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Monday, August 16, 2010

Success Stories

Pissing off the pimps : Local News :: Las Vegas CityLife

Dec 13, 2007 ... Pissing off the pimps. Former madam launches grass-roots group to help ...So Williams started Prostitutes Anonymous (now Sex Workers ... 

Brenda Myers-Powell found PA meetings through a homeless program.  Now in recovery, she is known for her advocacy work to help other prostitutes and her catch phrase "click it down" from her many appearances on Maury Povich.

Carla once said she had to "creep up to the Prostitutes Anonymous meetings because she didn't want anyone to know she was a prostitute".in the same article.

Kathleen Mitchell first wrote us from jail in 1989.  Look at how PA helped her, and helped her make the world a better place.

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - ProQuest Archiver - Oct 30, 1987
Rather, she says, the value of Prostitutes Anonymous is in its ability to help extricate hookers from addictive thinking. ...

Pay-Per-View - Morning Call - ProQuest Archiver - Mar 12, 1990
The third says she knows the way -- Prostitutes Anonymous... Prostitutes Anonymous has reached the East Coast and, with the help of The Program for Female ...

`Recovery Show' Makes a Comeback Talk Radio: A program for alcoholics...
Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - ProQuest Archiver - Oct 13, 1989
"We had some people from Prostitutes Anonymous. It was pretty wild," Cavanaugh said, adding that there are 27 different "anonymous" programs in Los Angeles ...

$2.95 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - NewsBank - Feb 27, 1990
However, House's attorney, Sandra Ruffalo, told Landry that House now belonged to Prostitutes Anonymous, an organization that sought to help former ..

Prostitutes Anonymous in Florida

Prostitutes Anonymous in Dallas

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