

I asked Alex why she let them make that horribly glamorized piece of propaganda and she said to me “because I needed the money”. Which I understood. A girl's got to eat. Because of Heidi's well publicized drug addiction – well I can pretty well guess she needed the money for either the drugs or to feed all those parrots she owns now.  Sydney told me the same thing - she couldn't work as a madam with the press all over her and rent's got to be paid.  So mine is the gap in the series because I insisted on not putting out another "inphomercial" for being a madam - I held out to do a movie about the TRUTH.  

Was it worth it? Did I get believed? Well I got to see us go from the way sex trafficking was depicted in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” which made a musical satire comedy out of the subject to make it appear it was no longer a real current threat – to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000. So yeah it was worth it.   Because when I stepped up saying trafficking was real, women were being sold like cattle - and that we needed to create a system to help these victims and put up my hotline number to call - yeah it was worth it when I see that people do at least believe now you can be forced and we got no where to go for help.  

But now we've got a backlash to all that work.  Think of it like the alien analogy.  When I stepped up we got the same reaction as someone saying "people are being abducted by aliens and we need to get help to stop this".   So once I got that into the American consciousness - then the "what" stopped being the question and then came the "who"?  Well imagine that those alien abductions were being done by our own government?  They're going to want you to think it's little green men not them right?

Welcome to the war on the African American male we're watching in front of our eyes.  You look at every film out there right now being pumped out by major media and they're calling the a street corner pimp a "trafficker".  Go ahead and look - type in "sex trafficker sentenced" and look at what pops up -  ALL African American males.  Throw in a few Hispanics for flavor and you got who our government is going after - while the ethics hearings on David Vitter and Randall Tobias has been dropped.  

There are powerful people in the media, and the government, trying to convince all of you that street prostitution and trafficking are the same. Also, that someone like Jeane Palfrey is not a “trafficking victim” by definition.   So maybe I should have taken one of those movie offers right?  Maybe I could have got them to get some kind of word out about what's really going on.   Not to say I didn't kick the tires a few times. I went and talked to some of these producers. Like Charles Fries, Sr. I heard the same thing each time when I insisted I'd do the movie IF and ONLY IF they agreed to tell the WHOLE story – not just the juicy bits. What I heard back then was the same each time “it's too dark – no one wants to hear about that stuff”. Years later movies like “Taken” or “Eden” proved them wrong.   But even they were fake Hollywood untruths. What is it they don't want you to know?  Don't want you to know so badly that when you insist you do want to know - they feed you more lies?

First of all, let's take a look at Jeane's story. As I said, I had heard about her arrest in the news so I knew exactly what she was facing.  I knew I had to get to her to warn her, and her attorney, about them coming after her mother. Same as they did myself and also Heidi and others when they don't have any real evidence. I first reached out to Montgomery Blair Sibley, who was her attorney at the time. He was later disbarred in another common tactic of the legal system. When you can afford an attorney who will actually fight for you – they target the attorney to try and get him to no longer be an attorney.  I know they tore apart my attorney's office and bank records looking for dirt.   They got so mad at him they even spray painted "fuck _______" on the jail walls!

Oh my God the stories I can tell you about what they did to my attorney who I would have died if not for his help. But they so chewed him up that he's never taken another criminal case since mine. If not for his relationship as a good friend to my mother – I would have been lost or murdered I know it. Thank you if you're reading this for my life.  Because the attorney is our only protection – that's one of the first things they do .   They also make sure any other attorney is afraid to defend us - or any other underdog.

I mean look at what they did to the attorney who went up against Kamala Harris that defended the homeowners who were ripped off by Bank of America. Oh no wait – don't use that link. Sorry folks but it seems the day after I find interesting links they tend to disappear.  So I guess you'll have to read about it here. I screen shot this one in case they take that down. For that matter, if any of the links are gone when you click on them – ask me for a screen shot. I've learned that happens, frequently, so I have them backed up in case they're taken down by the time you go and look at them.

But are you noticing a pattern here? Anyone who stands up to the “powers that be” gets their very own smear campaign also. Doesn't bother me. I'm a student of P.T. Barnum. Just spell my name right folks. No such thing as bad publicity. People know the truth vs. bullshit most of the time when they hear, read or see it.  I even notice something about those doing the smearing.  They pop up out of nowhere - make their smear - and then they're gone again after.  Catfish.

Anyway, from the day after I reached out to Jeane – we spoke just about every day. Go ahead and listen to the taped interview with Mongomery I did yesterday before proceeding here because the rest will make more sense then.

But this is the gist of what she told me. Same song – different musicians. Sure enough she told me that her escorts were being used to pump powerful men for information. Information she'd then feed back to men within our own government. Information that was then used to blackmail and manipulate for their own purposes.  Montgomery confirms that men used to "fly out every six months to pump her for information - thus making her an agent for them - but then they turn around and arrest her like a criminal?"  

We know from her phone log that David Vitter was one of her clients. Brandy Britton was the escort Jeane had sent to visit him who was also found hung right before she could talk on public record.  

Look, I'm working on my psychology degree here folks and I've studied suicide. Women DON'T hang themselves. It is however a signature mark of an assassination. Take for example - or Jeane being found hung - But interestingly hanging is a favorite form of male suicide  Could it be a male doing the hanging?

Then the Baton Rouge Madam hangs herself in a jail cell we can assume had supplied Vitter with services. Why? Well the New Orleans Madam had - He's still using them today probably - Plus I'll tell you something about “johns” - they do it for life unless they get help through programs like “Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous” or some other form of sexual addiction treatment.

In fact, there's no so many people in David Vitter's past that have been hung right when it seems they were about to go to some hearing or trial or something where they might reveal more to us, that when he moved down to Arizona and I heard about it I literally cracked a joke at one of our Sex Workers Anonymous meetings with my usual dark humor “gee I wonder when the hangings are going to start in Arizona?”

I stopped cracking that joke.

Remember the shit storm that Reid kicked up that was so bad he was practically ran out of office on a raid? He was on to something folks - Okay okay back to the story about Jeane.

Okay so Jeane and I talked just about every day. Now did anyone know it? Of course not. We're Sex Workers Anonymous. Now I'm not going to have her come to one of our phone meetings while a trial is going on. Especially one where the press is doing everything they can to get a story from her. So whenever we have a case like this going on – we work with them “one on one” so as to protect their confidentiality. Also, to protect members from a warrant or subpoena by someone wanting to know what Jeane said in an open meeting. No – we've been down this road too many times so Jeane and I worked privately. If she couldn't reach me – she had other phone numbers of other members she could call also. But to protect her case she never used them. But I still have all of her emails and that factors in further in the story.

What Jeane told me is what I suspected. It was fine and dandy as long as she was just giving them information. But after Brandy was found hung – Jeane knew things were getting more serious. So she had decided to retire. So seriously that she'd even been looking at property to retire to in Germany. But she said the minute she started making a move towards the airport – that's when they came after her to try and stop her. Now they expected her to take the plea bargain and shut up. But remember Larry Flynt had been offering $1,000,000 to anyone who could prove that there was corruption and trafficking going on in connection with me in our own government – which Jeane now had that proof in her black book.

But there were legal issues. If she took the plea bargain the case would be closed. If the case closed – then the people in that phone book could move in and claim their “right to privacy” and take it out of public record. As Jeane and I got talking – we realized there was a system going on in this country of using us women as pawns, and some sacrificed, against our will. Soldiers sign up. Even if they don't want to sign up – they can run off to Canada or go AWOL. So they're still making a choice. But these women who are disappearing are not being asked if they want to make that choice. I say that because when I saw a plane taking off with some women on it that was going off to seal a Saudi Arabian oil deal our country was negotiating – the CIA man standing next to me saw me crying and said “think of it as them serving their country”. I wasn't happy.

Here was our chance to prove it. I mean I had talked to Jeane about doing what I did – just keeping her mouth shut, laying low, letting it blow over – and she told me “kid that was the 1980's before the Patriot Act – where am I going to hide from men like this?” Which I had to admit she had a point. She told me that she wanted her case to “mean something”. She didn't want to join the parade of madams and have her movie just flush out a new sucker for this guys.  No – she wanted to prove that our system has to change. That a true trafficking victim can't go to a homeless shelter or a domestic violence shelter. That they can't call 911 for help. That proving they are a victim is going to be almost impossible because someone is going to flash a badge and say “national security” and cover up the evidence. 

I mean think about it - tell me if right now our country has created a system where JEANE could go for safety and shelter as a trafficking victim which is what she was?  If they had - she might still be alive.  

Oh and all this talk about "expunging our record"?  Bullshit.  Think about it – how am I going to ever ever expunge my record? How am I going to prove that I was forced to do what I did by CIA men? Give me a break. Which is why I have mixed feelings about all of this attention on expunging records. Honestly – if they could have proved trafficking at the trial they would have. So in my opinion this expunging record stuff is just another way for politicians to advance their careers. IT SERVES US NOTHING. Maybe it helps a prostitute  who couldn't afford an attorney - but then let's get honest about our terms here. Plus - how is she going to afford an attorney to expunge her records?  No that's not coming from us.   

Now if anyone has ever wondered if the major media lies to us, or that 1984 is here – Jeane's story proved it. I had read how ABC had made files disappear in the Johnny Gosch case. I'd seen how ABC ripped us off on the Lindsey Wagner movie “Fighting for my Daughter”. So when I heard she'd turned her logs over to them – I warned her we “needed backup's”. So she sent the logs to 10 other independent sites like “The Smoking Gun”. I then watched Dan Rather at ABC say “we found no names of significance”. I about fell off the couch.  But then Smoking Gun stepped up and said “not so fast” and verified names like Vitter and Tobias.  Then ABC said “oh we missed those” and had no choice but to join in.  Which is the only way we're going to keep the media honest.  

So ethics hearings were set up. That got canceled after her death.  They should have been allowed to move forward. Because no I don't think that what Clinton did with an intern is anyone's business. That may be immoral by some standards what he did with that cigar and Monica – but it was not engaging in criminal activity with people who are connected to organized crime. Seeing escorts and connecting with madams however is. There's perfectly legal brothels a few hours plane ride away in Nevada. There's no reason to risk everything like happened with Eliot Spitzer to romp around. Because honestly what happens is we suffer.

While Eliot is romping with Ashley – Kristin Davis, the madam, has full run of New York.  The only people going to jail then are her competitors or people who piss her off. That gives her a lot of power. Not only that – but what if Kristin was forcing Ashley?  What if she was being blackmailed to work for her? Where is she going to go when Eliot was the DA or governor for help? The police won't do anything if the DA won't do anything. Which means that while Eliot Spitzer was the DA – Ashley Dupree, and any other woman working for Kristin Davis, and the owner of that escort service who was living in Israel – CAN'T GO TO THE POLICE FOR HELP.

And who is Rebecca Woodard supposed to go to for help?  What if - let's just say what if - Eliot is a serial rapist like we just saw with Bill Cosby?  Who are those women going to go to in order to press charges while HE'S THE DA or the Governor?  I'm telling you as long as prostituion is illegal, and as long as we have a broken system like we do right now where I'm hearing about a woman being drug out of her home and falsely arrested by two Pasadena cops, and when I try to help her I'm having a cop THREATEN ME WITH A TRO - HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!  

That's what we're trying to speak up about by Jeane taking a stand as she did. Because she could easily easily have bargained that black book to get her case dropped. Even Montgomery said he didn't know why she didn't just negotiate her case out and walk away. She didn't because we were trying to prove something to the world here about who victims are. Victim's who can't go to the police for help because some people have control of law enforcement as their personal little army.

Which is why I started this movement. Not to build more shelters and put more cops on the force that just gives the men in power more bite and more power. Which is what they're doing now. All over this country victims are being herded into bogus “support groups” where they are not told the information they're sharing can be used against them in a court of law. I had set up a hotline and a program where that information would NOT come back against you in court.   So what do they do? Create a bigger louder system to funnel the victims in who don't realize what's happening to them no different than farmers used to use “scape goats” to lure the cattle into their slaughter chute.

Sure they tell you “oh no they'd have to get a warrant or a subpoena to get this information”. But there's a million other ways they can get the information they want with or without one. Check this out - Now don't tell me some of those medical records didn't contain records of violence from a trafficker, or the notes from a counselor.  And I assure you if you threaten a $10 an hour "advocate" with a warrant if they don't reveal what you just told them - they'll fold.  Me?  I went out and got ordained as a minister so I can.  THAT'S why they don't want you calling our hotline.  Because they can't get control of what you tell us.  

Check out this poster where it says the victim was “referred to county counseling” instead of a Sex Workers Anonymous meeting. 

Do you know why they send victims of pimps to “county counseling”? Because they keep records that can be obtained by warrants or straight up just taking them if they want illegally that's why. Do you know why that is? For the same reason for what they did to me after Jeane died. I suspected she'd been murdered. I mean they were saying it was “suicide” before the toxicology report was even in. When do they do that? In a death they always say “we don't know until the toxicology report is in”. This was hours after her body was found. At first, her mother was saying it was murder to the news – and then she recanted. I called the mom to find out why she was recanting and she told me straight up “I'm worried they will come after me next if I don't”. Okay that makes sense.

So I went in to defend Jeane and her mom who was scared to death. Now Jeane had called me the day before. She was mad and scared. Someone was following her around all day. I had told her about the threats on my life during my case. I also told her how I hid out at my grandmother's house so I had a witness around me 24/7 so they couldn't say I killed myself. She said “that's a good idea – I'll go to my mothers and call a press conference from there”.

I said “for what?”

She said “I'm going to reveal a name that will make Vitter and Tobias look like kindergarten compared to what other names I got.” and that's where she went. To her mom's for safety – not to kill herself.  She had told me she was going to put together a press conference and reveal more names. There was a writer already working on her book. We had formed the “Mad Madam Movie Production Company”. The million bucks that Larry Flynt was going to give her? We were going to form a movie production company with that.  I mean she was going to need to do some kind of work after the trial. So she had plans and went to her mom's house in fear and to protect herself. Not the actions of a suicide about to happen.

So when I heard the news – I called the police down in that city and asked to speak to the detective in charge of her case.  I don't remember his name and I lost it in the move – but I told him “look I believe it was murder and I want a toxicology report for drugs and I want you to dust that shed and the rope for finger prints. If I don't think you're doing a thorough job to rule out murder – I'm going to call Geraldo who I got on speed dial, take all my emails and text messages from her and I'm going on Fox to blow you right out of the water – got it?”  In fact, Bradley, Geraldo's brother had told me I could come on the show that week.   I was going - but then this happened.  

He didn't say a word. Didn't have to because at 5:00 in the morning I'm coming back from a doctor's appointment I'd gone to in Vegas. It was a long drive from Tonopah to Vegas so I pulled up to the house about then. There was a cop sitting in the parking lot of the motel I was living at. He comes up to me and says “I have a warrant to search your room”. I'm like “you're kidding me right? I mean what about you possibly have a warrant for?” I demanded to see the warrant.

Catch this. I had bought dinner by delivery the night before and paid by my debit card. The police went to the restaurant owner and got him to sign a statement that he didn't physically see me because it was delivered and therefore I might be “impersonating Jody Williams”. They got the only judge in this hick town to sign the warrant and were coming for proof that I was in fact Jody Williams. So I showed him my ID and my debit card. Not enough. They needed proof the ID wasn't fake he says and he calls in four other cars and a drug dog.

So I now have five cops and a drug dog tearing up my room clearly looking for drugs. The whole time I'm thinking Jeane's emails are on the computer so why are they tossing my room?  Well to look for drugs clearly to arrest me.  Maybe I'd be hanging from a trash bag if I had a joint in the room - who knows?  That's why I stay clean as my attorney warned me I'd have to do as an advocate for us.  

Anyway, they didn't find any and got really pissed. That's when they trashed the room. Tipped the mattress upside down. Ripped things out of the wall to look in the sockets. I mean trashed the room. Then they went to the owner and asked him to sign a complaint that I had torn apart his room. I was friends with the owner and he was helping me with rescues so he knew the score. He came down to inspect the room and told them “the only damage I see you guys did” and he walked off threatening to sue them for the damage if they didn't leave.  

Okay that really made them mad. They called CPS and they demanded they come and remove my daughter from the home because the room was now “unlivable”. Thankfully, the CPS worker said “give her five hours to clean it up”. Which with my back trouble was not easy to do. The cops literally just stood there while I tried to struggle to put the mattress back with my back problems. My kid is flipping out from the stress. Our dog had just died and I had him in the refrigerator in the room so we could take him to Vegas to get him cremated. They told me if I didn't dump the dog in the dumpster they would consider it “hazardous waste” so I had no choice but to bury Elvis, my mom's dog actually she left us when she died, in the dumpster or they'd take my kid away. CPS came and inspected the room and left.

One cop was left. He said “I'm not done with you”. I said “I know”. After he left I called some friends and asked them to come move me in the morning. Which they did. There was another motel down the street (now you know why I'm in motels), so I had them take me there. Ten minutes after I'm packed up and gone and the movers leave – I hear a knock. Of course I think it's the movers so silly me opened the door without looking. It's the cop. He waited until they left to come at me. He then calls the owner of the first motel I'd just left and tells him that I'd stolen the linens and wants him to file a theft report. The owner says “no she left them with me” and hangs up on the cop.

Then he asks me “can I come in and talk to you?” Oh no – I learned that trick with LAPD. He could come into my room and leave anything and say it's mine.

“NO. Anything you want to say to me you can say to me right here in the parking lot with the security camera on you buddy” I told him.

With that – he said “I'll be back” and I said “I bet you will” and proceeded to pack and move again. That didn't stop the harassment. This cop called Social Security and claimed I was impersonating myself. So I had to reapply for my SSI. This cop called my bank and said I was impersonating myself so I had to reopen my bank account. They even yanked my drivers license and I had to reapply for “suspicion of ID theft”.

I kept asking everyone “don't you have to have a complaint or something before you do this?” and they just shrugged and kept on doing it anyway. So I went and rented a room. I figured nothing would be in my name that way. I had gotten married the last time I went underground and everything went into my married name. Now I had to rent a room – that way the electric, phone, etc. wouldn't be traceable because clearly I'm being hounded. It was okay though. I'd called the Tonopah station and the clerk there had told me that a Florida cop had called there and that's what set off the shit storm. So I needed to get out of Tonopah anyway – and bigger houses weren't in Tonopah. So we went back to Vegas and moved into a nice big house in Centennial Hills with an engineer who had just lost his job and needed some extra cash for rent.

This kind of harassment went on until suddenly it just stopped. I wondered why so I went online and googled Jeane's name. Montgomery Blair Sibley had just published his book “Why Just Her?” At first I was very angry that he said it was a suicide. I asked him why he did that because I felt like we needed to defend her death as a murder.

He said “because I need to move on with my life – that's why. I need to work again.”

I had to admit he was right. I told him “well I have to admit you're right. The shit storm has died down”. So I figured I needed to count my blessings and wait until my kid turned 18 to move forward on this.

But we've done this. We've ignored it, moved on, and tried to let the system repair itself. It's not. It's gotten worse. I read about how with the drug wars at one point the Colombian government had to resort to creating the “Faceless Justice System” to get the “big dogs” of crime put down.  Look at Sandra Bland.  I'd be here if not for being street smart enough to haul ass a few times and go underground.  

Well we're at that point now America. Everyone is afraid. Our system is broken. Montgomery has a brilliant legal mind and he says our only hope is this “constitutional convention”. So let's get on it because this is Nazi Germany all over again. You think because WE can't go to the police that it's cool because YOU can.  Don't be so sure. 

Because we also saw with the Snoop Dogg case – many more families can't. This is not supposed to be about people picking and choosing who gets protection – or who has the system turn against them like Donald Banks just saw. That was a trick pulled on him that he walked right into because he wasn't warned the system was rigged. Well now he knows too.  He went to the police for help with being blackmailed - only the blackmailers control the system now.  I say that because if a blackmailer had posted photos of him and said those things - he could have sued for defamation and privacy and that would have ended it.  But he had the police go and set up a sting.  A gun is found in Teofil's car which I still haven't heard who it's registered to.  The DA assured him "oh we'll just use your initials and no one will know" and then BAM get out of vasoline because now everything's all public record and not a damn thing Donald can do about it.  

And do you know what the blackmailers are now doing?  Telling everyone who is even thinking about going to the police - look at what happened to Donald.  Why do I say that?  Look how fast he got a cop to go arrest Teofil.   Me?  I've been trying for TWO YEARS to get someone to even look at evidence I have against the heads of a multinational trafficking crime ring that reside in Pasadena that are using corrupt law enforcement to keep the prostitutes in check.  No one will even CALL me - but he gets a sting.  At first I thought it was because he was rich.  Now - it's because he was the fly in the spider web.  

What we need is this "congressional convention" that Montgomery is talking about.  Which by the way - when Billy Jack was talking about this stuff when I was growing up - I had no idea what he was talking about.  So I did what most people do who don't want to bother to find out what something means - I just wrote it off and said "Billy has lost his mind".  Which is what people do when they don't want to take the time to listen to the mine canaries ahead of their time warning us.  

Stop writing.  and

Start learning and understanding.

Don't let us go on being "Moise".  Start listening people.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - all rights reserved)

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