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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Before I get started on the attack upon our program and our hot line - the most obvious two questions I ask myself would be "who" and "why".  No I don't think little green aliens are coming to get me.  No I don't think there is a mysterious "they" out there either.  Not at all.  Not when I can trace every single attack that's been launched upon us to real flesh and blood people.    Not when I have recordings and photos and screen shots. 

But let me just dip into the hypothetical for a moment.  Someone came to me and said "sounds like Cointelpro".  This man publishes a newsletter himself and was telling me he's having exactly the same types of problems we are having is how it came up.  I'm like "who is that?"  They are a group that was talked about in 1976.  Now mind you I stepped up on the first talk show talking about our government's involvement in sex trafficking and drugs in 1987 - that was only 11 years after this. 

It says their mission is to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” any individual or group deemed to be subversive or a threat to the established power structure."   In a stunning revelation from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF), it appears that COINTELPRO is alive and well. Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, PCJF was able to obtain documents showing how the FBI was treating the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, from its inception, as a potential criminal and domestic terrorist threat.

Most disturbing of all, there is talk (p. 61) of the government being ready to “engage in sniper attacks against protesters in Houston, Texas, if deemed necessary” and perhaps needing to formulate a plan “to kill the leadership [of the protest groups] via suppressed sniper rifles.”  Furthermore, the documents reveal a close and intricate partnership between the federal government on one side and banks and private businesses on the other.

It was also interesting to note that the FBI was going up to people that one of the protestors worked for, his neighbors, etc. and asking them questions about him.  That alone is going to make people think he's a criminal of some kind. 

This was in 2011.  This is 2015 - so they've magically gone somewhere?  Now let me ask you something else - who is the most common client of the higher level escort or call girl?  Bankers, politicians, celebrities, etc. right?   Bankers and Wall Street people being who the FBI did all this work against Occupy protestors. 

Now for outsiders - we learned when Heidi Fleiss revealed some of her phone book, and again with Jeane Palfrey's "Black Book" that these are also the same exact type of men most liable to frequent high level escorts right?  Men like Eliot  Spitzer, and Steve Sassa, or executives at Google, or the CEO of Glaxo Pharmaceuticals.  The same kind of men by the way who were so worried I was going to name them during my trial that the DA had to rename my case "Rene Le Blanc" in the hopes I would not be murdered on the courthouse steps. 

A reasonable step to take when a man was murdered after coming to the motel where I'd been staying armed with a knife.  He refused to leave when the police came and they had to shoot him.  As well the woman who looked identical to me who was driving my car that week who was killed when broadsided by an illegal alien driving 100 mph.  When arrested he told the police he'd been paid $500 cash to run into that car with "the blond lady".  Nor was I imagining people wanting to kill me when my attorney told me that the cops on my hidden videotapes were threatening to kill me if I didn't surrender back the tape to them I had of them partying with prostitutes and getting high.  I told them no one would see the tape as long as I was left alone.

The ethics charges against David Vitter and Randall Tobias were dropped after Jeane's death - so no I don't think I'm being "paranoid" to think some men don't really want the truth about their partying, or "other" activities leaking out - especially when it comes to my statement that we exist because sometimes trafficking is being done by men within our own government which is why sometimes victims can't go to the police for help.  We've seen this to be true over and over again what with victims like Chris Butler, and now with this strip club owned by DEA agents.  Those women could not have called the police for help without jeopardizing their lives I'm sorry.  And the places that the current "task forces" want to put them in would not have protected them from men like Chris Butler or DEA agents - so no our work is NOT done yet on this issue. 

Lynn Robertson of all people said something to me I'm going to screenshot and post as soon as I can get around to it - she said that someone had "contacted her and asked for copies of all of the emails between her and I.  Plus they were asking anyone who spoke to me to give them copies of emails between them and I."  She said that as she boasted about how she handed this information over to someone that by the way Lynn - for all you know it might have been a pimp looking for a woman we'd rescued that was asking you for that information.  You do know that right?  I say that because when I asked her who this person was that was asking for copies of my emails she wouldn't answer me.  I would think if it was the FBI or CIA or DOJ or something she would have loved to hit me with that.  Instead she just clammed up.  Meaning I don't think she knows who she handed information over to about a woman who routinely helps victims leave pimps.

I learned someone was nosing around me when I put in a printing order in Las Vegas.  I needed to print up more copies of our Recovery Guide so I asked for an estimate to be done at a local print shop.  When I called to get the estimate - the owner said "you already came and got it".  I'm like "what?"  He said "someone saying they were you came and got it already".  I asked if he'd mind showing me the security tape so I could see who did this and that freaked him out.  Can't say I blame him.  What intrigues me is how would anyone know where I placed this order unless I'm being watched?  Plus what would anyone want with copies of my printing estimates?  I'd placed the order by phone - so the only way anyone would know to go there would be if my phone was being tapped.  I asked him if this was a mistake maybe - and he said "no - they said they were Jody Williams with Sex Workers Anonymous".  Okay pretty specific.  So no I'm not "imagining" things or being "paranoid" when people are going to people like Lynn Robertson asking for copies of my emails, and to printers asking for copies of my estimates.  SOMEONE is nosing around about me. 

Now it appears that the FBI was prepared to even use "snipers" against the "protestors at Occupy Wallstreet" according to the papers that were uncovered by the Freedom of Information Act.  Now let me just as you something - let's take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  Now I want you to write on one side what the Occupy Protesters accomplished on one side.  Now on the other I want you to write what I've accomplished.  I'm not saying "got the credit for" either because we all know the victors write the history and the media lies.  But let's look at what I know I've accomplished.

Rent a copy of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" with Julie Andrews.  That film came out in 1968.  That film is what America's idea of trafficking was.  I find it interesting that not one of the TV appearances that Linda Lovelace started making in 1980 when she revealed she'd been forced to film "Deep Throat" and prostitute is on youtube.  Nor will you find one of my TV appearances on youtube despite the fact that before my originals got destroyed by my ex-husband during the divorce - I had literally three crates of videotapes of those appearances.  I was able to find this interview after the fact - but this interview doesn't show the way the audience would literally "boo" at Linda when she was trying to tell people she'd been forced to make that film with her pimp pointing a gun at her from off camera - a film financed by the mob.

I watched from 1980 to 1987 as NO ONE stood up to validate what Linda was saying as true.  Chuck Traynor, her pimp, had gone on to manage Marilyn Chambers.  After he got down making films with her by the way - guess what he did with himself?  He opened up a guns shop in Nevada that he markets using topless women as his demonstrators.  It used to be called the "Survival Store" and Chuck is dead now. 

No one said anything to validate her story about being forced to film "Deep Throat" until I stepped up to the talk show plate in 1987.  Why?  Because they were making movies with Marilyn Chambers and then Chuck went and opened the gun shop in Nevada.  Would you piss him off?  What was he going to do to me?  I wasn't talking about him - but I was talking about what I saw during Iran Contra, and oil deals with the bin Laden and Bush family.

Is that a big deal?  You tell me.  Gary Webb started talking about it and look what happened to him.  He was found dead with TWO shotgun blasts to the head.  Coroners say that's impossible by the way - to shoot yourself in the head twice.  Now Gary was just talking about the drugs that were being smuggled into the country by our own government and then distributed by the gangs. 

Of which Rick "Freeway" Ross was an interesting part of that.  Note an interesting part of the story is how an informant, being paid $40,000 a year by law enforcement, threatened to kill an old associate of Rick's after Rick refused to break the law to force him to agree to set up that drug deal.  So here Rick is trying to stay "straight" working his job at a cleaning crew, and after refusing to break the law, this informant then threatens to kill a former associate of his if he doesn't do this "one deal" which of course lands him in jail again. 

This right here by the way is one of the reasons why I broke off speaking to Norma Jean Almodavor in 1986.  She hadn't been sentenced yet.  I knew Elizabeth Adams was a snitch and she'd been a madam.  I knew another woman had also been a snitch.  Norma hadn't been sentenced yet - how did I know if she might throw me under the bus for a deal?  Or anyone else for that matter so to stay out of jail I stayed away from ANYONE who had been in the "life" less then five years prior.

And snitches are one thing - but they can also do things like threaten to kill someone if you don't agree to break the law, they can lie on the stand about what you did or didn't do - which now you understand why when a new member comes into SWA, unlike groups like Abeni, we tell our new members to stay away from anyone who has "not been clean from drugs and alcohol and out of all criminal behavior for five years or more".  That's why. So they don't get a snitch pushing on them to do something stupid to land them back in jail is a very good reason why you don't mix active sex workers with those trying to leave that life. 

Do you know the main reason for the revolving door in jail?  Informants.  SWA's main goal is to get it's members out of the sex industry, and find recovery.  Which to do that means one needs to build social networks with others out of the sex industry also - legal or not.  Examples of what happened to Rick are why.  Remember I interviewed over 4,000 men and women before starting our program - and the most common reason why anyone wound up going back to jail was a snitch or someone else back in that lifestyle sucking them back into something that landed them back in.  Want to stay out?  Stay away from anyone who has been near drugs or crime within the last five years.  Worked for me and many other members of SWA over the years. 

But nowhere in Rick's biography did I see him even touch on how prostitutes fit into the story.  Nor in Gary's writing.  I went to a writer who had worked on one of Rick's books and asked if she'd like to talk about the "untold" part of the story of Iran Contra.  Her answer was "what and get my head shot off like Gary?"  I called in to public radio "Souljourns" when Rick Ross was on speaking about Iran Contra and asked her if she'd like to talk about how sex and prostitutes fit into the whole story.  She sounded absolutely terrified and couldn't get off the phone from me fast enough. 

So yeah - the media is scared to touch this story - probably because of things like Gary's death and Rick's being set-up back to prison.  Clearly Rick was targeted as an attempt to silence him about our government's involvement in Iran Contra - so I'm supposed to think that these same people don't want the sex part of the story silenced?  I certainly don't see him talking about it.  I've reached out to him by the way many times through his publisher, his agent, his facebook page, and on shows he's been on to see if I can get him to talk about what we both saw with respect to sex trafficking back then - only to be completely rebuffed. 

Which I can't help but wonder what's going on now I see him hanging out with Snoop.  I haven't seen Snoop flash a medical marijuana card have you?  After he made his "confession" about pimping during his Playboy Tour in Rolling Stone - on behalf of the victims we'd rescued I tried to organizes some kind of effort to get an apology out of him to them or even a DA to consider opening a case against him.  I mean if I rob a bank and "give the money back" that doesn't mean I'm not going to be arrested for bank robbery right?  But I couldn't get one DA to even speak to me about talking to these victims about opening a case - so he's pretty sure he's bullet proof right now. 

What's he do then?  Open up a youth football league.  Got that going without too much objection - and yep here it come - the cheerleader auditions.  What a way to get access to the youth of America.  We've gone "celebrity blind" because if you took away Snoop's money and celebrity- there's no way anyone would be letting him have that much access to that many kids after CONFESSING to what he did to those women. 

Now am I really a "threat to social change"?  Again, let's look at the facts.  Before I started shooting off my mouth about trafficking like Linda, and ADDED the demand that our legal system needed to change to address the fact these were victims, not criminals - we've now seen the Trafficking Act of 2000.  We've seen the Safe Harbor Act.  We've seen all kinds of trafficking laws that have been passed since the year 2000 recognizing that not all who are in prostitution are there by choice. 

Did I pass those laws?  Nope.  But I ask you seriously would those laws have passed if not for the fact that from 1987 until 2000 - that's 13 YEARS now -  I was bringing one survivor after the other after the other onto shows like Donahue, Jerry, Geraldo, Sally, 60 Minutes, 20/20, Good Morning America, etc.  I didn't let up - I mean we had a weekly cable show going in California that aired from 1987 until 1992  

We set up the first "alternative" sentencing programs IN HISTORY.  Across the board ALL prostitutes before we did this were viewed as criminals.  If you want to see what we were treated like and viewed as - check out the movie "Frozen Ground" with Nicholas Cage.   That's the way we were viewed.  Now contrast that treatment with how we're treated now - and tell me that I have not been a serious catalyst for "social change" in this country, Canada and others? 

If you check out my news clippings at you'll see Paige Latin started the first drop-in program in Canada in the early 1990's.  That was from getting her recovery in our program, and then starting up a meeting of ours, and then finding 10 women stacked up in her single apartment and realizing that they needed to put together residential services.  Because of what she started there's PACE and PEERS and other programs like Sextrade 101 and others I can't remember off the top of my head that would not have started I don't think if she hadn't stepped up first.

Why?  We know to start any movement - one "crazy" person has to step out first by themselves.  Then after a while - a second person joins them.  Then you have a "movement".  I'm willing to be that "crazy" person. 

Now honestly though - after the "Trafficking Act of 2000" got passed - I thought the "Jody is crazy" accusations would stop.  I was wrong.  See here's what I didn't count on.  First I had to prove trafficking was real.  Okay done.  Check.  Now America knows trafficking is real. 

However, now the fight is on for WHAT is sex trafficking  If you read things like this brief that was put up in front of the Supreme Court not long ago - there are people who want you to believe that ALL prostitution is "trafficking".

There's trainings going on right now at hotels, airports, hospitals that all say "these are the signs of trafficking" which if you look carefully at them are signs of PROSTITUTION not trafficking.  Big difference.  For that matter, even pimping is different than "trafficking".   But we're dealing with a system that is training the workers at homeless  and domestic violence shelters about "trafficking" - but then saying they "can't stop" a woman from going to work at a strip club where she could be trafficked there at that club.  Again, you think one can't be trafficked at a strip club?  Let's go back to the story of the DEA owned strip club.  I mean why is this stuff so hard to get through people's heads?

Well probably because the owners of the strip clubs, and the brothels, and the web cam studios don't want you to think that trafficking exists there because it's "legal".  If trafficking didn't exist where it's "legal" then why did Amsterdam shut down it's windows districts?  It wasn't because of prostitution - but because of the trafficking.  Again - two different things.

So you know why people might want me to be shut up?  I spoke up for a few years and I got trafficking recognized as being real.  I spoke up some more - and I got DOMESTIC trafficking recognized.   I spoke up some more and I got trafficking within the LEGAL industries like the brothels recognized in the 2007 press conference we gave. 

Does anyone take Shelly Lubben or Annie Lobert seriously?  The reporters I speak to laugh when you mention her name - so no.  For two years in Las Vegas I had people saying I was "crazy" about a trafficking ring that was using cops to run the drugs and the prostitutes and the drugs that were operating out of private homes.  Then I helped get the bust done in "Operation Dollhouse" where 24 prostitutes were found with bags of drugs and two cops on the premises - so yeah I'm real crazy.  Especially after we Chief Doug Gillespie stepped down because of corruption charges.  If I was "crazy" nothing would have been in that house and Gillespie would still be chief.

For years I said there were cops trafficking women from California to Nevada - then the arrests were out for Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer - so no I'm not "crazy" and history has shown the people saying that are usually hiding something.  The same as those who said when I called Samoly Mam a "fraud" used to call me "crazy" and history proved I was right there also.

So yeah - now that I'm saying "not so fast" about the very definition of what trafficking is - yes I do think some people might not want me to be talking.  Also, who else can counter anything put out by the National Trafficking Hotline right now in the way of statistics?  Is there any other hotline out there right now taking calls about adult trafficking victims but ours?  What we're witnessing is no different than a corporate war of Coke vs. Pepsi.  No different at all - and especially since I'm talking about what's going on in Asian massage parlors I'm not surprised.

This is how the Chinese fight.  And right now in this country I would be willing to take a cash bet we got more massage parlors in this country than we have KFC stores.  I know because I went out and counted in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas.   I counted sometimes four massage parlors on one intersection - with a ratio of 20 massage parlors to every KFC I found.  

And the Chinese like to fight with rumors and social media.  Which takes us to this leg of the journey with Relativity Media.  Relativity Media is the producer of "8 Minutes".  This is the show that came out in April with Kevin Brown.  If you'll remember the hype about it - Tom Forman, the producer, brought on Kevin Brown, to talk about how they were doing the show to give these women "8 minutes to decide if they wanted help".  Which when I heard this I thought I'd dropped acid.

First of all - if you can ask someone "come with me" and they CAN - then they are not a trafficking victim.  A "trafficking victim" is someone who is being blackmailed or forced somehow into what they're doing.  They're being threatened with a family member who will be murdered if they don't return.  They're being threatened with being deported back home where they will be executed if they don't return with the money.   Somehow someway they're being threatened - or by the very definition they aren't trafficking victims.  So this made no sense to me when I first heard about this.

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