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Monday, June 29, 2015


When people start saying that I'm "selling porn" or "back madaming" I know it's not true.  But I have to wonder where it's coming from.  Are people just being mean or jumping to conclusions?  So I google myself to see what's going on and I usually always find the problem.  Here are facebook sites that are not mine, even a book that is not mine.  If you see something you're not sure is us - please check with me.  They have apps also that can even send text messages can be made to appear to be coming from me - but are not. 

There are ways to check if it's me and I'll go over with you and show you if this comes up.  Just please before flying off the handle thinking you're seeing something with me - please just ask me and let me verify if what you're seeing is me or not.  THIS is not me!  If you think this is me - go ask them.

The writer of the book "Prostitutes Anonymous" is a young African American girl.  I've served her with a notice to "cease and desist" to which she told me she was going to.  I check back a year later and the book is still up and selling.  I come back to her about it and she insists that this is a "search engine problem" and that in reality she is not selling the book.  However, one click on the search engine link goes right to the book with that title.  So clearly she's lying to me and selling a book with our title that some people accuse me of "selling porn". 

As for the facebook with the name "Prostitutes Anonymous" they don't answer of course.  They don't take it down either.  Which leaves me with having to file a police report.  Which I don't want to do.  I don't like the idea of calling the police on my sisters and brothers.  But this then leaves me with other people running around claiming that I'm back "pimping" again.  However, I don't see my name, phone number or email on that facebook page and if you talk to these people I'm sure they will not respond from my phone number or email either. 

I've also posted my recent bank statement here showing my sole source of income is $733 in SSI disability.  If I was pimping or prostituting - where's the money?  Why am I living in a trailer and on paratransit if I was back "working" again?  I was making $250,000 a year when I was 24 years old - do you have any idea how much money I'd be making if I relapsed in today's world?  I sure wouldn't be spending my time messing around in here trying to help people leave that's for darn sure.  So there's my bank statement showing what I live on.  I'm not pimping nor prostituting.  I sure am not using drugs either as there isn't any money for that even I I wanted to.  Nor do I drink.  Anyone who knew me back in the day knew I didn't drink then either. 

Anyone engaging in the rumors about this are bullies - pure and simple - bullies.  So if you've blocked me, not spoken to me, not included me, shunned me, etc. based on these rumors - how does it feel to be a bully to a female child abuse, rape, domestic violence, and trafficking survivor who has devoted their life to helping others and founded this very movement?  The news has been talking about the "war on women" lately.  If you have been one of these people to block me, shun me, attack me, based on these rumors - guess what?  You're part of the problem.  Because every time you attack me, shun me, try and silence me - 100 other survivors see this and it scares them into silence.  Who wants this?  So they stay quiet.  Which is why I keep talking by the way.  I'm still standing here after having started this movement in 1987 - my detractors AREN'T. 

So if you're a survivor watching this and letting it scare you - watch me.  We'll see who is still standing when this is over.  People who let fear run their lives is no life.  I didn't let traffickers scare me and I'm sure not going to let anti-traffickers or anyone else scare me into being controlled either.  Because I'll let you in on a secret - who needs them?  I have a beautiful life filled with loving, kind, spiritual people.  I'm not depressed anymore because I'm seeing things accomplished and people advancing their lives.  Not sitting around watching people putting other people down - that's depressing.  I've seen what others do in this situation.  They send presents.  They make phone calls.  They invite these people out to coffee.  Anything to make friends.  Only I don't want those kind of people in my life.  I don't care who they are.  If anyone would harm and judge and bully another person, especially another survivor, especially while they want to make money and a career by claiming to "care" about "us" - then why on earth would I want to have that kind of person around me? 

I left that life behind to get away from people like that - people who would say or do anything for money.  Including harming another person to keep a job.  No difference.  Money is money.  As for texts and emails I've supposedly sent - go ahead and google "spoofing".  You'll see there's all kinds of software out there that will send texts and emails that appear to be from someone but they aren't. 

Do you know why I send LONG emails and text messages?  Because then you have a good idea they come from me - that's why.  Very few people are going to go to the trouble of sitting down and writing a 10 page letter from me generally.  But when spoofing started - I had to figure out a solution. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Since day one, we have argued that prostitution needs to be decriminalized.  Not "legalized" which is another word for "brothel" - but "decriminalized" which means it is no longer a crime.  Rapists, kidnappers, and murderers target prostitutes, or make their victims appear to be prostitutes, so that they can continue what they do without fear of being arrested.  To my knowledge, to date, one rape case has not been won in the USA by a prostitute.  I have also yet to see search teams with volunteers, and blood hounds, go all out looking for a known prostitute - the way they do for a non-prostitute.  Also, how does one properly prosecute their trafficker, or pimp (yes there is a difference - a pimp is a relationship whereas a trafficker sells someone outright like a car or a piece of property) when anyone witnessing what's going on is incriminating themselves by coming forward?  What Fortune 500 CEO is going to step up to witness on behalf of a prostitute? 

Which is also why we don't believe that all cases of trafficking, or even rape, a prostitute can call 911, the National Trafficking Hotline, or at trafficking task force connected to law enforcement.   There is a NEED for a hotline and program such as ours for adults where one knows their call is not going to be processed through law enforcement without their prior consent.  Our hotline is answered only by another member, and no files or information is processed to law enforcement (unless one is threatening to harm themselves, or others, or there's a child in danger - then yes we are obligated by law to do so).  Below is a list of cases where the victim CAN NOT call law enforcement, the National Trafficking Hotline, or a local trafficking task force for assistance - but NEEDS to know about our program to get assistance.   This is a case of a San Bernardino, California vice officer who for years raped prostitutes while in uniform.   Now how could they call to report being raped for one?  Also, how can they call the trafficking hotline knowing they will just be referred to the local police - which is him.  If they say they need a different number - they would be given the task force number which I'm willing to bet if he wasn't on it then he has a buddy who is on it. 

Part of the beauty about prostitutes knowing about our hotline is not only can they safely call so we can refer them to rape treatment that's "safe" and won't report them to the police, that has experience with treating prostitutes who have been raped, maybe even a counselor who used to be a sex worker - but WE can then file a complaint with the authorities on her behalf, as well as Internal Affairs without involving her while she's going through early treatment.  We can also work on getting her off the streets so she won't see him again, and out of the area so she doesn't worry about bumping into him while shopping.  We can also refer her to a police officer we know is "cool" and won't harm her in order to file charges against a man like this.

If an officer in uniform isn't bad enough -  how about a senator?  Please tell me how one would access help when the system is scared to death the victim is going to file a report against a senator?  Tell me if in the pursuit of protecting his own career, would he not possibly tell shelters, or programs, or his cop friends, NOT to take these prostitute accusations seriously?

From a vice cop, to a senator, now we're at the Diplomatic Security Service who did NOT "follow up on the claims" .  These people were providing security for Hillary - meaning they were alone and with prostitutes "off the record".  Who knows what kind of blackmail they could have been subjected to, or even a gps device of some kind attached to their clothing?  This may not have harmed the prostitute - or would it?  What if a pimp knew their prostitute was going to see someone like this?  Might he not possibly force her to do something under duress like plant something on them, take photos, who knows maybe even plant a bomb of some kind.  These people have not been "cleared" security wise. 

It's not limited to their agencies either.  Here the DEA owned a strip club, and using illegal aliens as dancers so they were doubly afraid to seek help through law enforcement -

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Forgotten “Bottom Bitch”

This is a harsh term but one has to realize how the world of the street pimp operates. I should know as I was trained by a family of generational pimps when I was indoctrinated into the sex industry. It was a time when racism was extremely dominant within Los Angeles county. These men were African American and they wanted to elevate their operation to a whole new “level” they explained to me. To do so would require things like leasing homes in the valley, Beverly Hills, Venice, etc. To open merchant accounts to take credit cards which took practically an act of congress to get approved to do back in the late 1970's unlike today. Renting an office on Wilshire Boulevard was also something that would not have happened if an African American male showed up to meet with the agent. Not back then anyway. Remember this was long before hip-hop or rap or men like Russell Simmons were considered men of Fortune 500 companies. .

They needed a Caucasian with an “honest face” who knew who to talk. Knew the game. Knew the con and how to “think on their feet” when answering questions. Something that a girl who had been lured into prostitution, and was taking drugs daily, just wasn't able to pull off for men like this with big plans. However, my father had trained me in how to be a con artist starting clear back to when I was eight years old. That's when he started teaching me how to play pool so he could hustle the guys at work out of their money. By 12 years old he had me dressing up as my own mother and pulling off full blown cons.

When my father left – I thought I'd be able to just “move on” to a “normal life”. I enrolled in college and went out to get myself a waitress job. That's when I walked into the nightclub these men had set up in Tarzana, California which they were using to launder their money. But it was becoming harder and harder to explain why so many drinks were being served in such a tiny club to explain the high numbers. As it was they were ordering booze by the truckload they'd just give away to try and make the inventory they purchased match the number of drinks they were supposedly selling at the club each night. Something else had to be done as the business grew – and the government started demanding more “proof” about where cash was coming from.

They told me they needed someone to help with the “management” level of their operation. I'd grown up watching Mae West movies. It was a time when madams were viewed very differently than they are today. Dolly Parton even played one in the “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" film which was even a Broadway musical at one pint in time. So culturely it was a different time entirely than today. These men were offering to put me into a whole other world full of celebrities, fancy cars, big houses, and a life they wrote movies about.

In my training, they explained to me that their job was about making money understanding the human mind rather than of through hard labor. That I had to understand that if all they did was go around terrorizing women that wouldn't last. The women would just get up and leave. That pimping was an art form almost of knowing not just how to manipulate people but also in understanding group dynamics.

Because most pimps don't have just one woman. That's not a pimp. That's an abusive relationship. To be a pimp required at least four to five women at any time in order for the dynamic to work. Of which the very foundation of the pimp rested on what they called the “bottom bitch”.

Most pimps start out at about 12-13 years of age. That's when most of them start feeling interested in “the game”. Whether they're brought up and trained to be a pimp by their own fathers, or uncles, or whether they go out into the streets seeking out an older pimp to mentor them – almost all that I've evern know tell me they've become interested at about that age. I think that's when most of them also start experiencing an attraction to women. For these men it's not just about sorting out their own sexuality but also about figuring out what type of relationship they want with women in general.

This is when they start looking for their “bottom bitch”. What this means is usually she's the first one they start out with. This woman is usually an older woman who actually is looking for a younger man she can train up in his future career. Other times she's just about the same age as him and they start out like any young couple starting out together. I've seen a variety of circumstances about this first woman they get – but it's always someone who decides to make a “team” effort to build their family empire. She is with him for the “long haul”. In her mind anyway.

Because of his youth, she feels protective of him. This is why she's the one who goes out recruiting for him. Usually because she can get into places he can't. Once around all these women - she then starts out talking constantly about how “great her man is” while out at the clubs, parties, gyms, shopping with the girls, even in jail. Wherever she can put herself around women who are also in a crisis, or a vulnerable situation where they are looking for a man to take care of them that they can “respect”. Because there's two types of men who spend money on a woman in this culture – there's the “john” who is viewed as a weak man. Then there's the pimp who is viewed as a “real man”. While a “john” is someone who can be ordered around and controlled – the pimp is viewed as someone who does the string pulling in this world. While by default is going to attract women looking to be dominated.

She goes out to find the other women for them as a team so that they can start generating more money and to build their future “empire” together. Her story she tells herself is that if she helps him get enough of these women out making money “for them” then one day they'll be able to retire together off in the islands somewhere (or whatever their fantasy story is for their end goal). She doesn't view these women as competition to her because after all she's the “bottom bitch”. She's the one he really loves and these women are just means to an end for them she tells herself.

The “bottom bitch” therefore feels that their relationship is like a marriage. The women she goes out to recruit are like children – with them as the symbolic “parents”. What she's looking for is either a very young woman who has never lived on her own, another prostitute looking for a replacement “family”, or someone who she considers her mental inferior that will just go out working as a prostitute, do what she's told, and bring back the money to “daddy” like a “good girl”. Therefore, she's also looking for someone that she can control.

This is why she tries to recruit women who want to be like her, be treated like the pimp treats her, live like she does. By talking about how well her “daddy” treats her – she does this to inspire envy, even jealously. Jealously is an important component in the 2nd woman in this power structure. So a great deal of effort is put into showing how “nice” her man treats her. She brags about him. Shows off jewelry and clothing he's bought her, places he's taken her to, things he's done for her. In other words, she talks him up in a way he never could if he did it himself.

But most important she does it to also lure the woman in close to the pimp. To indoctrinate her into the relationship she's usually invited “up to the house for a party”. A party where she's given drugs, alcohol, and of course indoctrinated into the whole “culture”. Music is playing about the “game”, posters are around, and most important are people who act like this life is something completely “normal” for them to be living. They expose her to their life to see if they can inspire this 2nd woman to want to be a part of “their” life. It's important to find someone who feels competitive because the whole point is to get a woman who will be striving always to try and replace the “bottom bitch” as far as the pimp's true affections. So he will always admit that he “loves” his “bottom bitch” because he wants the 2nd woman to be thinking of how she can make him love her more than the “bottom bitch”.

Because of her maternal role within this dynamic – she does maternal things. She does the cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying the bills, etc. She'll take care of the pimp also like a mother – setting his hair in curlers for him, trimming his nails, making sure his suits are clean when coming back from the dry cleaners, and so on. Anything to show that he loves “being taken care of”. It's also to inspire the 2nd woman to try to outdo her on these things.

All while the pimp plays an artful mental game. He'll be sexually inspired by the 2nd woman generally. However, it's his “bottom bitch” who he truly loves because he can “depend” upon her. He talks about how he'd be lost without her help – the way she makes sure the bills are paid and the house is run. All again to inspire the 2nd woman into thinking if she can take better care of him than the 1st woman – then she can then have him all to herself.

But in this dynamic it will reach a point where the 2nd woman will tell the pimp to “make a choice”. This woman will make more money than the “bottom bitch” and she'll cook more and clean more and do everything she can to prove she's better. Just when she's reached that point where she feels she can issue him an ultamatim that it's “choose one of us or I'm walking” - that's when a 3rd woman has to come onto the scene to now inspire a competition among both of these women with the 3rd player in this game. It doesn't work otherwise with just two because it will then come down to a point where they'll insist he choose over or the other will walk.

The whole point is the competition. It doesn't work with just two because that's just a war where eventually one will either win or lose. So to keep it a competition a 3rd or even 4th woman has to enter into the group dynamic. However, over five does becomes a problem. Why? Because you can't really have more women than there are nights in the week. A man has to spend a resident night with each woman as part of this relationship. Then the one who makes the most money that week gets the 6th evening as a reward. He then has to have a free evening to himself where the women then all compete to see who talks him out of being out alone on the 7th evening. So more than 5 women can become too much to handle properly. More than 5 and someone winds up not in rotation and then eventually that will just cause the whole operation to fold. The “game” only works if there's constantly vying for position going on between the women. Which is the whole point of this – to get the women competing with each other.

In order to do this however he has to be seen as the “prize”. He can't be the disaplinarian or the punisher to be avoided. That's why the “bottom bitch” is the one who issues any punishments and also maintains the control over the whole group. If a woman starts acting up – she's told what's what by the “bottom bitch”. She is mentor, mother, manager, and also disaplinarian. If any physical violence is called for – it's usually the “bottom bitch” that does it. Why? So she's the one who goes to jail – not the pimp. She's the one who collects the money also so he's not ever charged with pimping. That's why she's the one in this role – she's the one who buys the drugs, signs things that need to be signed, and does any of the illegal activities for which he'd go to jail for if anyone got caught.

Which is honestly one of the reasons why it's so hard to put a pimp behind bars. Most of the time it's their “bottom bitch” who is collecting the money, beating the women when they're out of line, purchasing the drugs, transporting the drugs in the car, and doing any of the risky or illegal behavior. This way even if someone does “snitch” on him – it's really all on her shoulders not his.

Which is also why the other women hold her blameless for her actions. They know it's not really her that wants to hurt them – she's only doing it to protect “daddy”. Any lessons taught are taught by her to protect him, or because they know she's being told to do so by him. This allows them not to hold any grudges against her either which would destroy any other relationship otherwise.

Dynamics like this are routinely used within the military. They create a bond among the men in the barracks to then unite against their common enemy – the drill sergent. The “bottom bitch” is much like the drill sargeant is in the military. It creates a “common enemy” that deflects away from the pimp any of what is really his responsibility. He's not the one beating them or threatening them – it's the “bottom bitch” that's doing it. They fail to see that he's the one behind her pulling the strings.

When looking at this group from the outside, such as if you're law enforcement, or a social worker – you can clearly see that the pimp is the one truly responsible for what's going on and that all of these women are victims in one way or another.

However, the woman who has taken on the role of the “bottom bitch” knows she was not just some passive mindless robot. In her mind, she knew what she was doing and she was an active predator and abuser on a scale maybe even worse than the pimp. Many of these women have participated in the rape that is very common with the “breaking in” of new victims to the family because sometimes these other women aren't lured in by the promise of a good life. Sometimes the next women in this dynamic are tricked into coming back to the house where they are drugged raped, and then brainwashed into the “family dynamic”.

After the rape, the new recruit is then turned over to the “bottom bitch” to be mentored into what it is she's supposed to doing. She's then taught how to dress as a prostitute, how to find the tricks, things to say so she won't be arrested, as well as what her new world view is. This is where she's explained the “tricks of the trade” as well as what's expected of her now. Again, a conversation that the pimp doesn't have with her so that he's not the one carted off to prison.

This is one of the reasons why many a pimp doesn't get arrested. What is the victim going to say? He's not the one who brought her up to the house. He's not the one who drugged her. He's not the one taking her money. He's not even the one threatening her or her family if she doesn't cooperate. It's the “bottom bitch” who is doing everything to the victims.

Now to the outside world the “bottom bitch” appears to be a prostitute just like the other women. She's not even viewed as a “madam” because the money isn't going to her pocket but his ultimately. If she's arrested she's not viewed as a pimp or madam – but someone who was only carrying out the pimp's wishes in the eyes of the law anyway.

I'm bringing this story up now because I feel this woman is being very overlooked and misunderstood in the modern trafficking movement where many people in it don't really understand the “inner” workings if you will of this world. A lot of emphasis is put into cautionary tales about the pimp – without any warnings being issued of how the women operate on his behalf. Again, this is also so if caught he can claim he has absolutely “no idea” what's going on.  Even this clip on youtube from the film "Street Smart" cuts away before the movie shows the "bottom bitch" is the one who sets the other female in her place.  This film by the way is just about the most realistic one I've seen on this type of dynamic.  I can see why he was nominated for an Academy Award and do believe it was racism as to why he didn't win. 

This means that that young 12, 13, or 14 year old girl can be in just as much danger being invited out to a party with the “girls” as she may be if the pimp showed up directly on the doorstep by the way. All the more reason actually why with a young victim it's not the man who approaches them initially, but the woman. A woman who may be their own age even. For that matter, it might even be a young man her age that the parents are viewing as just “puppy love” with no idea how harmful this relationship really is.

I think of stories like I saw with Aubrey for example. Her interview is This was a young girl who got a boyfriend her own age when she was about 12-13 years old and so was he. They went to the same high school together. Any “normal” parent would not think the 13 year old boy showing up at the door was in reality a pimp who was being mentored by his ather, an older pimp. Nor that she was being groomed to be his “bottom bitch”.

But look at it from the older father pimp's point of view. How is he going to get close enough to a 12 year old girl to “turn her out” himself? He has three choices – he can attempt it himself which is very difficult and if discovered he's going to go to prison for a long long time. He can also try to send in another young girl her age which he might not have one under his control at that time. The third option is to use the boy to connect to her on a romantic level who is not viewed by adults as a threat because of his young age. This is how the older pimp then got Aubrey under his roof the night that he not only “turned out” Aubrey, but also showed the younger pimp how “the game is played”.

Now a “bottom bitch” when taken into the outside world is viewed really as “just another prostitute”.But when you talk to her about what the pimp did to her – it's not going to register. In her mind she did everything she did of her own free will. The same issue is going to arise with the women under her as it was the “bottom bitch” who issued any threats or did any harm to them. They are going to defend their pimp as “never lifting a finger to harm them”. When in reality he was carefully orchestrating the whole thing amonst them.

In Alcoholics Anonymous one of the purposes of their program isn't to stop the alcoholic from drinking. Anyone can stop drinking. However, for the alcoholic, there is the issue of the “dry drunk”. This is a type of thinking and behavior that alcoholics have that can be present even if alcohol isn't. Within Sex Workers Anonymous, we see the same thing only we call it “post-prostitution syndrome”. This may appear as a type of thinking and behavior common to prostitutes. However, it can also exhibit as the relationship they may have had with their pimp.

This is why as I talked about one of the first groups I worked with were women who were in the religious group “Family of God”. In this cult, the pastor taught the members “flirty fishing” where they used their sexuality to get money and new recruits for the cult. The pastor was simply a replacement for the pimp. Instead of a fedora he wore a collar. When I spoke to the women about this – the lightbulb went on and they realized while out of prostitution, they were still in the same exact dynamic. This is when they said not only did they want to leave the cult – but also realized why “working the steps” was so important of a process for them to work through. Otherwise, they'd just keep finding other relationships to be in where they were being dominated, exploited, and abused to their own detriment.

Something also to keep in mind when working with this community. Everyone is different. While there are patterns – there are still “different” patterns. Not everyone fits into the stereotypical idea of some mindless helpless robotic victim who went out on the stroll at night only to come home and turn her money back over to her pimp. But in order to find out what one needs as a solution – one also needs to understand what the past patterns are. This is accomplished through the 12 step process.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Let me explain why things are not so "simple" in our world. Remember, when we started our hotline, and program, there was NOTHING for adults. Children of the Night existed for teens and children. They had the only hotline and house for “prostitutes” simply. The word “trafficking” was not even coined until the “Trafficking Act” of 2000. The Mary Magdalene Project was a house that accepted 6 female adult prostitutes with no criminal record, no drug problems, no children, and no history of mental illness into a one year long program based in Reseda, California. That was it – period. Yes there was programs like “Covenant House” but they were directed towards “runaways”.

What this meant is that anyone, male, female, or transgender, from any part of the sex industry, whether it be from the porn industry, to the strip clubs, to prostitution (webcams weren't invented yet), and whether this person had a pimp, was not forced, was trafficked, had a drug problem, had a history of mental illness, had a felony record – that whatever the situation was anywhere in the USA, Canada, or even other countries we'd get calls from people seeking help in some kind – we had to not only be able to respond – but also be able to “deliver”. We also had to do this in a world that viewed us ENTIRELY as nothing but “criminals” or sexual “degenerates”. Some psychology books called prostitution a form of mental illness back in 1987.

I didn't open our hotline and program because I found something else out there that “worked” to get me out of, and function well and recover from, the sex industry, as well as the trafficking I'd endured. In fact, I spent five straight YEARS looking for something to help me achieve this to no avail. I'd tried religion, therapy, meditation, EST, medication, and even hypnosis – all to no avail. I scoured library directories looking for an answer – to find nothing. I looked everywhere to find a “retired” person like myself – only it was like finding a “white elephant”.

Hearing there was the “Church of God” that was supposedly churning them out from prostitution into “decent” people I went to check them out. Only to find that instead of a pimp – they now had a pastor they were raising money for using sex. Same game – different clothing. When I pointed this out to these women – they wanted to leave. Not having enough resources to take 10 women with children out of the cult at the same time – I decided to form our 12 step program, and hotline, and go onto national TV to announce it. I figured if I talked about what these women needed – help would appear.

Which it did. An apartment building owner came forward with housing. A temp service came forward with jobs that didn't care about their work history. The pastor got so upset because of the press that he changed the name to “The Family” and left the country that year – 1987.

Only these women now looked to me for help with “recovery”. No one had health insurance to afford private therapy. I certainly didn't have much more than my AA degree in psychology. They didn't have a drug or alcohol program to go to AA or NA. So what to do? I had gotten a lot of my help through the Vietnam Veterans who helped me with my PTSD that agreed to show me how to work with PTSD. The Holocaust Survivors agreed to work with me to teach me how to treat “sole survivor” complex and of course “depression” without medications. There was NA of course. The cult “deprogrammer” we met showed me what brainwashing was, how it operated, and how to “deprogram”.

But I had no idea how to run a 12 step group. I formed a “mentor board” from founders of OA, GA, ACA, SA, and EA. I also had the Executive Director of NA, and people who worked at the General Office of AA, as well as the regional office agree to teach me what they knew about running a 12 step program from the bottom up.

I took trainings available at the domestic violence center in how to run their hotline, and groups. I did the same with the suicide hotline, and rape hotline, and the child abuse hotline. Church of the Way gave me free “pastoral counseling” classes – plus I'd already put in two years of training through a ministry school my mother ran back then.

I even attended weekly support meetings through a program that existed back then called “Catharsis”, as well as COYOTE. Catharis was a support group for those leaving the sex industry, and COYOTE was a sex workers' rights group. I also did “studies” - like the one where I interviewed 2,000 men and women within the Los Angeles jails and drug treatment programs about what it was “they needed”. I also continued to look for the “mythical retired sex worker”. I found a few within Pacific Group – a group in AA run by Clancy in connection with the homeless shelter. Clancy agreed to take me on as a mentor also to show me how he had built the women up from the “floor up” to where one had become literally a NASA physicist. Another was an attorney. I watched how Clancy not only set up Pacific Group – but how he set up a system of recovery where a once homeless crack head prostitute could then become a NASA physicist, own her own home, and be a functional part of society as well as staying clean. Then set about applying what we learned to our program.

Once we had a program that we were confident “worked” - then we had to put together a “Recovery Guide” and a “training manual” as well as a “step working guide”. Something that took NA 20 years to achieve. Gathering together members from all over the country – we then worked with another 2,000 of our members across this country to write our books. UCLA stepped in to do some research because of us doing the first HIV outreach campaign into the sex industry as well as the California Governor's office. Our effective rates they said were “astounding”.Why did it matter?

Because for the first time in history we were standing up with prostitutes in the courtroom asking the judge to consider allowing this person to be a part of our program instead of being carted off to jail. People have asked me a lot lately “why are you a 12 step program if you don't believe sex work is a disease like alcoholism?” The answer is simple – there are existing laws on the books right now, and back in 1987, that allow us to go in and ask the court to consider sending one arrested for prostitution to our program as an :”alternative” to jail. One doesn't need to set up a “special” program, or courtroom, or open up a residential house. All one needs to do is for the prostitute to ask the court to consider our program as an “alternative” to jail, even in situations where jail time is a mandatory part of the sentence.

Now the judge won't send someone to a group where people sit around with active sex workers and talks about their feelings instead of jail. He's going to ask “is sending you there going to be a better option than jail?” Meaning, he's going to ask if there is an actual “program” they're going through. Which there is. One comes into the program and goes through “working the steps” and “traditions”. Part of the 12 step program is the 7th tradition – meaning you have to become “fully self-supporting”. One has to “make amends” for past wrongs. We examine who we are and what we believe in the 4th step inventory. So yes there is an actual “program” the judge then considers and if he feels it's better for them to come to us instead of jail – he'll issue a court order to that effect.

Unlike many of the current “faith based” programs – we are not a “Christian” group although we do have Christian members. We also have Jewish members, Buddhists, Wiccans, Baptists and even Church of the Spaghetti Monster who you can tell are members because they wear colanders on their heads in their DMV photos. There's even atheists in the group and those who say that their “GOD” is actually “good orderly direction”. Meaning we don't use our program as a tool to evangelise people into our religion. Members of our program have a right to any “higher power” of their own choice. In other words, we don't tell people what or who to believe in.

Nor do we attack the industry which is why many “faith based” programs don't embrace us either. Our 1st step for example is NOT “we admitted we were powerless over the sex industry” like it's our problem. Our members know that our problems started before we entered into the sex industry, and continued after we left the industry. A drug addict, alcoholic, compulsive gambler would love to be able to blame other people, places, and things for the decisions they made – but recovery is about learning to take responsibility for one's life, one's decisions, and one's actions. While an addict might be “powerless” over the fact they have a disease over which they have no control, and while some of us may have also been “forced” to be in the sex industry – all of this is in the past.

What we have to be responsible for is not our past – but today. I mean go back to the original situation that prompted me to found the program. Everyone knows that for an alcoholic – just stopping drinking isn't the solution. They don't come to AA to stop drinking. They come to AA to not go into a “dry drunk”. In that cult – I found women who were re-enacting everything about their past life and relationship with their pimp in their current life with that pastor. Here they were with another man in control of their lives who was exploiting them for money who was using and abusing them. They were still using their sexuality to obtain money from men that they just turned over to another man who cared nothing for their health and welfare in reality and called that “love”. No – the sex industry had nothing to do with what was wrong with those women nor did leaving the industry solve it either. Like getting clean, it's a start. But it's not the whole program.

After we started achieving some “success stories” - then we had people who would help write our “Recovery Guide”. So by 1992, we published the “Recovery Guide”and incorporated our program for the first time . We've already run two “alternative to sentencing” outreaches and programs that were shown to be highly effective, more effective than anything else that had come before us. Even Catharsis had disbanded. Not every sex worker drank or used to be able to enter groups like Pacific Group either – and we were finding about 2/3 of our program were men and women who were not addicts or alcoholics. Therefore, without our program they'd have nothing.

Before NA started – they used to say “once an addict always an addict”. NA changed that. In 1987 people used to say “once a whore always a whore”. There was even the saying “you can't make a whore into a housewife”. Only we were seeing our members get out, and stay out, and moving on to build new lives. Look at Kathleen Mitchell for example who came out of jail to found Dignity which is still running over 20 years later. She credited us for her recovery and ran weekly meetings of our program in hers. Brenda Myers-Powell who founded Dreamcatchers has credited us many times for her recovery in interviews.

We were making history by our members getting out, and STAYING out, as well as them building wonderful new lives where they contributed to society like these two heroes. Which made people curious about us. This led to more than one reputable independent reporter coming out to see how we operate, and meet with our members, with their own two eyes. John Quinones of ABC even published a whole chapter in his book “Heroes Among Us” in 2009 he thought so highly of us. Bob Herbert validated our statements in the NY Times – saying he'd verified everything we'd said to him. We've had researchers like professor Sharon Oselin, publish interviews with members crediting our program for their life changing around in her book “Leaving the Sex Industry”.

We've had two documentaries that have been filmed about our work, and three “made for TV” films based on us. I have many testimonials from members up at Our Recovery Guide has more stories of members' who have turned their lives around. By the year 2000 – we had chapters of our program in every major city in this country, as well as Canada, and now five countries. We have years of news clippings that also have testimonials from our members up at

This led some courts to even expand upon our being able to offer our program as an “alternative” to sentencing. Some courts started offering to shorten one's probation if they attended our meetings. When our members started having problems finding work because of their criminal records – we started appealing to the judges for record expungment. We didn't have to pass any laws to get this done – all we had to do was prepare a motion for the court to show how this person had changed. So without having to hire an expensive lawyer, without having to lobby the state to make a law – our members right now, today, can go into the court and motion to have their records sealed.

So all together – I think we've established a viable, working, effective, program that is still growing every day in size as well as evolving with how the sex industry, and the world, is evolving. Not to say we didn't make a lot of mistakes when we first started this work - mistakes we'd hope to pass onto you, the readers, without anyone having to be harmed in order for you learn. But considering we had no role model to follow in their steps, and had to create our own path entirely – we've done well. We have literally 1,000's of members now across the country who have written, or called, us with thanks for what the program has done for their lives.

One of those early mistakes was by just thinking a "friendly" and "nice" person was all one had to think about when looking into making connections to other people and what other groups were doing. We would all be "friends" and I wasn't thinking things though. Because I had “friends” in the sex industry, and using drugs, and it didn't help me change my life or heal from the trauma. I've also seen a lot of “friend” based groups come and go over the years – while our program is still here, and still growing, because we focus more on “effective”.

Which means that things like "friendship" and how much I may "like" or "not like” isn't the point when I'm researching into other programs to see what they offer before I refer people to them on our hotline. What I'm looking for is how well thought out, and “effective” a program is. I admit I have a reputation of being a bit of an “unlikeable” person. But if you're a parent, or a boss, or a landlord then you know that sometimes doing the “responsible” or the “right” thing is not always going to be popular thing. Which is probably why I've seen a lot of programs started by very “well loved” women – go by the wayside over the years because they're not willing to make “unpopular”, but needed, decisions.

Let me walk you through what I mean for the point of explaining "what's love got to do with it?" Which also means whether our members "like" me or not - what matters is they are "safe" with us when they come to us for help. This is why when I first got a call from a man who said he was “Kevin Brown's assistant” last year – I was listening intently as he told me that Kevin had “found God” and upon doing so had decided to now go out and “help trafficking victims” escape the streets.

When I asked how he was doing this – he said that he was renting a motel room, then calling up the ads on sites like Backpage, ordering them like pizza, and then offering them a “way out” once they arrived. From there, if they wanted to get out – he was taking them to a “ranch” he'd bought where they would stay and work on their recovery until well enough to live on their own.

Frankly I found the whole story suspect. For one thing, for our whole first year – it was a revolving door. Women would come in and swear they were “quitting” and mark off a day on the calendar. Then a few days would be go by and they'd relapse . When I'd ask “why?” it was usually another person in the group who had convinced them to go back “out”. I didn't just open up a door to the meeting hall and suddenly everyone was “recovering”.

As I outlined above – I went to a lot of meetings, spent a lot of time “experimenting” and learning. It took me almost a year to find a meeting format that worked. It took me at least a year to be able to start seeing some numbers in our group actually starting to get months to a year. Now we still have members who have been with us since 1989 continuously who are still in recovery such as myself. I've been out of the industry since 1985.

But when I asked where he'd received his training in how to help these women “achieve” their recovery – I started hearing stutters. Clearly someone was blowing smoke up my backside – and he bailed. It also didn't make sense why he'd start his own program from scratch – when our program, and programs like Children of the Night, were operational, and right next door, as well as a phone call a way. If he'd even obtained a training from us – then I'd understand..

I say that because I was asked to put together the very first training for counselors in how to work with prostitutes at Mission College in 1990. So I've been training counselors, and outreach workers for some time now. But this guy just “retires” from the force and suddenly he's churning out “success stories” without taking one class, cracking one book, and not doing five minutes of research online to see how other groups like ours are doing what we do? It's just not that easy. So either he was full of hot air, yanking my chain, or he didn't care about how “effective” his program was.

But think about this for a moment – when his “assistant” was trying to clearly hand me a line because we know now in reality there was no program, there was no house, and that he was putting together a TV show and not really out there trying to “rescue” anyone, but instead trying to create a bunch of PR so he could keep applying for grant money, and getting people to write out donation checks – do you think that man walked away when I handed him his hat talking about what a “nice lady” I was to people he reported back to?

Consider this – we've been around 30 years now. So when people would ask him I'm sure an obvious question like “why are you doing this Kevin instead of just referring people to Sex Workers Anonymous” is he going to sing our praises? Of course he's not. Which is why the most common answer that's being spread around thick in this movement now is people trying to justify their shenanigans with statements like “oh Jody is crazy” or “that Jody is a b**tch” like that has ANYTHING to do with the effectiveness of our program. Bill Wilson is dead – and AA lives on and continues to help people achieve sobriety. Jimmy Kinnon is dead and NA continues to save addicts lives. So anyone who wants to say they aren't going to refer a person trying to get out of sex work, or recover from trafficking to our program because I'm “crazy” - is showing you who they are. I'm not the person who opens up the meeting hall in Chicago. Nor am I the person who is sponsoring the new members in Houston. I frankly have nothing to do with it. Our program works itself.

Which means I didn't think much more about him until the show “8 Minutes” came out. Then I realized why he really wanted to have me send prostitutes up to the motel room with him. I could see the deception in his nature ran deeper than just in telling me he was doing “outreach” and having “success”. I say that because I sometimes also use deception to help victims. My intent however is to help them. Take the case where I pretended to be a cleaning lady once in a massage parlor. I did that to get the keys to the back doors so I could let the women out. Yes I lied and put on a costume and pretended to be a cleaning lady to get at those keys and left alone long enough to get that back door open and those women out to a car that was waiting in the back parking lot to take them to safety. But Kevin Brown was staging this show for an entirely different reason and saving women from trafficking wasn't the end goal clearly.

His deception is connected partly to money. There's grant money that's been going to Orange County because the grant judges look at the TV and think that he's for real. When the show was airing – I saw a whole string of churches holding “fund raisers” to “get more beds” for the “victims” that he was supposedly getting to agree to him saving.

Because we have to ask a deeper question here – why fake this show? Why not go out and film some “real” rescues? Well for one thing – this would mean he couldn't be pretending to call up ads on Backpage. I knew it was staged because it didn't show any “screening” when he was ordering this woman to the hotel. No agency today is going to send a woman out to a strange man in a hotel from unless he's been “screened”. That's for her safety – and also to make sure he doesn't run off with the woman. I also knew that Backpage is NOT where the trafficking rings operate out of.

Now when the show first aired and I was telling people it was staged – people accused me of being “crazy” (ah the battle cry of the ones trying to cover up their misdeeds). But the proof it was in fact “staged” came in on 4/20/15. That's when I got a phone call from the woman calling herself “Kamylla” confirming it had all been “faked”. She also gave me consent to replay this recording as I saw fit – so now I had “proof” it was staged. Then she told me she “didn't need our help” and since she was not going to be a member of SWA – I saw no reason to hold back on going after the show myself. I then slapped the show's webpage with a “notice of filing an injunction and a defamation lawsuit” at 4:00 a.m. By 8:00 a.m. - the show's page was down. Now shows get cancelled all the time – they don't take down the page and the video. Only in this case – they did. Someone clearly didn't want anyone to see that notice.

When I posted the notice on this A&E page – there was no sign of Maxine Doogan anywhere. She was all over Twitter – but not on this page. A page where the only way to remove my notice was to take down the entire page. Which is what they did. Took it down and didn't put it back up until my notice was removed.

I then read Buzzfeed say “the page is down”. I went to them and gave them a copy of the notice and explained why. Only right in front of my very eyes – the article morphed into being about how Maxine was the reason why the show was canceled – and how it's about “Kamylla” not receiving services – with not one word about our injunction, notice, or defamation lawsuit. Not just left out – but like we didn't even exist nor had even spoken to the reporters. Now that was strange.

Up until this point – I'd had no beef with Maxine. I've never even talked to her – let alone had her attack us. I read some time ago that Maxine Doogan has been working towards decriminalization of prostitution – so on principle I'm supportive. Even though we both want the same thing, at first glance, I haven't reached out offering to help her group before until I could do more homework. But I certainly was no enemy of hers at this point in my mind.

My belief has been we're not going to be able to prosecute traffickers as long as sex work is illegal so yes I believe we need to "decriminalize" prostitution. Think of it this way - how would you prosecute a trafficked bootlegger? I mean think about it - how would you be able to get other bootleggers to prosecute another bootlegger who was using "forced" labor in their bootlegging operation? It would be virtually impossible.

Again, you would have trouble getting a witness because then the witness would have to explain how they got that close to a bootlegging operation to have witnessed someone being forced to make illegal "bathtub gin".

Then what about physical evidence? Who wants to admit they were inside of bootlegging operation where they would get said physical evidence.

Yet that's what we're up against when we try and get a trafficking prosecution. Both the customer and the provider side of sex work is illegal. Then because it's illegal - we don't pay FICO - we are not building our social security for that golden retirement day. We aren't getting a paycheck (usually) meaning we can't build credit easy. To buy a house - we'd have to do a "stated" income loan which requires a huge down payment to get financed. We can't get unemployment, workers compensation - all things we could get if it were not "illegal". I mean one wakes up one day at 60 years old - and then what?

Until they fix the "legal" system - I'm not happy about the legalization either. The way it is now - the owners have a lobbyist but the women don't. They're not getting health insurance - and if they get HIV on the job, or pregnant even, one can't get workers compensation, disability, or even unemployment. I haven't heard of one brothel prostitute being able to sue the owner for sexual harassment (even though it happens) nor rape when one of the customers' gets out of hand. The owners wouldn't allow it because it would be bad "press" for the brothel.

But one would think that "decriminalization" is the same across the board right? Not so fast. Those of you who know me know we've been trying to help men, and women, escape a trafficking ring where they've been imported from China and forced to work in the Asian massage parlors across the USA. There have been some arrests, and some victims freed - however, the "head" of this operation resides in California.

That's who we are trying to get shut down – the head of the ring. Because in this ring - it's not just them forcing these women to work as prostitutes they're up to. They're also pumping the customers for information as to their jobs, and family life. The customers are then having their bank accounts hacked and robbed. One man told us he'd been hacked for $60,000. When they come back against the ring - they have their jobs and/or marriages threatened (blackmail). If they own certain types of companies - trade secrets are being stolen. They've also been targeting the kids of these women at USC. Especially the men.

Why? While all the church groups are running around looking for women - this ring has shifted to turning out men. Why blackmail instead of prostitution? What does one get for a really high-priced escort these days? $5,000 a night maybe? Catch what one sting can yield - Now if this ring had just posted photos and Donald's name - he would have gotten it pulled down over his "right to privacy". So simple blackmail doesn't work.

No - one has to file charges. Convince the mark that their name will be kept out of the court records and to "trust the nice officer". Only the judge then required Donald to publish his whole name saying the defendant "had the right to face his accuser". Next thing Donald knows - his name and face as well as Teofil's are all over the internet. Since it's "public record" then Donald can do nothing to block it.

But to pull off such a sting require both the police, the judges, and even the DA's possibly right? Is such a thing possible? It's not only possible - it's happening right now. Look at this with respect to DA's in Orange County for example (not far from Pasadena). Over 250 DA's?

So this ring is employing cops, DA's, judges, and even the press to help them do their crimes against men like Donald Burns. Even Teofil has said that he was connected to a group who also was “trafficking underage boys”. I'm seeing the press against Donald – but I'm not reading about where these boys are and someone getting out to rescue them. Trust me – right now these blackmailers are holding up Donald Burns to other victims and saying “see what happens when you go to the cops?”

How are some police involved? Meet Chris Butler. He retired after 20 years, and then using other active duty police - he then became a trafficker. So well respected Chris was on the Dr. Phil show!

Surely a victim could run right? With Chris being a private investigator - yep. But they won't get far with a PI on them these days. What if one of the traffickers is also an IRS agent? Even harder to hide.

Kemp's been arrested though right? Well for one thing the news said he operated out there for over 12 YEARS. But after he got arrested – how would a trafficker get information from the IRS? Go right to the source-

But how do you get all the rest of the police, judges, DA's - all on the same page where you can now threaten anyone else who isn't part off the ring to stay silent about what they're witnessing? How about all of the federal employee's? Sometimes it's not just to do a crime – sometimes it's just to have someone be silent.

Maybe it's one or two “bad applies” right? How about 18 deputies on corruption charges? Think about this – this is only the ones they had enough evidence against to arrest. What about the others they didn't? Plus this is nothing new – look at the movie “Departed” where Jack Nickelson played Whitey Bulger. They showed how hard it was to get even one “good” agent into the system there.

But why did the corruption reach into the jails? Informants are often put in jail for "protective custody" for one reason. But nothing would happen to an informant in protective custody right? How about the system "loses" them for 3 days?

Certainly you'd demand the witness be "returned" right? How about if you are FBI and you do and then you get threatened by two men in your home when you do?

Now - let me ask you something . . . am I telling you this to just bash people in the criminal justice system? No – I'm trying to explain to you what a victim of domestic sex trafficking faces when she's trying to figure out how to break free. I mean look at the money this type of crime is bringing to the ring – because it goes beyond just prostitution money. Think about what they can get from your customers' after they hack into their banks, blackmail them, get them to manipulate the company, etc.

Now looking at all of this - would you feel "safe" trying to run away from people with such power in such high places, to the cops? Where men like Paul Tanaka, and four other motorists are able to shoot unarmed men dead and then he's put in charge of his own probe? Would you feel “safe” around such corrupt law enforcement if you are trying to escape such a trafficking ring as these poor Chinese women?

Go ahead - put yourself now in the shoes of a 50 or so years of age Chinese woman who has been forced to work in an Asian massage parlor as a prostitute since you were eight years old. You weigh maybe 90 pounds soaking wet. This is what these women look like in reality – not some TV show -

You're not from here even - you're in the USA on a work visa. Now I want you to think about what's going to come to mind when a man like Kevin Brown shows up and says he can "help you" leave this situation and he gives you the card to the National Trafficking Hotline.

The hotline will refer you in Orange County (where Kevin was based out of originally) to the OC Task Force - Okay let's look over this list now - first off I don't see our program, Sex Workers Anonymous. I also don't see Children of the Night either. That's especially interesting since I'm the founder of the movement domestically! Again, like opening an alcohol treatment center with no AA – crazy.

I do however see the police dept., the district attorney's office, FBI, Highway Patrol, Probation & the Salvation Army shelter. The news said everyone took in about $1,200,000 – so it's interesting to see who is listed on a “trafficking task force”. that was created from this money.

I also see a listing for a group called Abeni. Their program if you read the article there has BOTH active sex workers in this program as well as trafficking survivors

Now I've said since day one I believe there's a difference between someone who has a "pimp" vs someone who is "trafficked". First of all - there is a "range" of pimps. When my mother was arrested because an undercover cop took a picture of me handing her a $20 bill for a bucket of chicken then legally that was "pimping" as she did "receive money from the earnings of a prostitute" . I wouldn't call that "trafficking” however.

It appears Maxine Doogan also ran a service out of Seattle, and is in fact a "convicted pimp". But does make her a “trafficker”? I don't know the specifics to comment here. I have no idea if anyone was forced to work with her, if anyone was “sold” outright, or even how much money was taken. I'm just going on a news clipping here.

As for myself? I was dubbed the “high tech madam” by the media during my arrest because I had a computer and surveillance equipment in my place. (clippings about it at However, that was for security purposes since we couldn't count on the police to help us. Remember, I was witnessing women being sold outright like cattle, loaded onto diplomat planes, and then never heard from again. The police wouldn't protect us – so I sometimes would have to protect us from outright attack. Women like us were kidnapped all the time, never heard from again, and no one would even look. So I have a camera over our doors and windows, and it linked back to a video recorder. I had dead bolts on everything, a shotgun, a pitbull where the money would be stashed in the dog's collar! But I was never arrested for, nor convicted of pimping.

No one was forced to work with me. In fact, I used to get a call from other madams who would tell me about a woman showing up with a broken arm, two black eyes, and her teeth knocked out because the pimp had just beaten her up. When I'd get a call like that – I would go and pick them up and take them to our “safe house” that was an apartment no one knew where it was. They'd go heal for a few weeks – and then I'd put them on answering the phones for a while. Then I'd let them tell me what they wanted to do. Did they want to keep doing sex work – or maybe go home to their folks? Some wanted to go home. Others wanted to go to school. Still others wanted to go back to sex work. To me – if that was their choice that was at least their choice at that point.

A “trafficker” doesn't allow their victims to make a “choice”. You work for them “or else”. Now that threat could be a gun. It could be a threat. It could even be the threat of taking the “love” away. I've got two interviews up for example at where the women say the men they loved threatened to leave them if they didn't prostitute for them, and then give them the money. So threats and force are not always violent, nor using weapons – but they're still force.

Force also means you can't safely leave. Telling me “sure you can leave” knowing I'll be shot the minute I open the door out – that's not “free will”. Now I've said before the women in this Asian trafficking ring that came to me about two years for help – don't have a gun held to them. They are however told that family back home will be murdered if they don't comply. They've also been told if they don't comply – they'll be deported back to China where the government will be sent photos of them in positions that have the death penalty attached. Meaning if they go home – they will be legally executed.

This woman who spoke to me personally told me of “fake” police charges being put on her criminal record. When we had an attorney try and get her booking videos – we got threatened. So I believe her. For almost 15 years now, I've been dealing with traffickers who are not like Bishop Don Juan – but are like Chris Butler, Kemp Schiffer, and Lance Gilman (owner of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel – who is also a county councilman and on the Nevada Board of Economic Development).

We know from the recent news that even the DEA might be involved as traffickers - They had illegal aliens as dancers when I'm sure American women were around. The reason is simple – an illegal can't run as far or as fast – especially without ID. Therefore, they're much more likely to keep secrets about who is in the club, and what they see happen in the club. So men who want an extra layer of “discretion” are liable to attend this club. Now were these women forced? I have no idea. Again, one has to speak to them to find out what the situation is.

But let me get back to the woman who are in this Asian trafficking ring that I'm working on helping right now. I want you to see what she's seeing. The men in connection with this ring have the best hackers at the world at their fingertips. We've just seen how the Chinese have been able to hack into our IRS, and our Federal Employee Personnel records. So for her to leave this ring – means they're going to come looking for her. Because of the hacking – it means we can't leave any trace of where they're going on the phone or computer. It also means she can't take a phone or computer with her as the gps can be turned on to locate her if she leaves the battery in the phone.

This woman has a Realtor' license, she's got a teenage son, and she has an elderly mother she cares for along with a mortgage and a car payment. She's not going to check into the Salvation Army shelter – nor would it be safe. One only has to look at that list on the task force directory – and you know immediately nothing on there is safe for her there.

What about Abeni? If both “current” and “ex” sex workers are there – then no it's not safe for either those who have left the industry NOR those who haven't. Do you know why? Meg that I'm aware of – is not a doctor, lawyer, nor minister. Which means that any “rules of confidentiality” don't apply to her. She can repeat anything she hears in other words in a court of law if she's given a subpoena or a warrant. This means she can't “guarantee” confidentiality for those people talking to her, or coming to her meetings. I'd like you to note that this law here – DOES NOT specify “trafficking” but speaks about drug treatment.

So let's say an “active” sex worker comes to an Abeni meeting, group, coffee, or whatever. She then tells Meg that she's actively engaging in crime, i.e., prostitution. She says she's doing drugs, maybe she's got a pimp in the house, etc. This woman might even talk about how she's “laundering” her money or doing other types of illegal behavior. She doesn't just say this to Meg, but she says it to other women in the group.

Now – let's say that a criminal case comes up and the cop, or DA, or other attorney, in this case decides she wants to use her as a “witness” in this case. All it takes is a warrant or subpoena given to Meg, or another woman in the group – and all of a sudden her dirty laundry is now in a court room.

To me – telling an active sex worker that she can come a meeting of a program I've set up, and then tell her she can “open up” and “speak freely” without benefit of the Miranda law, or benefit of an attorney advising her what she can say to incriminate herself vs. not – then she's exposing herself legally by coming to these meetings and openly up to Meg

.All she has to do would be to show up at this group, one “active” sex worker seeing her there and everything she says at this meeting will be reported back to her pimp. Maybe it won'.t. Maybe confidentiality is so good there that everyone would honor her privacy which if broken could literally mean her death. Which means she won't trust it. Knowing that active sex workers are going to be there – that fear alone would prevent her from coming.

Another issue is donations. It's a felony to “receive earnings from a prostitute”. So if there are “active” prostitutes there who are putting money into a donation basket – then Meg is now guilty of a felony. She could be arrested at any time for this in fact if she's taken even $1.00 from a currently active prostitute. Does that sound silly? It's the law. I respect the law today.

That's why I don't accept money from active prostitution within our program. I have a free pdf form of our book that I give them free when they first came in also so I'm not taking illegal prostitution money.

There are issues with the “ex” prostitutes. A thing called “statutes”. If they're running and someone opens their mouth in the group, and again the “confidentiality” issues aren't clarified – then a woman could be out of sex work for a year, two years, three years, and suddenly find herself being slapped with a subpoena to testify in court as to something she'd forgotten all about.

Which is why to protect our members from this – I became an ordained minister. This way anything that is said to me – is truly “confidential”. Again, it's why I don't take any donations or even sell our literature to anyone that I haven't clarified is out of the biz first.

Another issue is that if women have left the industry, but there are still “active” workers in the rooms – how are steps being taken to ensure that old pimps don't hear about where “so and so” is going to be once a week for their physical protection?

What about the records with their contact information? What steps is Meg taking to ensure that her contact information files for “active” members isn't turned over to law enforcement – which is a form of entrapment in my opinion. Also, for those “out” of the business what steps are being taken to ensure that an old pimp isn't going to come looking for them and hack into the computer, or bribe someone into giving them the information.

If you look up on the IRS computer for “tax exempt” for Abeni – you'll find them. They are a registered nonprofit in California, and they also have a 501c3 tax exempt status.

Make's them “legit” right? Only you won't find an AA or NA program with this type of legal status. Nor will you find our program either. We are “not organized” as one of our traditions for one thing. Know why? By being a nonprofit, and by taking money of any kind from the government, the IRS can then swoop in and audit your records. You don't have a choice – the records have to be handed over to them. Records like membership information, information on who donated money, their bank information, where you send the newsletter, etc.

Now we're an “anonymous” program just like AA, NA, GA, etc. We are based upon “confidentiality”. That's why our traditions state we are “not organized” for one thing although we “may create special boards or committees”. As for us - I tell new members not to tell me their names, where they live, and I don't keep files. I also have systems in place for those who might have pimps looking for them to make sure they don't send in a woman as a “spy” to find out where she's run off to so he can find her, threaten her, and drag her back. This is why in 30 years we've never had one single victim we've helped to escape trafficking has been found again.

But with this corruption in the system so prevalent – this is why I've had pimps try and use the system, or men like Kemp Schiffer has tried to use their IRS connections, all to try to get access to our records so they can get information on our members, etc. Now has this prevented me from being able to apply for a grant or hold a fund raiser? Sure it has. But if money was all I was after I'd just go back to sex work right? But mind you I'm not just a program to help people get out of sex work – I've also got TRAFFICKING victims as members. Meaning women who are running from men who have corrupt connections and would love to find out where they are to either drag them back, or silence them, once they've left just as men tried to do that to me when I left the industry.

This is why we don't even sell our book on Amazon – but only through special order through us directly. Why is that? Because for all my hard work – if people were to buy our Recovery Guide through Amazon – then someone could go down to Amazon with a subpena or warrant and get a list of the buyers from them along with their contact information, and banking information. So also to protect our members – we do not sell our book on Amazon. We could make a lot more money if we did – but again money isn't our goal. Protecting our members' safety and confidentiality IS our goal.

I also just see a whole tangle of legal and ethic issues that are being compromised for the members when Meg mixes “active” with “inactive” sex workers within the rooms of her program, especially without her being a counselor or minister. This is why to come to one of our meetings – one has to first be “screened”. Those that are currently involved in the sex industry, and therefore liable to spread information on our recovering members back “to the streets” are kept insulated from the recovering members. We don't want current active sex workers going back to who knows where saying “oh yeah I saw Sally today she's working here and living there”.

I'm also not understanding how “Abeni” is a an actual “program”. I read that the Orange County Task Force has received at least $375,000 that I can see published in the paper. Now Abeni is a nonprofit, and it's part of the OC Task Force – so I'm going to have to assume it's received some of that grant money for operating expenses.

Yet in going over the task force directory – I don't see anything, not even Abeni, that meetings the requirement of being an “alternative” to sentencing program, or trying to shorten probation, or expunge records – all things I think are important services for a trafficking victim to be able to access I would imagine. I see one their site they help with an “exit plan” but again with the mixing between active and inactive sex workers – I frankly wouldn't want any information about where I'm going to be going back into the active industry. I don't want anyone connected with anyone I used to know knowing where I'm going to school, where I'm going to be working, or even where I'm living.

But how do they actually get a new member from point a to point b? With the highest relapse rates – how do they get their members “out” of sex work? An “exit plan?” I had an “exit plan” for five years when I was in sex work – that didn't get me out. To help a member get “alternative” sentencing – we show the judge “step by step” how we get a new member “out”. In a group like Sex Workers Anonymous – our program is the 12 steps and the 12 traditions. Which in cases where security has to be very high as it has to be with some – we can “work” the steps them through the mail, or by skype, or even done while in a drug program or mental hospital if they require treatment. So I can show a judge how we take them through the exit, and recovery, process using the steps. I don't see any of this type of structure in Abeni.

But Meg and Maxine are friends. Without knowing either of them prior to this whole “8 Minutes” thing – suddenly I have these women attacking me. I'm trying to figure out why because I've always been a friend and asset to the sex worker community. I am remember an ex-sex worker myself. Before this show – I never even knew or spoke to Meg or Maxine Doogan. I've never spoken to them. Never had a bad word. So why suddenly out of left field are they attacking us, lying about us, and smearing us online during the time period where we were also attacking the series “8 Minutes”? Remember, we've been working on trying to get this whole Asian trafficking ring shut down at the head for about two years now.

I have this in the back of my mind as I'm going after the show. The series “8 Minutes” is produced by Relativity Media. A company that's partnered with a Chinese government owned film company. Not a film company in China – but a government owned film company. I bring this up because this gives me an idea why they would be going to all the trouble to film a show about the sex industry, but not wanting to show the “truth” behind it. Maybe, must maybe there was not one Asian woman in that filming, nor were they going into Asian massage parlors, and instead focusing on Backpage – because maybe they were also trying to keep the focus away from the Asian parlors. I'm sure this is not an image that the Chinese government wants floating around in the minds of Americans right now.

But curious why after all these years of Maxine and I both being around – why has she never attacked me before this show but they both are now I'm curious – so I go digging. I'm wondering if Maxine might have any connection to this Asian mob that's been trying to get me off their backs. I find this. If you read this carefully – it states that when she tried to have sex work decriminalized before in 2008 – that she also tried to get wording removed from Prop. K that would have allowed San Francisco to obtain state and federal funding to help trafficking victims of an “minority”. '

In other words, this could mean Hispanic, Russian, or even Chinese. Now why would Maxine want to exclude funding to help minority trafficking victims? It's not like she objected to it – she tried to “exclude the wording” for some reason according to the article. I'm not talking just “x'ing” it out either – but she went into court with her attorney and asked to have the language “stricken” from the wording on the ballot. Which means she didn't want the voters to know what they were voting for. Interesting.

Sounds to me like she didn't want minority victims of trafficking to be able to access services because if there's no funding – there's no services. No services – no where for them to escape. So I'm looking at this and thinking maybe Maxine doesn't want sex work decriminalized for the same reasons I do. I want to see it decriminalized so that victims can have an easier time prosecuting their traffickers. I'm wanting to see this so we're not branded “criminals”. However, what I'm seeing is she wants to see women not get arrested for prostitution – all at the same time she wants to see that “minority” women can't find access to services to escape and recover if they're trafficking victims? Enough so that she'd spent the time and money to drag a lawyer down to the Superior Court to ask them to “lie by omission” to the voters to get what she wants clearly.

Now this is beginning to make more sense why she'd be attacking someone like me who also helps anyone, including “minority women” to leave the industry, and escape trafficking. Dennis Hof doesn't want the women at his brothel to have an easy time leaving the business either. That's why he won't put up our flyers in the brothel for the women to know about us when they want to quit – and why he fought the sign law when Polaris tried to get the same law as California now has passed in Nevada. He doesn't want any sign of any program that can help the women leave inside of his brothel. But Dennis Hof is a pimp. Maxine is a convicted pimp also. More is becoming clear as we dig.

But I'm still failing to see how the Abeni program offers help for trafficking victims. Especially since most trafficking victims in Orange County are going to have issues with people within law enforcement, the DA's office, DEA agents, FBI, attorney's, etc. who are part of the trafficking operation they're going to have to be able to “run” from if, and when, they leave the trafficking operation. Yet it's connected right up to these same offices. There's also no “confidentiality” in place to protect the members – nor is there protection because of mixing active, and recovering, together in one program.

Is it an issue even? I think so. I've had law enforcement threaten me with warrants and subpenas to get at our hotline information before. I've had “researchers” offer me money to find out about our callers and members. I've had media offer me as much as $50,000 to come film a “real” meeting to find out more about our members. I've even had an offer to become a “paid informant” to give the law information on our callers to them freely. So when our hotline is getting calls from the Orange County area telling me they don't feel safe going into rooms of meetings like the Abeni program for fear of their information leaking back to either law enforcement, or the pimps – I can understand their concerns.

You're not going to help someone who won't come to you for help because they don't feel “safe”. New members look to your security measures taken to see if they're safe with you. What I see is Meg is way too lax with all security issues. If she's helping trafficking victims to escape, and recover – then there's going to be an angry pimp or trafficker somewhere. Yet she's got her facebook page clearly easy to find with her name on it and photos of her children also posted. With children being the most highly targeted victims – I'm just not understanding why she'd get herself this close to trafficking – and then parade her kids around on social media with no attempt to disguise them even with sunglasses, a hat, blurring their faces, etc.

Again, especially if she's interacting with “active” sex workers around her children. If she has photos of her kids, and she lives in the same town as the meeting – she could be going to the grocery store when another active sex worker could see her, bump into her, and then introduce themselves to her children.

Are these “wild and crazy” concerns? The very very first woman I rescued from a pimp, I remember her name even, Denise. Denise was being beaten by her pimp at least three times a week. I was still working in the sex industry and to try and help her get away from this guy I offered to let her have a vacant apartment I had downtown that I'd use when I needed to meet clients there. One night she showed up with a broken nose and two black eyes. That was it – I offered her the apartment and told her she didn't have to go back to that.

The pimp of course knew she didn't come home that night – so he came knocking. I had the dog and the gun so he left. Then he tried following me when I'd leave to go shopping. I'd ditch him. Then he found a “john” who remembered I had that apartment downtown. I came to bring Denise food and he was waiting for me in the bushes. He put a gun into my side and told me to let him in. It was a security building and he couldn't get in without my help. What he didn't know was I used to carry a small gun in my jacket pocket. So I pulled it and we had a little “stand off”. He left.

Now if this was today and I had pictures of my kids online – how hard would it be for this guy to threaten my kids so I'd tell him where Denise was hiding? Which is why anyone who does actually work with helping trafficking victims ought to know not to post photos of her kids online. If they're not in danger – then she's not helping anyone get out. Because pimps will do this. Routinely.

Which is why I also learned that you have to relocate victims away from their pimps entirely. The hard way. Because a year later Denise was walking down the street to go into a movie and this pimp saw her. To get his “street respect” back – he then ran her over with his car and killed her. He was bragging when they carted him off to jail about how “no bitch leaves me and lives”. Because of Denise – we now take great pains to ensure that victims are relocated to new towns where this is very unlikely to happen again. If one has car insurance on the off change one might have a car accident – then to take precautions when dealing with sex trafficking and one's children makes more sense than not.

Especially when I can name case after case after case where someone working in the trafficking arena had their children targeted. Anyone who works in this field should be well aware not a good idea to put photos of your kids online. Especially since Abeni is, by it's own admission, still working with active sex workers. Who might have pimps. Who might see those kids. But because the photos are there – anyone who is thinking about leaving their pimp is going to see that and know that she's not set up to help them really leave.

Funny how everyone taking federal grant money and out fund raising is saying that “no services exist”. So when I hear people say “no services exist” for trafficking victims, or for those who simply want to exit the industry – I say maybe that's what someone is saying as part of their fund raising – but that's not the truth. There are services. There are beds. There are companies who will hire you with a criminal background. There are attorney's who donate free services. There are counselors who donate free counseling. I have a list of companies that hire ex-sex workers – even with a criminal record. I have a list of companies who hire ex-felons even. I have a list of companies who will even invest money to help an ex-sex worker, even if they have a felony record, to set up their own companies. I have a list of companies owned by ex-sex workers who will hire other ex-sex workers.

Which is why when I hear things like Kamylla is still looking for work months after doing the show, and two months after meeting Meg, and Maxine, and Tara – well maybe it's because they're not set up to help women LEAVE like I am. Kamylla is in Houston and right now I know of one company right off the top of my head owned by a man who has been out of the industry for over 20 years. He runs a call center and has plenty of jobs and could care less about someone's record or immigration status. Which means he'd probably be able to hire Kamylla's husband also. For that matter, in Houston – I know of a few programs that will even pay her back rent, put her in school, and pay her bills for the first year she's going through the transition.

But Meg, Maxine and Tara are all convincing Kamylla not to avail herself of any of this help by saying things to her like “Jody is crazy”. But in reality does this have anything to do with me? How would I possibly be able to provide all of these services and jobs across the country? Because it's not limited to me personally – that's how. SWA has 1,000's of members all over the USA, Canada, and into other countries. Through them we have a huge network of services available. We've built up relationships with people over 30 years. We've worked with many judges over the years. I mean what does my “mental status” have to do with her being able to get a job in Houston because we have SWA members who have companies back there who would hire her?

Now that's assuming she wants to quit and is really looking for a job. I mean no -we don't help active sex workers pay their rent by giving them money. That would be stupid. But if you're trying to exit the industry – then I know of many resources that can help.

But remember this – if Kamylla would take money to act for Tom Forman – then who knows what else is being staged here. Maybe I'm full of hot air. Because all is not as it appears online. Remember Relativity Media produces “Catfish” also – so even people might not be who they say they are either. In reality I might be a fake person also. Remember Philip Morris used to pay for research that said their products were “safe” and “not addictive” and the truth was hard to get out there for a while. So do your homework. Ask questions. Think. This is your life here you're talking about. If a pimp would like to us to make money off us – then yeah there are people on the “outside” who will do it too.

Use common sense when wondering who or what to believe. I mean if you're hearing people saying things to you like they're “scared” I'm going to “come after them” - ask yourself this – who was trying to figure out where who lived online, asking around for that information, all while joking about “shot guns” and how they “wished they could do “more than nothing”, and talking about having who “locked up” and “carted off”, etc. I mean who is coming after who here?

Who is the one “seeking fame and money” when I'm not holding a fund raiser. Nor am I trying to win a lawsuit right now that I'm also raising money for. I'm not the one putting my face out there online to talk people into donating to my fund raiser – now am I? Neither am I the one who is a convicted pimp either? As for my charge in 1984? I was convicted of “misrepresentations for purposes of prostitution”. Meaning I had a theater license where I charged $250 to watch an adult film with a nude hostess and the sex was free. The law said that I was “misrepresenting” the free sex and it was actually prostitution. THAT'S what I'm convinced of – in 1984. Nor was I arrested for prostitution recently. You're smart people – you'll know who to believe.

So yes before looking into reaching out to someone for help – ask yourself some smart questions. I mean look at sites like this one saying it's also there to “help” you. Don't listen to some news article – we all know they lie today also. So just “think” - like this site Do you see a hotline where someone can call 24/7 for help? Do you even see an email? How do you reach this group? What do they do? They have a picture and a bio. However, the blog has her talking about “bread sticks” and “straw hats” - not about things like one would need to recover from the sex industry. Which means I don't care if the lady has a “nice smile” and if 10 reporters say this an an awesome program – I'm not seeing a program here that's going to save my life.

Ask questions. Research. It's your life, and your families if you have kids. Think.