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Thursday, July 2, 2015


The hotline was launched on August 15, 1987.  We advertised it to say "if you want help to leave the sex industry - please call  . . . ".  We ran public service announcements on TV, radio and even print ads in papers like the LA Reader and the Hollywood XPress.  When Craigslist first opened online - we started running ads for us under their "groups" heading because it was free.  Numerous HIV outreaches used to give out our flyers and business cards - even our "Recovery Guides". 

Does it work?  I once had a woman call us who said she had kept our business card in her dresser drawer for 19 years before finally reaching out to call us for help.  A few things you have to keep in mind - we were the FIRST hotline for adults.  This was before there was any recognition that sex trafficking was even real.  So we couldn't make any distinctions between the type of situation you were in needing help with.  If you wanted out because you got HIV and wanted out - you called us.  If you had a pimp and wanted out - you called us.  If you were being trafficked and needed help to get away - you called us.  If you'd been out for a while - but your pimp found you and was trying to make you come back to "work" for him you called us for help.  If you wanted to leave but your childrens' father was your pimp and he was threatening to report you for kidnapping if you tried to leave - you'd call us for help.  If you had to get a job because it was a probation requirement - but you couldn't because the internet was full of porn - you'd call us for help.  If your son or daughter was hooked up with a pimp and wouldn't leave - you called us for help.  Whatever the situation was - we were the "kitchen sink" of hotlines as there was no other before us.

Our hotline went off briefly three times.  During the January 1994 Sherman Oaks earthquake - it was off.  When I turned it back on - I learned that a woman had tried to reach us for help and committed suicide by her mother.  That made me swear never to let it go off again.  The second time it went off was when I had to leave my daughter's father.  He was a manic-depressive who wouldn't take his medication properly and violent.  To get away from him I had to go "off the grid" for a brief time.  He knew I answered the hotline - so I had no choice but to cut it off so he couldn't trace where I'd gone.  I moved to Nebraska in June of 1994 and turned it back on then.  I learned of another suicide that had happened when someone couldn't reach us for help.

The last time was after my stroke in July of 2000.  I had asked my now second husband to answer the hotline while I was in ICU.  He did for about two weeks and then yanked it out of the wall.  When I got out of the hospital I found the ripped phone cord and he told me that this program and hotline was "what was stressing me out" and that he "wanted me to rest" and he "did it for me".   I explained to him that the reason I was walking around breathing was because God had a purpose for me and that purpose for this program and that if he cut me off - then why would God bless me with a healing so I could continue on this work?  I plugged the phone line back in and learned that two women had committed suicide when they couldn't reach help because back then we were the end of the line for help.  If we were gone - where would they go? 

I was still in bed recuperating in 2002 when Polaris opened their National Trafficking Hotline.  I actually was quite thrilled when I heard about them opening such a hotline.  I figured "what a load off" if they could handle the trafficking calls - and I could handle the rest.  I reached out to them to hit nothing but a wall of silence.  Nothing.  No one would return my calls, faxes, emails, nothing.  It honestly didn't make sense to me.  I mean here I am the Bill Wilson of AA for prostitutes and trafficking victims reaching out to someone who has opened an alcohol treatment hotline and no one wants to talk to me.  Didn't make any sense. 

Nor did it make sense to me that they would "only help trafficking victims who called for help".  While granted some can call for help - many can't.  I mean isn't that the definition of "trafficking"?  The trafficking that I've witnessed is where the victims aren't allowed near a telephone.  They aren't left alone to get to a telephone.  So I was kind of stumped there. 

Until I started seeing some of the reports they were issuing each year about their callers.  Remember, I've turned down offers before from various agencies to release any information on our callers.  Quite lucrative offers.  I then look down on their website to see they got a grant to pay for their website, their hotline, and their report.  Quite profitable indeed.  But one of the reasons why people would call me is because they knew that under no circumstances was I going to use the information they gave me for profit, nor release it to anyone.  I can't take the chance either of compromising our members. 

Let's say for example that a victim decides to relocate to Montana from Arizona.  What if her pimp sees that and remembers that she was in Arizona and had family in Montana?  I just can't take that chance that anything in that report is going to lead to their new lives being compromised.  Plus there's the issue of "proof".  How would I "prove" the findings of the report unless I keep records?  I destroy everything so there isn't proof.  If I start issuing reports however then I have to keep records - records which could be hacked into or stolen.  It's just too risky. 

But again, I think it's great that they want to do that.  Someone needs to.  I honestly believe they provide a valuable service and valuable research.  I can't do what they do - I can't connect callers to someone who speaks Mandarin at 3:00 in the morning for example.  Like Rodney King said however "can't we all just get along?"  I'm fine with them but it appears there are some people who aren't too happy about our hotline being around. 

I'd like to add that in all the years I've answered this hotline - not one person has filed a complaint against us nor a lawsuit.  Pretty impressive track record for a hotline if you ask me.  Even 911 can't boast that good of a track record.  Not that I didn't take a lot of training mind you.  I've taken training on how to answer a hotline from the rape crisis people, the suicide hotline, the domestic violence and the child abuse hotline people.  Also I've had training on how to answer the hotline from both AA and NA - so yes I've received a lot of training also.

The first attack against our hotline came after I refused to offer to be a paid informant as to the information that comes in on the hotline.  After that was when the "Catalina" incident started as I call it.  I was sitting home minding my own business when Jacqueline Homan called me up and asked me if I knew anyone in SWA in Ireland.  I did and asked her what was going on.  She said that Ruth Jacobs had called her up asking if she knew any way to help this woman in Ireland.  Now that was weird because Ruth Jacobs knew about us, and knew we had members worldwide, and even knew of trafficking groups in the UK which was right across the bridge from Ireland - so why on earth was she reaching out to Jacqueline - a book author and survivor to help this woman?

It made no sense.  I asked if the National Trafficking Hotline had been contacted.  They said they had no resources to help someone in Ireland.  Okay that problem solved.  So now what is the issue I asked?  They said that Catalina was saying she was being trafficked by her husband/pimp who was also connected to the local police force and therefore she couldn't call the police for help.  So she was going into these trafficking groups online and asking someone to help her. 

I asked her what she wanted to do.  She said she couldn't go to the UK without losing her benefits and because the husband would be able to find her.  Plus she had no car and the bus station was too far to walk to in order to get out of there.  Jacqueline said she knew a woman who lived right there who could pick her up and take her to the bus and buy her a ticket to wherever she needed to go. 

There's a group that pays for plane tickets for trafficking victims in just this situation - so I made arrangements to get her a plane ticket from the nearest airport to the USA.  I found a residential program in the state's that was a year long program that had a bed and agreed to take her in.  I then spoke to someone at Immigration who agreed to meet her at the airport, get her paperwork in order, so that she could fly directly to the states. 

So we set everything up to handle it - one was going to go pick her up and take her to the bus station.  Then she was going to ride with her to the airport.  There she would be met with someone who would take care of her paperwork to get her into the USA.  Her flight was going to be paid for and the program director of this program was going to meet her at the airport once she landed.  Problem solved.

Only she not only didn't show at the appointed time - something very strange happened.  She started telling anyone who would listen that she showed up and that we didn't.  Now why would she do that?  This made absolutely no sense.  In all the years I've been doing this I have never ever ever not had a victim show up at the appointed spot to be rescued.  As I'm scratching my head - people are calling me yelling at me "how could you strand her like that?" 

Now I've got a problem because I'm not going to confirm everything I had in place because for all I know the pimp is watching.  For all I know this was set up by a pimp to see how we operate.  I have no idea what's going on - until a woman from Texas calls me up.  This woman starts telling me how "it's okay" because "she's been trying for a year now to get this woman to safety".   Not only is she telling me she's been talking to this woman for a year - but she then repeats back to me every single step of the rescue plan.

I'm like "let me get this straight - she TOLD you every step of the plan we had to get her out of there?"  She said "yep".  She knew too.  She knew what airport we were meeting her at and what airport she was going to and even the name of the program she was supposed to be going into.  Now I'm really confused.  Why on earth would this woman be telling another woman in the USA everything about her rescue operation - and then not show?  Then tell everyone WE didn't show up for the appointed meeting time? 

So I contacted her and asked what the hell is going on?  She says she "got scared" that we were "double agenting" her and that we might be one of her husband's people trying to "fake her out" and then when she showed up at the bus stop she would be harmed.  I explained that made absolutely no sense.  I told her to look us up online - I've got news clippings of our work online since 1987.  I did not magically become someone working for her husband overnight. 

She asked me to set it up again for her.  I agreed but I said on one condition - she couldn't tell ANYONE.  Because her pimp husband could get access to the internet.  If he sees that we're helping her then we're going to be the first people he comes to look for when she's gone.  I swear her to absolute silence and went about re-scheduling the whole operation again.

Then I get a call from Rachel Moran.  She tells me to "call off" the rescue" and to "let her handle things".  I don't know this woman from Adam so I ask her to explain what's going on.  She tells me that Catalina has been coming to see her for two years now and that she's got "everything under control".  But she says she'd like to "meet our people" who are helping her to get out of the states and to please come have them speak to her. 

I explained that our members don't violate their anonymity for anyone.  They aren't going to introduce themselves to her or anyone.  Especially since we have no idea who she is.  She tells me she's just put out her memoirs and she's also a survivor.  Okay that sounds interesting so I go to google her and look her up.  Only I get the shock of my life when I listen to her interviews on youtube because guess what? 

The voices of Rachel Moran and Catalina Lopez are absolutely identical.  I ask Jacqueline Homan to listen to this and she confirms they sound identical to her.  Jacqueline is quite a detective and comes back to me with even more interesting information.  The IP address that Rachel Moran and Catalina Lopez are emailing us from - are identical.  The cell phone that both Rachel Moran and Catalina Lopez are using - are both registered to Rachel Moran.  Now why on earth would Catalina Lopez be using a cell phone registered to Rachel Moran?  Rachel says she gave the woman the phone.  Okay that's possible - but how do you explain them both using the same IP address?

Makes no sense to me and as this is going on suddenly Catalina starts telling everyone online again that we're going to be helping her.  I'm freaking out thinking her pimp is going to see this and jeopardize the mission - so I start spreading "disinformation".  I start saying we are NOT going to be helping her because I don't want him coming for her the minute he realizes she's gone through us.

Next thing I know I have all these people with absolutely no experience in this area jumping on me saying I need to acknowledge she's a victim and acknowledge we're helping her.  Why would I do this?  If I do this and he's worried she'd going to not only come to the USA but possibly then testify against him - he could murder her.   Pimps who are worried they will be arrested and testified against routinely murder their victims like in the Jessie Foster case and 1000 others.  So let me get this straight - I'm supposed to say I believe she's a real victim, that we're helping her, and that she's getting ready to leave him - which if he sees this means he might murder her to silence her and if I don't do this I'm the bad guy?

I explained to a few people offline why I was denouncing her online and they said they understood.  However, another person I'd never heard of before starts stepping up demanding that I acknowledge she's a victim and that we're helping her or they're going to start having me blocked from trafficking groups.  When I asked who this person was to be telling me how to handle a trafficking case - they claimed to be on the board of directors of Polaris.  Do I know that to be true?  No idea.  But that's what they claimed.  Since they wouldn't give me a real name - who knows.

But true to their word - they started having people block me in the middle of this rescue mission.   Then comes the moment of truth when she's supposed to be at the designated spot to be picked up to wind up in the states.  She isn't there.  The operative tells me she's not there.  I reach out to her to find out what's going on and knowing the phone call is recorded she starts saying "I'm here where are you?" and then "why are you hanging up on me" and then hanging up on me.  I ask our operative if she's anywhere in the station - and she tells me there's "not one woman anywhere in the station" while on the other line Catalina is screaming "you stood me up" and "you're not here" and then hanging up on us in a way that sounds like I hung up on her. 

This really makes no sense to me.  Why is she saying "why are you hanging up on me?" and then hanging up on us?  By the way, I had two other SWA members with me when this was happening as a witness - plus we have all the other people who were part of this mission who were left standing there with no victim showing up. 

So then the rumors start spreading all over the internet that I had "hung up on a victim".  Lovely.  Not true.  Only how am I supposed to prove this?  Play the recording?  What if something is wrong with Rachel Moran?  What if she's having some kind of dissociative disorder breakdown?  I have no idea what's going on and until I do - I'm not going to rush so quick to defend ourselves.

From the computer IP address I'm able to get a house address  I contact the Irish police for that district and I tell them that there might be a woman at this address who is being trafficked or abused or in need of help in some manner and could they please go and talk to her.  They agreed.

They went out to the house and spoke to the woman residing there.  The woman said she was "fine".  Now I'm not going to tell you the name of the woman living there because that information can be traced and I wouldn't do something like that to someone's home.   However, I will say that the police told me the name of the woman living there was not Catalina Lopez.

To counter-attack us making sure this woman was actually safe, Ruth Jacobs got a phone call from someone saying I had "violated her anonymity" as an ex-sex worker.  She had decided to be "mum" about this and I had not violated that confidence to anyone.  When Ruth attacked me about it - I give her respect for this I asked her to please go find me proof I had done this.  She of course found nothing.  She comes back and says "they lied to me".  Well yeah - I don't violate a confidence and I'm only talking about this now that Ruth has come out in the open about her past entirely.

But that didn't stop Ruth from issuing a public statement that she had "met both Catalina Lopez and Rachel Moran" and "they are two different women" after I had said something was fishy here because both Catalina Lopez and Rachel Moran seemed to be the same person.   A statement she came back to me and apologized for making.  When I asked why she made this statement that called me a liar - she said that Rachel had played the "friend card" and asked her to do it as a "friend".  I asked what changed - and she said she realized that "Rachel was no friend and was using her".  Thank you by the way Ruth for that because yeah that kind of thing can make you wonder if you are crazy because Jacqueline, my daughter, and four other SWA members all said the voices of Rachel and "Catalina" sounded identical.  So thank you for confirming you had not met a Catalina in person nor was she real.

I'm still trying to figure out WHY.  Why go to all this trouble?  At the same time this is going on Polaris had announced it was getting ready to globalize it's hotline.  It was at this time a woman named Gaye Dalton reached out to me.  She claimed that Rachel Moran had ripped off her memoir - and was passing it off as her own.  She says when she went to the publisher - the publisher asked her if she would say she was a trafficking victim in her book.  She says she refused and the next thing she knows Rachel is touting her story as her own supposedly.  To further back her story up with me - she shows me affidavits from police, prostitutes and other madams who all state they never saw Rachel during the times and places she says she was - but they knew Gaye.

When I asked Gaye "why would they do this?" she says that she believed it was because "there is no trafficking in Ireland".  I'm like what?  She said "it's too small and too poor of a country for trafficking" so she felt that Rachel and Catalina were being created to make it appear that trafficking existed to justify fund raising and other political efforts to bring trafficking efforts into the area. 

Okay fine - but why attack me?  I'm still not understanding.  Why attack our hotline?  Gaye asks me "have you ever got a call from a trafficking victim in Ireland before?"  I said truthfully "no".  She said "there's your answer.  As long as your hotline is around - you can be a counter to whatever they're trying to say out there is true".

Which I don't agree with to be honest.  If I run one ad with a red background I'm going to get different people responding than if I run a pink background.  It doesn't mean one or the other isn't real.  I believe different people are going to call our respective hotlines. 

But was Catalina Lopez real?  On December 13, 2013, she posted that she had "7 days sobriety" in AA and all posts stopped.  When I last checked on her - she had maybe two or three "friends".  She now has 71 - and I find the names quite interesting.  Beth Jacobs of course among them.   So is the fact that everyone of her "friends" has me blocked and will not speak to me. 

Is her photo even real?  In talking to her on the phone during this time I asked her the name of her cat pictured there.  She couldn't answer me and started stuttering.  I asked the name of the man in the photo with her also and she started stuttering so bad she hung up on me in frustration.  An old technique by the way to see if someone is lying is to ask them a question they wouldn't have scripted for - like the name of her cat.  Photos which haven't changed either since I last spoke to her.  No she's not real.  Catalina Lopez is not her "real" name.  The police confirmed for me who lived at that house and that is not her real name.  So no I'm not "violating anyone's anonymity" by posting her name on this blog because it's not a real name or situation. 

Seems there has been a lot going on over there since this incident in reading articles like this -

But let me just get this straight for the record here - we got a call about a woman claiming to be a victim of trafficking in Ireland whose husband was also connected to the local police and who couldn't go to Ireland because she wouldn't be able to get work or aid (I don't understand their financial system sorry).  So in less than two days time - we arranged for a survivor to pick her up personally, take her personally to the airport, where we'd arranged an airplane ticket for her to the states, and all of her paperwork, and admittance into a year long program in the USA and I'M THE BAD GUY?


Look to whoever is reading this - if you want to manufacture trafficking in Ireland so you can get some grant money over there and start some programs knock yourself out.  Just please please leave bashing me out of it will you?  I'm sorry if the fact we can actually accomplish something screws with your plans.  Just give me a heads-up next time and I'll be happy to stay out of your way.  If you haven't learned by now - this social shunning doesn't make me go away.  Also, I can't help people came to me and asked me to help "Catalina" and screwed with your plans.

I got news for you - I cut my teeth on being shunned so it's nothing new to me.  My dad kept me very isolated as a kid.  I had a genius IQ and ADD - so when I did get around other kids it was so rare and I was a weird kid the kids didn't exactly take to me.  I was always the last one picked for dodge ball.  I was the first girl in my class to develop boobs so I'm used to be hated by the girls and chased by the boys.  I dropped out of high school to go to college at 15 years old - so I started college at 16 years old.  I wouldn't know how to "fit in" if it fell on me.  So if you think this campaign does anything to make me think about throwing in the towel here - think again.

In my world if people are going to treat another human being like that - I don't want to be around them.  So all you're doing is lightening up my dance card and giving me less people I got to be nice too - more time to spend on those people I do care about and that need my help. Only I don't just say that and then chase after people who shun and bully me.  Ask Beth.  Have I once tried to kiss her ass and make her be friends with me once she started this campaign of hers?  Or Lynn or Shelly?  Hell no - who wants them or anyone chicken shit enough to be scared by them in my life.  I need people in my life who live spiritual principles - don't just speak them which Jesus taught us to "love thy enemies" remember?  So even if I was this awful monster - still doesn't justify someone calling themselves a Christian and treating me this way.   So if you haven't figured out by now that these tactics don't work on me - figure it out. 

They couldn't get us to shut down with the "fake victim" so now they've had to find a "fake sex worker".  Which brings us to the Domina Elle chapter of the attack upon our hotline. 

And also why I'm not so sure I believe everything out of Gaye Dalton anymore either.  I say that because Gaye reached out to me back then right as this was happening to not only "discredit" Rachel Moran - but also claiming that "no trafficking exists in Ireland".  Now to back that up she asked me "has anyone called you from Ireland?"  Well no - but that honestly might just be that I haven't run ads in Ireland before.  I don't know. I don't know if someone in Ireland would call a USA number for help either.  But I got to admit I saw the photos of Gaye who looked more like a prostitute to me than Rachel, and I looked at the affidavits and I believed her hook, line and sinker.  Especially in light of this whole Catalina Lopez impersonation.

Any of you remember the OJ trial?  Some people say the evidence was planted.  One of the cops said he planted the evidence true - but it was because he was worried the existing evidence wouldn't stick   In other words, yeah he planted evidence but not that it didn't happen.  Yes I believe Rachel Moran pretended to be Catalina Lopez for some reason.   Yes for a long time I believed Gaye that Rachel "stole" her story.

But after a run-in I've had with Gaye that defies all logic to me - I'm not so sure that Rachel's story isn't true and that Gaye isn't the one lying.  I say that because Gaye has shown me she's not about the truth anymore - but about an agenda. 

Things stayed quiet about our hotline until recently.  I'll go on about the next launch on our program and hotline, along with Gaye to explain further in the next chapter.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - all rights reserved)

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