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Monday, June 29, 2015


When people start saying that I'm "selling porn" or "back madaming" I know it's not true.  But I have to wonder where it's coming from.  Are people just being mean or jumping to conclusions?  So I google myself to see what's going on and I usually always find the problem.  Here are facebook sites that are not mine, even a book that is not mine.  If you see something you're not sure is us - please check with me.  They have apps also that can even send text messages can be made to appear to be coming from me - but are not. 

There are ways to check if it's me and I'll go over with you and show you if this comes up.  Just please before flying off the handle thinking you're seeing something with me - please just ask me and let me verify if what you're seeing is me or not.  THIS is not me!  If you think this is me - go ask them.

The writer of the book "Prostitutes Anonymous" is a young African American girl.  I've served her with a notice to "cease and desist" to which she told me she was going to.  I check back a year later and the book is still up and selling.  I come back to her about it and she insists that this is a "search engine problem" and that in reality she is not selling the book.  However, one click on the search engine link goes right to the book with that title.  So clearly she's lying to me and selling a book with our title that some people accuse me of "selling porn". 

As for the facebook with the name "Prostitutes Anonymous" they don't answer of course.  They don't take it down either.  Which leaves me with having to file a police report.  Which I don't want to do.  I don't like the idea of calling the police on my sisters and brothers.  But this then leaves me with other people running around claiming that I'm back "pimping" again.  However, I don't see my name, phone number or email on that facebook page and if you talk to these people I'm sure they will not respond from my phone number or email either. 

I've also posted my recent bank statement here showing my sole source of income is $733 in SSI disability.  If I was pimping or prostituting - where's the money?  Why am I living in a trailer and on paratransit if I was back "working" again?  I was making $250,000 a year when I was 24 years old - do you have any idea how much money I'd be making if I relapsed in today's world?  I sure wouldn't be spending my time messing around in here trying to help people leave that's for darn sure.  So there's my bank statement showing what I live on.  I'm not pimping nor prostituting.  I sure am not using drugs either as there isn't any money for that even I I wanted to.  Nor do I drink.  Anyone who knew me back in the day knew I didn't drink then either. 

Anyone engaging in the rumors about this are bullies - pure and simple - bullies.  So if you've blocked me, not spoken to me, not included me, shunned me, etc. based on these rumors - how does it feel to be a bully to a female child abuse, rape, domestic violence, and trafficking survivor who has devoted their life to helping others and founded this very movement?  The news has been talking about the "war on women" lately.  If you have been one of these people to block me, shun me, attack me, based on these rumors - guess what?  You're part of the problem.  Because every time you attack me, shun me, try and silence me - 100 other survivors see this and it scares them into silence.  Who wants this?  So they stay quiet.  Which is why I keep talking by the way.  I'm still standing here after having started this movement in 1987 - my detractors AREN'T. 

So if you're a survivor watching this and letting it scare you - watch me.  We'll see who is still standing when this is over.  People who let fear run their lives is no life.  I didn't let traffickers scare me and I'm sure not going to let anti-traffickers or anyone else scare me into being controlled either.  Because I'll let you in on a secret - who needs them?  I have a beautiful life filled with loving, kind, spiritual people.  I'm not depressed anymore because I'm seeing things accomplished and people advancing their lives.  Not sitting around watching people putting other people down - that's depressing.  I've seen what others do in this situation.  They send presents.  They make phone calls.  They invite these people out to coffee.  Anything to make friends.  Only I don't want those kind of people in my life.  I don't care who they are.  If anyone would harm and judge and bully another person, especially another survivor, especially while they want to make money and a career by claiming to "care" about "us" - then why on earth would I want to have that kind of person around me? 

I left that life behind to get away from people like that - people who would say or do anything for money.  Including harming another person to keep a job.  No difference.  Money is money.  As for texts and emails I've supposedly sent - go ahead and google "spoofing".  You'll see there's all kinds of software out there that will send texts and emails that appear to be from someone but they aren't. 

Do you know why I send LONG emails and text messages?  Because then you have a good idea they come from me - that's why.  Very few people are going to go to the trouble of sitting down and writing a 10 page letter from me generally.  But when spoofing started - I had to figure out a solution. 

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