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Thursday, July 16, 2015


We are an "anonymous" program for many reasons.  Some of that is because our past can hinder our future.  Many companies will not hire someone who used to be a stripper, in porn, or a prostitute.  To identify our membership is therefore to identify people who could be blackmailed.  Does it happen?  Absolutely.

We know of one man who escaped a trafficking ring.  He had been sold to a biker gang when he was eight years old.  They sold him to a pimp who ran kids in New York.   The only escape from that pimp he felt was to murder the pimp first.  So he did and went into the juvenile detention system at 13 years of age.  The workers at the juvenile facility used to let tricks come into the facility at night for a fee where the boys were locked in their room unable to escape.  He finally managed to run away.  Then he put himself through college so he could get a degree and work with other troubled youth.  The men in this trafficking ring found him years later and asked him to come back.  He refused.  Photos of him in pornography were shown to his university.  They retracted his degree. 

We have many stories like this of where someone's past can come back to affect their present and future.  This is why we do not release any information on the callers to our hotline to anyone.  We don't make reports and we don't let researchers come in to "analyze our data" because we don't want anyone knowing who is calling us, why, when or from where. 

To protect our hotline it is kept coming through a private home phone that's answered by an ordained minister.  This means that there's no way the phone records can be audited or reviewed without someone obtaining a warrant. 

We have received death threats over the hotline.  If we go to the police and file a report about these death threats - then we would be giving consent to the police to be reviewing not only incoming calls to the hotline, but also past calls.  This means we have NOT made reports about these threats in order to protect the record of calls coming into our hotline.

We saw a documentary once about how the FBI has a "trigger code" on the book "Catcher in the Rye".  After identifying many terrorists have read that book, if you buy the book at a new or used bookstore, or check out that book at the library - your name will be sent to the FBI for review on a special watch list. 

After seeing that show - we decided NOT to sell our "Recovery Guide" on Amazon or in book stores, nor to assign it an ISBN number.  Nor do we have it available for free download on the internet because then the IP address of the people downloading the file can be retrieved.   We do not want anyone in the FBI, or otherwise, to be able to pull a list of buyers of this book and use that to try and determine who our members are.

We have traced a connection between Beth Jacobs, Lynn Robertson, Melissa Farley, PhD, Celia Williamson, and Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, PhD.  In early 2013, Beth Jacobs joined a private online group of our members where we posted photos of our families, our lives, and shared with each other how we're doing now we're out of the sex industry, and away from our pimps.  Beth then took pictures a woman who had not only escaped from her pimp, but also had blocked the legal brothel's expansion into Las Vegas by testifying against them on February 20, 2013, (and winning), had posted of her and her children, and she illegally, and unethically, took those photos and posted them in open groups on facebook - "outing" her not only as an ex-prostitute, and a member of SWA, but also exposing photos of her children.  This woman was/is living in hiding from her violent pimp.  She has to because when she told him she would not prostitute any longer - he beat her badly.  After the domestic violence hearing - she lost custody of her children because of her having the prostitute license because of working at a legal brothel.   He then said he would put the two younger children into child porn if she did not come back to prostitute for him.  She responded by illegally fleeing with those children against the child custody order.  Her only support was through our membership. 

Beth violated a very sacred trust when she posted those photos she obtained by joining that private group.  We allowed her in because she said she was an ex-prostitute.  Therefore, we had no reason to exclude her.  We hadn't thought to copyright the photos because in a million years we never thought someone would do this previous to her actions.

After this, Lynn Robertson then hacked into our yahoo email account for SWA.  She sent out a message to everyone in our contacts' list, and then a taunt to me to let me know not only was she responsible for this, but also that she now had the names of everyone in our contacts' list.  Lynn then started going to members of SWA who identified as such online and challenged them to verify they "were not just another Jody in disguise".  Many got defensive and in defending me revealed personal information about themselves to "prove" to her they were not just alter's of myself. 

Why would a housewife be doing this as she tells everyone she is?   Lynn then admitted to me that someone contacted her requesting all of the information she'd gathered on us and she gave it to them.   That means she taunted people into revealing information on themselves to her - and then she gave that information to some unidentified person who she told me was "going around asking everyone to give them copies of any emails between Jody and themselves".  So there is someone going around gathering information on our members - information that Lynn admits to taunting people into giving to her to give to them. 

Beth then started contacting anyone who said they were connected to us, members of us, or even knew me and started telling them that if they "did not want to be shunned" then they had to join in an attack of us "or else".  Remaining neutral was not an option.  I received screen shots of these conversations and these people were told they either had to join in an attack of me or be attacked themselves.  People had their jobs, their reputations, their funding, and their social standing threatened.  Self-published authors were told their sales would be tanked.   The first two people who fought back where smeared, attacked, and chased out of any trafficking groups as was promised. 

To test if this was systematic or personal - we did set up a "dummy" profile of a SWA member.  That person was contacted and issued these "threats" and "warnings" that I was a pimp.  The expected response of course would be a defense.  When the person would defend - they would then be threatened.  If they didn't turn and join in an attack upon us - they were attacked and shunned.  These people were identified by an IP address search and key word searches.  That was what happened to the "dummy" profile we set up from a separate IP address.  The profile we set up from our IP address - then then stepped into tell us she knew we had created that profile and that it was "us".  Meaning she has an alert on her computer to tell her when we create profiles.  Why? 

I began to see a pattern.  These people were attacking me trying to flush out who our members and supporters were.  In doing so - they might be able to figure out how our membership worked.  To further obtain information on how we worked - Brenda Myers-Powell agreed to be filmed in three documentaries where she holds herself out to be the head of our program.  This is to direct people to contact her - rather than us. 

What we were seeing is that anyone who was a part of our organization was being identified through "baiting".  They attack me and then those who defend us are identified and then they can figure out how we work, who we are, where we are, etc., in this manner.  I know law enforcement wants this information because they also came to me offering to pay me as an informant if I would turn over information on our members to them.  I refused.

Ever since we stopped the prosecutor from arresting Jeane Palfrey's mother by having an attorney there prepared for them at her door when they arrived - and by seeing the power some of our members have in their phone logs such as Jeane had in her "Black Book" that had she not died then there would have been some ethics' hearings - there are people who want to know who our members are. 

Therefore, I tell all members not to post their membership on any social media.  They are to "remain anonymous at the level of press, radio and films".  They are not to discuss us in open media.  We shut down our groups for members to connect online, in yahoo, off our site, on facebook, etc. 

The latest in these attacks is at  Two convicted pimps and people connected to the show "8 Minutes" where we have successfully attacked three different productions of Relativity Media in the past - set up the site for two main reasons.  One is to flush out defenders.  I have told everyone NOT to step up to defend me.  I think they're being baited into this defense so members can be identified.  Therefore, I've told everyone to stand down. 

Second, I have been threatened that site will stay up as long as we answer the hotline and have our site up.  It's extortion.  It's also being done by more than one person.  I've filed a criminal complaint for conspiracy against the builders of that site and law enforcement is watching their activity to build evidence for the conspiracy charges.  Therefore, everyone in our program needs to be aware of what it is and to stay away from it to let the good cops do their jobs.  I don't want to risk anyone issuing any threats against them that they get in trouble for - so I've advised our members to just leave that site alone and realize it is what it is - an attack upon us to shut us down by people who have been convicted of pimping and pandering, as well as active sex workers, and people connected to the show "8 Minutes". 

If we were not effective or a threat to pimps and traffickers - this would not be happening.  Therefore, it's proof we're effective and a threat to these people.  If were not a threat to them - they wouldn't be giving us the time of day.  I don't see any sites up against the groups who are quite vocal - but do nothing that threatens them.  Annie Lobert from "Hookers for Jesus" is a good example.  I see no pimps or active sex workers setting up sites attacking her - because she's not a threat to anyone!   Every reporter I've spoken to in the last five years - the minute I say I'm from Las Vegas they start sucking in their breath.  I then say "I'm not Annie" and I hear them let out the air and they breath again.  The next thing they said is "thank God you're not that wacko" and then we laugh and continue our conversation. 

This site shows what happens when anyone does go up against these people.  I'm working on a project right now where I've gathered together people from all over the country who have tried to report traffickers, help the victims of trafficking rings, and they've been threatened with smears like is up at the site at  So even though the servers this site is on has told me they will take this site down - I'm leaving it up so people can see what the tactics are of these people.  I also want law enforcement to keep tracking who is involved in this conspiracy.  So yes I'm leaving the site up despite it's attack of us because we're gathering intelligence through it right now - and it's important to show people how these other people operate. 

You mess with us - and we'll smear you.  Then when people defend you - we'll smear them too. 

So don't respond to this site with defending us please.  We're used to this.  When I was calling out Samoly Mam, Chong Kim and Ben Hillier as frauds - they of course fought back.  It took time to get the evidence together to prove I wasn't crazy and that they were in fact frauds who were conning everyone.  We're doing the same with this site because as they're trying to flush us out with this - we're flushing them out also.  Their activity on this site helps us identify clearer who we're fighting.  So please just let it take it's course and in the meantime - don't defend us. 

Thank you. 


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