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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Since day one, we have argued that prostitution needs to be decriminalized.  Not "legalized" which is another word for "brothel" - but "decriminalized" which means it is no longer a crime.  Rapists, kidnappers, and murderers target prostitutes, or make their victims appear to be prostitutes, so that they can continue what they do without fear of being arrested.  To my knowledge, to date, one rape case has not been won in the USA by a prostitute.  I have also yet to see search teams with volunteers, and blood hounds, go all out looking for a known prostitute - the way they do for a non-prostitute.  Also, how does one properly prosecute their trafficker, or pimp (yes there is a difference - a pimp is a relationship whereas a trafficker sells someone outright like a car or a piece of property) when anyone witnessing what's going on is incriminating themselves by coming forward?  What Fortune 500 CEO is going to step up to witness on behalf of a prostitute? 

Which is also why we don't believe that all cases of trafficking, or even rape, a prostitute can call 911, the National Trafficking Hotline, or at trafficking task force connected to law enforcement.   There is a NEED for a hotline and program such as ours for adults where one knows their call is not going to be processed through law enforcement without their prior consent.  Our hotline is answered only by another member, and no files or information is processed to law enforcement (unless one is threatening to harm themselves, or others, or there's a child in danger - then yes we are obligated by law to do so).  Below is a list of cases where the victim CAN NOT call law enforcement, the National Trafficking Hotline, or a local trafficking task force for assistance - but NEEDS to know about our program to get assistance.   This is a case of a San Bernardino, California vice officer who for years raped prostitutes while in uniform.   Now how could they call to report being raped for one?  Also, how can they call the trafficking hotline knowing they will just be referred to the local police - which is him.  If they say they need a different number - they would be given the task force number which I'm willing to bet if he wasn't on it then he has a buddy who is on it. 

Part of the beauty about prostitutes knowing about our hotline is not only can they safely call so we can refer them to rape treatment that's "safe" and won't report them to the police, that has experience with treating prostitutes who have been raped, maybe even a counselor who used to be a sex worker - but WE can then file a complaint with the authorities on her behalf, as well as Internal Affairs without involving her while she's going through early treatment.  We can also work on getting her off the streets so she won't see him again, and out of the area so she doesn't worry about bumping into him while shopping.  We can also refer her to a police officer we know is "cool" and won't harm her in order to file charges against a man like this.

If an officer in uniform isn't bad enough -  how about a senator?  Please tell me how one would access help when the system is scared to death the victim is going to file a report against a senator?  Tell me if in the pursuit of protecting his own career, would he not possibly tell shelters, or programs, or his cop friends, NOT to take these prostitute accusations seriously?

From a vice cop, to a senator, now we're at the Diplomatic Security Service who did NOT "follow up on the claims" .  These people were providing security for Hillary - meaning they were alone and with prostitutes "off the record".  Who knows what kind of blackmail they could have been subjected to, or even a gps device of some kind attached to their clothing?  This may not have harmed the prostitute - or would it?  What if a pimp knew their prostitute was going to see someone like this?  Might he not possibly force her to do something under duress like plant something on them, take photos, who knows maybe even plant a bomb of some kind.  These people have not been "cleared" security wise. 

It's not limited to their agencies either.  Here the DEA owned a strip club, and using illegal aliens as dancers so they were doubly afraid to seek help through law enforcement -

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